Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Four

Warning:  Drug use and a few words of profanity.


Screenshot-184Angelo tried to teach Crystal to play a few notes on the guitar, but she was hopeless at it. 

Screenshot-188They both laughed at her attempts.  

Screenshot-187“At least the lessons are fun.” 

Screenshot-190Angelo put the guitar down and pulled her into his lap.  They shared kisses.

His band was on a multiple state concert tour and then a European tour.  This was the first time that Crystal had joined him.  She’d flown out to stay with him for the weekend.

Screenshot-74That night, Crystal was backstage looking out as Angelo and his band played to a sold out audience. 

Screenshot-73She could never get enough of hearing his music, and now that they were in a committed relationship, listening to him sing and play touched her heart even more.

Screenshot-72The back up singers sang in sync with Angelo.

Screenshot-68He sang and played one of the groups most popular songs.

Screenshot-70Eric didn’t miss a note on the keyboard.

Screenshot-69Chris was on fire playing his drums.

Screenshot-66The crowd was really into their music, waving lights and dancing enthusiastically.

Screenshot-63 - CopyOne of the fans’ favorite parts of the concert was when Angelo would rush out onto the stage playing his guitar.

Screenshot-65They always went wild with excitement!

Screenshot-125There was an after party when the concert was over.  Crystal made her way through the groupies to Angelo.  June had asked her if she ever worried about Angelo and the gorgeous “thot” groupies and back up singers.  Crystal had told her no.  If Angelo decided to cheat, then there was nothing that she could do about that; and she’d never beg any man to be with her, not even Angelo.

Angelo wrapped his arm around Crystal and introduced her to the people surrounding them.

Screenshot-126The members of his band already knew her but the groupies looked at her curiously.

Screenshot-129“Everyone, this is my girlfriend Crystal.”

They all greeted her. 

Screenshot-132Angelo pulled Crystal aside.  He leaned his head against hers and she caressed his cheek in her hand.   Although she might never admit it, she really liked how physically affectionate he was with her.  It seemed to come so naturally to him, and she’d never had any guy before Angelo treat her like this.

“I have this song rattling around in my head.  It came to me when I saw you offstage.  I need to go to our suite and get it down.”

Screenshot-134“Okay.  I’ll go with you.”

“No, that’s alright.  You stay here and enjoy the party.” 

When his songs were in their beginning stages, Angelo preferred to be alone for a while to develop them.  Crystal agreed and Angelo left. 

Screenshot-166She went over to the bar and ordered a drink. 

Screenshot-167She was glad to have this weekend to unwind.  Work had become extremely stressful.  Her employer, Lionel, had been out for the last month. He’d had surgery, and it was taking him longer than expected to recover. In the meantime, Keith was the acting manager. 

Keith had told his fiance about the night that he’d slept with Crystal, and his fiance had broken off their engagement and their relationship.  Keith seemed to unfairly blame Crystal for the break up and was making it miserable for her at work. Nothing that she did passed his inspection.

Screenshot-214The day before she left on her trip, Crystal had told him off.

Screenshot-221“Just because your fiance saw you for the,” she looked down at his package, “little” two timing twerp that you are, that doesn’t give you the right to “Hitler” me!”

Screenshot-212He told her that he was going to have a serious talk with Lionel about her continued employment with the firm.

Screenshot-211He also said that her recent work was sub-par and her disrespect and insubordination was unacceptable.  Most of their difficult interactions took place when they were alone, and so none of the other workers witnessed the way that he was treating her.  It would be her word against his, and she knew that Lionel would believe Keith.  She had been happy with her promotion, but becoming involved with Keith had been a mistake.

Screenshot-172Crystal decided to get wasted and just dance the evening away.  She knew that Angelo’s band mates, Chris and Eric, would make sure that she made it back to the suite safely.  After a couple of drinks, Crystal was feeling a little less stress, but her mind kept returning to her problems at work.

She took a seat at the bar and ordered a stronger drink.  Then she ordered another one after that.   As she looked around the room, she noticed a few groupies going through a door at the back behind the bar.   Earlier she had seen Chris go through the door.  She wondered what was going on inside. 

Screenshot-144She went over to the door and quietly opened it.  

Screenshot-146The room was dimly lit, but she could see Chris and some other people seated around a table.

“I thought I locked that door!”

Screenshot-151Chris recognized that it was Crystal.  “Why don’t you join us Crystal?  It’s pure.  If you don’t want this, we have some joints too.  I know you’re not uptight like Angelo.”

Crystal hadn’t “used” since she had been a teen.  It had been years since she’d had any cravings for the stuff.  However, she remembered the way it had felt to get high, to go into an alternate state where she didn’t have to think or to feel anything. 

She didn’t believe that a joint would hurt her.  If she hadn’t already been drinking, she wouldn’t have had such twisted thinking.  She’d have said no, but the drinks had already lowered her inhibitions.

Screenshot-145“Light me up a blunt.”

Screenshot-147Chris smiled and then lit one for Crystal.  He handed it to her.   She inhaled deeply.  She finished the joint and then did a line of cocaine.  An hour later, Eric came into the room.

Screenshot-149“Chris what the–!  You promised me that you were through with that crap!  If Angelo finds out, you know he’ll kick you out of the band, Bruh!  I can’t cover for you again.”

Screenshot-150Then he saw Crystal.  She wasn’t using right then, but he could see that she was spaced out.  There was still a line of the drug on the table in front of her.

He cursed.  “Bruh, you really screwed up this time!  What are we gonna tell Angelo?”

He went over to  Crystal and tried to get her to respond.  She was too far gone.  He didn’t know what to do. Chris was so high that he didn’t even acknowledge Eric’s presence.  Eric was thinking really fast.  He locked the door so that no one else could come inside unexpectedly.   He pulled out his cellphone and called Angelo.

Screenshot-152“Hey Bruh.  Crystal is wasted and out like a light.   Chris is wasted too.   I got em stretched out on the couches in the lounge sleeping it off.”

Screenshot-203“Oh, I guess they had a little too much fun at the party.”

“Yeah, I’ll stay down here and keep an eye on them.  As soon as Crystal wakes up, I’ll get her upstairs to your suite.”

“Are you sure?  I can come down and carry her upstairs.”

Screenshot-154“Nah, you know she’ll be embarrassed if you do that.  I’m sure she’d rather sleep it off.”

Screenshot-204“Yeah, you’re right.  Call me if you need me.” 

Angelo trusted Chris and Eric to look after Crystal.

“Sure.  You get some rest, Bruh.”

He disconnected the call.

Screenshot-207Crystal felt miserably sick when she came down off the high.  Having had too many drinks didn’t help either.  She went into the restroom to try and clean up.  Her hands were shaking badly, and her eyes were bloodshot.  She vomited into the toilet.  She couldn’t even remember everything that had happened earlier that night.

Screenshot-175She returned to the lounge.  Eric had already disposed of the drugs and got the groupies out of the room.   Chris was still stretched out on the couch zonked out.

“Man, Crystal, I’m sorry.”

Screenshot-177“Why are you sorry?  You didn’t make me get wasted.”

“I’m sorry that I didn’t get here before you used.”

Screenshot-176Crystal’s face turned even paler.

“I—I used?  What did I take!”

Screenshot-174“Chris had some coke.  I’ve been trying to help him kick it, but he bought more last night.  You used with him.”

Screenshot-179Crystal was horrified.  No!  She couldn’t have done that!  She rushed from the room and took the elevator up to Angelo’s suite.   She was thankful that he was still sleeping.  

Screenshot-192She went into the bathroom and got into the shower.  

Screenshot-196Her body was shaking violently and the warmth of the water didn’t seem to be seeping into her skin.  

Screenshot-198When she came out of the shower, Angelo was groggily awake in the bed.  She climbed beside him.

“You okay?  Eric said you and Chris were wasted.”

Sometimes with Crystal it was hard for him to know what he should do.  He’d wanted to go downstairs and get her, but she was so independent.   He didn’t want her to feel that he was smothering her or trying to control her.

“Yeah, I’m okay.”

Screenshot-144Angelo pulled her close and felt her trembling.   “Are you sure you’re alright?’

“Getting wasted wasn’t such a good idea tonight.”

Screenshot-145She was quiet for a few moments.  Then she spoke again.  It felt important for her to tell him tonight.

“I love you Angelo.”

Screenshot-147Angelo was surprised and very pleased.  This was the first time that she had told him that.

“I love you too.”

Screenshot-202He held her tighter, and they fell asleep.  She stayed with Angelo for the remainder of the weekend and then returned home.  At work on Monday, Crystal and Keith avoided each other.  Still, Crystal was barely able to concentrate.

By lunchtime, she had the shakes and couldn’t control her hands to work on any designs.  She had to finish this design for the client by the end of the day.  She didn’t want to give Keith any legitimate ammunition to use against her with Lionel.  She was beginning to feel very ill.  At lunchtime, she left the building knowing where to get what she thought she needed.

Crystal began being late for work and taking long lunches and sometimes calling saying that she was too sick to come in to work.  The quality of her work went down.  June had tried to find out what was wrong, but Crystal had told her to mind her own business.

Screenshot-224When Lionel came back, Keith didn’t have to tell him anything at all about Crystal.   Lionel saw it for himself.  Lionel called Crystal into his office and asked her what was going on with her. 

Screenshot-227He asked if there was anything that he could do to help her. 

Screenshot-222Crystal had become defensive and belligerent.  Lionel fired her.

Angelo had back to back concert tours.  One was in the United States and then the other tour was in some European countries.   His and Crystal’s plan had been for her to fly out to join him on most weekends and to keep in touch by “Skyping” during the week.

However, it hadn’t worked out that way.  Crystal had only flown out for one weekend, and her contact with Angelo had gradually grown less and less during the months that he was on tour.  He’d tried to reach her several times, but she hadn’t returned any of his calls.  June didn’t know where she was either.  Crystal wasn’t answering her calls, and she was never home when June went to Crystal’s loft.

Screenshot-155To make matters even worse for Angelo, one of his band mates was again strung out on cocaine.    Eric, Chris and Angelo had been close buddies since elementary school, and Angelo had formed their band in high school.  Angelo’s and Eric’s parents had insisted that Angelo and Eric attend college to get a degree in case their music careers were not successful.  Chris hadn’t gone to college.  After college they had all started performing together again.

However, Angelo and Eric did not know that while they were away at college, Chris had become addicted to cocaine.  Angelo and Eric had managed to avoid the seedier side of the music business.  Chris sought it out. 

Because of the effects of his addiction, the band had lost gigs.  Angelo had given Chris an ultimatum to go to rehab and get clean or he was out of the band.  They had helped him get clean, and Angelo had thought that he was completely well again.  It had been several good years for them all since Chris’ recovery, and now their band was becoming well-known.

During their concert the previous night and the one they’d had that night, Chris had faltered and played the wrong song.  Angelo and Eric had been able to cover for him, but their performance had been off.   As soon as their concert was over, Angelo had confronted Chris.  The conversation had not gone as Angelo expected.

Screenshot-157“You’re using again, Bro!   You’re throwing our futures away for some blow!”

Screenshot-156“This ain’t on me this time, Dawg.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Yo shorty got me jammed again.”

Screenshot-159Eric’s mouth fell open!  He hadn’t considered that possibility when he found out that Chris was using again.  Now Angelo wouldn’t come down so hard on Chris.   Crystal had told them about her past drug use when she’d learned that Chris had also had a drug problem. 

Now Eric remembered Crystal’s expression when she’d found out that she had used the night of the after party in Chicago.  No, Chris was lying.  Crystal hadn’t caused Chris to use.   It had been the other way around.  Still, Eric didn’t say anything.  He and Angelo were tight, but Eric was closer to Chris than he was to his own brother.

Screenshot-165Angelo went out into the corridor and tried to call Crystal again.  This time he got a message saying that his call could not be completed as dialed.  He had to get back to the states and find her.  He felt guilty for putting his career ahead of her.  He should have left the tour and gone home to see her before now.  He called their manager to join them.

Screenshot-160“Wayne, we have to cancel the remainder of the tour and get Chris into rehab.  I’m catching the next flight back home to the states.”

He didn’t wait for Wayne to try to talk him out of it.  He caught a taxi and went to the airport.

Screenshot-144-copyWhen he arrived in town, Angelo headed straight to Crystal’s place.  There were notices on her door from the electric company and from her mortgage company.  Her electricity had been disconnected.  He let himself into her apartment.  She wasn’t inside and it didn’t appear that she had been there for some time.   Her television and her stereo were gone.  He read the notice from her mortgage company.  She was behind on her payments. 

Screenshot-148She should be at work now.  He tried calling there.  He’d been reluctant to do it before because he knew that Crystal would have been upset and viewed it as checking up on her.  Now that didn’t matter.

Misty answered and was clearly pleased to inform him that Crystal no longer worked there.  He asked to be transferred to June, and she told him that she still didn’t know where Crystal was.  Crystal wouldn’t return her calls either and was never at home when June went to Crystal’s apartment.

Screenshot-149On impulse, Angelo checked his and Crystal’s joint savings account balance.  They had opened it to save up a down payment to purchase a new larger place for them to share.  Crystal intended to rent her apartment out to tenants after they found the new place.  Angelo was disappointed to see that Crystal had withdrawn most of the money.  He called the power company and had Crystal’s power reconnected, and he caught up her mortgage payments.

He called Chris to get an idea of where to search for Crystal if she was using again.  Then he went looking for Crystal.

Screenshot-230Crystal sat in a booth.  She was feeling very mellow.  She looked over at Luther.  This was his place, and he was her dealer.  He had the pure stuff and made sure that she got it.  She knew that he was just waiting for her money to run out.

He’d make sure that she continued to get the coke, but she’d still have to pay for it.  She’d have to pay with her body.  He’d use her for himself and then probably pimp her out for hire.  It disgusted her to realize that she would do whatever he wanted as long as he provided the drug.

Screenshot-231She looked over at the dance poles.  The bar had just opened and the dancers would be coming out soon.   An idea came to her.  Maybe she could convince Luther to let her dance in exchange for what she needed and not have to work the streets.

Crystal was shocked to see Angelo come into the club.  She quickly went out through another door before he saw her. 

Screenshot-233Angelo went up to the bar and asked if they had seen Crystal. 

Screenshot-235Luther saw Crystal leave and came out after her.

Screenshot-236“I don’t want to talk to that guy at the bar.”

“I’ll take care of it.”

Luther went back out and spoke to a bouncer.

“Get rid of that guy, permanently.”

“Sure boss!”

Screenshot-240The two bouncers went over to Angelo and grabbed his arms tightly.  Angelo struggled to free himself.

“Time for you to leave, Buddy!”

They forced Angelo out of the bar.  Crystal was looking out the door and saw them take him out.  Luther came back over to her. 

Screenshot-237“You don’t have to worry about him again.” 

He went into his office.

Something about the way he’d said it made Crystal’s heart constrict.  She rushed outside and saw the two men dragging Angelo around the corner into an alley.

Screenshot-242The men threw Angelo to the ground, and before he could react, one of them stabbed him.

When Crystal saw the bouncers exiting the alley, she hid in a doorway until they passed.  Then she rushed into the alley.

Screenshot-247She dropped to her knees beside Angelo.  He was unconscious and bleeding profusely.

Screenshot-244She pulled out his cellphone and called 911 for an ambulance.  Then she recorded a message for him on his phone.

Screenshot-245After she finished recording, she softly caressed his cheek and left the alley.  She watched out of sight until the paramedics came and took him away in an ambulance.

Screenshot-254When Angelo became conscious, he was in the hospital.  June was there and so was Eric.  He tried to sit up.

“Bruh, take it easy!”

Screenshot-251Eric helped him sit up in the bed.


“How did I get here?  I was looking for Crystal.”

Screenshot-253“The police said that a woman called the ambulance.  There’s a message flashing for you on your phone.  Maybe it’s from her.”

Angelo told June his code, and she played the message.  She put the phone on speaker.  It was from Crystal.

“Angelo, I–”  There was a long pause as she seemed to be trying to get the right words out.  She didn’t sound like her normal confident self.  “Stop looking for me.  I can take care of myself, and I make my own decisions.  I’m where I deserve to be.  I’m with people who are just like me.”  There was another long pause.  “I told you from the very beginning that I didn’t know if I could have this type of relationship.  June was right. You deserve someone who will treat you in the way you deserve to be treated.  That someone is just not me.  It’s my fault that you were hurt tonight.  Don’t look for me again.  Just forget about me for your own good.”

Screenshot-255When the recording ended, the three of them sat there silently.  Then Angelo spoke.

“I’ve gotta call her sister.  Maybe she can help her.  Maybe Crystal will listen to her.”

June went to Crystal’s apartment and found Alissa’s number.  She gave it to Angelo, and he called Alissa.


Thank you, Niki, for letting me use Chris and Eric.  Thanks Maddie for letting me continue using your Sims for Angelo and Keith’s characters.  Thank you, Ali, for allowing me to use June.  Thanks to everyone who has given me Sims to use in my story.  I also appreciate all of the custom content creators for sharing their creations to use in our games and for our stories.


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    • She does? 😯 I haven’t noticed that since Crystal aged up. Now I’m going to have to check that. It’s great if they do favor each other. When I was looking for a sim for Crystal’s character as a teen, I did try to find someone who looked like her Mom and a bit like Alissa. I had forgotten about that. 😀

  1. Nuuu age just told him she loved him now she’s gone 😦 she’s one of my favorite characters I hope everything turns out okay! I was reading and it stuff she was feeling ill I was thinking oh boy she’s preggo lol but prosit just nerves I guess but I wouldn’t mind seeing a CrysAngelo baby *hinthint* lol nonetheless I love this story I can’t wait for the rest!

    • Yes, she finally told him! It wasn’t easy for her. 😀 No, she’s not a “prosit” yet, but it does seem to be heading that way. 😦 She’d probably be terrified if she ever became pregnant! LOL

      Awww, thanks Anika! ❤ I'm working on the pictures now. 🙂

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