Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Two

Screenshot-228The grand opening celebration of Noah’s dealership was only a few weeks away.   Both Darion and Noah had completed Harley’s training program and were looking forward to the opening.  Noah’s motorcycle had just been towed to the shop at the dealership, and Darion was planning to repair it and restore it as a surprise for Noah.  He knew how important Noah’s chopper was to him, and it would be the first vehicle repaired there.

Darion frowned as he examined the brake lines.  It appeared to him that they had been cut.  They weren’t frayed.  It was a clean slice.  Someone had intentionally caused Noah’s accident.  He called the police.  An investigator came out and looked at the brake lines.  He agreed with Darion’s assessment.

The detectives who investigated Noah’s disappearance re-examined the video footage at the technical school from the day Noah had disappeared.   Nothing appeared out of the ordinary and no one could be seen tampering with his cycle.   Noah and Sharlee had been asked if they knew of anyone who would want to hurt Noah, and they didn’t have any idea who could have done it.   There was not enough evidence pointing to any suspect.  So there was nothing further that the police department could do in investigating the case.   However, they cautioned him to be very careful.

Noah hadn’t said it, but it did cross his mind that Kristian may have had something to do with it.  He didn’t tell the police because he had no proof and really didn’t think that Kristian would go that far to get rid of him.  So Noah became even more vigilant about checking out his and Sharlee’s vehicles.

Screenshot-179Noah was in the bathroom shaving when the timer went off for Sharlee’s pregnancy test.

Screenshot-180“It’s negative again.”

He heard the disappointment in her voice.   She looked at him and saw his disappointment too.

Screenshot-181He walked over to her.

Screenshot-187“Sharlee, I should have knocked you up by now.  I mean, we weren’t even trying and we got Sky.”

Screenshot-183“Honey, it’s normal!   My doctor said that sometimes it takes a while before it happens.  We’ve both had physicals, and we’re healthy.”

Screenshot-185Noah added,  “And very fertile!”   He smothered a smile.

Screenshot-192Sharlee had an irritated expression on her face knowing that he was thinking of what his doctor had said to her when she’d gone with him to his last physical.  Noah had finished all of his physical therapy for his wrist and his ankle, and the doctor was giving him a final checkup.  He was healed and strong again.   They had mentioned to him on a previous visit about wanting to get pregnant.

The doctor had told Sharlee that she could quit worrying about Noah now and get busy on making those babies.   He’d said that Sharlee had wide hips and in the caveman days that would have made her highly sought after for mating.  Women with wide hips were seen as very fertile and made the best child-bearers.  Noah had burst out laughing, and Sharlee had gone red with embarrassment.  Noah’s doctor had been a friend of Dale’s, and he had known Sharlee ever since she was a teenager.  So he treated them like family and spoke freely.

Screenshot-188“Noah, I’m going to pack away all of the pregnancy tests and ovulation monitors.”

“You want to quit trying?”

“Yes.  I mean I want to just go back to making love because we love each other without doing it just to get pregnant.  I don’t want to keep taking pregnancy tests and keeping track of when I’m ovulating.  I want making love to just be fun again!”

Screenshot-196Noah laughed!  “Fun again!”

“You know what I mean!”

“Yeah, I do.”

Screenshot-195“It’ll happen when it happens just like with Skylar.  I’m staying off the pill, and we’ll eventually have another baby.  That’s biology 101.  This way it won’t be stressful.  What do you think?”

Screenshot-197“I think you’ve proven once again how smart you are and another reason why I love you so much.”

Screenshot-205Noah kissed her and then Sharlee gave him an impish smile and led him into the bedroom.

Screenshot-206She sat back on the edge of the bed.

Screenshot-208“For fun?”

Screenshot-210“For fun!”

Screenshot-212They enjoyed being intimate together, not stressing anymore over getting pregnant.  It would happen when it happened.

Screenshot-165Noah was out at the pool with Skylar, Kenan and Angela.

Screenshot-167As soon as they had felt that Sky was old enough, Noah and Sharlee had started teaching Sky how to swim.   They had a pool, and most of their family and friends in Santa Fe had a pool too.  So they wanted to make sure that if Sky fell into or jumped into a pool, she wouldn’t drown.  Now she loved swimming, and they had made sure that she understood that she was never to get into a pool without supervision or permission.

Screenshot-149Sharlee was inside the house with Rene.  It was the first time since Rene had returned to Santa Fe that they had had a chance to really talk.

“How are you doing?”

“I’m making it.  I…, I’m pregnant.”

Screenshot-155Sharlee looked at her in shock.  “Pregnant!  Does Darion know?”

“You and my Mother are the only ones I’ve told.  I found out after we left Santa Fe.”

“Are you happy about it?  I mean I thought that you and Darion didn’t want any more children.”

Screenshot-150“We didn’t.  This baby wasn’t planned.  I was shocked that it happened.  Darion and I weren’t even spending much time together, much less making love often.”

Screenshot-152Sharlee couldn’t help feeling a small niggle of jealousy.  Rene was pregnant and didn’t even want another baby.  She quickly felt ashamed and squashed the thought.

“What are you going to do?”

Screenshot-160Rene sighed deeply.

“Before you fall in love with a guy, before you have children, you think you know what you’ll do in a circumstance like this.  If he cheats, that’s it.  You’ll throw him out and move on.  What you don’t consider is that despite the anger and the pain from his betrayal, his utter disrespect, his selfishness, you still love him.

“You don’t think about the fear and sadness in the eyes of your children because their family is falling apart.  That their security and happiness has been shaken.  No matter how hard you try to keep them out of it, they blame themselves.  I think that hurts even more than what Darion did to me.  It’s the damage he’s caused to our children to our family that makes me hate him for that.”

Sharlee looked at Rene with empathy in her eyes, but she didn’t say anything.

Screenshot-156“Darion wants me to give him another chance.  He wants to go for marriage counseling.  He’s begged me to forgive him.”

Tears came into her eyes, and she wiped them away.

“I thought that I had finally cried as much as I possibly could over this, but then more tears come.  My mother had a talk with me before I came back here.  She said that I was the only one who could make this decision and that getting back together with Darion just for the children’s sake would be a mistake.  I wouldn’t be happy.  I’d make him miserable and if we are unhappy, then it would effect the children too.

“She said to only let Darion return if I could truly forgive him.  She said of course that doesn’t mean that I won’t ever think about it or that the pain will miraculously disappear.  She said that it would take time for me to trust him again.  He’d have to work hard to restore my trust.  But truly forgiving him means that I won’t continuously bring it up every time we have a problem in our marriage.  That I won’t allow his mistake to wear me down or prevent me from rebuilding my relationship with him.”

Screenshot-157“Wow, your mother makes a lot of sense.”

Screenshot-151“Yes, she does.  I asked her how she knew all of that and she said…,”  Rene paused.  “She said it was from personal experience.  She cheated on my father when I was a little girl.  She said it was the most horrible mistake that she had ever made.   It crushed her to see the pain that her selfishness caused my father.   She said that my brother and sister and I were confused and sad during the separation.

“Their separation didn’t last long.  They went through marriage counseling, and my father forgave her.  He was completely open with her about all of his feelings during their counseling and when they were alone together.  She was honest and transparent with him about her feelings and activities. She believes that open, honest communication saved their relationship.  She said she worked hard to regain his trust.  It took an even longer time before she forgave herself.  I do remember when they were separated, but I hadn’t known the reason for it.  It was so long ago that I had forgotten about it.  So, I know that if I do decide to work on my marriage, it isn’t too late to heal the damage to the children.  A divorce would hurt them, but they are young enough to recover even after that.  However, this limbo that we’re in now isn’t good for them or for me.  Still, I don’t know what I’m going to do, Sharlee.”

Screenshot-158Sharlee hugged her.  “Why don’t you speak with a counselor alone first.  Someone who can help you dig into your true feelings and come to a decision that’s right for you.  I’ll give you the number for the therapist that I’ve used.  She’s wonderful.”

Rene agreed and hoped she’d start to feel less lost.  She had two children to raise and another on the way.  She’d have to make some sound decisions very soon.  She would also have to tell Darion about the baby.

Screenshot-176After Rene and the children left, Sharlee went outside to join Noah and Skylar.  Noah was sitting on a lounge chair holding a drowsy Sky.  He held out his hand to Sharlee, and she climbed into the lounger with them. 

Screenshot-178She felt complete contentment and thankfulness for having a husband who loved her and a happy baby.  She hoped that Rene and her family would find happiness again.

Screenshot-213A couple of days later, Darion had Rene meet him in town.  Rene went into the building and Darion met her in the lobby.  She hated the way that her heart still beat faster whenever she was near him.  She could see the relief in his eyes when he saw her.

Screenshot-215“What are we doing here?”

Screenshot-214“I know I don’t have the right to ask, but please just trust me.”

Screenshot-226They rode the elevator and got off on the third floor and went inside an office.

Darion explained.   “This is the office of one of the state’s best private polygraphers.  He used to work for the FBI, and he’s certified with the latest polygraphy procedures.  He’s going to administer a test to me today answering any questions that you have for me.  I want you to trust me again, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes, Rene.  This is the beginning.”

Screenshot-217Darion answered all of Rene’s questions.  Twice when he’d said that he had to go out of town for training with Harley, he had lied.  He had gone to be with Gina.  However,  he’d told the truth when he’d said that he hadn’t yet slept with Gina, but he admitted that his relationship with Gina had been headed that way.  If Noah hadn’t been there that evening and interrupted, he’d have done it that night.

Screenshot-220He was telling the truth about feeling deep shame and disgust with himself because of the pain that he had caused Rene and the damage to his family.  He was telling the truth when he said that he was still in love with Rene and wanted to be with her again.  He was telling the truth when he said that he was not and never had been in love with Gina.  He was telling the truth when he’d said that this was the only time that he had cheated on Rene and that he would never do it again.  He was telling the truth when he said that he was committed to her and making their marriage work, and that he alone bore the responsibility for his actions.

Screenshot-221Rene told him that she appreciated him taking the test, but she still had a lot of thinking to do.  She was going to talk with the therapist that Sharlee had suggested.  She didn’t know if she was ready to forgive him.   Darion was sad, but he respected her wishes.   He still had hope though because she hadn’t said that this was the end for them.

Screenshot-230Alex was in Florida talking with his father.   “Dad, I don’t even have to ask you if you still love Mom.  I can see it when you look at her, and she loves you too.”

“I will always love your mother, Boy.  She’s the mother of my children.”

Screenshot-232“I know that it’s due to my actions that you’re separated.”

Screenshot-231“No, it’s due to your mothers actions and reactions that we are separated.  You’re dipping in an area that you do not belong, Alex.  My relationship with your mother is our business, and I’m not discussing it with you.”

Alex had his answer.  His father was content with the situation the way it is.  Robert saw Valerie when their children and grandchildren came to town and maybe occasionally in between.  It was time to make a change and maybe shake his father out of his complacency.

Alex asked his mother to come to Anne Arbor and help him find a house to buy.  He wanted her to move in with him.  It would make Alissa feel secure in allowing Joy and the other children to visit him regularly, and Valerie would be there at the house if Alex was called away for work during a visit.  She agreed happily.  She’d made her peace with the fact that Alex was content to remain a bachelor, and moving in with him seemed like a good idea for him and for her.  She sold the things that she didn’t want to keep and moved into Alex’s apartment with him.

She was enjoying the search for the new house.  She felt needed again, and it made her happy.  It wasn’t long before their realtor helped her to find the right house for them.  It was a four bedroom with a large yard and a pool. 

Screenshot-238After the sale went through, she jumped right in with decorating it.  She tried to balance Alex’s tastes with her own and found that she had knack for it.  She even got advice from Alissa on the bedroom that she was preparing for Joy.  Joy gave her input as well.  Knowing that her grandmother would be living there, made her look forward to coming for a visit.

Every once in a while, Joy still had nightmares of Roger’s shooting, but Joy’s therapist had said that it was to be expected.  On the whole, Joy had handled the experience very well; and she was the same happy little girl that she’d been before her abduction.  Children are very resilient, and with all the love surrounding her, Joy was thriving.  The family was very proud of the brave way that both Joy and Skylar had handled the situation with Roger.

Valerie made sure that Joy’s bedroom was close to hers just in case Joy awakened from a bad dream while visiting.  She was looking forward to all of her grandchildren’s future visits and regaining her close relationship with Alex.  She joined some charity organizations and volunteered several days of the week. She loved Robert, but now her life felt satisfying and full again.

Screenshot-243Alex was glad to have his mother with him.  He’d especially missed her cooking!  

“Nobody cooks like you do, Mom!”

Screenshot-245“Well, I’m just glad that I’ll be here to make sure that you take care of yourself.”

They smiled at each other, and Alex knew that she had forgiven him for the pain that he’d caused her.


The next chapter will be a big family vacation.  After that, we’ll see what has been happening with Crystal!   🙂

30 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-Two

  1. ahhh! this was a really nice chapter. Not to much turbulence, though whoever cut the brakes of Noah’s bike seems like a very dangerous person as they couldn’t care whether Noah died or not. Glad, things are getting better for anyone and I’m happy Valerie is finally feeling fulfilled again after all the family problems and issues she’s had in the past. Can’t wait to find out where the family is headed to! Will Noah, Sharlee, Skylar and Crystal be coming to??

    • Thanks Loren! 🙂

      Yeah, it does seem like a very callous person who would do that to Noah. 😦

      Noah, Sharlee and Skylar will be going on the trip, but Crystal won’t be going this time. The next storyline is mainly about Crystal, but it’s not going to be a long one. 😉

      Thanks for reading my story, Loren! ❤
      I added a couple of pictures beside the pool with Sharlee, Noah and Skylar. I forgot to add them before I posted the chapter.

  2. Great chapter!

    I know Noah and Sharlee just want to have fun and let it happen when it happens, but I still feel that sharlee wanted to be pregnant. Is it just me?

    Rene and darion seem to be a little better. I hope thing will work out and the children will be happy either way.

    Have a wonderful day!

    • Thank you Dancerlove! 🙂

      You’re right. She does still want to get pregnant. She’s not giving up on it, but she’s just going to quit obsessing over it.

      Yeah, Darion and Rene are still having a rough time. Maybe they will be able to make it work.

      You have a wonderful day too! ❤

  3. I’m glad Alex is behaving himself as far as Alissa is concerned. Alissa has made it clear a long time ago that she’s not interested and I’m glad he’s respecting her boundaries in spite of his own feelings. Well, at least so far, he is very persistent. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just waiting for the right opportunity to get between her and Dale.

    I want Alex to find someone, not necessarily a wife but someone to make him realise that Alissa is not the only woman he can have feelings for, even if it ends up being a brief affair or something. It’s kinda crazy of him to be so obsessed over a woman who doesn’t want him for so many years. It’s like, get over it, please! LOL.

    I can’t wait to see what Crystal’s been up to. And when are Cara and Sean going to become young adults? I swear they’ve been teenagers for too long! I mean, Sean could have had a child older than Skylar if Monet’s baby had been his and he’s not an adult yet? LOL.

    • Now that Joy is in the picture, Alex is trying to behave himself. He has dated other people, but he hasn’t felt the same about them as he has Alissa. He’s happy as he is. He doesn’t want a serious relationship with anyone. He told Alissa years ago that some people just aren’t the marrying type, and that’s the way he feels. However, he does still “love” Alissa or maybe “obsession” does describe his feelings better. I think his obsession is interesting. We’ll see how long he can behave himself. 😉 Sometimes the story needs a little bit of crazy! 😀

      It won’t be long before everyone ages up. I will be sad when they do. 😥 However, I don’t stick with strict aging in my stories. I don’t feel it’s necessary because it’s not real life. There is no gradual aging in the Sims, and I don’t have that aging mod. You seem to be a bit upset. Is everything okay?

      • Not at all! LOL. Just really excited. You made my day with your post. I kept checking since last week to see if you posted a new chapter so I was really pleased to see that you did. I’m not upset about anything, don’t worry. 🙂

  4. I wonder who cut Noah’s bike…maybe Solange (Alissa’s aunt)? Lol probably not. Great job as usual Daisie! I feel sorry for Noah and Sharlee. I’ve heard that sometimes trying for a baby isn’t as easy as it seems. And that scene with Rene was a classic! I see it all the time in movies and TV shows when one couple wants to get pregnant but isn’t, and one couple gets pregnant without even trying, and I thought it was funny how it happened to Sharlee!

    Can’t wait for the next chapter, update whenever you can ❤

    • They are wondering who did it too. I can say that it wasn’t Solange though. 😉

      Yeah, it can take a while of trying before a couple gets pregnant. Hopefully, it won’t be much longer for them though. Sharlee did feel a little jealous. LOL

      Thanks, Kelli! ❤ I'm working on the next chapter some tonight. 🙂

  5. I just want to say how much I love your story, in fact I am reading it for the second time! Whenever I feel anxious, reading Alissa always calms me down. By the way, I would love to download Sharlee Leslie, and Rene, as well as Alissa’s house. It doesn’t have to be on the Exchange, but if you are unable to upload them that is fine. Keep up the good work!

    • Hello Marty! 🙂

      Awww, thank you so much! ❤ I'm glad that reading Alissa makes you feel better!

      I don't have them available for download right now, but maybe I will put them up again before much longer. I didn’t make Rene though, and the creator prefers me not to share her sims. 🙂 Their house has way too much Custom Content, and so I don't think that it would install the same as in my game.

      Thank you for reading my story, and for the encouragement! 🙂

  6. Loved this chapter! Along with the others of course. So excited for Crystal to come back! I miss her storyline and her personality in general. I wish you could see the happy dance I do everytime you post. Looking forward to the next update! 🙂

    • Thanks Brie! ❤

      I'm glad that you enjoy the story so much! Crystal is a bit different from the rest of her family, and I love her personality too. 😀

      Thank you, Brie! 🙂

  7. Great work as always Daisie!
    I’m sad that Sharlee and Noah are having a hard time getting preggers, it seems like a lot of couples struggle with that. Hopefully there will be a baby Hall #2 soon.
    That scene where Sharlee felt jealous over Rene’s pregnancy was priceless! I’m glad she squashed her feelings of jealousy, and that Rene and Darion are working out their problems.
    It’s sweet how Alex and Valerie are living together and mending their relationship. Maybe now since he’s not living alone, he won’t feel the need to pester Alissa as often as he used to lol.

    Can’t wait for the next update ❤

    • Thank you Kelli! 🙂

      Getting pregnant is taking longer than they were hoping. 😦 Sharlee did realize how lucky she is especially compared to what Rene is experiencing right now.

      Alex not pester Alissa! 😯 LOL Yeah, he’s trying to think of Joy right now, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

      Thanks, Kelli! ❤

  8. This was a nice peaceful chapter with the exception that we still have no clue who cut the lines on Noah’s bike. I hope Darion and Rene can move past his infidelity since they have a new baby on the way. Hopefully with Noah and Sharlee now just making love without all the worrying and trying she will become pregnant. I can’t wait to see what’s up with Crystal. Kristian cutting the break lines???? It has crossed my mind but not sure that he’s the one that did it.

    • They are having a little peace right now, and they’ll need it.

      Noah and Sharlee are wondering who could have done it too. He did briefly think of Kristian, but even though he knows that Kristian doesn’t like him, he doesn’t think that Kristian would do something like that.

      Noah and Sharlee definitely want more children, and hopefully it won’t be much longer! 🙂

      Thanks for reading, KSmomma! ❤

  9. great chapter as always! the chapters alway make me anxious! (in a good way)
    When this story ends (hopefully not any time soon) will you be doing a sims 4 story?

    • Thanks Sedona! ❤

      No, I won't be doing a Sims 4 story. I don't like the Sims 4 very much. 😦 Maybe if they make some more changes I'll like the Sims 4 better, but I still love my Sims 3! 😀

  10. Poor Rene. I don’t know if I could forgive my guy for cheating. Plus, Darion still cheated for a reason. He might have passed all those test, but did they ever bring up the real reason he did it. Either way, no excuse for it if he truly loves her. And just because he passed the test that day saying he would never cheat again, doesn’t mean later down the road he wouldn’t. That test is only good for how he feels now, not sometime into the future, when say another pretty face comes along. Okay, sorry about the rant. Moving on.

    I hope Noah can find out soon who cut his brakes. I still think Kristian did it, but then wouldn’t that mean he is obsessed about Sharlee, like Alex is over Alissa. I know Kristian really like Sharlee and wants to be with her, but to murder for her, well that is bordering on Alex insanity.

    • P.S. I love the Gift Page. Yeah, Noah on his bike would be cute for my teen girls. 🙂 Thank you for that.

      Oh, I am always impress with the posses in your photos. I thought the one with Noah, Sharlee, and Sky on the lounge chair was cute, like they were just all snuggled up together. 🙂

    • Yeah the test does only show what he feels now, but it did let her know that he didn’t lie about everything he’d done. She hadn’t believed him. It isn’t much, but he didn’t know what else he could do to show her that he’s truly sorry for what he’s done. I would like to believe that there are some men and women who make that horrible mistake and are determined never to betray their spouse again.

      It is a very hard decision for her. I know what I would do in this situation too, but I don’t have any children. So for me I think it would be an easier decision. Not to put too much personal info out, but it has happened in my family. Two different decisions were made. In one situation, the cheater was initially forgiven, but then cheated again a few years later. After the second time, they permanently separated. In the other situation, the cheater wasn’t forgiven and they divorced.

      There were children involved in both situations. Some of them are set against ever marrying or having children and some of them are happily married now with families of their own. So I’m having a hard time deciding what Rene should do. Especially now that there is another baby on the way. I’m leaning towards her at least trying counseling to see if she can forgive him or trust him again. Maybe put him on probation! I’m still not sure.

      Hopefully Noah will find out soon. You’re right that Kristian doing that would border on insanity. At one point in time, I wondered if my own family was a magnet for crazies. Of course not to the extent that Alissa’s family is! LOL

      Thanks for sticking with the story, Jens! ❤

      • Oh your welcome, this is one of my favorite stories. Lol, the crazies live in my family, and that is all I’m going to say. Well, that I try to distant myself from them.

        Maybe, if you are having a hard time with Rene’s choice, you could do a poll. Like should they do counseling, but stay separated for the time being, or forgive him but still do counseling while together, or she just leaves him. Or something like that.

        I know for me, I’ve had a few cheaters in my life, but my first one I forgave the cheater and took him back, but it was hard. I kept thinking in the back of my mind every time he left was he going to cheat on me. I didn’t tell him that, but I felt that. Needless to say, he did cheat on me again and I was done with him. Of course, we didn’t have children together, thank goodness. But I knew after that I would never take a cheater back again, children or not. It’s a horrible feeling when you can’t trust someone. It literally tears you up inside, because you are always wondering, always doubting, never trusting. It to me was a very sick feeling, and personally I could never go through that again.

        However, I still can’t wait to see what Rene does. I like her character and hope the best for her.

        I can’t wait to find out who did that to Noah. I can’t think of anyone else….. oh, maybe it’s that one guy… I’ll leave it at that.

        And the gifts are very nice.

      • Thanks Jen! I guess we’ve all had “crazies” in our lives at some point.

        Doing a poll for Rene’s choice is a good idea, but I think I’ve finally figured out what’s going to happen.

        Awww, I hate that happened to you! I think in our heads we know what we’ll do if that situation arises, but until we’ve actually experienced it like you have, we can’t say definitely. I’ve seen the situation and the consequences. 😦 I’ve thought of what I would do, but I guess I can’t really know unless it does happen to me. I hope it never happens to you again, and I hope it never happens to me. ❤

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