Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Six

Screenshot-176Sharlee wore one of her nicer outfits the next day because she wanted to make a good impression on prospective employers.

“You look really pretty, Babe.   Why so dressed up?”

Screenshot-179“I just felt like dressing a little nicer today.”  

She looked at his black-eye.   It was even darker. 

Screenshot-180“Are you okay?”

Screenshot-185“Don’t worry about me.   I’m fine.   We’d better hit the road, or we’ll both be late.”

Sharlee still had Noah drop her off at the college, but she didn’t remain on campus for long.   She didn’t want him to know that she was looking for a job until after she’d found one.  She had decided to skip her classes that day and begin her search.

Screenshot-186After a couple of hours,  Sharlee began to feel discouraged.   She could only work part-time and she would need to earn enough to equal or at least come close to what Noah earned from the nightclub.   However, she was being told over and over again by prospective employers that they needed someone with experience.   She realized that not having any work experience at all would make it difficult to find a job, but she hadn’t considered the fact that in Bridgeport there were a lot of better qualified candidates for the jobs that she wanted. 

She knew though that she could not give up.   Noah was killing himself working two jobs so that she could go to school and not have to get a job.   Sharlee left out of an office building trying to decide where to go next.  

Screenshot-187A man came out of the building behind her.

“Excuse me, Miss.”

Screenshot-190Sharlee was startled but turned and looked at the man calling out to her.

Screenshot-192“I was just inside and heard what the manager told you.    You know with your looks and figure you could make a bundle working for me.”Screenshot-193

Sharlee started to walk away, but he walked behind her.   He pulled out a brochure.  “Here, take this brochure, and you’ll see what I mean.   You don’t have to have any work experience at all, and I’ll teach you everything you need to know.”

Screenshot-195Sharlee thanked him and took the brochure.    It was advertising for cocktail waitresses and exotic dancers at a nightclub downtown.  The amount of money that the positions paid would be just what she needed, but she knew that there was no way that Noah would agree to her taking either of those jobs.   Besides, she wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it either.

Screenshot-196She decided to go back to the campus and check the bulletin board in the student services office to see if there were any new jobs posted.   There was one there.   It was for a waitress at a restaurant called Hooters.   It didn’t require any previous experience and with the hourly wage and tip offered, it would pay what she needed.   Maybe not quite as much as Noah was earning, but it would be enough.

She wondered why the pay was so good.   She flipped the flyer over and saw the answer.   The uniforms were a low-cut tank top and tight shorts.  However, it said that the restaurant catered to all types of people including families, not just men.    It asked the question, “What’s wrong with being served by an attractive waitress?   It makes the dining experience even better!”

Screenshot-197Even though it wasn’t what she imagined for her first job, Sharlee decided to look into it.   She went to the campus library and applied over the internet.   She printed out a brochure to show Noah.  After about fifteen minutes, she received a call and they wanted her to come in for an interview the following morning.  She debated the best way to tell Noah.

Screenshot-201When Noah came home from the repair shop, he was still tired, but he was looking forward to spending a little bit of time with Sharlee before he went to the club.  Sharlee had dinner ready as she usually did when Noah came home from the repair shop.  They only had forty-five minutes until he had to leave for work at the club.

Screenshot-199Noah ate a little.  He’d been working so much and feeling so tired that his appetite was not what it used to be.  

Screenshot-204 Sharlee got up and handed Noah the brochure from the club.  

Noah looked at in surprise.   “What’s this?”

Screenshot-205“You’re working yourself to death, Noah.  I’m getting a part-time job.   I searched for one today, but it didn’t go well.  I was told over and over again by employers that they needed someone with experience.   The jobs that don’t require much experience don’t pay enough.   I got so frustrated that I told one man that if he’d give me a job, I could get some work experience.  “

Noah laughed.

Screenshot-206“He told me that the problem is that I’m so young, and I’m just starting college.   He said that after a year of college it will be easier for me.   That doesn’t help me now though.   A man gave me that brochure today.   The pay for those jobs is what we need.”

Noah looked up at her wondering if she was serious.   The brochure was advertising for strippers, pole dancers and cocktail waitresses.   She had to know that there was no way that he was going to let her do either of those things no matter how much she argued.  He looked at her face closely.   She knew that.   There must be another job that she really wanted and didn’t want him to say no.  He decided to teach her a lesson about playing games with him.

Screenshot-207“Hmm.   I think that we could make a lot more money if you stand out on the corner of Broad St. and North hooking.   I’ll help you find something to wear.”

Screenshot-208Noah stood up and then couldn’t hold in his laughter at the expression on her face.  He folded his arms.   Screenshot-209“Sharlee don’t try to play games with me.   You know that I can read you like a book.  Okay, what’s the job that you really want?”

Screenshot-213Sharlee hated that he could read her so well.   She showed him the leaflet for the restaurant.   “I have an interview set up for tomorrow morning.   If I get this job, then you can quit working at the club.   You won’t be as tired, and we can spend more time together.   I didn’t marry you for you to take care of me.   I love you, and I want us to be partners in building our lives together.”

Screenshot-215Noah closed his eyes, thinking.    He knew that Sharlee was right.   However, he didn’t want her to work while attending college, but maybe she wouldn’t have to do it for long.   “I’m going with you for that interview tomorrow.   I don’t like those uniforms and I want to check the place out.”

Screenshot-217“Noah, you don’t take your husband with you to interview for a job!”

Screenshot-218Noah just looked at her, not giving in.

Screenshot-219Alright, but you wait outside until the interview is over.   Then I’ll bring you inside to meet the manager.”

Screenshot-220Noah hugged her tightly just before he left for the club.

“I’m sorry things aren’t working out the way that I’d planned for us.”

Screenshot-221“Now we have a new plan that we’re working on together.  It will work out even better.”

Screenshot-222Sharlee kissed him, and he left for work soon after.

Screenshot-230The next morning, Noah took off from work and went with Sharlee for the interview at the restaurant.    As far as he was concerned, the location could have been better.   It was located in a transitional part of town that the city council was trying to revitalize.  Also, he still didn’t like the uniform that Sharlee would have to wear.  When he’d complained, Sharlee told him that it covered more than her bikini did.

Lee Taylor was the owner/manager of Hooters.   He thought that Sharlee would do very well.  She had just the look and personality that they were looking for, and he thought that the other employees would like her as well.  He showed her a chart.   “This is what you will earn hourly and this is an average of what the girls earn in tips.   You can make much more than that in tips depending on how well you do with the customers.”   He gave her a work schedule, and Sharlee accepted the position.

Screenshot-233“Mr. Taylor, my husband is waiting outside.   He’d like to meet you.”

“Oh, that’s great!   Bring him in.  I’d like to meet him too.”

Screenshot-242Sharlee went to get Noah.   She was so excited.   This was her first job!   “I got it Noah!  He wants to meet you.”

Screenshot-236When they returned to Mr. Taylor’s office, a woman was with him.   Sharlee introduced Noah, and Mr. Taylor introduced the woman as his wife and business partner, Carrie.   Noah had a lot of questions.

“What exactly will Sharlee do for the customers?”

Sharlee flushed in embarrassment, but she knew that if she didn’t allow Noah to ask his questions, they would have a big argument when they returned home.  He would not want her to take the position, and she would insist on doing it anyway.  It was better to relieve his mind now.

Screenshot-237Lee answered.  “Only what a normal waitress would do.   Take customer’s orders and serve them their food and drinks.   The only difference between Hooters and other restaurants is that our waitresses are easy on the eyes.  Why shouldn’t you have good food and an attractive waitress?”

Screenshot-238“What if she has a customer who wants more than that and is insistent?”


Screenshot-240“It’s alright, Sharlee.   It’s nice to see a husband take such an interest in his wife’s safety.”

Then he said to Noah.  “All of our busboys are guys.   One of them is in the dining room at all times.   Only very rarely have we had a customer get out of line and then that customer is no longer permitted on the premises.   The safety of our employees is very important to us.  As a matter of fact, the girls who work here walk together to the subway every night after we close.”

Screenshot-241“Sharlee, can you and Noah excuse us for just a moment?”

“Of course.”

Screenshot-243Noah and Sharlee went outside the office and Carrie turned to Lee.   “Lee, I want this girl.   She has just the look we need to draw in more customers.   She will of course appeal to guys with that figure and her blond hair and big green eyes, but she will also appeal to women and families because she has a such a sweet personality.”

Screenshot-248“I agree, but her husband doesn’t seem to want her to work here.”

“Let me talk to him when they come back inside.”  

Screenshot-250 She called Noah and Sharlee back into the office.

“Noah, do you mind if I call you that?”

“Of course not.”

“I can understand your concerns.   Sharlee seems to be a very sweet young girl.  We don’t want that to change.   She is just the type of young woman that we want working for us.   What days are you off from work?”

Screenshot-251Noah was puzzled, but he told her.

Carrie looked at her husband.   “How about if we agree to give Sharlee Sundays and Wednesdays off.   We don’t usually give new girls two days off, but we’d really like Sharlee to work for us.”

After a few more questions, Noah gave in.  Sharlee would work from 6:00 to 10:00 pm on Monday’s, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.   She’d work three Saturdays a month from 8:00 to 2:00, and she’d be off on Wednesdays and Sundays.   They would be able to spend much more time together and Noah wouldn’t be under so much stress.   However, he intended to keep a close eye on Sharlee to make sure that school and that job were not too much for her either.

Screenshot-254After they were home, Sharlee talked with Noah.    “Honey, please call and give your notice at the club.”

Screenshot-253“It’s not that kind of a job.   All I have to do is tell them to take me off the schedule and that I won’t be back.”

Sharlee was so relieved when he made the call and that he would not have to return there. 

Screenshot-229That night when they made love, she saw an immediate difference in Noah.   He was relaxed, and she felt close to him again.   She hadn’t realized it before, but she had begun to feel that he was closing a part of himself off from her.   Now that barrier was gone, and he was once again her Noah.   She knew for sure now that taking that job had been the right decision.

Screenshot-224A few days later, Sharlee and Noah were relaxing together watching television.   Sharlee’s eyes widened in shock at what she was seeing.   There was a story on the news about the club where Noah had worked.

“Noah  that’s the Brownstone!”   

The newscaster said that two of the bouncers were shot and one was killed the night before.   Authorities believe that it was a clash between the club owner and a gang leader over drugs and turf.  

Screenshot-226Sharlee was in tears and pulled Noah to her tightly.  

“That could have been you Noah!   You could have been killed.  Please promise me that no matter what, you will never take a job in a place like that again!”

Screenshot-225At first, Noah didn’t make the promise.   He’d do whatever it took in order to take care of Sharlee and make sure that she had the things that she needed.   But as he felt her trembling, he realized that just as much as her safety mattered to him, his mattered to her.   He didn’t have the right to jeopardize his life now that he had married her.   He’d never looked at it that way before.   She belonged to him and he belonged to her.

“It’s alright, Sharlee.   I promise that I won’t do that again.”

26 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Six

  1. Wow, I am hoping Sharlee’s job goes well and she is able to handle both that and school. What a close call for Noah so glad he wasn’t there when that went down. I can’t wait to see these two get closer and develop into family. I can’t wait to see how Cara and Shawn are growing up and all the rest. You have done an amazing job with this family. 🙂

    • It can be hard to juggle work and college. Plus she’s married now too. Hopefully it won’t be too much for her.

      Yeah, she had good instincts about Noah’s job not being good for him. It’s good that she made her decision at the right time!

      Cara, Shawn and the rest of the family will be in the chapter after next. Thank you so much Whitney! I really appreciate that! 🙂

      Thanks for sticking with the story! 🙂

  2. Yay! I was extremely excited for this chapter and have literally been watching this site all of today and yesterday waiting for a new post… I’m happy that Noah and Sharlee were able to work things out, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for Alissa in later chapters…. with her, I’m sure the drama is not too far away! Thank you so much for continuing to writ4e these stories… I ADORE them!

    • I’m glad you’re still so excited about the story, Brianna! 😀
      Sorry it took me so long to do the update! I didn’t realize until a friend told me today, how long it had been since the last update. 😦

      Yes, they made it through this rough patch, but since they are so young, more rough times are ahead for them.

      You are so right! You know this story really well! More drama ahead for Alissa and the rest of the family. 😀

      Aww, that is so sweet of you to say! Hopefully soon I’ll start posting a new story in addition to this one. Although I’ve been saying that for months now! LOL

      Thanks for reading, Brianna! 🙂

    • Ellen, I didn’t make Alissa. She is Syzu by ALICJA560 on the exchange. Here is a link:
      I don’t know if I’d recommend downloading her though. Sometimes when you download old sims from the exchange you get bad Custom Content installed too. That’s happened to me a couple of times.

      For a while I had them available on here for download, but since Syzu isn’t mine, I didn’t feel comfortable leaving them up. 🙂 I might put them up again for awhile, if you want them. It was the entire family but without any Custom Content.

      • i would like you to put the whole family up if it isnt a problem . ive also got a question its are you glagreg on the sims 3 thing and can i give you one of the sims from my game to you so they can be in your storie.

        Noah and Sharlee are a Exellent couple

      • Ellen, I’ll have to see if I still have a non CC version of the family.
        Friend me on Facebook. I’m Daisies Day and I’ll message you a link to download them.
        They will be library files though, because I have no idea how to make a Sims 3 package! 🙂

        I’m glagreg on the forum. Not my choice of screen name! 😆

        I’d love to look at your Sims. I always need Sims for my story. 🙂

        I love Noah and Sharlee together too!

  3. This was a great chapter! I had no idea what Sharlee might end up doing after the end of the last chapter when she was so upset about Noah and the club. She’s a very practical and rational girl. And Noah caught a lucky break when Sharlee saw that news story. I noticed he never had to tell her about the fight he was in! That can’t be a good habit for him to be forming at the beginning of a marriage. I wonder if anything similar will happen to Sharlee at her new job…

    • Thanks so much Maddie! She is pretty practical. Much more so than her mother was.

      Yeah, it’s really good for Noah, that she followed her instincts and got a job when she did! That could easily have been him shot dead! 😦

      You are right. Holding things back from each other is not good for a marriage, but Noah still isn’t used to having such a close relationship with anyone. Trust is still hard for him, but hopefully he will learn.

      More in the next chapter on Sharlee’s new job. 🙂

      A new character comes next chapter! You might know who I mean! 😉

  4. I’m glad Noel made that promise but I hope this job Sharlee has taken will be good. I hope no-one tries anything on with her. I think Noel should have a job there too but he might start a fight lol

    • He really did need to make that promise. He’ll remember it later in the story.
      Yeah, hopefully her job will turn out alright. She felt like it was the best thing for them right now.
      I can just picture Noah’s reaction if he sees a customer coming onto to Sharlee! 😀
      He would definitely start a fight! LOL

  5. Oh gosh! What a terrible thing to happen at the club. It’s a good job Noah left when he did. I’m glad he realises it’s not just Sharlee’s safety that’s a concern and he sees how much he means to her.
    I’m glad Sharlee has a job, it seems like it could be a good place for her to work, I just hope there’s no trouble for her. I like that Noah is so protective of her even if it is embarrassing for Sharlee.:)
    Noah shouldn’t be putting barriers up where Sharlee’s concerned, I know he’s stressed but he shouldn’t do that. He should talk to her if something’s bothering him,
    Great chapter! Married life isn’t going so well for them at the moment, hope it gets better for them!

    • Yeah, that wasn’t a safe job for Noah. He came into contact with a lot of dangerous people, but he felt like it was the best way to take care of Sharlee. Hopefully, now she’s helped him to really see things differently. 🙂

      For a first job, Sharlee feels like it should be okay. The hours and the pay are what they need right now. Hopefully it will work out okay. I thought Noah would be that kind of husband. LOL Especially since he thinks that Sharlee is too trusting. 😀

      Noah really shouldn’t hold things back from Sharlee. Hopefully he’ll learn that he can share everything with her. They are still very young and making adjustments now that they’re married isn’t easy for them. 😦

      Thanks Claire! 🙂

  6. Yay! The next chapter has arrived! I was SO excited when I saw that you’d posted another one – is that sad? Oh well, it’s HERE!!!

    That was so sweet of Carrie to let their days off be the same, and Lee seemed really nice too – Sharlee will be lucky to have such a nice boss! I bet she’ll be a really nice waitress, and I hope none of the customers try anything funny or Noah might not let her work there again. I’m so glad he’s taken into account his own personal safety is important – I could see that was having an impact on their relationship – and now they’re happy !!!!!!! 😀

    I really hope Sharlee doesn’t get pregnant because as nice as another baby would be to the story I hope she doesn’t have to face the same kind of thing that Alissa had to, despite it bringing her Sharlee… They deserve a really happy, not-too-jeopardized marriage!

    Hey, Shaun and Cara must be almost adults now… I wonder if either of them have boyfriends or girlfriends; Cara is so pretty and Shaun is CUTE!

    Anyways really looking forwards to the next chapter, and hearing all about what Alissa and Dale and everyone have been up to…! Great chapter, obviously!


    • Harry, I don’t think it’s sad at all! I’m glad that you’re enjoying the story so much! 😀
      Sorry it took so long. I got busy doing other things and just didn’t feel like getting on my computer.
      I’m back into Alissa land now though, and I’m starting to prepare for the pictures in the next chapter today! 🙂

      Lee and Carrie are very nice people.
      Noah is very protective of Sharlee, and you’re right.
      If something happened with a customer, he wouldn’t want her to work there again.

      It’s good that Noah finally realized that now he’s married, he has to recognize Sharlee’s feelings for him too.

      Yeah, they aren’t ready for a baby. It will be a while before that happens.

      Cara and Shawn are teens now. We’ll see them more starting in Chapter One Hundred and Seven. The rest of the family will be in that chapter too. 🙂

      Thanks for reading, Harry! It’s so nice to see that you’re excited about Alissa like I am! 🙂

  7. Well looks like Noah got out of there at the right time. I’m glad he didn’t fight her too hard about the job and leaving the club. Communication is key in a marriage especially a young one with so many other struggles. Glad they worked things out.

    • Noah knew that Sharlee wouldn’t like the things that he had to do as a part of his job at the club. He just felt that he had no choice.
      He also isn’t used to caring what anyone else thinks about the things that he does.
      Hopefully now he really does understand that he has to take Sharlee’s feelings into consideration in the things that he does. It will take a lot of adjustments for them both. You are right, they need to communicate better and not hold things back from one another.

      Thanks for reading, Jaz! 🙂

  8. Noah is awfully protective of Sharlee, I can understand why though. But I really didn’t expect him to go to an interview with her. That scene was sweet and it made me chuckle.

    The Hooters’ owners really want Sharlee, I’m glad they were amicable to giving her the same days off as Noah. I just hope with time, their intentions don’t change. I’d hate for them to take advantage of Sharlee’s sweet nature.

    I’m happy Noah got out when he did, Sharlee is right, it could have been him caught in that drug turf war.

    Great chapter, Daisies!

    • He is very protective! I thought his insisting on going with her was funny and like something he would do! LOL

      Carrie and Lee liked Sharlee right away and had a good feeling about her working for them. You’re right, hopefully they will continue to treat her right!

      Sharlee would have been devastated if anything had happened to Noah!

      Thank you so much Val and thanks for reading my story! 🙂

    • I had forgotten about that romper! I’ll think I’ll use it again. You don’t think that hairstyle makes her look too old? I like it too, but I though it made her look older than she is. 🙂

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