Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen

Screenshot-1229Cara was developing pictures in the darkroom at school when she suddenly stood motionless.  

Screenshot-1232She felt a sharp pain in her back that was almost crippling.  Something was wrong.  Something was badly wrong!   Shawn, it was her twin Shawn!  

Screenshot-1235As she rushed from the building she called her Dad on the phone.  

Screenshot-1236“Daddy, something is wrong with Shawn!  You have to get to his house right away!”  

Cara was crying when she got behind the wheel of her car and sped away from the school.

Screenshot-1250When Noah came through the door, Sharlee was on the phone in tears.   He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her as she continued her conversation.   He could hear Alissa on the other end of the line.  Sharlee disconnected the call and turned to face him as she fought to compose herself. 

Screenshot-1251“Shawn’s in the hospital undergoing emergency surgery.   Monet stabbed him!   I’ve got to get there.   My Dad booked a flight for us.”

Noah, didn’t ask any questions.   He helped her quickly pack a suitcase and they headed to the airport.  By the time Noah and Sharlee’s plane arrived in Santa Fe, Shawn was out of surgery.  

Screenshot-1252Sharlee called Alissa from the airport.

Screenshot-1259“He’s okay.   The surgeon said that thankfully Monet didn’t hit any vital organs.   He’s lost a lot of blood, but he’s young.   They expect him to make a full recovery.   If not for Cara, things could have gone differently.  Your Dad was able to get to him in time.   He can’t have visitors other than your Dad and I until tomorrow.   We’re staying here with him at the hospital tonight.  Why don’t you and Noah go on to the house?

Screenshot-1255Sharlee quickly told Noah that Shawn was okay and then returned to her conversation with her mother.  “Did the police arrest Monet?”

Screenshot-1260“They haven’t found her yet.   They’d better find her before I get my hands on her!”

Screenshot-1253Sharlee had never heard her mother talk like that before!   “Well I hope they find her soon!”   She talked with Alissa for a few more moments, and then she and Noah went to her parent’s home.

Screenshot-1237Cara was still awake and relieved that Shawn was going to be okay.   She burst into tears and hugged Sharlee tightly after Sharlee walked through the door.

“Thanks to you, Cara he’s going to be okay!”

Cara nodded her head, but she at first could not stop crying.   Shawn almost dying had really shaken her.  She couldn’t imagine losing her twin even though their interests in their teen years had caused them not to spend as much time together.

Also Shawn’s marriage had meant that they weren’t as close as before.  Shawn had drawn away.   Cara was determined that wouldn’t happen again.   She wished that she had known about Monet before Shawn had become so deeply involved with her.  She would have put in an end to it before Monet had trapped her brother.

Screenshot-1213When Monet’s parents heard about what she had done, they were devastated and wracked with guilt.   Her father went to see Dale. 

“Mr. Stallworth, it doesn’t seem like enough to say that we are deeply sorry for what Monet has done to Shawn.   We should have warned you, but we hoped that marrying Shawn would calm her down!”

Screenshot-1220Dale looked at him silently, not knowing where this leading.

Screenshot-1225“Monet has had a violent streak ever since she became a teenager.   In the past she has struck her mother several times and attempted to strike me.   She had even threatened to burn the house down as we slept at night.   Before her marriage, we were on the verge of having her committed to a center for teenagers with extreme behavioral issues.   However, we were relieved when she married Shawn, and I’m ashamed to say that we were happy that she was no longer our concern.”

Screenshot-1215Dale was angry and horrified!  How could Monet’s parents have kept this information from them.   He was so upset that he couldn’t speak.

Screenshot-1214“I understand that you’re very upset.  I don’t blame you.  We just wanted to tell you that we are very sorry, and we will assist the police in any way that we can in locating Monet.”

He turned and left the house.  Dale was furious and waited until he was calmer before he told Alissa what he’d just learned about Monet.

Screenshot-1256Shawn was tired of laying in the hospital bed.  He was relieved when the doctor released him and he was able to return home. 

Screenshot-1257Alissa and Dale had rotated staying with him in the hospital so that one of them was with him every day.  They knew he was bored and ready to go home.  Just a few days before he was released, the police had located Monet.  She had behaved as though she had done nothing wrong.  

Screenshot-1262Monet had been examined by mental health and medical professionals, and it was determined that although she had a personality disorder she did not have a mental illness.  The DA decided to try her as an adult for attempted murder.  The judge and the DA knew that with the celebrity status of both Shawn’s mother and grandfather, the case could quickly become a media spectacle. 

So because of Shawn’s youth, the judge ordered that her courtroom be closed to spectators.   Only family would be allowed into the courtroom for the duration of the trial.  Both the prosecution and the DA approved.

Screenshot-1168On the first day of the trial, as he entered the courtroom, Monet blew kisses at Shawn and winked at him.  

Screenshot-1170Although he was angry too, Dale had to hold Alissa back from rushing to Monet to beat her to a pulp!  The DA protested to the judge about Monet’s behavior.

Screenshot-1171“Ms. Baxter, you will refrain from communicating with witnesses and people in the gallery.”

Screenshot-1176Shawn remembered every moment of his last day with Monet.  He was the first witness called by the prosecution and told the events of that day as well as what led up to it. 

Screenshot-1177Her glare did not stop him from pointing her out as the defendant who stabbed him.   Sharlee kept her eyes glued to Shawn as he testified.   She couldn’t bear to look at Monet, afraid that her anger would boil over.  

Screenshot-1181As Shawn testified about what had led up to the stabbing, Monet’s self control snapped.   She tried to reach the witness stand, but she was stopped by the court bailiffs before she got to him.   She was cussing and screaming at him.

“You ungrateful fool!  You should have kissed the ground that I walk on!  How dare you testify against me after all that I’ve done for you!”  

Screenshot-1184The judge instructed the bailiffs to remove her from the courtroom.   Shawn wished they had let her get to him.  He didn’t believe in hitting girls, but with Monet he’d be glad to make an exception!   They could still hear her screaming as she was led away.

Screenshot-1188Her defense attorney was on his feet.   “Your Honor, I request a mistrial!  The jury has been irretrievably prejudiced against my client!”

Screenshot-1189“I am denying your request for a mistrial, Mr. Tolbert.”  

She then instructed the jury to leave the courtroom and ordered the attorneys for both sides to approach her bench.   Court was dismissed for the remainder of the day.

Screenshot-1199Later that afternoon the District Attorney met with Shawn and his parents.  

“I have spoken with the defendant’s attorney, and we have agreed upon a deal.  However, it is contingent upon your approval.”

Screenshot-1202“What deal?  We don’t want that girl to ever see the light of day again!”

Screenshot-1200“The defendant has agreed to plead guilty to First Degree Attempted Murder.   She would receive a life sentence.”

Screenshot-1206“She actually agreed to that?”

Screenshot-1201“The evidence and the facts of the case are strong against her.   She and her attorneys see no point in prolonging the inevitable.”

Screenshot-1205“Would she ever be free again?”

Screenshot-1207“That’s why they don’t want to go to trial.  If she goes to trial she might receive a sentence of life without the possibility of parole.   As a part of the deal, she would have the possibility of being paroled.   However it is a mandatory minimum of fifteen years in prison, and it really isn’t likely that she would ever be paroled.   It is up to you and your family, Shawn.   We can go to trial or we can end this today.   Do you need time to think about it and talk it over?”

Screenshot-1208Shawn looked at his parents.   He wanted this over and done with so that he could just move on with his life.  

“I say let’s take the deal.   I don’t want to look at her everyday for the next few weeks.”

Screenshot-1212“Are you sure Shawn?   Don’t you want to think about it?”

Screenshot-1210“I’ve thought about it everyday since she attacked me.   I want to get it over with.  I don’t want to think about her anymore!”

Screenshot-1190Monet stood quietly before the judge as she was sentenced.   The judge asked her sternly,  “Would you like to make a statement, Ms. Baxter?”

Screenshot-1195Monet turned and glared at Shawn and at her parents.  

Screenshot-1191“No.   I have nothing to say!”

Screenshot-1196Then the judge sentenced her to life in prison with a minimum of fifteen years served before she could even be considered for parole. 

Screenshot-1193Shawn and his family breathed a sigh of relief.   They’d already had the marriage annulled, and so Monet was out of Shawn’s life for good!  

Screenshot-1194Monet’s parents were sad and resigned.  Maybe now she would receive the psychiatric treatment that she needed.

Screenshot-1240After he had healed physically, Shawn was able to rejoin the basketball team.   He immersed himself in his studies and in sports.   Faye had come to visit him at the house, but Shawn felt very uncomfortable.

“So, how are you really doing Shawn?  My family and I have missed seeing you at the stable.”

Screenshot-1242“I’m fine.”

Screenshot-1244Cara came in and joined them.   She knew that Shawn needed her.  Shawn was glad to see Cara.   The three of them talked for a while and then Faye left.

Screenshot-1247“It’s okay, Shawn.  You know that your therapist said that it would take a while for you to feel comfortable with girls again.”

Screenshot-1249“Yeah, but Faye isn’t just some girl.  You and she were my best friends!”

Screenshot-1248“Well, maybe she will be again one day.  Just give yourself some time Shawn.  You know she’ll understand.  Just try going out with your buddies for a while.  You still need to have some fun!”

“Yeah, you’re right.”  Shawn wondered if he’d ever again trust a girl other than his sisters.

Alissa and Dale were glad to see Shawn start going out for pizza, movies and to the arcade, having fun with his friends.   He wasn’t ready to start dating yet, but that was fine with them.  In time he would again.  He was slowly healing emotionally.

Screenshot-1227Matthew was going to receive a lifetime achievement award at the Oscars Ceremony that year.   The entire family was going to attend.  Noah and Sharlee flew in the day of the ceremony and intended to fly back home the next day.

“Can’t you stay longer, Honey?”

Screenshot-1226“I’m sorry Mom, but we have to get back home.” 

Sharlee didn’t explain further and Alissa didn’t question her.   She noticed that both Noah and Sharlee were quieter, but she felt that she shouldn’t press them for an explanation if they didn’t discuss it on their own.

Screenshot-1162That evening as they got dressed, Noah looked at Sharlee and pulled her close to him.  

Screenshot-1164“You look beautiful.”

Screenshot-1165“Thanks, Honey.  You look great too.  Thank you for coming here with me.”

Noah hadn’t really wanted to come, but he knew that it was important to Sharlee.  Things at home might be tough, but their love for each other remained strong.  He also genuinely liked and respected Matthew.  So he’d decided to come with her to Santa Fe.

Screenshot-1167Sharlee gave him a quick kiss.

Screenshot-1144The family posed for pictures on the red carpet.   The rest of the family had done it before at different events with Matthew and Alissa.   They had been taught how to pose and smile.  It was Noah’s first time, and even though he felt uncomfortable, he forced himself to smile.

Screenshot-1146Joy sat up in the front row beside her grandmother Kaye.

Screenshot-1149Noah enjoyed seeing Sharlee happy and relaxed.   It had been a while.  It was also great to see so much appreciation given to Matthew in acknowledgement of his contributions to the movie and television industry.

Screenshot-1147Aiden was excitedly sitting with  Sharlee and Noah.   They had told him that since it was summer vacation, his parents had agreed to let him go back with them to Bridgeport for a few days.   Miki was going to bring him back home to Santa Fe when she flew out there for business at the studio.

Screenshot-1152Cara and Shawn sat together.

Screenshot-1150Shawn was proud of his grandfather, but he really didn’t enjoy events like this.  However after his horrible experience with Monet,  his family was even more important to him.

Screenshot-1153Cara was watching the cameramen.   She was always on the lookout for new tips for her own photography.

Screenshot-1155Dale looked at Alissa as they sat in the audience waiting for Matthew to receive the award.   He whispered to her.

Screenshot-1156“One day soon, we’ll be sitting in the audience waiting for you to receive an Emmy for your show!”

Alissa smiled at him.   She hoped she’d at least receive a nomination at the next year’s Emmy’s award show.

Screenshot-1157Matthew’s name was announced and he came to the stage to accept the award.   After he thanked the academy, his wife Kaye and others in the industry, Alissa was surprised when he asked her to join him on the stage.

Screenshot-1158“Many of you may or may not know, but this is my beautiful daughter Alissa Stallworth.  I am so proud of her and all that she has accomplished despite many obstacles.”

Screenshot-1159“While I have always loved acting, I would not have pursued a successful career as strongly as I did were it not for my need of the resources necessary to locate Alissa.  From the time that I found out that I had a daughter, finding her became my number one priority and everything that I accomplished until I found her was to reach that goal.   So tonight I want to give a special thanks to you Alissa for allowing me into your life and that of your family.   Thank you for helping me to reach my lifetime goals.”

Screenshot-1161Alissa was crying so hard that she couldn’t speak.   She just hugged Matthew. 

Screenshot-1160When the cameras zoomed in for a close up shot of her happy face, most of the audience was crying too.  As Matthew and Alissa left the stage the audience rose and gave Matthew a standing ovation!  It was another memorable time for all of the family.


I hope this chapter wasn’t disappointing, but I thought that it would be better for the legal system to handle Monet.   I can’t promise that it will always work that way with people who cross the family though!  LOL

The next chapter is about Noah and Sharlee.  

32 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen

  1. I’m just glad that Monet is gone and out of their life. Please do me a favor, and please don’t let her ever make an appearance in the story down the road.

  2. well at least she got caught and is out of their lives. She really is crazy. 😦
    The pictures were so pretty in this chapter, I loved Alissa’s dress. Man seeing Alissa and Sharlee together again, they look like sisters more than mother/daughter.

    I’m guessing Sharlee and Noah are quiet about him losing his job and is anger issues. I hope he manages to find a new job and talk to someone about how he handles conflict. There is only so much I think Sharlee is willing to forgive before she starts to think he has a real problem. 😦

    • Yes, she is really crazy. She definitely won’t be released back into society!
      Since she doesn’t cooperate with receiving psychiatric therapy, she won’t get approved for parole.

      Thank you so much Jaz! I had fun doing the pictures. 🙂
      I had to look again at Alissa and Sharlee. They do look like sisters!
      I thought of aging Alissa to adult, but she had Sharlee when she was very young.
      So I thought she’d be in her late thirties now. Also since she’s in show business, maybe she had some work done! LOL
      I guess a few wrinkles for her soon. 😦

      Yes, that’s why Noah and Sharlee were quiet. More on that in the next chapter, and you are completely right about Noah and his anger.
      It is really causing problems for them.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

    • Yay! I’m glad you weren’t disappointed! 😀 I couldn’t let her keep ruining Shawn’s life. He is just too sweet!

      Thank you for reading my story, Maisy. 🙂

    • Thank you Jade! 🙂

      I don’t blame you for hating Monet. She hurt Shawn badly.

      Do you really want him and Faye to get together? I haven’t decided yet if they should just remain friends or maybe something more when they’re older.

      Thanks for reading, Jade! 🙂

  3. I am relieved that Monet was found and the she will be serving a very long time. Poor Shawn, I am glad he is hanging out with his friends and hopefully in time he and Faye will be where they once were in their relationship before Monet. I hope Noah can work his issues out before it causes problems for he and Sharlee. I was wondering if perhaps she is pregnant on top of things or something. The pictures were beautiful and I loved the closeness of the family during the ceremony. Super happy that Shawn and Cara are close like before 🙂

    • Just like he wanted, Shawn won’t have to think about her anymore. Now he can get his life back on course and just enjoy being a teenage boy again.
      I’m not sure yet if he and Faye will ever be more than friends. Do you all want them to be more than that?

      Noah and Sharlee were quieter because Noah still hadn’t found another job, and it’s been months since he was fired. 😦 They think it’s best to keep their problems between just the two of them. More on them in the next chapter. 😦

      Thanks Whitney! I really appreciate that! I worked hard on the pictures and had fun doing them.
      So far their family has remained close and hopefully it will stay that way for them.

      Thank you for reading! 🙂

  4. You asked about having Faye and Shawn to be more than friends. I think I would rather they both find their romantic partners when they go off to their University. Hopefully Shawn will come to the realization that Faye would never hurt him like his ex-wife did.

    • That is how I was leaning too. I thought after what happened with Monet, it would be a long time before he trusted any other girl.
      Also, I didn’t think he’d want a close boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with anyone right after that. Faye would understand his feelings.
      I’ll have to decide for sure soon though.

      Thanks LaBlue! 🙂

  5. I’m so glad Shawn fully recovered:) And I’m happy that crazy girl got locked up she didn’t deserve anything else! I can’t believe her parents didn’t say anything, it was very naive of them to think marriage would calm her down.
    I like how you used the twin connection between Cara and Shawn, I hate to think what would have happened if Cara hadn’t felt something was wrong. I hope they become close again and that Shawn can learn to trust girls again soon. Especially Faye:)
    I loved all the pictures at the Oscars, I’m glad they had an enjoyable evening after all that they had been through and it was so sweet of Matthew to dedicate his speech to Alissa:) It was quite emotional!
    Brilliant chapter:)

    • Yes, he did. It’s going to take a while for him emotionally though. Yeah, her parents were wrong not to warn Dale and Alissa about her.

      Thanks Claire! I don’t know if twins really do have that connection, but I think it’d be nice if they did. They are getting closer again.
      Do you want Faye and Shawn to get together? Maybe when they are older?

      Thank you! It was fun doing those pictures, getting everyone all dressed up formally again. 😀

      Matthew really is happy with his family now! He loves being Alissa’s father. Aww, thanks Claire! I was hoping his speech would be emotional. 🙂

      What a sweet thing to say! Thank you so much! I think that you all might be upset with me on the next chapter though!

      Thanks for reading my story! 🙂

  6. Hi it’s me again. You did not know if twins have that kind of connection, where if one gets hurt and the other feels it. I can answer that question for you. Twins are something that run in my family. I have a couple of aunts who were (one has since passed away), the same for uncles, and cousins, all on my mother’s side. This was involving my mother’s (twin) sisters, one twin lived in Wisconsin, and the other twin lived in Florida. One of the twins was involved in an auto accident, and she was nearly killed. The other one who lived in the other state, immediately felt her sister’s pain. She said it was the most intense pain she ever felt. This was not the only time this had happened with those two.

    • Wow, so the twin connection is a real thing! 😯 That’s amazing!
      I saw a special about twins a few years ago but wasn’t sure if it was a real thing.

      I’m glad that your aunt survived! I bet talking to them about their experiences with their connection is so interesting.
      So, the connection has lasted into their adult years too!

      Thanks for sharing your family’s experience with me LaBlue! 🙂

  7. I think you should seriously get something for these stories they are just soooooo good and addicting. How do you get such good screen shots?

    • Such a nice thing to say, Millie! Thank you! 😀

      I’ve been doing stories for two years now, and I still sometimes struggle with getting the pictures the way that I want them. LOL It’s really sweet of you to say that they are good! 🙂

  8. I love that while the kids are with the adults and the adults are with their partners Cara and Shawn sit together so naturally! Its so horrid that Cara felt Shawn’s pain, but so sweet and touching as-well! Aiden is so cute, and Joy! I wonder why Sharlee and Noah were “quiet”… Probably just that Noah wasn’t used to the ‘glamorous’ thing.. I’m not surprised I guess as he didn’t have a particularly glamorous past… But it was nice of him to come with Sharlee 😛

    That nasty Monet! I quote, “after all I’ve done for you,” the cheek!! She’s a disgusting wh*re (I’m very sorry but its true!) and deserved a life sentence! Its so sad that Shawn isn’t as comfortable with girls as he was – poor Faye 😦

    But hopefully soon he’ll understand that Monet was a particularly foul example of women and see that someone, a certain someone whose name begins with F and ends in AYE, might be just the lovely person to make him happy! 😀

    Marvelous chapter (as always) and even though there wasn’t THAT much going on I think you definitely needed this chapter to explain what happened to Monet and add to Noah’s personality (if that’s what you were subtly doing I’m not sure :-P) and yeah, thanks!

    PS: I agree with Millie, you’re an amazing writer and those screenshots make it awesome! NEVERRRRRRRRRR stop!!! You could make it a book – I’d buy it 😀

    • I thought that Cara and Shawn would rather sit with each other than with the adults. 😀

      Yeah, Noah and Sharlee were quiet because Noah still hadn’t found a job.
      Noah definitely doesn’t like events like the awards show, but he married into a family that has a lot of events like that! LOL

      Wh*re is a perfect description for Monet! Shawn’s experience with her will take a long time for him to overcome. 😦 You want Shawn and Faye to get together?
      I think I’ll do a poll and see how many want them together or if they should end up with other people. 🙂

      Thank you so much Harry! Yeah, I had to get Monet out of Shawn’s life so that he could go back to being a normal teenage boy.

      You guys are so sweet! I really appreciate the encouragement! 🙂

      If you want to read another story of mine, I just posted the first chapter. Here is a link if you want to check it out: Mutation: Chapter One

      It’s a Scifi story, but I know some people don’t like Scifi that much. So don’t feel like you have to read it. Of course it will also have a lot of romance, because I just can’t right a story without that! LOL It’s only going to be about twenty chapters.

      • Couldn’t get onto the story 😥 it says:

        ‘The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.’

        I don’t know why and also when u type in into Google it comes up but says the same thing… I really want to read it! Could u possibly send me the link again at my email address – its ‘’ – I don’t know if that would work though I don’t know much about this kind of thing! :s

        And with Shawn and Faye maybe they could go out for a while and then something sad could split them up and they could get married to different people but then both of their relationships sadly don’t work out and they get back together and live happily ever after with, say, Faye’s daughter and their own daughter and that would start and interesting generation?! Just randomly brainstorming 😀

  9. I was so scared you were going to kill off Shawn! I just wanna give him a big ol’ hug, poor baby. 😦 I’m glad that Cara’s twin special twin abilities kicked in and I’m SO glad Monet’s gone, and I hope she never makes a grand reappearance any time soon! She literally made my skin crawl… You’ve got such a great attention to detail when it comes to characters.

    Kinda worried about Noah and Sharlee, their quietness was slightly unnerving… Not that they’re the loudest of people, but because they’re usually a lot happier than they appeared in this chapter.

    Faye’s such a sweetie, and so cute! I’m glad she knows to take things kinda slow with Shawn for a while, and I hope their friendship heals!

    I’m glad Alissa got some recognition for her hard work. It always feels great to be praised, especially when it comes from a father! Love, love, LOVE this chapter!

    • No, I couldn’t do that to Shawn! I’m not saying that nothing will ever happen to anyone else in the family though.

      Yep, Monet is gone now, and Shawn won’t have to worry about her anymore.
      Thanks Birdkitty! That’s a great compliment. You do too!

      Yeah, Noah and Sharlee are usually more enthusiastic. Things are not going very well for them right now.
      A lot of you are probably going to be upset with me after you read the next couple of chapters. 😦

      I think Faye is really cute too! I like playing her and her family in Sunset Valley. I didn’t change anything on her appearance, but I did give her parents a makeover.
      She really does care about Shawn. They’ve been good friends ever since they first met.

      I thought it was time that Alissa and Matthew sort of connected in the story again in a good way!

      Awww, thank you so much Birdkitty! I’m really glad you loved it! 🙂

  10. I think it is so cool how Cara and Shawn have a “twin connection” she really did save his life from that batch 🙂

  11. This was great!

    Yay, monet is out of their lives! I’m glad for Cara and Shawn’s twin connection. She saved his life! Hopefully they can regain the closeness they once shared.

    I loved the Oscars scene. It was very cool!

    Noah and Sharlee, I hope they work through their underlying issues!

    • Thank you Val!

      Yeah, Shawn didn’t need her hanging over him for the rest of his life.
      He and Cara are going to work on maintaining their closeness.

      Thanks, doing the Oscars was fun. I’ve wanted to use those poses ever since I saw them on Kiddo’s site. 😀

      Noah and Sharlee are having a hard time right now!

      Thanks for reading my story, Val! 🙂

  12. I came to a realization as I was reading this, Monet, if I’m pronouncing it right (Mo-Nay), kind of sounds like when people say money in a weird way, which is a coincidence because she tricked Shawn into marrying her for his parents’ money. I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but it’s still funny! And sorry for commenting nearly a year after it was written, I’m just reading it a second time through.

    • LOL Kirtybird! It does sound like that! I never noticed that!

      I just like that name though and decided to give it to her. After I did, I sort of wished that I had given that name to a character that was going to be in the story for a longer period of time. 😀

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