Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Eight- For Mature Readers

ADVISORY:  May Not Be Suitable For Younger Readers

Screenshot-1118When Noah came through the door, he was upset because Sharlee had once again forgotten to rearm the alarm after she entered the house.  This was the third time in two weeks that she’d forgotten.   It wasn’t that they lived in a dangerous neighborhood, but  he didn’t feel that it was safe to leave it off when she and Sky were alone in the house. He went toward the nursery and heard her talking with Sky.   His eyes widened in pleased surprised when he saw her.

Screenshot-1107 She was wearing a sexy new dress.   It was the first outfit she’d bought for herself in a long time.

Screenshot-1110“When Daddy gets home he’s going to play with you for a while and then give you your bottle.  After you’ve had your bath and you’re all tucked in, Daddy is going to play with Mommy!”

Noah smiled.

Sky kissed Sharlee on the cheek.   She was an affectionate, happy baby.

“I love you, baby girl.   Daddy should be home soon, and I need to finish getting dressed.”

Screenshot-1111“Daddy is already home.”    Sharlee looked at him in surprise.

Screenshot-1112Sky said, “Da!”

Screenshot-1116Noah asked, “What!”

Sky giggled and repeated, “Da!”

Sharlee told him, “She’s saying, “Dad!”

Her first word!  She’d been talking baby talk for a good while, and Noah and Sharlee always pretended to understand her.

Screenshot-1126Noah grinned and took Sky from Sharlee.

Screenshot-1124“Yes, I’m your, Dad!”

Screenshot-1125Sky kissed him on the cheek and smiled too.   Alissa had already warned Sharlee that “Dad” would probably be Sky’s first word.   It had been Sharlee’s as well.   “Dad” was easier to say.

Screenshot-1129Sharlee smiled at them.

She told Noah,  “Don’t let it go to your head.”

She was just as thrilled as he was that Skylar had spoken her first word!

Then she looked down at herself.

“Darn, I meant to be finished dressing before you came home.”

Screenshot-1130Noah slowly looked her up and down.

“You don’t need to do anything else.  You’re sexy enough just like that.  The barefoot look really does something for you!”

Screenshot-1134Sharlee laughed.   “Alright.   I’ll go finish cooking dinner.”

Screenshot-1135Noah took off his jacket and got comfortable.  Then he put Sky on the floor and played with her.   She was already sitting up and soon she would be crawling.  She had learned to roll herself over and had started trying to scoot her body along.

Screenshot-1140Watching the quick way that she was progressing was amazing to Noah.

Screenshot-1141After he gave her a bath, Noah fed Sky her bottle.  During the day,  Sharlee still breastfed her, but they’d begun giving her a bottle at bedtime and adding a little cereal to it.  Now she usually slept through the night.  Noah looked down into Sky’s big beautiful eyes and sang softly to her.  

He smiled thinking of himself singing!  Sky seemed to find his singing soothing and so he did it for her.  Surprisingly Dale had suggested it to him after watching Noah trying to get Sky to go to sleep.  He’d told Noah that it didn’t matter whether Noah could carry a tune or not.  It was the soft, loving voice that comforted a baby and relaxed them for sleep.

Screenshot-1148When Sky was asleep, Noah went out into the great room.  Sharlee was standing on tiptoe trying to reach up onto a high shelf.   The thought of eating dinner left Noah’s mind as he looked at her.

Sharlee heard him.  “Is she asleep?”

“Yes.  Do you need some help?”

Screenshot-1144“No, I got it.  Thanks Honey.   I just wanted to put some candles on the table tonight.”

Screenshot-1152Noah took the candles from her and put them on the table.   He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her softly at first, and then with increasing intensity.   Sharlee returned his kiss, pressing her lips against his, showing him just how much she loved him and wanted him, how much her body craved his. 

Screenshot-1149His hands moved down her body, squeezing her closer to him, and his lips found the pulse vibrating in her throat.

Screenshot-1151She breathlessly murmured his name, “Ohhh Noah.”

Screenshot-1154Noah lifted her up.  

Screenshot-1156She wrapped her legs around him, not breaking the kiss. 

Screenshot-1161He carried her into their bedroom and lowered her onto the bed.  Noah drew back and looked at Sharlee.  Their eyes met. 

Screenshot-1164He never tired of seeing that warm glow in her eyes.  He remembered the amazement and the happiness he’d felt when he realized that that look was only for him.   She saw the real him, and he knew that she loved him for who and what he was.

Screenshot-1168Sharlee looked into his eyes.  The way that he looked at her always made her feel like he cherished her and loved her completely.  He no longer had that sad, lost look that she’d see in his eyes when they were younger before their relationship had become close.  Now he was happy and confident.  She’d do everything that she could to keep him this way.

Screenshot-1158Noah began kissing Sharlee again, and as their lips touched, their bodies felt on fire.

Screenshot-1160He kissed her with soft, loving, gentle kisses at first.   Then as their hearts began to race again, their kisses became more heated, showing their hunger for each other. 

Screenshot-1169They quickly shed their clothing.

Screenshot-1170Noah nibbled on Sharlee’s breast, sending shivers of pleasure tingling throughout her body. 

Screenshot-1174Sharlee touched him,  slowly moving her fingers across the parts of his body that she knew drove him wild, and seeing his reaction made her own body even more excited for what was to come.   Then they heard a sound on the baby monitor.

Screenshot-1176Noah stiffened,   “Was that Sky?”

They heard it again, unmistakable this time.   “Da, Da!!!”   There was a whimper at the end.

Sharlee said.   “I’ll go.”

“No.   I’ll go check on her.” 

Screenshot-1177He pulled on his pants and headed to the nursery.

Screenshot-1183Sharlee heard Noah talking with Sky.  She smiled.  Then she heard when Noah was trying to put Sky back into her crib, and she laughed when she heard Sky fussing.   She got up and put on a robe.    Noah came back into their bedroom carrying Sky.

He had a quizzical expression on his face.   He thought to himself, “It really is true that your life changes after you have a baby.”   He hugged Sky close and his line of thought continued,  “But she’s totally worth it!”

Screenshot-1188He put Sky down on the bed.  

Screenshot-1193Sky did not look in the least sleepy. 

Screenshot-1189She grinned up at them with her adorable toothless smile.   Sharlee tickled Sky. 

Screenshot-1194Sky started doing peekaboo.

Screenshot-1191Then Sharlee started laughing again.   “Noah, I think I know why she’s not sleeping.”


“I told her that Daddy was going to play with Mommy after she went to sleep.   She wants to play too!”

Screenshot-1192Noah laughed!   “I think you’re right!”

Screenshot-1200They decided to go ahead and eat dinner.   Noah held Sky in his lap as they ate.  Then after a while she wanted Sharlee to hold her.  By the time dinner was over, Sky was so sleepy that she couldn’t hold her head up.   Noah took her into the nursery.

Screenshot-1202When he returned, Sharlee was putting their dishes into the dishwasher, and he sat down on the couch watching television.  Sharlee finished up the dishes and then went over to him.  She loved the way his muscles rippled with his every move.  Her pulse started racing.   She straddled her body across his and said as she kissed him,  “I thought we had a play date tonight.”  

Screenshot-1205Noah eagerly returned her kiss. 

Screenshot-1210This time they didn’t make it to the bedroom.  They made love right there on the sofa. 

Screenshot-1212Afterwards they relaxed together, feeling satisfied and content, holding each other.

Screenshot-1213Noah had his term finals coming up, and Sharlee had already taken hers.   She’d cut her classes down to two that she could take online.   When Sky was older, she intended to concentrate more on her own schooling to finish the courses that she needed in order to get her degree.   She didn’t want to lose any time with Sky during her baby years.  She felt like for her now, this was the right decision, and she was fortunate to have Noah’s support.  He wanted her to reach her goals just like she was helping him reach his.

When Noah came through the door he was excited.   He lifted Sharlee up and spun her around.   Sky was in her swing, and she laughed.   Noah put Sharlee down and quickly kissed Sky.

Screenshot-1214“By that big smile on your face I’m guessing that you did well on your exams!”

Screenshot-1215“Yeah, I think I did, but that’s not the best part!   The wife of one of my instructors is going in for surgery on Wednesday.   Which is when we’re supposed to take our final for his course.  His was the last one I had to take before winter break.  The rest were scheduled for today.”

He paused and grinned at her.

“Well what happened!”

“He gave us the choice of taking our exam for his class today or waiting till Wednesday and a sub would administer it.  We took it today!  So that means that I am through with classes until next semester!  So we can fly up to the lodge for the Harley shoot sooner.”

They were scheduled to have a shoot with Harley at a lodge in the mountains later in the week.  Sharlee was quiet for a few moments.  Then she wrapped her arms around Noah’s neck.

Screenshot-1218“Noah, why don’t we drive up instead of flying?   We can take our time, and stop whenever we feel like it.  Gene isn’t expecting us until Friday, and we can leave tomorrow!   We’ll get to see the beautiful countryside.   I remember when my family went on vacation at the lodge, I looked down through the plane windows and wished that I could see a closer view.  It’s early in the season, and so we don’t have to worry about the weather!  We can stop at a nice bed and breakfast for the night!  Then go on to the lodge the next day.  It’s our first trip as a family with Sky, and I want it to be a wonderful memory.”

Screenshot-1220Noah’s first thought was that it wasn’t a good idea.   It was a very long drive up into the mountains,  but Sharlee seemed so excited.    He agreed.  “Okay, we can drive up.”

Screenshot-1216“Oh, thank you Honey!   I’ll check the weather report and make sure that it’ll be clear, and then I’ll start getting our things ready!”

Screenshot-1229Noah rented an SUV for the trip.   He thought they’d be more comfortable and safer on the roads. 

Screenshot-1235At first everything was fine.  They made frequent stops, taking care of Sky and stretching their legs.

Screenshot-1232Sharlee was right.  The views of the countryside were stunning.  She’d brought fruit and homemade cookies, not wanting them to snack on junk food.   She tried to eat healthy since she was breastfeeding Sky, and they found a nice place to eat for lunch.

Screenshot-1234Sharlee and Noah talked and laughed , enjoying being together.

Screenshot-1227Sky was content in her carseat.  She slept a lot and when she wasn’t sleeping, she played.   Noah and Sharlee both spoke with her and sang as they drove along.  

Screenshot-1228She seemed happy and was enjoying the trip too.

Screenshot-1239By the evening, they had decided to stop at a nice bed and breakfast that Sharlee had heard about.   For some reason, they were unable to enter the address into their GPS.  Their phone GPS couldn’t locate it either.   So Sharlee called the Inn and asked for directions.   Just as the clerk was telling her the directions, Sky started fussing and Sharlee got distracted.   She thought she’d written the directions correctly though.   It had started to snow.  It began as just a few flakes and then the visibility quickly went down.  Noah was driving very slowly.

“Babe, you did say turn right didn’t you?”   They should have seen it by now.  They’d been driving down the road for at least a couple of miles, and there was nothing!

Sharlee doubled checked what she had written down.   “Yes.   That’s what I have.”  She had already tried to call the Inn back but they had lost the signal on their cells.

Screenshot-1240Noah continued to inch along cautiously.   He was used to driving in the snow because it snowed often in Bridgeport.   However, this seemed like a blizzard and these were narrow winding mountain roads with very low visibility.   The sun had already set.

Despite his caution, the tires of the SUV began to spin, and they lost traction as the car seemed to leave the road!  Suddenly they were stuck in a huge snowbank!

Noah quickly checked Sky.   She was okay.  


“I’m alright!  Skylar!”

“She’s fine!”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah.  You stay inside with Sky.  I’m going to check the damage.”

Screenshot-1244Sharlee pulled out her cellphone.   She still couldn’t get a signal.

Screenshot-1248Thankfully Skylar didn’t seem to realize that anything was wrong.  Sharlee talked with her as she tried to make a call.

Screenshot-1246Noah dug away the snow and checked the front end.   The frame of one tire was completely bent in.   They weren’t going anywhere in this SUV.   So much for 4-wheel drive!  The snow was now so heavy that he couldn’t even see the road anymore.  

Screenshot-1249He tried to get a signal on his cell.   It didn’t work.  He climbed back inside the car.

Screenshot-1250“Can you get a signal on your phone?”

Screenshot-1253“No, I just tried it.  We’re stuck here for tonight.”

Screenshot-1224Three days later,  Alissa and Dale were very worried.

“Have you heard from Sharlee?”

Screenshot-1222“No.  Her phone goes straight to voicemail.   I haven’t had any response to my text messages either.”

Screenshot-1225“We should have heard something from her by now.  This isn’t like her!”  

Screenshot-1223“I know.  I’ll get Gene’s number from their agent and see if they’ve contacted him.”

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  1. OH NO! NO NO NO I hope someone comes looking for them soon and that they will be ok. This family has been through enough and it would be tragic if something were to happen. I love how Noah and Sharlee are still very much in love and how you can just feel the spark between them. Sklylar is so darned cute too! Can’t wait for the next chapter.

    • They really have been through a lot of hard times, and this is one of the worst!

      Yes, Sharlee and Noah are still crazy about each other. 😀

      I agree that Skylar is a little cutie! I’ll be sad when I age her up. She’ll be aging up to toddler soon. 😦

      Thanks for reading my story, Whitney! I am already working on the next chapter because I left this one as such a cliffhanger. 🙂

    • I know it has become that way! 😯
      I used to try to post both parts of storyline like this together, but I didn’t manage to do it this time. 😦

      I really, really promise not to wait long for the next update. I’m working on poses today!

      Thanks for reading my story, Aliru! 🙂

  2. OH NO!!!!
    I hope Sharlee and Noah and Sky are going to be okay!!!!! Of course you had to leave us on a cliffhanger!
    I loved Sharlee’s dress.
    I can’t wait for the next chapter. =)

    • They are in a very bad situation!

      Sorry about the cliffhanger! Sometimes chapters would be way too long if I don’t break them up. 🙂

      I promise to post the update next week. It probably won’t be ready until next weekend though. I really, really promise! 😉

      Thanks for reading, Star! 🙂

  3. EEKK!! NoooO! D: Panicing like crazy right now!
    They’re such a cute couple and so in love, and Sky is such a little cutie, they have to make it!! D:
    …Well, I don’t imagine you’d kill them, they’re too big a part of the story for you to do that, haha!
    I hope they can find them quickly! And I hope they have enough food!!

    • LOL Sorry Gemly! 😀

      Maybe, they will make it, but I do have a lot of characters now. 😉
      Cara and Shawn will very soon be aging up and maybe Joy and Aidan too!
      So, I could afford to lose a character or two. 👿

      Thanks for reading, Gemly! 🙂

      I promise I won’t make you guys wait too long for the next update. I still can’t believe that it had been two months since I had lasted posted a new chapter! 😯

  4. This is the best story I’ve read since I found the starr legacy!. I wish I had all the cc that’s in your game xD I keep forgetting that it IS a game when I read these. Does your game lag any? mine lags non stop -.- but anyways cant wait till the next chapter<3

    • That’s so nice of you to say, Amanda! Thank you so much! I’m glad that you’re enjoying reading it! 🙂

      Sometimes, I do have problems with my game, but most of the time, it runs fine. I am truly addicted to CC. I really need to get rid of some of it because I know there will be a lot more that I like. I use the Custom Content Manager.
      If it weren’t for that, it probably would lag!

      Thanks for reading my story, Amanda! 🙂

  5. You gotta send me the link for that baby outfit xD I tried looking for it but couldn’t find trying to get things set up for my own story but I have so little cc it would be boring. Oh and you should make everyone think they’re dead c;

  6. Lookie what we have here! I have been waiting for this chapter!!

    Anywayz yah. Awesome chapter and nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo they were snowed in but like seriously where can you not get cell reception in 2014? I’m pretty sure there are like thousands of satellites in the sky as I write. But that’s what makes it juicy so yah.

    And Noah really? Getting lost? Well at lease Sky didn’t get hurt because if she did Dale would probably kill him. Like sure he’s not a fan of Noah but I be the LOVES Sky and would freak out if she got hurt or something.


    • Thanks Arielle! 🙂

      There are still places here in the U.S. where you lose reception. Rural areas especially, even if you have a major carrier. During storms it can make it even worse! If you’ve never lost your cell reception you should be really thankful! 🙂

      Noah’s never visited that part of the state before this. So poor thing did get lost. Sharlee got the directions wrong and in the dark winding, narrow mountain roads during a snowstorm he didn’t know where he was. 😦 The storm was not expected at that time of the year.

      You’re right that Dale loves Sky. More on his reaction in the next chapter. I’m doing the pictures for it right now! 😀

      Sorry about the two month delay in updates.

      Thanks for reading my story, Arielle! 🙂

  7. wow you’ve wrote alooot since the last chapter i’ve read. i actually was lost when i came here. i had to check each and every chapter to see where i last stopped! i love the baby’s name, so cute 😀 it seems this story will never end since you’re so dedicated to it. i couldn’t write anything for more than a month haha. this is very impressive, really.
    and i know dale and alissa’s feelings. recently, we face a hardship after an airplane from my country went missing and the passengers’ family are now in misery waiting for the news. we are also affected by it. the plane lost contact and we’re wondering what happened and where they are right now. so, that last part reminds me alot of the tragedy. please pray for us 😥
    but i trust you to not let sharlee and her family fall into an extremely wretched situation 🙂

    • I had a long gap in writing too!

      I really like her name. I think it will suit her personality. 🙂

      I heard about the airplane on the news. I so hope they find out what happened!

      I promise it won’t be a long wait to find out what happens, but my laptop is broken. It broke last night! It will start, but the part that holds the screen open just broke off without warning! 😡 I’m going to see if it can be repaired. My sims and stories are set up on it! 😦 If I have to get another one, I think I’ll go back to a desktop this time. They seem to last longer than laptops and can be upgraded.

      Thanks for reading my story, Deena! 🙂

      • I’m sorry about that! i hope it can still be fixed and that your story will be fine. it’s okay, good stories are worth waiting for 🙂

      • Thanks Deena. I’m still using it with the crooked screen. I’ll probably take it next week to see if they can repair it. I’ve started looking online for a new desktop, but I’m not in a computer shopping mood! LOL

        The next chapter is still on schedule, thankfully! 😉

    • Isn’t Skylar adorable!

      We’ll find out soon what happens to them! I’m working on it today, as long as my laptop cooperates. I’m going to try to finish this storyline this weekend in case my laptop can’t be repaired. I can use it, but the screen is tilted! 😦

      Thanks for reading my story, Marissa! 🙂

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  9. Oh no! They’re stuck in the snow!!! 😦
    I hope they find a way out of this situation 🙂

    I know I haven’t commented on your story for a while, it’s just because I was busy 🙂

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