Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Six

Screenshot-402The classroom was very quiet now that all of the children had gone home for the day. 

Screenshot-404Rene  glanced at the man sitting in front of her desk and realized that he was staring at her as she looked over her records.  He smiled when his eyes met hers.  He was the guardian and uncle of one of her students and was there for the parent/teachers conference at the school that night.    The first time she met him she’d had the passing thought that he was very attractive and charming.   The expression in his eyes showed her that he thought the same of her.

Screenshot-414“I hope this isn’t out of place, but I noticed that you’re no longer wearing a wedding ring.”

Screenshot-410No, she wasn’t wearing it because she’d thrown it out of the car window in a fit of rage not long after Darion had told her about his cheating.

“No, I’m not.”

Screenshot-409She turned the conversation to Tabitha’s grades.

Screenshot-413“I’ll see that she works harder on her math equations.  If necessary, I’ll get a tutor to help her.”   He smiled at her warmly.   “Would you like to join me for dinner on Wednesday?  Since you’re no longer wearing your wedding ring, I decided to get up my nerve and ask you.”

Rene only hesitated for a few moments.  Then she told him yes.  It was nice to have someone so clearly interested in her and attracted to her. 

Screenshot-434On Wednesday evening, Darion came over to stay with the children, and then Rene went to meet Nicolas at the restaurant for dinner.  The only person she’d told about the date was Sharlee.

Screenshot-433She could see that Darion wanted to question her about where she was going, but he knew that he had lost that right.  So he’d just greeted the children and Rene told them goodbye.   She’d told Darion that she had an appointment and asked him to keep them for a few hours.  His discomfort gave her a small feeling of satisfaction.

Screenshot-421As soon as she sat down in the restaurant, Rene realized that she’d made a mistake.  She felt very uncomfortable as though she were cheating.   Technically she guessed she was cheating.   She wasn’t ready to date again.   She was uncharacteristically quiet during the meal, and Nicolas struggled to carry the conversation.  It was a relief for Rene when Nicolas proved that he really was the nice guy that she’d thought him to be.

Screenshot-422“I don’t know what’s happened between you and your husband, but if you decide that you’re ready to start back dating, please give me a call.   I can see how uncomfortable you are tonight.  From the first day that I met you, I wished that you were not married, and I wanted an opportunity to get to know you better.  You’re worth the wait!”

Screenshot-424Rene smiled at him and thanked him for understanding.  She drove home and Darion was there waiting with the children. 

Screenshot-425Kenan and Malika gave both her and Darion letters that they had written and asked them to read them.  Then they went into their bedrooms.  Rene fought back tears as she read the letters.  The children were begging them not to get divorced and promised that they would be good from now on.

Screenshot-426She looked at Darion and saw the raw pain in his eyes that she knew was clear in her own.  She sat down on the couch dejectedly.  Darion dropped down to his knees in front of her.  He was wiping away tears.

Screenshot-428“I know that I have given you no reason to trust anything that I say anymore.  I don’t deserve your trust.  It’s just words, but I don’t know what else to do.  I’m begging you for the opportunity to prove to you that I love you with all of my heart.  I’m begging you for the chance to show you how sorry I am that I’ve betrayed my vows to you and damaged our family.  Please go to counseling with me and try to save our family.”

Screenshot-427Rene couldn’t answer him.  She didn’t want to make a decision.  She still couldn’t make a decision.  She had not yet been to see a counselor.  She kept putting it off because she didn’t want to examine her feelings.  Her emotions felt too raw.

“Darion, please leave.  I—I need to be alone right now.”

Darion rose slowly and then left the house without looking back at her. 

Screenshot-430Rene went into Malika’s bedroom and called Kenan to join them.  She hugged them both tightly.  Then she thanked them for their letters and told them that they were not to blame in any way for what was happening between their father and her.  She told them that no matter what, she and their father loved them.

Screenshot-462The following day, Sharlee and Skylar were at the house with Rene and her children when the doorbell rang.  Rene was making lemonade and asked Sharlee to get the door.  Sharlee was shocked to see Gina.

Screenshot-463“Sharlee!  I thought that this was Darion’s home.”

Screenshot-461“What are you doing here, Gina?”

Screenshot-466Gina frowned at her tone.

“I came to see, Rene.  Is she here?”

Screenshot-464Rene came around the corner.

“Who is it, Sharlee?”

She saw Gina.  “Hello, may I help you?”

“I’m Gina.  I was hoping that we could talk.”

Gina looked pointedly at Sharlee.


Screenshot-465Sharlee was frowning back at her.

“You have some nerve showing up here, Gina!”

“It’s alright, Sharlee.  I want to see what she has to say.  Can you take some lemonade out to the kids?”

Sharlee went into the kitchen and then took the lemonade and some cookies outside to the children.

Screenshot-469Rene let Gina inside the door, but she didn’t invite her into the living room to sit down.  Rene looked Gina over while Gina looked her over silently.  To Rene, Gina didn’t look like the type of woman she’d have expected Darion to choose, and Rene was better looking than Gina had expected her to be.  Gina had thought she’d find a stereotypical housewife who had probably let herself go after marriage, but Rene clearly hadn’t done that.  Gina spoke first.

“I came here to find out your intentions with Darion.”

Screenshot-471Rene’s mouth fell open.  “Just how is that any of your business?”

Screenshot-478“Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush.  Clearly, you are not satisfying Darion or he would not have turned to me.  If you don’t want him, then you need to make that clear to him and stand aside.   I’ll treat him like he deserves to be treated.”

Rene was furious!  How dare this woman come to her home and presume to tell her what to do!

Gina saw the change in Rene.

Screenshot-481“You’d better be glad that my children are here, or I’d give you what you deserve.  You stay away from me and from my husband!  I’d better not ever see or hear of you again, or I’ll make you sorry that you stuck your raunchy a$s  in my business!”

Rene fought for calm.  All of this anger was not in her nature.  She opened the door and Gina left out.  Rene slammed the door closed.

Screenshot-483There was a sharp pain in her abdomen, and Rene felt a rush of fear.  The pain left and then came again!  She went over to the sliding glass door and asked Sharlee to drive her to the hospital.  Sharlee called Noah to meet them at the hospital to take the children home with him.

The doctors monitored Rene for the next several hours and then released Rene to return home.  It was false labor brought on by stress.  The thought of losing her baby terrified her.   Rene had to make a decision as to what she was going to do.  The stress was beginning to effect her pregnancy.

She went to see the therapist that Sharlee had suggested and opened up to her.  The therapist helped her to see that her confidence in herself and her self-worth had been shaken because of Darion’s betrayal.  The therapist helped her to understand that Darion’s actions were his own responsibility and his own choices.  What she had done or not done in their relationship was no justification for Darion’s cheating.

After her first three meetings with the therapist, Rene had been able to come to a decision.  She called Darion over to talk.

Screenshot-451“Darion what you did hurt as though you stabbed me in the heart.  I don’t know if I will ever be able to completely trust you again.”

Darion looked crushed.  Rene continued speaking.

Screenshot-448“I don’t know if I can trust you again, but I am willing to try.  I’m willing to let you try to earn my trust and love again.  I do know that I love you, and I’m afraid to let myself be hurt again.  However, I also know that if I didn’t try to work things out with you, I would regret not making the attempt.  My therapist helped me to see that we won’t ever again have the same relationship that we had before you cheated.”

She paused to find the right words and then continued speaking.

“However, we can work at building a new one, hopefully, an even better, stronger one than we had before.  She said it will take a lot of hard work, and we will have to be fully committed.  Are you sure that this is what you want to do?  Are you sure that you do not want to be with Gina?  Because, I’m not playing games.  If I’m not enough for you, then you’d better tell me that now.”

Screenshot-441“Rene, I’ve been seeing a therapist too.  My cheating had nothing to do with you or with us.  It was me who pushed you away.  After I lost that promotion, I lost some of my confidence, and because I saw myself as less, I told myself that that is how you saw me too.”

Screenshot-446“What?  How could you think that, Darion?  I never felt like that!”

“I understand that now.  I should have talked with you about it then. I know I keep saying it, but I’m sorry.  I am so thankful that you are willing to give me a chance to prove to you how sorry I am.  I’m grateful that you still love me enough to let me try again to be the husband that you deserve.”

Screenshot-457“Glenda  suggested a marriage counselor that we can see together.”

“I’m willing to see anyone who can help us.”

“I have one other thing that I need to tell you.”

Darion looked troubled.


Screenshot-458“I’m pregnant.”

Screenshot-454Darion’s eyes opened wide!


Screenshot-437“Yes, I was shocked too.  I found out about it after I left Santa Fe and went to my parents.  Now that I’m over the shock, I really want this baby.”

Screenshot-452Darion was smiling as he got used to the news.  He wanted this baby too.

“May I move back into the house and help take care of you and the children?  We can take our relationship as slow as you want, but I want to make things easier for you now that we have another baby on the way.  I can stay in the guest room until you’re ready for me to share our room with you again.”

Rene agreed.  He reached out to take her hand, but she moved hers away.   He’d done it without thinking, but he respected her feelings.  He knew that it would take time before she was ready for a physical relationship with him again, and he was willing to do whatever he had to do in order to regain her trust in him. 

They started marriage counseling, and both of them were determined to work hard at rebuilding their relationship.  Darion had to show a lot of humility and openness in his activities and thoughts, and Rene was also more open with him about her emotions and thoughts.  Eventually, he knew that they had overcome the worst of it when she accepted another wedding ring from him and began to wear it.  Then she let him move back into the master bedroom with her.

Screenshot-486Sharlee had missed her cycle, and she was in the bathroom waiting for the timer to go off on her pregnancy test.  If it was positive, she had already planned on the special way that she was going to tell Noah.  The buzzer went off and Sharlee grabbed up the stick to look at it.  Her eyes opened wide at the test result and all her special plans flew out the window!  She called for Noah to come into the bathroom!


Screenshot-493Noah was sitting on the bed reading and relaxing for a change. 

Screenshot-494He jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom!  He saw what she was holding and came up behind her!  An awed smile came on his face when he saw the result.


Screenshot-496Sharlee put the stick down and turned around joyfully.  Noah hugged her.

Screenshot-498“Oh, I am so happy!  I’ll make an appointment at the doctor, and we’ll find out how far along I am!”

Screenshot-497“I’m happy too!”

Screenshot-501“Twins run in my family.  We might be having twins!”

Noah’s mouth dropped open.  He hadn’t considered that, but if they were having twins he’d love them both.

Sharlee went to see her doctor later in the week, and the doctor confirmed it.  Sharlee was a month and a half along.  They shared the good news with Skylar after they returned from the doctor’s office.

Screenshot-502“Sky, you’re going to have a baby brother or a baby sister!”

Screenshot-516Sky’s eyes got big with excitement!

“I am!  When’s he comin!”

Screenshot-503“It’ll be a few months before the baby comes.”

Screenshot-504“The baby has to spend more time in my tummy growing bigger just like you did.  Remember what I told you about the kittens?”

Screenshot-515“Yes.  Oh, I can’t wait, Mommy!”

Screenshot-517She was just as happy as they’d hoped she’d be when they told her the good news.  Skylar started dancing and singing just as she did the first time she’d discussed wanting a baby brother!  “I gettin a baby brother!  I gettin a baby brother!”

Screenshot-520Noah told her with a smile, “Or a sister!”

Screenshot-522Sky giggled happily.   Noah pulled her close and tenderly kissed her forehead.  Sharlee looked at them with a soft smile.  They let Skylar break the news to the rest of the family.  They went over to Sharlee’s parents’ home. 

Screenshot-527Everyone sat waiting to hear what Skylar was going to tell them.

Screenshot-534Alissa had already guessed after seeing a tender moment between Noah and Sharlee when they first arrived.

Screenshot-528Skylar stood in front of her parents and told the rest of the family the good news.

Screenshot-530“I going to be a big sister!”

Everyone was excited and looking forward to having a new little family member joining them.


28 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Six

  1. Wonderful chapter 🙂 ! Full of so many tender moments <3. I'm so glad Darion and Rene are working out their marriage. It's nice to see a couple making a true effort not to get divorced over something so big.

    Sky is so cute with her excitement over being a big sister! Sadly I don't even remember when my parents told me I would be a big sister. I just know I didn't understand what it meant until she was born, and then I was jealous because she was the new baby and I wasn't! One of my earliest memories is of the day she was born, when my dad, grandmother, and I stopped to get teddy bears for the two of us and I suddenly had to grasp the concept of sharing. At that age, it really was a new concept because I'd never been to school, and all toys in our house had always been bought for me! My sister and I have been best friends our whole lives so obviously I did move past that stage, but I wonder how Sky will feel when suddenly she's not getting all her parents' attention. Maybe she won't mind at all and she'll actually want to take care of the baby.

    When you say you won't drag out Sharlee's pregnancy so long, does that mean she'll have a preemie? Just wondering! 🙂

    • Thank you, Maddie! I’m glad it touched you! ❤

      Yeah, I thought that Rene would want to try to make it work with Darion. I know some people wouldn't give a cheater a second chance. I don't think I would, but I hope I'm never in that type of situation.

      That's so funny about you and your sister! I bet it did take a while to get used to having to share the attention and your toys. I don't remember when I found out that I was going to be a big sister for the first time, but I do remember when I found out that my Mom was pregnant with my second younger brother. I had been begging her to have another sibling. I had wanted another sister, but I got another brother instead. I still loved him as soon as I saw him though! 😀 I do have something in mind with Sky though! 😉 I'm laughing thinking about it!

      I think that I got Sharlee's pregnancy confused with Alissa's. Sharlee's pregnancy with Skylar wasn't that long was it? I think I'll delete that comment! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, Maddie! ❤

  2. This chapter was full of good things!
    I think its great that Rene was willing to give Darion a second chance. It really broke my heart when the kids wrote those letters, I know exactly how they feel 😦
    OMG OMG I’M SO HAPPY SHARLEE’S PREGNANT! Now I can utilize my baby name ideas!!! I hope she has a mostly stress free pregnancy, because it seems like the Stallworth women don’t have easy pregnancies lol. I think Skylar will be a great big sister, and I’m glad she’s really excited. Thank you for updating us about this chapter on the updates page, I hope to see another chapter soon!

    ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Yes, I used height sliders for them. I was trying to make them look like pre-teens. 😀 I was hoping not to have to age them up to teen, but I still think that I’ll have to age them up. I used a height slider on Noah too after he aged up to young adult from teen. He’s a bit taller than Dale and the others. I also used it on Shawn and Cara, but they will definitely be aged up the next time you see them. 🙂

    • Awww, thanks Kelli! ❤

      I think it's always hardest on the kids when parents separate. I know what that's like too. 😦

      Yes, it is definitely baby name time! 😀 I'm going to start a section for that so that I can make my polls. I need one poll for baby names, one to decide on a dog or a cat for Skylar and another one for their new house. I've built two houses, but I can't decide which one they should have. I'll post pictures of both when they're ready and then you all can help me decide.

      Yeah, they do have mostly difficult pregnancies. I hope it isn't spoiling anything to tell you that except for the next chapter, her pregnancy will be stress free. 😉

      I've started working on what I need for the next chapter. I'm doing more today. The pictures are going to be a bit difficult to work out for this one. I've got to try to make some special poses.

      Thanks for reading my story, Kelli! 🙂

  3. I remember when my Mother told me I was going to have a sister. The thing is, I was a preteen at that time, I was the oldest, and I was in a family of boys.
    Then my sister was born, and I spent the whole time of her baby and toddler years wishing she’d grow up. Now sometimes I wish she was still a baby. (She’s still a child, but wait a few years- once I’m out of college- and she’ll be a preteen.)

    But I think of my cousin. He’s just started college, and he has three siblings, two girls, the oldest only three, the middle one one year- (turning 2 soon, though, in 2016,) and just recently a baby brother.

    Sharlee’s pregnancy with Sky was the one that dragged on- past Joy getting cancer. However, I imagine the family going swimming, Skylar asking Sharlee if she swam when Sky was in her stomach, Sharlee saying no, and Sky asking “why not” I have no clue what Noah would say to her.
    Sharlee’s pregnancy with Sky did seem to take a little while. So, don’t delete the comment, even if Allisa’s pregnancies lasted longer in story- time.

    Both of them were somewhat

    • I was a preteen too! 😯 I was wanting my brother to stay a baby too, but then I found out that I was going to get another baby brother! By the time the youngest was born, I was a teen. I loved him too, but I still didn’t get another sister. I bet it’s great to have a younger sister. I have an older sister too, but there is a big gap in our ages. I’m a middle child. Wow, the ages in your cousin’s family are really spread out! My family is a bit like that too.

      Yeah, sometimes it’s hard for me to remember what’s happened in the story. I know it’s strange that it happens to me. I really need to reread the old chapters.

      Sharlee’s pregnancy won’t be long though. I’m eager for the new baby to be here! The next storylines don’t require a long pregnancy for her. 😀

      Thanks for reading, Adventure! ❤

  4. Great chapter, as usual!
    I’m glad Rene forgave Darion. I hope they don’t have any other problems in the future.
    YAY!!!!!!😁 Sharlee is pregnant again!!! Prepare for Baby Hall #2 and maybe #3!👶🏼👶🏽 Was Sharlee’s comment about twins running in her family a hint? If so I’m so excited for another set of twins in this story. I can’t wait to see how Skylar reacts to the baby, I wonder if she will get jealous of the new baby. I think it would be cute to see how Sharlee and Noah react to Skylar if she does get jealous.😀Will Shawn and Cara be aging up soon? It would be cool if they had like a big 18th birthday party or something like that.😁🎉🎉 Can’t wait for the next update😀

    • Hi Star! ❤ Thank you!

      Hopefully things will work out for Rene and Darion now.

      Yep, we get another baby in the story! 😀 No, her comment about twins wasn't a hint. If she turns out to have twins by chance, then I'm not going to change it. I do plan to check to make sure she's having a boy though. You really want twins? I hadn't planned on it, but you are making me think about it! LOL Right now Skylar wants a sibling, but we'll have to see if that changes. 😀

      Shawn and Cara will be aged up the next time we see them. 😦 They will have a costume graduation party before they go off to college. Sharlee and Noah will both be graduating too, and Noah's shop will be opening. I'm still finishing his shop.

      I'm working on what I need for the next chapter now. Thank you for reading my story! 🙂

      • I was re-reading some of the older chapters and I realized you changed Rene’s name at smoe point in the story! Her name was originally Remi when she was introduced in chapter 107. HAHAHA😂😂 I think I like the name Rene better than Remi though.

      • I did! LOL I named Alissa’s grandfather and cousin Remi forgetting that Rene was already Remi. That was just too many Remis! So, I thought it would be easier to change Rene to Rene. I like that name too! I don’t know why I sometimes get the character names so confused. 😀

  5. I hope Noah has a child, son or daughter, that looks more like him. Sky still looks a lot like her mother (and her grandma), but she has her father’s eyes. Twins would be awesome, and I really don’t care that much if Sky gets a brother, sister or both. Or maybe two brothers and a sister, or two sisters. and a brother.
    Multiplies are always fun, and hard.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter- and to- eventually see the next baby! I’m also looking forward to Shawn and Cara going to college.

    Oh, and if I can figure out how to upload her, you can use my Sim Tracy. She’s mentioned in my Double Trouble story (as a toddler), but I didn’t really explore her in my Semi-Rainbowcy. (Her twin brother, Ben, was the founder of Rainbowcy) She might be good for Shawn (if you don’t want to have him with Fawn (is that spelled right?))

    But she’s a couch potato, I’ll explain why later.

    • I hope the next baby looks more like Noah too. The genetics are one thing that I wish was better in the Sims 3. Most of the time the children in my game look like a clone of one of the parents. I had thought that Joy was a combination of Alissa and Alex, but now I think her features are more like Alex than a combo. Cara is a real clone of Alissa. You’ll see it even more now that she’s aged up. She looks like Alissa with black hair. Even though Cara and Shawn are twins, he doesn’t look exactly like her or Alissa. He also doesn’t look like Dale to me either though. Yeah I love multiples in my family when I’m playing the game! 🙂

      Fawn and Shawn sounds cute! 😀 It was Fay that won the poll. I have Shawn’s and Cara’s storylines planned out now that they’re young adults. Thanks though! ❤ Maybe I could use Tracy for another character in the story.

      Thanks Adventure! ❤

  6. I’ve actually used one of Twallens Mods. It was story progression and I think I turned on Advanced Genetics- with blending on. I used it with my Semi- Rainbowcy Story, and it made one of my swims skin light blue! (Her father was white, her Mother was dark blue)
    It also caused an orange baby, too. (from a yellow father and a red mother) So the kids didn’t always look like clones.

    • I have his story progression mod too. Advanced Genetics? I haven’t noticed that option! There is a lot in that mod. I’ll have to check it the next time in-game. Thanks for telling me about it! ❤ I hope it works for me too.

  7. Just finished reading your story over for the third time, and noticed there was a new chapter! Your sims story was one of the ones that inspired me in my own writing. Also, yaaaay I’m so glad Sharlee is pregnant again! 😀 By the way (I don’t mean to push you – believe me I know the pressure when you have people waiting on you for updates), I just wanted to ask since the updates seem quite irregular, do you have any idea when we can expect them (like monthly or something)? You’re obviously busy, so I just want to encourage you to keep it up, because we all love your story 🙂

    • I’m so happy that you enjoy reading that much, Fibijean! ❤

      You're right that I've become very irregular with updates, and I know it's not fair to keep you all waiting so long. 😦
      I promise to do better. The next update will be ready next week, hopefully on Monday.

      I'll commit myself to posting an update at least once a month on the fifteenth starting in December. I should be able to post at least two a month, but I don't want to promise that and not do it. 🙂

      Awww, thank you so much, Fibijean! Thank you for not giving up on the story! 🙂

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