Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Eight

Screenshot-828It was graduation time for Cara, Shawn, Noah and Sharlee too.  The first graduation ceremony was Cara and Shawn’s.

Screenshot-829Shawn was called to receive his diploma first.

Screenshot-836Cara waited patiently for her turn.

Screenshot-835Shawn felt great satisfaction that his high school years were over.

Screenshot-834Kaylee was standing on the other side of the stage, happy to have graduated and eager to begin the next phase of her life.  She was going away to college to get a degree in social science. 

Screenshot-837Their families sat in the audience extremely proud of them all.

Screenshot-838During Sharlee’s graduation ceremony, Alissa fought tears just as she had during Cara’s and Shawn’s.  Dale was proud of all of them too.  He was glad that Noah was continuing to prove him wrong.

Screenshot-839Aidan sat there watching the ceremonies, wishing that he was home.  This was so boring!

Screenshot-843Joy was proud of her siblings and of Noah too.

Screenshot-842During Sharlee’s graduation ceremony, Noah sat holding Skylar.  He was happy that Sharlee had reached one of her most desired goals. 

Screenshot-849As Noah accepted his diploma, he breathed a deep sigh of relief.  He’d done it!  He had graduated from Technical College!

Screenshot-844Sharlee was deeply proud and pleased for Noah when he received his diploma.  He had worked hard to achieve his success.

Screenshot-757Sharlee and Noah hadn’t planned anything special for their graduations but were just relieved to be finished with classes and have their degrees.  Kaylee, Cara and Shawn wanted to do something different for their graduation party.  They wanted everyone to wear costumes.  Cara, Kaylee and Niki chose the costumes for their families.  They hired a photographer and a videographer to take pictures throughout the evening. 

Screenshot-767Skylar was adorable in her kitten costume. 

Screenshot-765She wanted a kitten.  She didn’t know it but her parents intended to surprise her with one after they moved into their new house.  They hoped it would make it easier for her to wait until the baby was old enough to play with her.

Screenshot-739The photographer made sure to take a close up of her sweet little face. 

Screenshot-746Joy was dressed like a princess. 

Screenshot-747Alissa had allowed her to begin wearing a little touch of blush on her cheeks and a light lip gloss but no other makeup until she was older. 

Screenshot-745They chose Rococo costumes for Dale and for Alissa.  Dale was dressed in a royal gentleman’s dinner costume looking handsome and dignified.

Screenshot-712Alissa was dressed in an elegant gown.  

Screenshot-711She was wearing a hairstyle suitable for the era.

Screenshot-741Aiden wore a mummy costume. 

Screenshot-742Although he was having a good time, it was hard for the photographer to capture a picture of him smiling.  Aiden said it wasn’t cool to smile for pictures. 

Screenshot-740Shawn had selected his own costume with help from Skylar.  She had laughed and giggled when he’d shown her the picture of the hot dog costume, and so he wore it for her. 

Screenshot-624Kaylee wanted to wear something fun, and so she had selected a circus ring mistress costume.  Cara wore an Arabian genie costume.  

Screenshot-640Kaylee’s younger brother Devon had laughed at her hairstyle, but Kaylee thought it was perfect for the costume. 

Screenshot-708Cara looked at her mother as her mother talked with her and Kaylee.   Everyone told her that she looked even more like her mother now, and since she considered her mother to be the most beautiful woman in the world, she was pleased to hear it. 

Screenshot-729Kaylee had selected super hero outfits for her father, George, and for her brother, Devon.  Devon was into superhero comic books and games.  She had chosen a cute pink bunny outfit for her mother, Leslie.  Her mother had laughed when she’d seen it. 

Screenshot-730Cara picked medieval costumes for Noah and Sharlee.   She’d wanted something that would be comfortable and elegant for Sharlee since she was pregnant.  So she’d selected a medieval knight and Lady for them to wear.

Screenshot-732Sharlee had loved Cara’s costume choices for them and appreciated not having to shop for them herself.  Noah hadn’t cared what he wore, and he thanked Cara for finding his for him. 

Screenshot-778Niki wore a court jester’s costume.  She’d wanted to wear something fun too.

Screenshot-759Kaye was dressed as Frankenstein’s bride because of her love of classic horror movies.  Matthew was dressed as an old deep sea diver.  Joy laughed at her Grandfather’s old style dancing.

Screenshot-761Cara showed off some new moves while she was dancing with Dale. 

Screenshot-773Everyone “got down” on the dance floor enjoying the music!

Screenshot-624The next day Cara and Shawn were at home talking.

Screenshot-640“I think it just really sunk in today.”


Screenshot-764“We both have been accepted into programs outside of the country.  You’ll be going for special vet training in Africa, and I’m going to uni in Italy.  This will be the first time that we’ve been separated for such a long period of time.  I’m going to miss you, Shawn.”

Screenshot-767“I”ll miss you too.” 

Screenshot-849They hugged each other and Cara wiped away tears.

Screenshot-748Noah’s grand opening week long celebration for his dealership started with a formal reception.  Many local business and local government leaders were in attendance. 

Screenshot-822Harley was represented by Terry and Gene.  They both shook Noah’s hand.  

Screenshot-825“Good job, Noah.”

Screenshot-823Terry congratulated him.

“I knew we were right to take a chance on you despite your age!  I’m proud of you, Noah.” 

Screenshot-826“Thank you, Sir.  I’m going to keep working hard to make sure this place is a success.”

Screenshot-791Of course his family and friends were there as well.   “The dealership looks great.   Noah’s done very well!”  Alissa and Rene agreed with Dale.

Screenshot-784“Harley’s architect and designer, Sergio, did a good job with injecting Noah’s taste into the final look.  Although I didn’t know that Sergio was going to use my Harley pictures too.”

Screenshot-786Shawn was interested in learning to ride, and he had his eye on the model that interested him most.

Screenshot-796Sharlee’s friend, Emily Didonato, came to the reception.

Sharlee introduced Emily to her brothers when they came over to her.

“It’s nice to meet you both!”

Screenshot-798Sharlee looked on in shock as her brothers tried to flirt with Emily after she introduced her to them. 

Screenshot-793“It’s a pleasure to meet you too.”

“I’m a big fan!”

Screenshot-795“I have your cover issue of “Sports Illustrated” magazine.”

Screenshot-797“I thought that was one of the best covers “Sports Illustrated” has ever done.”

Screenshot-792Emily graciously thanked them and then smoothly changed the tone of the conversation.  She’d had a lot of experience over the years dealing with fans and the male relatives of her friends.  By the time the evening was over, Shawn and Aiden saw her as just another friend of their family. 

Screenshot-800 Later in the evening, Noah and Darion were talking with one of the guests when Skylar came over and interrupted.  Noah was surprised by what Skylar said to the guest.

“Can you go home now!”

Darion smothered a laugh and excused himself.

“Skylar why did you say that?”

Screenshot-802She looked almost in tears.

“Mommy say this is your party, and we can go till all the people go.  I ready now, Daddy.”

Screenshot-803Noah picked her up and hugged her.  “How about if you stay with me and just rest for a while.  You can even go to sleep if you want.”

Sky rested comfortably against his chest, and Noah apologized to the guest.

“I’m sorry about that.”

Screenshot-805Sharlee made her way over to them.

“Skylar is so fast!  I’ll take her now, Honey.  You keep mingling.”

Noah could see that Sharlee was tired too.

Screenshot-804“Babe, you and Skylar have stayed long enough.  Why don’t you two go home now?”

“This is an important night for you.  I can’t do that.”

Screenshot-810“Sharlee, between the the three of us, I’m sure that your Mom, your grandmother and I, know everyone here.  We’ll mingle and help Noah keep the party running smoothly.   You and Skylar go home, and you get the rest that you need.  Don’t worry.  We all know how important this night is for Noah.”

Sharlee agreed and thanked her.  She was tired, and she knew that Skylar wanted to go home too.  Noah got their things and then walked them out to the car.

Rene had noticed earlier when Darion and Noah had been talking with the redhead.  The three of them had spoken together for a quite a long while, and after Sharlee left the party, Noah and the redhead had continued to talk together before he’d left her to speak with other guests. 

Screenshot-815Rene had an uncomfortable feeling and went to confront the redhead.  She got straight to the point. 

“Noah is a married man with another baby on the way.”

Screenshot-812The redhead’s mouth dropped open in surprise.  She smiled at Rene. 

“You’re one of Sharlee’s friends aren’t you?”

Screenshot-816“Yes, she’s one of my closest friends, and Noah is my friend as well.  I’m Darion’s wife Rene.”

Screenshot-813“Well, I’m glad that she has such a good friend as you clearly are.  I’ve known Sharlee since before she was a little toddler like Skylar.  I’m Lucille Richardson, and my husband, Dr. Richardson, is a colleague of Dr. Stallworth’s.  Mrs. Stallworth and I are also friends.  My husband was Dr. Stallworth’s mentor when they lived in Bridgeport, and he talked us into moving here to Santa Fe.  We both have ridden motorcycles for years and Harley is our preferred chopper.”

My husband and I want to start a group of professional cyclists here in Santa Fe, and we’re both excited about Noah’s shop opening here.  I have a BA in business administration, and I’ve done work in PR as well.  So that’s why I, Noah and your husband have spent so much talking together tonight.  I also have a lot of experiences on my cycle from trips over the years to which they so graciously listened.  I hope to have the opportunity to get to know you better as well.  I like a young woman who speaks her mind.  You’ve really flattered me tonight.  I’m older than Sharlee’s Mom and you actually felt that I was a danger to Sharlee’s relationship with Noah!”

Screenshot-821Lucille was smiling, and Rene felt embarrassed.   She realized that she had completely over-reacted.  Rene felt a knot of anxiety melt inside her.  She knew that something had suddenly changed for her.  She felt free of the constant suspicion and worry that she’d had about Darion cheating again.  If he did cheat again, then she would face it, but she couldn’t live the rest of her life filled with the strain of not trusting him.  She’d take each day as it came and enjoy her life with her husband and children.  She returned Lucille’s smile.

The rest of the night went smoothly and Noah’s grand opening week was a huge success for him.  He and Sharlee were very proud of his accomplishment.


I don’t know why the game gave Shawn purple hair for graduation.  I didn’t change it.  Thank you so much for your patience with this chapter.  I have never had more trouble with my game than I was having during this chapter.  I almost quit Simming.  Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions to try to fix my game!  You all kept me from giving up!  ❤

Here are some more pictures, mostly of Noah’s Shop:



39 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Eight

  1. WOW, I loved the chapter, the costumes and everyone looked so great. Glad to see there weren’t many dramas (I still recall the Kristian episode) and Skylar is just so darn cute!! And the kids have aged up, I like how Joy and Aiden look older but they aren’t teenagers yet, or are they? Also, so nice to see Cara and Shawn aged up and graduated! What will Cara be studying in Italy?

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Anna! ❤

      This chapter was supposed to be a transition to a new phase in their lives. I had wanted to include more of their extended family and friends, but my game wouldn't cooperate.

      Yay! I'm glad that Aiden and Joy look older but not like older teens. I had an aging mod, but I didn't know if it was causing the problems with their family's savefile. So I stopped using the mod for them. I aged them to teen. Then I used a height slider to make them shorter and tried to pick hairstyles and clothing that make them look like 13 or 14 years old, young teens. 😀

      Cara is still going to study photography, but I wanted her to do it in a different country. Italy is beautiful! I think I'll use Monte Vista. 🙂

  2. I just realized, you probably need to have Population and Relationship Add ones to NRASS Strory Progression to see the advanced Genetic Option under General Options- Pregnancy
    The advanced genetic blending blends the skin tones of the Dad and Mom together.
    (Basically, it rests the baby’s skin tone after they are born)

    I liked it at first, but now I realized it was changing my baby’s skin tone on me. I did use it when I had Yellow and Red parents and wanted an orange baby.

  3. Crazy things happened with my game. It glitched up, I had to reset, and First, I accidentally deleted the file it was in. Then I found a way to find it, but I couldn’t load it. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I didn’t have Riverview installed.

    I installed Riverview and wondered if that file would load up then. Surprise, it did.
    I hope you enjoy playing with Tracy (whenever you use her)

    • It’s a good thing that we enjoy playing this game, or we wouldn’t fight with it to play it. 🙂 I’m glad you got it working for you. Sometimes it’s a pain to figure out what’s wrong with it.

      I’m definitely using Tracy! Thanks again for loaning her to me. ❤

  4. Hi Daisie,
    I’m sorry it took me so long to comment on this chapter, January has been a busy month and an emotional rollercoaster for me. But I’m back and devastated that all the kids have aged up 😦
    Cara looks too much like Alissa lol. I hate it when kids turn out to be clones of their parents in TS3. When you put her normal hair on her though (the one when she’s talking to Shawn), she looked like her old self 🙂 Shawn looks a lot like Dale and Alex! He is so handsome (except for the purple hair at graduation lol) and I’m proud of the twins. Speaking of being proud, I’m also proud of Noah and Sharlee both graduating! I know it has been a struggle for them both but now its all finally over. Maybe now the Hall family can spend more time together. Aidan looks a lot like Shawn did when he was a teen. I’m not sure I like his Justin Bieber hair though! And Joy is beautiful just like her sisters and mother of course! She definitely inherited Alex’s eye shape and color and Alissa’s blonde hair.

    You’ll still keep us updated on Shawn and Cara’s lives right? I’m waiting for a Shawn and Faye wedding :p
    Thanks so much for keeping us posted on your progress with the story, I can’t wait for the next chapter!!!!

    • Hello Kellie! ❤

      Please don't feel bad about being busy. I understand how that is. I hope everything is okay!

      I'm sad that they've aged up too. 😥

      Yeah, Cara is almost a clone of Alissa with black hair. At least Shawn looks a little different though. I'm glad he looks more like a mix of Dale and Alissa.

      Yep, Noah and Sharlee have finally graduated! 😀

      I had a hard time picking a hairstyle for Aiden, but you'll see why I chose that wildish look for him later in the story. 😉 I think Joy is beautiful too! So glad she's not a mini Alissa too. 🙂

      I'll definitely be doing storylines for Cara and for Shawn while they are away at college. I also have storylines for Aidan and for Joy too. I have to finish this one for Noah and for Sharlee first. I keep going back and forth on whether or not they should have twins, and I decided to just wait and see what the game gives them. I should have included that in the poll. The next two chapters sort of flow together, and so I'm working on them both at the same time. 🙂

      Awww, you are very welcome, Kelli! Thank you for sticking with the story! ❤ The next chapter should be ready next week.

      • Hey Daisie I have three quick questions:
        1) Since school is out for everybody does that mean its now summer in the story?
        2) Is the dress that Cara wears at Harley Davidson’s Grand Opening the same one that Alissa wore for her wedding with Alex but in a different color?
        3) How many months along is Sharlee?

        Sorry for all the random questions I keep asking lol.

      • Time has passed since their graduations. In the next chapter, Shawn and Cara leave. Joy and Aiden will also be back in school, and it will be fall. 🙂

        2. No, Cara’s dress isn’t the same. I think we got the one that Cara’s wearing in the Supernatural expansion. Alissa’s was a CC dress.

        3. That is a good question! 😀 I’d say maybe mid pregnancy in the next chapter. I’m awful with the timing in my stories.

        Awww, you don’t need to apologize! I’m glad that you love the characters as much as I do! ❤

  5. Awe, they’re all so cute! and i was in this chapter! 🙂 I honestly love this story so much. Keep up the awesome work, Daisie!

    • LOL Kater! I was reading on the forums a couple of months ago, and someone was saying that they never liked the way Sims 3 Sims look because they look like dolls. Ever since I read that, I can’t look at them without seeing dolls too, especially the babies! I still love my Sims 3 simmies though. 😀

  6. I think there should we someone as annoying as Christian for Noah. Christian was super annoying and totally infuriating and that’s what made him such a good character. Anyways, good work!=

    • Thanks Sophia. ❤

      I think Kat was just as infuriating as Kristian was. Although she tried to ruin Sharlee and Noah's marriage, at least she didn't try to kill Sharlee. So I guess she wasn't quite as bad as Kristian. 🙂

    • Thank you, Shannynlee! I love your screen name. 🙂 I didn’t have time today to finish the next chapter, but I’ll be back at tomorrow. I’m sorry for keeping you all waiting so long again. ❤

    • No, there were supposed to be many more characters at the graduation ceremonies and at the party. I couldn’t even get the game to cooperate for Sharlee’s graduation scene. I wanted all the grandparents and other family members like Crystal and Alex there. I had wanted friends like Mr.Thorne who was Noah’s lawyer when he was on trial to be there too. Niki and her family were supposed to be there. Every time I tried to add someone else, my game crashed, and so I had to rush to get pictures with just those family members in attendance at the party and at the graduation. 😦

      I’m not even going to try to do the story on my laptop anymore. The savefiles are on my desktop, and that’s what I’m using from now on. I can still play the game on my laptop though, but it won’t let me play with Alissa and her family even after I started a new save file for them. Maybe one day I’ll figure it out, but for now I’ll have to use my desktop for the story. I don’t like the graphics card as much as the one that is on my laptop. I’m going to look into getting a better card for it.

      • I thought I already replied to your comment, Kater. I’m sorry! ❤ Yes, it took away my Simming enthusiasm. 😦 I'm not giving up on the story though. I'm working on one of the choices for Noah and Sharlee's new homes more now and finishing the pictures for the next chapter today. I needed their new house for this chapter and the next, but neither of the choices are finished yet. So, I'm just going to do what I need in order to take the pictures.

  7. Great chapter, as always. I’m so happy that Joy and Aiden aged up. I can’t wait to see what ind of trouble they get into now that they’re older. When will the next chapter be posted? I can’t wait!😆

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