Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Nine

Screenshot-775Alissa walked over to Shawn and handed him a book.   Shawn glanced through it.  All of its pages were blank.   He looked curiously at his mother.

“What’s this?”

Screenshot-781She had tears in her eyes.  “You’re leaving tomorrow, and I am going to miss having our long talks.  You have such deep thoughts and ideas.  I don’t think that you really know how intelligent you are.   Please write down those thoughts that just suddenly come to you.  Then when you come home, you can choose some of them to share with me.”

Screenshot-784Shawn put the book on the table and then hugged his mother.  He promised her that he would.

Screenshot-760Alissa found Cara in the computer room pouring over more pictures that she’d found of Monte Vista.

Screenshot-761“Cara I’m going to miss you, my beautiful girl.”

Screenshot-762Cara stood up and hugged Alissa.

“Oh, Mom!  I’m going to miss you too!”

Screenshot-767“I know that your Dad and I have already had a long talk with you and Shawn about protecting yourselves and not letting anyone take advantage of you.  So, I’m not going to say any more on that.   You’ve got a good head on your shoulders, and you make good decisions.  I just want to remind you to have some fun too!  Being serious about your studies is wonderful, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself!”

Screenshot-769“Thank you, Mom!  I won’t forget.”

Screenshot-772Alissa cried again later that week when first Cara left town.

Screenshot-773Then Shawn flew out of Santa Fe.  Cara left to attend university and a special photography program in Monte Vista, Italy, and Shawn  left to attend a special veterinary program in South Africa. 

Screenshot-872That evening, Alissa had mixed emotions.  Dale hugged her close.

“Dale, why did they have to go so far away?  Were they that desperate to get away from us?”

Screenshot-873“No, Honey.  We raised two self-confident, independent young adults who are eager to have new experiences and push themselves to succeed.  They know that if they need us we’ll be here.”

After Rene gave birth to her baby boy, Noah knew that Darion wanted to spend more time at home.  However, the dealership had just recently opened and there was an even larger than expected volume of business.  So Darion wasn’t asking to take any extra time off.  Noah insisted that he take at least a week away.

There was still one key management position unfilled at the dealership.  Noah didn’t have an assistant manager.  He and Darion hadn’t clicked with any of the applicants that Terry had sent to interview for the position.  It would have to be a person who Noah could trust as much as he trusted Darion and with whom their personalities meshed.

So it was an extremely hectic time for Noah.  He was grateful that his business was turning out to be very successful, but balancing everything was proving difficult again.  Sharlee and Skylar still needed his time too.

Screenshot-790He didn’t make the mistake he’d made before of keeping Sharlee uniformed.  He let Sharlee know what was going on with him, and she was being very supportive.  Several evenings she had brought dinner for the three of them to the dealership, and they had had a picnic on the floor in his office. 

Screenshot-792One evening Sharlee brought various sandwiches, salad and fruit kabobs.

Screenshot-793Skylar had told them that it was “the bestest dinner time!” 

Screenshot-796He really liked the way his office was decorated. 

Screenshot-802It had large picture windows that made him feel almost like he was outside. 

Screenshot-798Because she knew that he’d bring Skylar with him to the office occasionally, Sharlee had suggested that the designer include a play area for Skylar and a daybed in a nook that Noah could close off with pocket doors when not needed.  

Screenshot-803Midweek, Noah rushed into his in-laws’ home.  He and Sharlee were having dinner with them, and he was late.  Sharlee came over and gave him a kiss and a hug.  He was glad that she wasn’t upset with him.

Screenshot-826“I’m glad you made it, Honey.  We were just about to start without you.”

Screenshot-808He rubbed her belly.  “How are you and the baby feeling?”

Screenshot-807“Hungry like always!”

They both laughed.

Screenshot-811He took off his jacket and then gave Skylar a kiss hello.  Alissa made him sit down at the table, and she filled a plate for him. 

Screenshot-815Skylar was telling them about what had happened at her play date and asking when her friend’s kittens would be old enough for her to have one. 

Screenshot-813Alissa answered her thinking of how rapidly Skylar was growing and maturing.  Joy was telling Dale, Aiden and Noah about her science presentation at school that day. 

Screenshot-814Dale and Aiden both tried not to laugh when Joy told them how her experiment had failed.  Science was one of her least favorite classes.  As they ate dinner and laughed and talked together, Alissa noticed how tired Noah seemed.  She took him aside after dinner.

Screenshot-819“I hear your dealership is booming!”

Screenshot-823“Yes, it is.  We still have customers coming in even at closing time.  My sales manager, Roberta, asked if she could hire another person to work in her department, and so now we have an additional salesman.  Terry is extremely pleased with the dealership’s productivity.  He said that if we keep it up for another six months, we’ll become one of Harley’s flagship locations.  I have a lot of ideas that I still want to implement if I can find the time.”

Screenshot-821“Noah, you have a lot on your shoulders.  You’ve just graduated and started a new business.   You’ve moved into a new home.  You’ve got a toddler and a pregnant wife.  How are you really doing?”

Screenshot-818Noah sighed and then he answered.   “I’m not even going to deny that I’m tired, but I can handle it.  I feel like I’m doing what I have to do, what I want to do for myself and for my family.”

“You still don’t have an assistant manager?”

“No, not yet.”

“Why don’t you offer the job to Lucille Richardson?”

Noah was surprised.  “Mrs. Richardson?  Isn’t she retired?”

Screenshot-820“Yes.  I know she’s over-qualified for the position.  However, we were talking a couple of days ago, and she told me that she’s already bored from retirement.  She loves motorcycles and with her background in business management, this would be a perfect fit for her at this stage of her life.   If you give her some flexibility with her schedule, I think she’d jump at the opportunity.”

Screenshot-817Noah thought about it.  He and Darion both liked Mrs. Richardson, and she was definitely someone that he could trust.

“I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask.”

“She’s usually home in the mornings, and that’s the best time to reach her.”

Noah talked it over with Sharlee that night, and she agreed with her Mom that Mrs. Richardson would be a perfect fit at the dealership.  Sharlee grinned at Noah.

“She’ll keep you and Darion in line.”

Noah laughed thinking that Mrs. Richardson would fit in very well at the shop.  He talked with Darion, and Darion thought the three of them would work well together too.

Screenshot-877So Noah went to her home the following morning and asked her if she would be interested in the position.  

Screenshot-880She had enthusiastically agreed, and she and Noah talked over some of his ideas that he had for the future of the dealership. 

Screenshot-881Some of them she thought were very feasible, and he appreciated her honesty in helping him to see which ones would not work well.  She had to attend some Harley courses to learn Harley’s procedures, but her instructors said that she was so knowledgeable that she could teach them a thing or two!

In a short time, Noah was amazed at how much less pressure he felt at work, and Darion told him that he felt the same way.  Darion and Noah were both able to spend the time that they now needed with their families without worrying about what was happening at the dealership.  They knew that Lucille would call them if needed, but they also knew that Lucille would have no need to call them.  She could handle any situation that arose. 

Screenshot-752After Lucille settled in at the dealership, the next time that Noah saw Alissa, he had hugged her.

“Thank you for suggesting her, Mom.  You were right!”

Screenshot-760“I’m glad it’s working out well for you.  Lucille said that it’s great to feel really needed again.  Retirement wasn’t right for her.  She and her husband chose not to have any children, but she’s always loved mine.  She said that you are like the son she would have wished for if she’d had one of her own.  I know she won’t mind me telling you that.”

Noah smiled.  “Well, you’re my “Mom,”  but that was a great compliment too.”

Alissa smiled back at him.

Screenshot-868The next morning Sharlee and Noah went to her doctor’s office.  It was a really satisfying feeling for Noah to realize that he didn’t have to ask anyone’s permission to miss work and go with his wife for her appointment.  He was the boss!  He’d called and told Darion that he would not be at the dealership today.

The doctor had examined her and then sent Sharlee to get a sonogram.  The technician passed the probe slowly across Sharlee’s abdomen.

“You’re having a baby boy!”

Screenshot-870Noah and Sharlee were filled with wonderment and mesmerized by the image of their baby on the screen.

Screenshot-911After the doctor’s visit, they went shopping for some more things for the nursery and picked out some things for Skylar’s new bedroom. 

Screenshot-912They also looked for a new double stroller. 

Screenshot-903When they went to pick Skylar up from Alissa’s, they told Sky the good news.

“Skylar, you’re getting a baby brother!  The doctor told us today!”

Screenshot-897“I am!” 

Screenshot-898At first she seemed stunned by the news.

Screenshot-906Then after she realized what her parents had told her, Skylar’s face was beaming with happiness, and she jumped up and down excitedly.  They had settled on two names and let Sky pick the one of the two that she liked best.  Then she wanted to talk to him.

Screenshot-909“Logan, hurry up and come out!  We have the bestest Mommy and Daddy!  We’re gonna have lots a fun!”

Sharlee had tears in her eyes, and Noah was surprised to feel tears in his as well.  Their little family was extremely happy!   Noah again pushed away the thought that his happiness couldn’t last.




14 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Nine

  1. This chapter was really cute ❤
    I'm a little dissapointed that my name didn't get picked for the baby lol but that moment between skylar and her parents was so heart warming! It's unbelievable that Cara and Shawn are now gone. I'm really gonna miss seeing them around the Stallworth home 😦
    I hope that Noah's business continues to flourish and Logan Hall comes out healthy and happy! Great chapter Daisie

    • Thanks, Kelli! ❤

      I felt sad when Cara and Shawn moved out too. I plan to have two separate save files for them while they are at university. I decided to do complete storylines on both of them rather than switch back and forth between them and their family. It'll be easier that way and less confusing.

      I'm working on the next chapter more right now. 🙂

      Thanks for reading! ❤

  2. Though I was hoping for twins, a boy is perfectly find . Especially cause the name Logan Hall sounds so- well, amazing.
    Is Drama coming soon again? I surely hope so.

    I hope it’s not too much longer until that baby comes. Oh, and the house polls too

    • No, she didn’t have twins. It was just one baby this time. I held my breath until after the baby was born.

      More drama soon and the baby in the next chapter.

      Thanks for reading, Adventure! ❤

  3. I am little behind in reading this chapter. 😦 (Going back and getting my HiSet, (G.E.D) I been super busy with my classes..)

    It sad chapter. The kids are all growing up! *tear* Can’t wait till Logan is born.

  4. So… finally got caught up… 20+ chapters to read… @.@ I was so far behind… worths though. I literally did not think Kristian was the one behind slashing Noah’s brakes… Lol XD;; I also don’t believe he’s actually dead either… Joy grew up so beautiful as well. I can’t wait to see what you do for Cara and Shawn. Lol Aidan pulling the mature tough guy too good for anything act… XD Ah… puberty… Lol And the name Logan is a good name! I like it! Took me all evening to get caught up but I enjoyed it! I can’t wait for the next chapter!!

    • I forgot to reply to the rest of your comment! LOL

      Yes, it was Kristian! Noah and Sharlee hadn’t really believed that he would go that far to get rid of Noah, but he was an emerging psychopath. So he didn’t think about things in the same way that a normal person would. Noah was in his way and so he did what he thought was necessary to get rid of Noah.

      Isn’t Joy gorgeous! I think she’s the prettiest of Alissa’s daughters. 🙂

      Yeah, Aidan! LOL I have a storyline in mind for him. 😉 Alissa and Dale have had it pretty easy with their children so far. 😀

      I like that name Logan too.

      Awww, I’m glad you still enjoyed reading the story, Jacqueline! ❤ The next chapter will be posted later this evening. I have one more thing that I want to add to it.

      Thanks for reading my story, Jacqueline! 🙂

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