Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Five

Screenshot-295A few days after Alissa made the final plans for her trip, Sharlee had gone for a check-up at her doctor’s office.   Skylar was eight weeks old, and the doctor released Sharlee to resume all of her normal activities.  Skylar also had a checkup.   She and Sharlee were healthy.  Both Noah and Sharlee were deeply relieved.  Sharlee couldn’t wait to start back exercising!  Not just for the weight loss, but because of how good it made her feel.

Screenshot-301 Noah looked at Sharlee and kept seeing her smile.

Screenshot-302“You’re really smiling a lot.  Are you looking forward to the same thing that I am?”

Screenshot-297Sharlee laughed happily!  It had been several weeks since they’d been able to make love.   “Yes, I’m looking forward to that!”

Noah passed the turn off to her parent’s house.  Sharlee said, “Hey, you missed the turn!”

Screenshot-296Noah smiled.   “I want to show you something.”   He drove a little longer and then he pulled up in front of a house.  “Let’s go inside.”

Screenshot-311Sharlee wondered why they were there.   She walked inside and looked around her.  The great room was nice and comfortable looking with a large kitchen and dining area.   She looked at Noah questioningly.   “Why are we here?  Who lives here?”

“I hope we will, if you like it.  Let me show you around.”  

Screenshot-310He showed her the greatroom  and the study upstairs.  

Screenshot-304Then he took her across the house and showed her the master bedroom. 

Screenshot-306It had a nice ensuite bathroom. 

Screenshot-309Then he showed her the second bedroom that they could set up as Sky’s nursery.   There was also another bathroom accessed in the hall. 

Screenshot-319After that, he showed her a back deck outside, where Sharlee could do her pilates and yoga when it’s warm and let Sky play in the fenced in backyard after Sky started walking.  Sharlee had been silent during the tour, and Noah was worried that she didn’t like it.

Screenshot-313“If you don’t like this place, Sharlee, we can look for another house.   I just don’t want us to get in over our heads.  I don’t want to rent too expensive of a place, and I was thinking that we could rent now and save up to buy a house.   The Harley campaign is doing great, and we can afford the rent here.  I still have a while before I finish school, and so do you.  It will be almost another year until the dealership is ready to open.  Then, even though Harley expects ours to be one of their most lucrative franchises, I don’t want to count on that income before it even starts.  This was the model house for this subdivision, and no one has lived in it yet.  I thought a furnished place would be better for us right now.  I remember how hard it was for Remi and Darion to move with a baby.”

Sharlee still didn’t say anything.  Noah anxiously asked, “Babe, what….”

“It’s a very nice house, Noah.   It’s just that….”  She swallowed.

Screenshot-314“Sharlee, you knew that staying with your parents was just temporary, right?   I mean I really appreciate your folks letting us stay there, and you know I love your family.   It’s just that I want my own place.  I want to make a home with with you and Sky and take care of my own family.  Also, I think your Dad and I need some space from each other.”

“Of course I know that.  I understand, Noah.   It’s just that I’m afraid that I’ll mess up.”   She was fighting tears.

A light bulb went on for Noah.   Sharlee was afraid of being completely responsible for Sky!

Screenshot-315Sky was starting to whimper in Sharlee’s arms as she heard her mother trying to hold back tears.   Noah wrapped his arms around both of them.   “You know what, Sky?  Sometimes your Mommy is really funny!”  Sky laughed at the playful tone of his voice, and Sharlee stopped crying.   “You have the best Mommy in the world, and she takes such good care of you!”

Screenshot-316He felt Sharlee relax.  “Babe, the house is just a phone call and a few minutes away from your folks.   You know that if something comes up that you can’t handle, Mom and your Dad would be over here before you even finished the call!  Besides, you won’t need them.  I wouldn’t trust just anyone with my Sky, and I trust you completely.  You are a natural, nurturing mother and you instinctively know what Sky needs.   Besides, I’m here too!”

Sharlee laughed.  Noah was right!  She was being silly.   She hadn’t expected to feel such a lack of confidence in herself, but just as she did with everything, she would give her baby girl her best.  She’d shower Sky with love and everything else would fall into place. 

Her wonderful husband had found a place for them to live.  She looked at the house with new eyes and was excited to move in with Noah and Skylar.  She imagined what she could do to make it more comfortable and warm for them.  “You did good, Noah.  I really like it!”

“I’m glad!  We can keep sleeping bags for Aiden and Joy whenever they want to sleep over, and the Murphy bed in the study lets out to a full size bed for guests if they’d rather sleep there.   We can also put a twin bed in the nursery for Cara or Shawn whenever they want to sleep over.”

Screenshot-320Sharlee could already see herself working in the kitchen. 

Screenshot-322“When can we move in!”

They went to the realtor’s office and signed the paperwork.  Then they had the utilities transferred into their name.    They moved in two weeks later.    It didn’t take Sharlee long to make the changes that she wanted to make to the house, and she was glad that Noah had thought of renting a furnished house for them.  Although they still ended up buying some furniture of their own.  Sharlee had found a great sale that they couldn’t pass up!  They intended to take their furniture with them when they bought their own place.  When the time came to purchase a home, Sharlee would have full input before that was purchased.  They were hoping that they would be able to have a home built to their specifications when the time came.

Screenshot-398Sharlee couldn’t believe how happy she was.  She loved Noah and Sky with all of her heart.  However, she was tired a lot of the time.   She had started back taking classes online.  Also sometimes Skylar seemed to have her days and nights mixed up, and most nights Sharlee got up with her.   Sharlee insisted that Noah get his sleep because he had to get up early in the mornings for school and training. 

Noah was happy too!  He deeply appreciated Dale and Alissa for allowing him and Sharlee to live in their home during Sharlee’s pregnancy, but now he felt more relaxed and confident living in his own place.   While living in Dale’s home, whether true or not, Noah had felt like Dale was watching for every mistake that Noah made.  Noah helped Sharlee as much as he could.  He spent as much time as he could with both Sharlee and Skylar, but he had a lot of catching up to do because of the time he’d taken off from classes right after Skylar’s birth and settling into their new place.

Screenshot-331Noah came home for lunch one day, and Sharlee was just coming from the nursery.   When she saw Noah heading for the nursery door, she snapped at him.   “I just got her settled down!  Don’t you dare go in there!”  

Screenshot-333She saw his shocked expression and immediately apologized.   “I’m so sorry, Noah.  It’s just been a difficult day, and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.  Skylar just wants to be held and to play, and she won’t take her nap.  I haven’t had a chance to get anything done.  I don’t even have any bottles made up because I haven’t had a second to pump any milk, and my breasts feel like they’re ready to explode!”

Screenshot-332“Why don’t you go ahead and pump.   I’ll just make myself a sandwich.”

Sharlee went into the kitchen.   Noah could tell that she was worn out and needed a break.   She never wanted to ask for help.  He had figured out a long time ago that she was a perfectionist, and that she believed that she should be able to do everything herself.   When it came to other people, Sharlee was generous and forgiving even when it hurt her.  However, she had a problem recognizing and accepting her own limitations.   She thought that if things weren’t going well that just meant that she wasn’t trying hard enough.  

Noah admired that trait in her, but he was trying to help her be more balanced with it.   Especially in situations like this where she was hurting herself.   Maybe therapy would be a good idea for her too! 

Screenshot-342He called Alissa.   “Hi Mom.”

“Hi.   How are you all doing?”

“We’re alright, but Sharlee is really tired and stressed today.   Is there any way that you could come to the house this afternoon and give her a break?”

Screenshot-396“Of course I can.  I’ve missed my baby, but I just wanted to give you all time alone to settle into the house.  I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

“Thanks, Mom, and unless she asks, could you just act like you decided on your own to come by the house?”

Alissa laughed.  “Sure,  I’ll see you in a few minutes.”  Alissa went into the kitchen and got some things together and then she headed to Sharlee’s house.

Screenshot-327After he finished talking with Alissa, Noah quietly went into the nursery.   Sky immediately saw him and laughed and smiled.   Noah picked her up and hugged her.  

Screenshot-328Then he looked into her sweet little face and smiled.  “Are you giving Mommy a hard time today?   Of course my Sky wouldn’t do that; would you, Baby?”

Screenshot-324Sky laughed again. 

Screenshot-334Sharlee let Alissa into the house, and Alissa took one look at her and sent her to bed for a nap.   Sharlee’s face was pale, and she looked bone tired. 

“Honey, you go get some rest!  You’re dead on your feet!  I’m staying.   Sharlee, you have family just dying to spend time with Skylar and you.   There is no excuse not to let us help!”

Screenshot-335Sharlee grinned sheepishly.  “I guess you’re right, Mom.   I will from now on.”  

Sharlee put the bottles that she’d prepared into the refrigerator and then went into the nursery.

Screenshot-336“I knew I’d find you in here!   My Mom is staying with Skylar this afternoon, and I’m going to take a nap.   I really am sorry for being so crabby.”

Noah laid Sky back into her crib.

Screenshot-369He hugged Sharlee.  “You put up with me when I’m crabby too.  You don’t have to apologize.”

Screenshot-367She said in an emotion filled voice.  “I love you both!”

Sharlee kissed Noah and kissed Sky too.  

Screenshot-401Then she went to their bedroom and took a well-needed nap.  She was surprised when she awakened.  She had slept for almost two hours!   There was a delicious smell in the air.   She peeked inside the nursery, and Skylar wasn’t in there.   Then she went to the greatroom.  

Screenshot-344Skylar was contentedly swinging in her swing.  She was happy to see her mother.

Screenshot-348Sharlee couldn’t resist talking with her and giving her a kiss. 

Screenshot-352Alissa was in the kitchen cooking.  

Screenshot-355There were two pans of lasagna sitting on the counter.

“Wow, you’ve really been busy, Mom.”

Screenshot-359“I cooked a pan of lasagna for you and Noah and one to take home with me for dinner tonight.  I also have a roast with potatoes and carrots for you and Noah in the oven.  Another tip that I learned when you all were babies is that when I cooked, I tried to prepare several meals at once.  That way if things were hectic during the week, I could just pull something out of the freezer or out of the refrigerator.”

Screenshot-358“Also Sweetie, I think that you could use a break at least once a week.  You need an afternoon for yourself to recharge and relax.  Taking care of yourself will make you an even better mother and wife.  I still have a couple of months before my show starts back in production.  So we’ll set an afternoon for you to go the spa or shopping or whatever you’d like to do while I keep Skylar.  After I go back to work, I know that your grandmother Kaye would love to keep Skylar, and when Remi moves here, you and she could work something out to take turns with the kids.  While Skylar is taking her nap everyday take a part of that time to do your yoga and meditate or take a short nap if you need it.   Just that few minutes a day will energize you.  I know how much you used to love doing yoga.”

Screenshot-362Sharlee just hugged Alissa.  Her Mom was so special!  She sent Noah a text asking him if he minded her family having dinner at their place.   He texted back that it was okay with him. 

Screenshot-382Her Mom agreed, and so they had their first big family dinner at Sharlee and Noah’s new place. 

Screenshot-379Noah smiled at Sharlee across the table.

Screenshot-378She smiled back at him and Skylar. 

Screenshot-405That evening as Noah kissed Sharlee goodnight, he decided that no matter how much Sharlee protested, he was going to going to take his turn staying up nights with Sky when needed.  Sharlee’s rest was just as important to him as his own.  He’d never needed much sleep anyway.  Besides, Sky was his baby too, and he felt just as responsible for taking care of her needs as Sharlee did!

Screenshot-406Alissa and Crystal had both spoken on the phone with their grandparents, but they were still apprehensive about meeting them in person.  Dale drove them to the airport.

Screenshot-408“I know they’re going to love you, Alissa.  Trent said that they’re very nice people, and he doesn’t say that about just anyone.”

Screenshot-410“I so hope you’re right.  I mean I’m glad that I have Matthew, Crystal and Michael, but it would just feel so nice to have someone from my Mom’s side of the family that I can be close to as well.  Really, I am excited.”

Screenshot-409“Good, Sweetheart.  Don’t forget to call after you get there, and if you need me, I’ll be on the first flight out!”

Screenshot-413Alissa smiled and kissed him.   “I love you and I’ll miss you!”

“Same here!”

Dale gave her one last kiss goodbye.  Then he hugged Cara and Joy and told them all goodbye.   They headed to the plane.  Their flight went smoothly and before long they arrived in Champs Les Sim.


The family has had  a nice break from drama, but we know that can’t last!   😉

A few extra dinner pictures of the family:


67 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Five

  1. But if there’s no drama, then what fun is that? 😛 Just kidding, but I’m glad everyone is doing well. Sharlee and Noah have a super nice rental house! She is fortunate to have a large family to help with Sky, so she just needs to ask! I know it is hard when you’re a perfectionist and want to be “super mom.” Lovely update!

    • I meant that the drama is about to begin again! LOL They had a rest from drama over the last couple of chapters. 😀

      I got a little carried away with decorating their rental house. I found a remodel of a Sunset Valley house and redecorated it, but I may have made it bit too much for this stage of their lives. 😯

      You’re right that she’s fortunate to have family who want to help her.

      Thanks Sarah, and thank you for reading my story! 🙂

  2. Hi I am sorry but my computer won’t allow me to post the house that I made and to be honest I wasn’t really happy with it.
    Sharlee is getting a little kranky and I think she hold follow her mothers advice.

    Dale looks like he got skinnier it just makes him look so much taller.

    Theres not much to say about this chapter but wow can’t wait for the next one


    • I can’t upload to the exchange either. It doesn’t work for me so don’t feel bad!

      Yes, she was getting cranky from last of rest, but hopefully now she’ll have a better routine. 🙂

      It’s actually the pose that made him look taller. I wasn’t really satisfied with that last picture of he and Alissa sharing a kiss, but my game was acting wonky and so I was scared to repose the scene. 😦

      Thanks for reading, Aliru! 🙂

  3. It’s a good thing that the family id finally going to have a break from drama.
    I can’t wait to see what Alissa and Crystal’s grandparents look like, I wonder if they will have Alissa’s hair color.
    I loved Sharlee and Noah’s house, it looks amazing! Did you build their house?? If you did, fantastic job!!
    I really liked the dinner pictures, they looked very nice.
    I found it funny when Sharlee snapped at Noah when he was going to see Sky.
    Skylar’s nursery was so adorable.

    • Their break from drama kind of ended for a while with this chapter. The drama comes back in the next chapter! 👿

      I haven’t made her relatives yet! 😯 LOL She looks like her grandmother on Matthew’s side of the family in her facial features, but I think I will have the blond hair come from her mother’s side of the family. 😉

      Aww, thanks about their house. I took pictures of it, but didn’t post them. I thought it’d make too many for the chapter. I always go overboard in my pictures as it is! LOL I thought you guys would rather see pictures of the family and I’m glad that you liked them! 🙂

      Yeah, they are definitely not perfect! LOL She was making herself overstressed, but hopefully she’ll do better now. She has plenty of help if she’ll take it!

      Thanks Star! I didn’t want to do it in pink and I thought maybe Sharlee would pick yellow. It was fun to decorate it! 🙂

      Thanks for reading my story! 🙂

  4. Daisy, you posted early hah? Not fair, hehehe

    Why too short? So I have to wait until the next chapter to see Alissa’s grandparents?

    I still in love with Sky and Dale, he such a hot grandfather, LoL

    • Yes, I wasn’t sure when I was going to get a chance to go on my computer today.

      It was short? I hadn’t realized that it was. You don’t think they are usually too long? 😯

      It’s holiday time, but I still plan to work on the updates. So it should be posted next Monday. 😉

      I still love Dale too! I think he’s very good looking! 😀

      Thanks for reading, Anita! 🙂

    • Bojana, I didn’t realize that they were too short! LOL I promise to make the next one longer if that’s what you all prefer. 😀 I’m glad to know that you like the longer chapters! I sometimes think I’m too long-winded with my writing.

      The next one won’t be out till next Monday. I have to make some sims and decorate a lot for the next chapter. I also need to work on my other story Mutation. I have some fun busy times ahead! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, Bojana! 🙂

  5. Daisy I COULD MAKE YOU A MAIL A Mail sim but it would have to be on the sim 3 exchange mu user is bunnycat443 . Annyway sorry this was a short comment maximillion is crying so id better go ! 🙂

  6. Most of my legacy family is up for download on the blog. If you ever need sims go steal whoever. Unfortunately, there aren’t very good male genes in the Mattell family, but the females are pretty!

    Anyway, NO! D: What’s gunna happen in Champs Les Sims!?

    I’m glad Sharlee knows she can ask for help now. I think I’d be the same, though. I’m too stubborn and proud and I want to be independant and do everything. I love their new house, and I’m really happy that both Sharlee and Sky are doing well 🙂

    • Thank you so much Gemma! Making sims is my least favorite part of simming and doing stories. I think that your males are goodlooking!

      Yeah, Champs Les Sims. Once again I’m behind, and I haven’t even started the pictures. I also don’t have the sims made or the lot finished. 😦

      Sometimes it is hard to ask for help. I’m like that too. For me, I feel like why should someone else have to use their time to help me. I should be able to do it myself, and if not then do without. Sometimes it’s hard to force myself to ask.

      Thanks Gemma! I had a good time decorating it, and I know I probably went a little overboard with it! 😉

      Thanks for reading my story, Gemma! 🙂

    • Wow, time has flown by! I bet she’s really grown a lot! 😀

      I changed the next chapter because I just didn’t like it. 😦 So, I’m still working on it. I can promise that it will be posted later this week. I’m hesitating to say a specific day though because of the way I keep getting behind lately. 😦

  7. Hey Daisy,

    I already comented but I’m so eager for the new chapter! You told me it was coming yesterday… Anyways do you know when you’re posting it? I’m so excited!

    • Bojana, I’m sorry, but it’s still not ready. I really didn’t like what I had written, and I changed it. 😦 I’ve almost finished the lots and the sims though.

      I’m still working on it, but I promise that it will be posted this week. I hate to say another specific day and then not have it ready. Are we friends on Facebook? I can message you when it’s ready if you’d like. 🙂

  8. Aww I’m glad Noah saw the need in Sharlee. I know she feels pressure to be a good mom but running herself into the ground was not the way to do it. It’s nice she was open to getting the help she needed. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the visit with the grandparents. I hope it goes well for Alissa. Why isn’t Crystal going?

    • Yes, he usually has great instincts when it comes to Sharlee. You’re right that running herself into the ground isn’t the right way to be a good mother!

      The grandparent’s visit is in the next chapter! 😉 Crystal is going too! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, Jaz! 🙂

  9. Sorry I haven’t been commenting! My week has been jam-packed with science fair and other assignments we have to finish before Christmas break. On the bright side, I think I’ll get first place in my section in science fair! 🙂

    Anyways, it’s so nice to see the family all together. I’m glad they’re at a quiet part in the road, but the drama should start back up again. It’s what makes the story interesting.

    I can’t really see a difference in Sharlee’s weight! She still looks gorgeous! 😀

    I know how much stress a new mom can have. I remember when my cousin had her first baby, she didn’t sleep for weeks. She tried to get everything perfect, but me and a couple other family helped her through it. She’s a great mom! 🙂

    Every chapter you write is great! I’m surprised that after 135 chapters, you still have ideas. I’d run out at about 70! 🙂 keep up the good work. 😀

    • Science Fair! I used to like those. What was your project? I hope you do get first place! 😀

      Yes, I nice calm time for them. Drama returns in the next chapter. 😉 Then it will be a while before another calm time for them.

      Yeah, me and the game did not get along when it came to Sharlee’s weight. I’d change it and then the next thing I know she was back to her original weight. Also different outfits made her look different weights. I just gave up. 😡 She’ll be the way she was before baby. 😀

      Yeah, it’s a joyful and stressful time for a new Mom. It’s great if she has help. Definitely much easier. 😉

      Awww, thanks Jurnee! I’m still have more ideas. I sort of wish that I’d gone with one of the other storylines next rather than the Alissa’s family in France next because it hasn’t turned out like I wanted. Hopefully it will still be interesting though!

      Thanks for sticking with my story, Jurnee! I so hope you win in the science fair even it isn’t first place! 🙂

    • Aliru,

      Open the cheat window and then type Control+Shift+C
      Then type in the cheat window testingCheatsEnabled true
      Then type – hideHeadlineEffects on
      Then type testingCheatsEnabled false

  10. I just realized something….Bronson hasn’t even seen his granddaughter! Sharlee needs to take a special visit. I know she isn’t really close to him, but that is his daughter and granddaughter by blood. 😀 I can’t wait for the next chapters to come!

    • Hi Anika!

      No, I haven’t written that Bronson saw her yet, but I would think that he had come to see her by now. Dale’s parents, Miki, and Crystal I’d definitely think that they have been there by now to see Sky. I just hadn’t thought to write it into the past few chapters since she’s been born. 😯 I have a storyline in mind involving Bronson and his parents as well as Noah’s parents. So Noah, Sharlee and Skylar will be going to Bridgeport for a visit eventually. I have a couple of other storylines before that though. 😉

      Thanks for reading, Anika! 🙂

    • Hello Anita!

      I’m sorry, but I’ve just had to give up on having it finished before the holiday. I’m going shopping with my mother-in-law today and dinner with his family tonight. Tomorrow hubby and I have shopping to do. Then I’m leaving town on Sunday to be with my family for the holiday. I am so sorry that I won’t have time to finish it! 😦

  11. Hi!
    I am in love with this series, and was wondering, what is Trent’s relation with Alissa?
    Added plus, when will Joy and Aidan age up? I feel like Joy might look “somewhat” (sarcasm included) like Alissa.

    These sims are gorgeous BTW!

    • Hi Carrie!

      I’m so glad that you’re enjoying reading it! 🙂

      Trent is the private investigator that Alissa’s father hired to find his daughter early in the story. Trent became a close friend of the family. I just realized that I forgot to have him at Sharlee’s wedding! 😯

      It will still be a while before Joy and Aiden age up. I have a few more storylines first. 😉

      Joy looks more like her father’s side of the family. She looks like her father, Alex for a change! 😀

      Thanks Carrie and thanks for reading my story! 🙂

      • Honestly I want to see Joy when she’s a teenager. In the Sims 3 the children, in my opinion, don’t look as diverse as say, the teens or adults.
        Also, I know these 2 weeks where an exception but do you have a upload schedule, or thinga-ma-jig. For uploads? I can’t wait for the next chapter! 🙂

        Sorry for badgering you this holiday season,

      • Hi Carrie! You’re not badgering me! 🙂

        It’ll still be a while before Joy and Aiden are teens. I still need them all at the ages they are right now because of the next storylines. When Cara and Shawn age up for college, Joy and Aiden will age up to teens. It makes me sort of sad to think of them all getting so much older! 😦

        I’m glad that you’re looking forward to the next chapter! I hope it’ll be a good one. I’m working on it today. It’s mainly about Alissa and Crystal’s visit with their grandparents and this storyline lasts just two chapters. 😀

        Thank you so much for reading my story, Carrie! 🙂

  12. How did you dress their baby up like that? Usually the babies are just wrapped up in blankets! But I love their house, its beautiful:-) hope you update soon!

  13. Daisy , Prepare yourself for a great idea lol .

    You should do a baby challenge with alissa and include alex and dale as one of the fathers .

    Oh and in the next chapter is it possible to give us a picture of aiden as a toddler cuz im a little sad we nether got to see toddler aiden (boo-hoo lol)

    One more question actually two lol , when will alissa end and 2 : whens the next chapter

    Bieee xx lots of love from ella and maximillion !!!

    • Hello Ellea!

      Maybe one day I can stick with a challenge. I’ve tried before and failed. 😦

      Sure, I can get a picture of Aiden as a toddler. I didn’t show him as a baby, did I! 😯

      I don’t have an ending for Alissa yet. I had one before, but was asked to continue the story. It was supposed to end with Dale really dead and Alissa married to Alex. That was many, many chapters ago! LOL

      It’s become a challenge that I set for myself now to see how long I can keep it going. As long as I can continue thinking of new storylines, I’ll keep writing it. 😀 I have several more storylines in mind for Alissa and her family, and so it will still be a long while before I end it. 😀

      I’m working on the next chapter more today, but I don’t want to say when I’ll post it and break that promise again. I hope by Sunday! 😉

      Love to you and your little Sweetie, Maximillion! ♥♥♥

  14. Great chapter! I’m glad Sharlee and Sky are both healthy after their check up at the doctor. Aww Sharlee looked so sad when she was looking round the house, it’s gotta be a huge thing not having your family around when you have a newborn but at least they’re not too far away 🙂 poor Sharlee getting all stressed and tired looking after Sky, I think she’s doing a great job! And Alissa is the best mom ever! 🙂
    I hope things go well for Alissa and Crystal when they meet their grandparents, I have a feeling something’s gonna go wrong though :/

    • Yeah, she just needed reassurance that she could be a good mother on her own. Noah said just the right thing! 🙂

      She really feels like she should be able to do everything herself, but in this case it was just too much for her. Hasn’t Alissa turned out to be a great Mom! Definitely not like her own mother.

      Hopefully the trip won’t be too bad for them! 😉

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