Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Seven

Screenshot-537Dale had been busy working a lot that week, and Skylar hadn’t had a chance to see him.   So when she asked, Sharlee stopped by Dale’s office.  Kristian came into the office while Sharlee and Dale were talking.  He needed to update some files that were on Dale’s desk.  Kristian had finished his residency and had been offered several job opportunities.

However, he hadn’t received the one offer that he really wanted.  Dale had not offered him a permanent position in his practice.  Kristian knew that it was because of his feelings for Sharlee, the one and only woman that he wanted and couldn’t have.  Sharlee and Kristian greeted one another, and then Dale continued his conversation with Sharlee.

Screenshot-535“Are you still going to visit your Grandmother Valerie and Uncle Alex?”

Screenshot-547“Yes, but Noah isn’t going to be able to go with us.  He’s got a meeting with one of Harley’s engineers about his new engine design.  He wanted to give Harley first crack at using it.  After the meeting and the evaluation of Harley’s engineers, he’ll find out what they want to pay him for the use of his engine.”

“He’s going to offer it to other companies as well isn’t he?”

Screenshot-545“Eventually, but since he already has a business relationship with Harley, his lawyer agrees that Harley should have the first and sole rights to it for an agreed upon time limit if they want to use it.”

Screenshot-538As he listened to their conversation, Kristian felt a ball of resentment welling up inside.

Screenshot-542“That makes sense.  Is all the work finished on your house?”

Screenshot-548“I wish!  The rain we’ve had over the past couple of weeks slowed the work down and also slowed down the work on our new house.  The house will be full of workmen again tomorrow, and I’ll need to be home.  Mom’s keeping Skylar at your house for me, and then I’ll pick her up after they leave.  At least the windows upstairs have all been replaced, and the ones downstairs should be done tomorrow.  So Skylar and I aren’t flying out until tomorrow evening.”

Screenshot-550“What did you decide about the water heater?”

Screenshot-549“The repairman said that he replaced the temperature gauge, and that the heater should be good for at least three more years.  Since Harley is paying to replace the windows and doors and painting outside, we decided not to ask them to replace the heater.  The builder said that our new place should be finished in around five more months, and then Harley is going to sell the house we’re in now.”

Dale started to mention Sharlee’s pregnancy and then didn’t because Kristian was still in the room.  Noah and Sharlee had only told family and a few close friends about the pregnancy because they weren’t ready for Harley to know.  Their contracts were up for renewal soon, and they had not yet decided if Sharlee should renew hers.  They didn’t want her pregnancy to be a factor in the contract negotiation until after they came to a decision.

Screenshot-552Sharlee took Skylar from Dale.

“Say goodbye to Grandpop and to Mr. Palmer.”

“Bye bye Granpop and bye Miser Palmer.”

Dale and Kristian told them goodbye, and then Sharlee and Skylar left the office.

Screenshot-562The next day Sharlee was correct.  Her house was full of workmen from various companies doing different things in the house.  The laundry room floor was being refinished.  Windows were being fitted and replaced.  The framework for the garage door had to be reinforced.   Sharlee was there if they needed to ask her a question, but for the most part they didn’t bother her.

She was getting a drink in the kitchen, when a workman hurried past her.  Something about him seemed familiar, but she only caught a quick glimpse as he went past.  If he’d known her though, she guessed that he would have stopped to greet her.  Since he didn’t, she just forgot about the incident.

Screenshot-564When Sharlee brought Skylar home, she was a bit fussy and clingy.  Alissa had told Sharlee that it had started that afternoon.  Now Sharlee kissed Sky’s forehead and it felt a bit warm.

Screenshot-567“What’s wrong, Honey?  Don’t you feel well?”

Screenshot-565“Mommy, my mouth hurt.”

Sharlee looked inside Skylar’s mouth and saw that Skylar had a tooth coming in.  Usually teething went smoothly with Sky, but occasionally like now, it was painful for her. 

Screenshot-570Sharlee decided to cancel her trip.  She kept cold teething rings in the refrigerator and got one out for Skylar.  Then she gave her a dose of children’s Tylenol. 

Screenshot-572Skylar wanted to be held and so Sharlee sat with her and sang to her softly.

Screenshot-577Skylar was still fussy during the night, and so Noah laid in the nursery holding Skylar on the daybed until he could get her back to sleep.  He’d insisted that Sharlee stay in their room and get some sleep. 

Screenshot-578 - CopyNoah had dosed off and awakened at around 2:00 in the morning.  He smelt a strong odor of smoke in the air and saw smoke coming from under Skylar’s door! 

Screenshot-581He jumped up holding Skylar and rushed to the baby monitor!  The smoke in the room was quickly increasing!

Screenshot-579He yelled into the baby monitor telling Sharlee that there was a fire in the house!  He told her to get out through the master bedroom window and that he was taking Sky out through the nursery window! 

Screenshot-586Noah opened the window and pulled out the fire escape ladder that they had in each upstairs room.  The window had been a bit hard to open because it had not been opened since the window had been replaced and the sill had been painted.   Noah climbed out of the window and onto the ladder.

“Hold onto me tightly, baby girl!”

Screenshot-582He climbed down holding onto Skylar with one arm and the ladder with the other.  

Screenshot-592After they were down, he ran over to where some of the neighbors were gathered and looked for Sharlee.  She wasn’t there!

A downstairs window exploded and smoke poured out!

Screenshot-594“Have you seen my wife!”

Screenshot-595“No, you and Skylar are the only ones who came out of the house.  The fire department is on the way!”

Screenshot-596Noah turned and looked up at the master bedroom window.  Skylar did too!


Screenshot-598Sharlee was standing at the window trying to get the glass to break by hitting it with something.  The windows had been replaced with new ones containing shatterproof glass.  Noah had intended to purchase special hammers to break the glass in case of emergencies , but he hadn’t gotten around to doing it yet.  Sharlee had already tried to open all of the ones in the bedroom, but they wouldn’t budge. 

Screenshot-597She tried not to panic when she was unable to break the glass! 

Screenshot-599Noah could see the fire in the laundry room directly below the master bedroom.  He handed Skylar to a neighbor and then raced back toward the house!

Screenshot-600“Hey, don’t go back in there!”

Noah ignored the admonition!  He had to get Sharlee!

Screenshot-604He moved the ladder outside of Skylar’s room.  He hooked it to the ledge nearby and then quickly climbed up.  After he reached the top, he walked along the ledge to the master bedroom window.  

Screenshot-601He could see Sharlee’s relief and the tears in her eyes when she saw him standing there. 

Screenshot-603In her heart, Sharlee had known that he would come back for her.  Noah pounded on the outside window casing to loosen it, and then he motioned for Sharlee to try to open it as he forced it from the outside.

Screenshot-608They opened it, and then Noah pulled Sharlee through the window.  Sharlee froze when she saw the flames down below. 

Screenshot-610Noah wrapped his arm around her waist.  It was hot beneath their feet until they were past the fire. 

Screenshot-611He helped her along the ledge to the escape ladder on the other side.  She was trembling so badly that Noah thought she might fall off the ladder. 

Screenshot-614So as they climbed down, he steadied her with his body. 

Screenshot-617They hugged tightly after they were down, and then they rushed over to Skylar.  They could hear the sirens from the emergency vehicles approaching.  Skylar was screaming and crying out for them. 

Screenshot-618Despite trembling in reaction, Sharlee took Skylar and tried to sooth her.  Noah wrapped his arms around both of them, relieved that they had all made it out safely.  Skylar calmed down as Sharlee held her in her arms.

Screenshot-622The fire department arrived and started trying to put out the fire.  Dale and Alissa came as soon as Sharlee called them.  After being checked out by the EMTs, they went home with Dale and Alissa.  When the sun rose and the fire was out, the fire investigators got to work.  Thankfully the damage was not as extensive as Noah had feared.

Screenshot-669However, the arson team and a police detective was called to the site.  After continuing their investigation they went to the Stallworth home. 

Screenshot-668They spoke with Noah privately.  The fire had mainly been contained in the downstairs laundry room and started in the mechanical room off of that room.  They determined that the water heater had been the cause of the fire, but it had not been due to a defect in the heater.  They believed that arson was the cause of the fire.  The lead investigator questioned Noah about the water heater, and Noah gave him the number of the repairman.

The repairman had an excellent reputation, and he was outraged when the investigator told him what was believed to have been done to the water heater.   The water heater had not only been sabotaged but done in such a way that the fire would not start until several hours had passed.  The smoke alarms had been deactivated throughout the house.   The investigators did not believe that the repairman had been involved.   However, it was clear that someone had deliberately tried to murder the Hall family.

Screenshot-670Noah was questioned as to who he thought was behind the attempt.  He told them that he didn’t know anyone who would want to kill his family.  He was furious that someone had tried to harm Sharlee and Skylar!

Suddenly it dawned on Noah that whoever had done it, had not expected Skylar and Sharlee to be in the home.  Sharlee had canceled her trip at the last moment, and only Dale and Alissa had known about the change in plans.  So the murder attempt had been intended toward him.  In his gut, he knew who was behind it, but he had no proof, and so he didn’t mention who he suspected to the police.  He’d take care of it himself once and for all.

They questioned Dale as well and told Noah and Dale that they would question Sharlee later that day.

Screenshot-700Alex flew in that afternoon.   He immediately had put it together that this was a second attempt on Noah’s life, and that Sharlee and Skylar had not been the intended the victims.  First, he spoke with Sharlee alone.

“Uncle Alex, thank you so much for coming to help us.”

“Sweetie, you don’t have to thank me.  Of course I came as soon as I heard what is going on.  My team is working on a case without me this time.  Family comes first.  I need to ask you some questions about yesterday.”

He had her describe everything that she could recall from the previous day.  Sharlee told him what she could remember and then paused.

Screenshot-702“What is it?”

Screenshot-701“It’s not much help, but I do remember seeing a workman that was familiar.  I only caught a glimpse of him though.”

Screenshot-705“Let’s see if I can help you recall more.  This isn’t hypnotism, but it helps to prompt your memory.”

Screenshot-707He had her close her eyes, and he started to ask her questions that made her relive the moment when she saw the man.  Sharlee frowned remembering.

Screenshot-708“I guess it wasn’t so much his appearance that was familiar, but the way he walked.  When he saw me looking at him, he hurried past me.  So that made me believe that I was mistaken about knowing him.  I wish I knew more!”

Screenshot-711“It’s alright, Sharlee.  You have helped.  We know that there was someone working at the house who you have met before.”

Screenshot-710“Who could be behind this!  Why would they want Noah dead?  Who could hate him so much!”

Screenshot-712“One thing that I’ve learned over the years is that people who do things like this don’t think as we do.  They are focused on their end objective and do whatever it takes to reach it.  We just have to figure out who wants Noah out of the way.  I promise you that I’m going to find out who is behind this.”

Screenshot-715Alex saw how worried Sharlee was and hugged her.  “Please try not to worry, Sharlee.  Noah is going to be alright.”

Screenshot-720Next, Alex spoke with Noah.  After  a few non-committal responses, Alex folded his arms and just looked Noah in the eye.

Screenshot-721“Don’t feed me the bull that you gave the detectives.  In your gut you know who it is.   I can see it in your reactions to my questions.  What do you intend to do about it?”

Screenshot-719Noah studied Alex’s face.  Did he trust Alex?   He thought about how afraid of him Mom had been.  Her fear of Alex seemed to have abated, but he could tell that she was still uneasy in his presence.

Screenshot-676Alex seemed to know what was going through Noah’s mind.  “You have to trust me, Noah.  Yes, I’ve made some bad mistakes, but I’ve learned from them.  When it comes to my family, I do whatever it takes to keep them safe.  You have to let me handle this.  You’ve got a baby girl and a pregnant wife who need you.  Let me do my job.”

Screenshot-683Noah sighed.   “I don’t have any proof.”

“No, but you have good instincts.”

Alex’s response surprised Noah.  He still didn’t give his trust easily.  However, he knew that whatever he did would effect Skylar and Sharlee.   He told Alex his suspicion and why he thought that it was Kristian.

Screenshot-679Alex didn’t hesitate.  “I’ll interview him today.  Don’t mention it to anyone else.  I don’t want him to expect me.  No one outside of the family knows that Skylar and Sharlee were home last night during the fire.  I’m going to break the news to Kristian when I see him.”

“Alright, and thanks, Alex.”

“You don’t have to thank me, Noah.”

Screenshot-623Alex quickly contacted his team’s technical analyst to gather information about Kristian and learned as much about Kristian as he could.   Later that afternoon, he went to Kristian’s home.  Kristian answered his door and saw a stranger standing there.  He seemed a bit familiar, but Kristian knew that he had never met him before now.

“What can I do for you?”

Screenshot-624“I’m Alex Stallworth.  Dale’s brother.”

“I see the resemblance now.  Please come in.”

Kristian let Alex into the house.

Screenshot-627“Is everything okay?  Did something happen?”

Alex didn’t answer.  Instead he asked a question of his own.  It was a baseline to determine Kristian’s reactions and expressions when Kristian was giving him truthful answers and when Kristian was being untruthful.  

Alex already knew the factual answers to the questions. He’d spoken with his family beforehand in order to develop the questions.  He’d done it in such a way that they did not know that Kristian was a suspect in the murder attempts on Noah.

“How long have you known Dale?”

Kristian answered the question.  Alex asked him a few more questions in a very conversational way, and then when he began to ask about Kristian and Sharlee,  Alex saw Kristian’s eyes light up whenever Kristian said Sharlee’s name.   He had the same gut feeling as Noah had.  Kristian was responsible for both attempts on Noah’s life.

Kristian was answering questions without realizing that he was being questioned.  Alex made him feel as though they were just having a normal conversation.  He answered Alex’s question about the lab program that he and Sharlee had attended.  Of course, Kristian didn’t mention the pass that he had made at Sharlee, but Alex already knew about it.  They spoke about Skylar and what a little sweetheart she was.  Alex could see that Kristian had a true love of children, and that was part of the reason why he was a good pediatrician. 

However most psychopaths compartmentalized their lives until they began to devolve as Kristian was beginning to do.  It would only be a matter of time before Kristian’s psychopathy started to effect his day to day life and those with whom he interacted.  Alex didn’t know what had triggered Kristian’s devolution, but that wasn’t necessary. 

Like most psychopaths, Kristian knew the difference between right and wrong, but he chose not to follow those guidelines.  Kristian did whatever helped him to achieve his own twisted goals.  The psychopath, Ted Bundy, had been  thought to be extremely charming and intelligent too.  Ted Bundy had become a serial killer.

Screenshot-629When Alex turned the conversation to Noah, Kristian’s responses became more forced.  Kristian’s contempt for Noah came through in his expressions and tone of voice.  Alex also saw Kristian’s extreme jealousy of Noah, and he knew that Kristian didn’t acknowledge that jealousy in himself.   Kristian suddenly seemed to become aware that he was doing most of the talking.

“You haven’t told me why you’re here.”

Kristian saw Alex’s expression harden.  Alex took out his badge and showed it to Kristian.  Dale had never told him that Alex was an FBI agent.  He’d never said much about Alex.

Screenshot-633“Very early this morning there was a fire at the Hall home.  Were you aware of that?”

Screenshot-640“What!  No one told me about it, and it wasn’t on the news.  Is Noah alright?”

Screenshot-635Alex looked at him silently, and Kristian wriggled uncomfortably in his seat.  Then Alex asked another question.

“Where were you yesterday?”

Screenshot-646“Working for most of the day, and then I returned home.  Why are you here?  What does this have to do with me?”

Screenshot-634“Noah wasn’t the only one at home last night.  Sharlee and Skylar were there as well!”

Screenshot-662Kristian’s face paled with shock.  “Is Sharlee okay?”

Screenshot-653“Noah managed to get them all out safely.  Despite your two attempts on his life, Noah is doing well.”

Kristian bristled!  “What are you talking about!  I had nothing to do with it.  I would never do anything that might harm Sharlee or her daughter.”

Screenshot-654“I notice that you didn’t mention Noah.  You didn’t know that Sharlee canceled her trip.  You expected Noah to be home alone.”

Screenshot-631“How dare you accuse me!  You don’t have any evidence!  I think it’s time for you to leave my house!”

Screenshot-666Alex made no move to stand up.  He just looked silently at Kristian.  Kristian tried to meet Alex’s eyes, but he ended up looking away.

“We both know that you are the man responsible for cutting Noah’s brakes and for sabotaging the water heater and smoke alarms in his home.  The question now is what to do about it.  You have two choices.”

Screenshot-664Kristian’s face was even paler, but he knew that he had left no evidence in either of his attempts on Noah.  He didn’t think that there was any way to prove he’d been the one responsible.  He’d worn disguises and used gloves.  His IQ was close to genius level, and he’d carefully planned out both attempts. 

One of the things that drew him to Sharlee was her intelligence.  He felt that she was his intellectual match as well as the strong physical attraction he had for her.  That was another reason why he couldn’t understand Sharlee choosing a moron like Noah.

“If you’re waiting for me to confess, you’re wasting your time.  As a matter of fact, this conversation is over.   Anything else you have to say to me can be said through my attorney.”

Still Alex didn’t stand.

Screenshot-665“As I stated, you have two choices.  Your first choice is the one that I strongly recommend you take.  You leave the state and never return here.  You forget about Sharlee and never try to contact her again.”

Alex let his words sink in.  Then he continued.

“Choice number two is just as easy for me, but harder on you.  Let me give you more information before you make your final decision.  Noah also knows that you tried to murder him.  He is a very astute young man, and his only hesitation in ending you is the effect his actions might have in the lives of his pregnant wife and his baby daughter.”

Screenshot-657“Sharlee’s pregnant?”

“Yes, and as you can imagine, the fact that you almost killed her doesn’t sit well with Noah.”

“I’m not afraid of Noah.”

Screenshot-637Alex studied Kristian’s face, and Kristian wriggled around in his seat again uncomfortably.

“If you aren’t afraid of him, then you have underestimated him.  That is another big mistake that you have made.  You clearly don’t know what he’s capable of doing to you.  You’ve underestimated Sharlee as well if you assume that she’ll be with you if something happens to Noah.  She’s got a good head on her shoulders, and it probably won’t be long before she realizes that it is you behind the attempts on Noah’s life.  However, as of now, Noah is not the one you need to worry about.  It is true, that there is no legal evidence proving that you’ve attempted to murder Noah and his family, but for me that’s not necessary.  I know that you did it.”

Screenshot-656Alex put stress on the word “I.”  He leaned forward and forced Kristian to look him in the eye.

“If you refuse option one, then I will go with option two.  You will have a lethal “accident” before this night is over.”

Screenshot-663“But, you work for the government.   The government doesn’t kill its own citizens.”

“You can’t really be that naive.”

Screenshot-648Kristian finally felt afraid as he looked at the coldness in Alex’s eyes.

“How long do I have to leave?”

Screenshot-659“You’re finished with your residency, and you’ve received job offers out of state.  Call the hospital and call Dale to tell them that you’ve decided to accept one of those offers, and you’re giving your notice as of today.  Make sure you accept an offer that is far away from here.  You can take care of those calls right now.”

Kristian pulled out his cell and called the hospital to resign.  Then he called Dale and told him that he was accepting a job offer in Maine.  Alex made him call the hospital in Maine that had offered him a position and tell them that he was accepting their job offer.  Then he had him make a plane reservation for the next morning.

Screenshot-660“Don’t ever come back here Kristian.  You have no family here, and so leaving should be easy for you.  If I ever hear of you contacting anyone in my family again, option two will immediately go into effect.  You’d better hope that this solution is satisfactory to Noah.  If it isn’t, he’s going to come after you, and I won’t stop him.  You’re a fool if you’re not afraid of him.”

Kristian packed quickly that night and didn’t get any sleep at all.  He caught a taxi to the airport the next morning and was relieved when his flight took off.  However, after he was on the plane, he began to have second thoughts about leaving.

Screenshot-693Alex had told Noah about Kristian’s decision and the warning that he had given Kristian.  Noah felt that Kristian had gotten off easy and was upset.  He didn’t trust Kristian to stay away from Sharlee or not to make another attempt at murder.  However, Alex reminded him that they had no legal evidence of Kristian’s guilt and that the authorities would not have been able to charge him.

Screenshot-692“I understand your feelings, Noah.  Believe me I do.  When I was younger, I’d have felt like you do if someone had done to me what Kristian has done to you and Sharlee.   However, if he does dare to come back here, I will take care of him for good.  I’ll keep an eye on him from afar.  You have my word on it.  Also, I’ve spoken off the record with George about Kristian.  Kristian won’t be back here.”

Screenshot-678He looked Noah in the eye.  “You can trust me, Noah.  He will never again put you nor anyone in our family in danger again.”

Screenshot-682Noah got the message.

Screenshot-722After talking with Alex, Noah spoke with Sharlee in the guest room at her parent’s home where they were staying until the repairs caused  by the fire were done at their rental home.

“Sharlee, Alex has taken care of the situation.  The person who is responsible won’t be making any more attempts on my life.”

Screenshot-729“He found out who it is?  Who was it?”

Screenshot-727Noah debated telling her and then decided that she should know the truth.

“Even though he didn’t confess, Alex and I know that it was Kristian.”

Screenshot-732Sharlee’s first reaction was to hug Noah.  Then she said, “I am so sorry, Noah!  If it wasn’t for me he would have never tried to hurt you!”

Screenshot-733“Babe, it’s not your fault.  You are in no way responsible for what’s happened.  Don’t ever apologize for anything that chump did!”

Screenshot-730Sharlee felt a rush of fury and disgust.  “I’m gonna kill him!”

At first Noah thought she was just using that expression, but he saw in her eyes that she was serious.


“He tried to kill you twice, and he almost killed Skylar.  He had no right!”

Screenshot-726Noah finally completely understood why Alex had said to let him handle it.

“Sharlee, Alex has taken care of the situation.  Kristian is gone, and he won’t be in our lives ever again.  He’s left Santa Fe permanently.”

Screenshot-735He pulled Sharlee into his arms.  She started to cry.

Then she said, “Dang pregnancy hormones!”

Noah smiled for the first time that day.

The following week, Dale received news that Kristian had been killed in a car accident.  The brakes on Kristian’s car had failed.  Kristian’s car had crashed, bursting into flames.  Dale sent a condolence card and flowers to Kristian’s family. 




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        Ehmm, I love Cara and Shawn but you never use them as the main character in previous chapter. I will be glad if in the next chapter you tell us more about them. And, I always waiting for the love story of Cara. I can’t tell why, but I love her so much. Cara always do the best in her life, she is stunning.

        I impressed with you who always have “time” to sit behind your PC and make a wonderful story like this. You know, I am not only follow every chapter in this story, but also your other story.

        I wish you have a very good day. I just wondering, can I meet you sometime in the future? I don’t know, but you just amazing writer who inspiring me.

        Love you again


      • It does look funny! She was supposed to be angry though! Sometimes the poses don’t look the same in-game. 😀 Skylar is a lot like Sharlee and as she gets older she’ll have more of Noah’s traits. I hope that she also starts to look more like Noah too as she ages. 🙂

        I’ll put up the poll for Noah this week and the name poll for their new baby.

        It has been a while since I’ve done a storyline focusing on Shawn and Cara, but they will be featured soon. I promise! ❤ They have both aged up to young adult and will be going away to college. I think Cara is gorgeous too! 🙂

        Awww, thanks, Anita! You are so sweet! ❤

  4. I had feeling it was him, glad he was “taking care of”. I notice Alex doesn’t look the same. I hate when the YA age up to adult, they look so different. I don’t remember it being like this.. I wonder if we got update couple years ago.

    When TS3 first came out the adult didn’t age up with look different from being YA or did they?

    • Hello Kater! ❤
      Yes, it was Kristian.

      No, Alex doesn't look the same, and now that you mention it, I don't remember that big of a difference between adult and young adult most of the time. Dale was aged up in this chapter too, and he looks different. I remember Alissa's sim Syzu aging up a long time ago in another save and she didn't look much different. This time she looks different too. I used a new skin, and I wonder if that's why they look so different! 😯 I'll have to test it out and let you know.

    • I tested it with the other skins that I used to use. They just look different now. I’m not sure why. We’ll have to get used to it. They still look good, but older. 😀

      • You’re right, Kater! I had forgotten to put the face skin in with the old Peggy body skin when I tested it. I put it back in, and they don’t look quite as old as they did with the new skins. I had changed to a new skin because I noticed in pictures that all of the teen and older males had six packs as a part of the old Peggy skins, and I didn’t want that anymore.

        So now I’m not sure what I’ll do about the skins. Alissa would be about forty now, but to me now that she’s aged up in the game, she looks in her fifties. Dale looks too old too. 😡 I don’t like EA’s aging.

  5. Wow, Kristian surprised me in this chapter. I thought he seemed nice in the beginning, but that again so did most of the other mentally unstable people we’ve met along the way. This family is very definition of flypaper for freaks! Great chapter, I’m looking forward to the next one!

    • “Flypaper for freaks!” LOL That is so true!

      There have been times when I’ve wondered if my family was a magnet for crazies too! Of course not like the ones the Stallworths have encountered though! 😀

      Kristian was nice in the beginning, but he changed. 😦

      Thanks you, Bluefairy, and thanks for reading, Alissa! ❤

  6. wowowow!! So much happened in this chapter so quickly. This was such a great storyline because there were so many surprises, like the fact that Kristian secretly harboured psychopathic tendencies (I started to guess Kristian was responsible for the fire but I’d totally forgotten about the brakes on Noah’s bike!!) or Alex’s help in the arson situation or the fact that Kristian died!
    When you said the brakes failed in his car accident was Alex or Noah behind it, or was Kristian overcome with grief or guilt at his actions that he deliberately ended his life and sabotaged the breaks to make it look “accidental” to spare the stigma of having committed suicide? Despite what Kristian did I did feel a bit sad for him because he did seem to possess so much potential and intelligence in his career and if he’d just gotten over Sharlee and left her alone he could have really made something of himself. Anyways, I’m just analysing, haha. Thank you this was a really good chapter!!! 🙂

    • Hi Anna!

      We never really know what’s inside some of the people with whom we come into contact. Kristian was at the beginning of his psychopathy.

      I re-wrote the chapter three times and still made changes just before I posted it. I really liked Kristian too! I think his character was good looking and intelligent. I get attached to the characters! So, it was hard for me to decide what to do with him. In the first version of the chapter, Kristian didn’t die. He moved away and wasn’t going to return.

      However, that didn’t seem right. Since he had attempted to murder Noah twice and as a result, almost burning Noah, Skylar, Sharlee and their unborn baby to death, I just didn’t think that Noah or Alex would let him get away with it.

      Also, I don’t think psychopaths have a conscience. Kristian would not feel guilt over his attempts at killing Noah. He might feel sorry that he had almost killed Sharlee, but his resentment against Noah would have continued to fester after he moved away.

      He might even have begun to resent Sharlee and blame her for the fact that he could not have the dream job that he’d wanted as a partner in Dale’s pediatric surgical practice. He might have gone after her or Noah again, and that was quite likely what a psychopath would do. Kristian was fixated on Noah and Sharlee.

      Alex would have all of those possibilities in mind. In that final conversation Alex had with Noah, he was telling Noah, without actually saying the words, that Kristian was going to die. If he’d let Noah do it, then Noah would have faced repercussions.

      However, killing had been a part of Alex’s job, and he was good at it. Killing Kristian or having Kristian’s death arranged was easy for Alex. Sending Kristian away was just a ruse to keep Noah from doing anything rash.

      I hope that made sense, but it was what I was thinking when I wrote it. Now, I’ve thought of other ways that I could have done the storyline, but it’s too late now! LOL Just think of what could have happened if Alissa had found out what Kristian was doing! 😀

      Thanks Anna! I’m happy you enjoyed reading it! ❤

  7. Hey daisy. Great chapter i loved it!
    I was wondering (just a thought) if there could be another teen pregnancy here?
    As weird as it is it occured to me in a dream. Just thought it would bring some drama. It is Alissa after all

    • Thanks Angel! ❤

      Another teen pregnancy! 😯 That would be a lot of drama, but I don't have any plans for that happening again. 🙂

      I promise that there will be more drama though! 😉

  8. Amazing as always Daisie! Leaves me wondering if Alex did end up “taking care” of Kristian in the end after all though. Can’t wait to see the kids aged up, especially Joy! I bet she’s beautiful ❤

    • Thank you Fibijean! ❤

      I didn't say it straight out in the chapter, but Alex did "take care" of Kristian. I didn't think that he could just come out and say that to Noah, but Noah did get that message from what Alex told him. He wasn't surprised when Kristian had that fatal accident.

      Joy is beautiful and so is Cara! Shawn is gorgeous too to me! 😀 I thought he'd look just like Alissa, but he seems to be a mix of Alissa and Dale. His lower face looks like Dale's without a beard. I'm happy about that! I haven't aged up Aiden yet, but I'm going to do it. It's hard for me to age him up too! 😦

      Thanks for reading my story, Fibijean! 🙂

  9. Am I the only one who’s not sorry that Kristian is gone? LOL. I never liked him, to be frank. I always got a sneaky, untrustworthy vibe from him that probably had to do with the fact that he immediately became obsessed with Sharlee soon after meeting her. He knew she was married and yet he felt like he had a right to have an opinion on her husband and their marriage without knowing either one of them properly. Sharlee told him repeatedly that she was not interested in him and he didn’t see it as a hint. All of that spells psycho to me. I’m glad he’s not a threat to their family anymore. For a minute, I was worried that his plan was to make it look like Sharlee died in the fire when he actually kidnapped her and locked her up somewhere so he could finally have her to himself and then Noah and Alex would rescue her. I’m glad that didn’t happen though because Alissa’s been through enough traumatic events for the whole family so I wouldn’t want that for any of her kids. This was a great chapter as usual. Can’t wait to meet baby Hall #2!

    • Hi Eddie! ❤

      You had very good instincts about Kristian. He did turn out to be a psycho. His thinking and behavior were very twisted! It's best for Sharlee and for Noah that he isn't a threat to them anymore.

      You're right that if he had taken Sharlee and made them think that she had died, it would have been more than Alissa could bear. 😦

      Awww, thanks Eddie! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. ❤ Sharlee's pregnancy will be showing in the next chapter and it won't be long before we have a new little Hall in the story! 😀

      I've been trying to get the savefile ready for pictures today, but my game keeps crashing. I may have to start another new savefile for the family. 😥

  10. Hi Daisies – great chapter! Wow, it was Kristian all along. I didn’t suspect him of the bike attempt (I really thought it was the professor’s lover/partner in a fit of jealousy or wanting to steal the engine plans) but I’ve had an ‘off’ feeling about him for a while. As someone else said, he just became obsessive and tried to be intrusive so early on that it gave off an awkward/bad vibe. But who knew he was a full blown psychopath!
    I’m glad that Alex ‘took care’ of the problem with Kristian though… because like he even said / thought, the psychopath doesn’t get better. They compartmentalize and devolve and that could have been fatal for the Halls. I knew that Alex couldn’t just let a psychopath out onto the streets again knowing what he was capable of – but it does feel sort of “Alex-ish” to imagine him giving Kristian a week of freedom before pulling the plug. I’m sure it was to cover his bases and make it look accidental, but at the same time, Alex is dark enough to find it a little bit God-like to be in that kind of control. Fortunately he seems to be saving that darkness for work and those who attempt to hurt his family now (and hopefully he’s moved on from his own Alissa obsession).
    Oh, I did respond in the polls, but the girl name I liked wasn’t doing so well. LOL I really like the option of Ava, it just goes with Skylar so well. Or maybe she’ll have twin boys and this will be a moot point! Haha poor Noah would be so proud and losing his mind all at once.
    Thanks for the great read Daisies!

    • Hello Angie! Thank you! ❤

      Kristian was the one behind both attempts on Noah. 😦

      Yes, Alex is definitely not the kind to let anyone take another chance at harming his family. You are so right about his "God-like" attitude! Alissa has sensed that attitude in him too. Hopefully, he'll be able to continue to keep that dark side of himself away from his family.

      I like that name Ava too, but I liked all of them! 😀 I am a bit partial to Ava too though. I won't know until after the baby is born whether or not Sharlee is having twins. So that's why I have a choice for a girls name too. If it's twin boys, then I'll use the first and second most voted for boy's names. I'll save the girl's name for future children! 😉

      Thank you for reading my story, Angie and for voting in the polls! ❤

      I've been struggling with my game this week to get some progress and saves before crashes. After this chapter is finished, I'm going to have to "clean" out unnecessary custom content and mods again. I love my Custom Content though! 😦

      • I seen you said, you were having issue with the game. I learn few tricks from a group i used belong too.

        There a software you can install called Razor. It help games run smoothly. There also a mod called over-watch. I heard it helps too.

        Other day I seen someone create a blog about tips on playing Sims 3 w/o issues. Disconnect from the internet. (I haven’t try it yet.)

        I know one bad CC can cause crashing.

        Oh, check your memory on the pc, it could be getting too full.

      • You are so sweet to help me, Kater! ❤

        I've never heard of Razor. I have over-watch though. I'll see if I can find info on Razor. I don't hook to the internet to play it anymore.

        It may be some bad CC. I did download some costume things that I need for this chapter. I'll try checking that too! It shouldn't be the memory though.

        I'm still not going to give up. I may have to use fewer Sims for the chapter though. I've used many more than this at other times, but maybe the game will cooperate better if I decrease them. It's very frustrating! 😥

  11. Recently, I accidentally left an still zipped package in my Package Folder. That froze my game up, but once I removed it, it stopped Make sure you didn’t leave any zipped files in there.

    Also, cleaning out DC Backup (everything but CCmerged.package) delete the cache files (scripctcache.package- etc) (they reset) and remove any scripts or script errors that relate to your computer might help.

    • Thank you for the tips, Adventure! ❤ I had forgotten about emptying that folder. I don't know why I can't remember things lately. It had over a thousand items in it! I also have a lot of of those script error logs in there too. I'm going through the folders to see if I have any zip files in there. So, I'm cleaning that out now and then working on the last pictures for this chapter this afternoon and tomorrow.

      I'm sorry I was so late replying. I saw your comment in my email, but I didn't have a chance to respond before I left town the other day. I got back home late last night. Hope you had a great time with your family friends over the holiday! ❤

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