Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Three

Dale had taken Skylar, Aidan and Joy to the park one afternoon and talked with Noah and Sharlee when he dropped Skylar back off at home.  He told them that he and Alissa were planning to take the family to Isla Paradiso for the four day long weekend that was coming up, and they would like Noah, Sharlee and Skylar to come with them.  He also wanted to surprise Alissa by having a big family portrait taken.  Noah and Sharlee agreed to go, and they told Skylar that they were all going on vacation.

Screenshot-205After they checked into the resort, Noah and Sharlee went to their suite.

Skylar looked around curiously.

Screenshot-208Skylar asked them.  “Is this “cation?”

Screenshot-209Noah smiled and explained to her.  Sometimes they forgot that she didn’t know the meaning of all of the words that they used.

“A vacation is a break from what we usually do.  This time we came here to Isla Paradiso for our vacation, and this is where we’ll be living while we’re here.”

Screenshot-203Sharlee told her, “We’re going to have lots of fun, Skylar!”

Skylar smiled excitedly.

Noah told Sharlee, “This resort is just as nice as the one where we stayed last time.”

“Yes.  I agree.”

They quickly unpacked their things and then changed into swimming suits.  They and the rest of the family went to the pool.

Screenshot-175Later that day, they met the photographer whom Dale had hired and surprised Alissa by taking a family portrait.  She cried happy tears and then posed with her family.  She would cherish those pictures.

Screenshot-214The second day of their trip, they went to a local beach. 

Screenshot-210At first, Skylar was a bit nervous about getting into the water, but Noah held onto her as he dipped her into the water. 

Screenshot-211She ended up enjoying it very much.  Joy splashed water on Sharlee, and Aidan jumped up down making big splatters of water go everywhere!  He laughed as he leaped!

Screenshot-217Noah and Sharlee exchanged a special look. 

Screenshot-215They knew that they were making good family memories. 

Screenshot-219Noah would never forget the expressions on Skylar’s face. 

Screenshot-221As he looked at his baby girl, he was filled with the special joyful feeling that she gave him.

Screenshot-224Cara took some surfing lessons. 

Screenshot-230Shawn had taken lessons before, and he was already out on the water. 

Screenshot-231Noah took a long swim enjoying the coolness of the water.

Screenshot-233Cara felt proud when she was able to join Shawn out on the water and stay on her board.

Screenshot-227Sharlee played with Skylar in the shallow part of the beach.  

Screenshot-236Then Dale took Skylar and had a nice time with her.  

Screenshot-239Aidan and Alissa joined them.

Screenshot-235Noah rented a Speedo, and he and Sharlee went out for a ride.   This time he had come prepared for the seasickness.  He’d brought Dramamine, but Sharlee had found some natural remedies that were working well for him.

Screenshot-241Before they left the beach, Noah bought icecream for the kids. 

Screenshot-243Aidan couldn’t believe how big the cones were, but he intended to eat every bite of it.  Joy looked over at him as she tried to steady her own cone.

Screenshot-248Noah knew that most of Sky’s cone would probably end up on the ground or on him, but it was worth it just to let her enjoy it.  He could always take her for a quick dip in the ocean to clean away the stickiness.

Screenshot-259The third day of their trip, Alissa and Dale had the family ride a water taxi to a pier.  There was a huge yacht docked.  

Screenshot-257Dale and Alissa didn’t explain why they were there until after they were all standing in front of it.

Screenshot-256“This is our surprise for all of you.  The last time that we were in Isla Paradiso, your father and I visited a boat builder.  We contracted to have this yacht built.   It’s for all of us!”

Screenshot-250They looked at the reactions of their family.  

Screenshot-252There was shock on Aidan’s face. 

Screenshot-251Joy’s face clearly showed shock too.  

Screenshot-254Shawn looked at them with disbelief.  

Screenshot-253Cara was looking at them as though she wasn’t sure that she had heard right.  Noah and Sharlee were smiling. 

Screenshot-260They all went inside the yacht and sat down.  Dale and Alissa wanted to go over some safety rules with everyone before they showed them around.

Screenshot-262“I think that everyone can agree that Skylar is always to be supervised while we’re on board.”


Screenshot-270“Joy and Aidan, you are not to go out on deck without an older person accompanying you.”

Screenshot-267“Joy is older than me.”

Screenshot-271Dale just looked at him.

Screenshot-266“I’m not a baby, Dad!”

Skylar announced, “I not a baby too!”

Everyone looked at Skylar and laughed.  Aidan realized that Skylar was copying him.  He didn’t want her trying to go outside alone.  He sighed and then agreed.

“Okay, Dad.  I won’t go out on deck without someone older with me.  Right Skylar?”


Dale sailed the yacht out into the open water.   Noah and Sharlee stood on deck looking at the view.  This time Noah wasn’t sick, and so he could really appreciate the isolation and the freedom of being out on the ocean with his family.

Sharlee smiled at him, knowing what he was feeling.  After a while, Dale anchored the boat.  

Screenshot-281He, Aidan, Joy and Alissa went snorkeling.

Screenshot-280Alissa couldn’t believe how clear the water was. 

Screenshot-279Dale couldn’t either.  He suggested to Alissa that the next time they visited Isla Paradiso,  they should go scuba diving.

Screenshot-274Shawn soared across the water windsurfing.

Screenshot-273Cara came not far behind.

Screenshot-278Skylar was asleep in Noah and Sharlee’s cabin on the lowest level taking her nap.  Noah and Sharlee sat relaxing in the hot tub with the baby monitor close by.

The remainder of their vacation went by quickly just as vacations always do.  They all returned home feeling refreshed and with good memories from their trip.  This would probably be the last trip that they could take all together before Cara and Shawn started college the following year.






26 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Three

  1. This was such a sweet chapter. I imagine they were all surprised about the yacht. What a treat that would be! I love the shots as they so clearly portray the beauty and love of this family. I imagine Sharlee and Noah will be making an announcement soon unless I forgot they already did. I can’t wait to see what’s next and hope to see what’s been going on w/ Crystal.

    • Thank you KSmomma. ❤ I thought that it would be nice for them to have a family vacation before the next storyline and before Cara and Shawn age up. Thinking of them aging up still makes me sad! 😥

      Alissa and Dale will be aging up to adult soon too. That doesn't bother me though. They won't be much different. I wish that there was an in-between age for adult and elder. Alissa's parents and Dale's too will need to look older. Maybe just the grayer hair and wrinkles will still make them appear older than Dale and Alissa. I'll have to fiddle with them some.

      Noah and Sharlee don't have an announcement yet, but it won't be much longer before they're expecting again. 😉

      Thanks for reading my story, KSmomma! 🙂

  2. I’m reading this story for the third time now! While I wait for new chapters I reread the story. Does Noah remind you of John Bender from The Breakfast Club? Because I think that he is a lot like John, in appearance and personality (but Noah is sweeter!). I also think that you should put the character’s traits in their bios. I can’t wait for the next chapter! 😀

    • Hello Marty! Awww, you really love the characters like I do. That is so sweet! ❤

      This is sad, but I don't really remember what John Bender's character was like. I'll have to watch that movie again. 🙂

      Do you mean their Sim traits? Those aren't exactly like their story characters. I do need to redo the character page. Aidan, Joy and Skylar aren't even on it. 🙂

      I’m working on the next chapter more today. I have to get a venue lot from my old computer and then I won’t have to build the one I need again. So glad about that! 😎

  3. Loved this chapter Daisie. I’m so happy the family was able to spend time together after so long! I had a question regarding the chapters with Alex and the unsub. I’ve been watching Criminal Minds lately, and a lot of the stuff I see on Criminal Minds had been similar to the chapters with Alex and the unsub. Do you happen to watch CM as well or do you watch any other crime shows?

    Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Kelli! ❤

      I love all kinds of crime and scifi shows. I loved that show "Fringe" when it used to air. I'm loving "The Whispers" and "Extant." I watch a lot of true life crime shows too. I watch most of the true crime shows on the "Dateline on ID" channel, and the shows "20 20", "60 minutes", "Dateline" and many more! I like "Criminal Minds," "NCIS," "CSI," all of the "Law and Order" series. 😀 I almost forgot a show. My husband can't stand her, but I also watch the "Nancy Grace" show! I don't watch her show as much as I used to watch it though. LOL

      I actually looked up information on the real FBI BAU unit and crimes that they solve before I wrote those chapters with Alex. I always have wondered what could cause a person to harm other people, particularly children. I really admire police and intelligence agencies that handle difficult cases like those in real life, and it fascinates me to see the methods that they use to solve those cases and try to keep us safe. I know I couldn't bear to do that kind of work. So Alex's job is a combination of those types of jobs and not one show in particular.

      I thought it would be the kind of thing that his character would do well. "Criminal Minds" and "NCIS" did help me think up the type of co-workers that he should have in his unit, but I don't think that they are the same. I got the idea for that "unsub" from several missing and murdered children's real life cases that I saw on the news and on the "Nancy Grace" show. 😦

      I'm a mystery addict too. I like medical dramas and true life medical shows too. I also watch a few comedy shows, including some old British favorites of mine. Oddly, I don't watch a lot of romantic shows or romantic movies though. Although I do like some romance in the fictional shows that I watch.

      You made me remember a show that I missed this week. It's a series called "Cold Justice" about a former DA and a former CSI who go around the country helping police departments solve cold cases. It's a true crime show, and I'm hooked on it now too! LOL I'm going to find it on "On Demand" now so that I can watch it. 🙂

      I've started working on the next chapter and plan to take pictures tomorrow. I really am sorry for rambling! It's great to find someone else who likes the same shows that I do! 🙂

      • Yay I finally found someone who is interested in the same show as I am! I also admire police/FBI agents for the work they do. We owe them so much for keeping us safe! I have the hugest crush on Spencer Reid and Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds, but he is so much older than me lol :p

        Happy simming/blogging!

      • Do you watch the “Law and Order” different shows too? I watch all of those. I can’t decide which is my favorite of them.

        I like Spencer’s character too, but it’s the opposite with me. I’d be too old for him! LOL I also like Morgan. He’s hot too! 😀

      • Sorry I couldn’t reply to you earlier, school is getting in the way of life right now lol. I watched a few episodes of Law and Order a year ago and I was so fascinated by it! I couldn’t watch it though because I didn’t have netflix, but since I got netflix a few months ago I’ve been really busy binge watching Criminal Minds :p
        I’m only on episode 14 or 15 of season 5 on criminal minds, and right now there’s about 10 seasons out! So once I get caught up with CM I’ll probably start binge watching Law and Order or NCIS.
        I have watched CSI: Cyber and I guess that’s what got me hooked on criminal justice shows. Their second season is starting soon, I can’t wait!

      • I forgot about CSI: Cyber. I haven’t watched that one yet. I’ll have to catch up before the next season. Now you’re hooked on those kind of shows too! 😀

    • I’m happy you loved it Cheryl! ❤ I found the boat on The Sims Resource. I think it was by Praline Sims. It's gorgeous! I forgot to show pictures of the interior. It has two masters and three other bedrooms all in the basement level. It has a full kitchen, dining and living room area, and a full bathroom on the first level. The second and third levels are all full of fun things to do for the family. I would love to go on a cruise in a boat like that! 😀

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  4. Lovely pics! I love Isla Paradiso!! Sky is actual perfection and it’s nice to see them enjoying family time for once! With Alissa, you passed on the story to obviously mainly Sharlee… Do you think the next generation you’ll mainly focus on will be Sky?? Love the chapter can’t wait for the next!

    • Thanks Crystal! ❤ I'm sorry I'm so late responding. I had family stuff come up and had to go out of town.

      It does seem like I'm not focusing on Alissa as much, but I have storylines in my mind for other characters in the story right now. I hadn't even noticed! 😯 This next chapter is about Crystal, and then more on Darion and Rene. I'm not sure if it will be this chapter or the one after, but most of the characters will be aging up. Our Sky won't be aging up yet though! She'll still be a toddler. 😀

      I'm going to try to use a height slider to make Joy and Aidan seem a bit older, but I don't want them to look like older teens yet. I'd like them to be preteen age. I have a storyline in mind for Aidan. Cara and Shawn will be aging up to young adult and going to college. I think it's after the storyline with Crystal ends. I'll have to check.

      Thanks for reading my story, Crystal! 🙂

  5. Great Chapter Daise! nice to see the family enjoying a nice holiday 🙂 Just wondering when the next chapter will be? While waiting, I’ve been rereading my favourite chapters from Alissa and Alissa continues and it just crossed my mind whether we know who cut the brakes on Noah’s bike?? Keep up to great work 😀

    • Hi Anna! ❤

      I saw your comment the other day, but I didn't know how to answer your question about the next chapter. I'm feeling better, but I still haven't worked on the next chapter much this week. I'm taking pictures now though, but I don't want to say a certain day for when it will be posted because I haven't kept my promises so far with when I'm posting this chapter. I'm sorry. 😦

      No, we haven't learned who cut Noah's brakes yet, but we will! 😉

      Thank you so much for the encouragement! I really need it this week! ❤

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