Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Four

Screenshot-228Alissa answered her phone and was pleased to hear Trent’s voice.   “Hello Trent.”

Screenshot-218“Hi Alissa.  It’s good to hear you sound happy again!”

“I am really happy.  Joy is healthy, and now I have my baby Skylar.”

Trent laughed!  “Your baby!  I bet you have to wrestle Sharlee for her.”

Screenshot-229Alissa laughed too!   “Yeah, Sharlee and Noah!  I really think Skylar is going to be a “Daddy’s girl” just like Sharlee is.”

Screenshot-219“It’s hard to imagine you and Dale as grandparents.”

“It happened sooner than we expected, but we are so glad that we have Skylar now.   She’s just what our family needed to bring us all together.  Dale and Noah are getting along better since she’s been born.  They’re still not exactly friends, but I’ve caught them smiling at each other more.”

“I guess that is a start in the right direction.  The reason I called, Alissa, is that I have some news for you.”

Screenshot-227Alissa’s breath caught.   She didn’t know if it would be good or bad news.  After Joy had become sick, no one in the family was a match to donate marrow.   If Alex had not come forward, there was no guarantee that Joy would have survived long enough before she was at the top of the list of those needing donors from the registry.  Even though Joy had recovered, Alissa had asked Trent to try to find out if she had any relatives from her mother’s side of the family.   She felt that it was time for both she and Crystal to know, whether good or bad.

Screenshot-222“As to who Crystal’s father was, there is really no way of  learning who he was at this point.  Even your mother didn’t know.  She believed that it had to be one of her prostitution clients, but after she came out of jail she was not very discriminating as to who she was “with” like she was before she was incarcerated.   She no longer ran her call girl and drug operation, and she didn’t have the success that she had before.”   He paused, not sure of how to explain to Alissa without hurting or offending her.

Screenshot-225“Trent, I know what kind of person my mother was.   You can’t shock me now.”

Trent continued.  “Before she went to jail, you know that your mother dealt drugs, and that she had her own call girls working for her.  After she was released, she not only dealt drugs, but she became addicted.  She ended up working for a pimp.  After talking with those who knew her, it became clear that the only reason that she had kept Crystal was that she intended to one day break free from her pimp and use Crystal as the first girl in her own new prostitution ring.”

Alissa wasn’t surprised to hear it.  She had guessed how her mother intended to use Crystal.

Trent told her more.  “Her pimp washed his hands of her, and she ended up going even deeper into drugs and prostituting herself.  She’d got Crystal hooked on the drug and distributing it for her as well.   That’s how they ended up with those charges against them before they fled Sunset Valley and came to find you.”

Alissa was so happy that she had her sister and had been able to help her when she’d needed her most.  Crystal’s spirit would have been broken, and she might have even died if she had remained under their mother’s control.

“I’ve found your grandparents, Alissa.”


Her mother would never answer Alissa’s questions about whether her grandparents were still alive and eventually her mother’s angry reaction to the questions had taught Alissa to quit asking.

Screenshot-221“Yes they are still alive and well.   Your mother grew up in small town in New England, called Clearwater.   Her family was very conservative and well respected in the community.   Your grandfather was French and your grandmother was American.  They met when he was sent from France by his company for a job.  He transferred there to Clearwater and they married and raised a family.”

Screenshot-229“Wow, I had no idea.”

“You also have an aunt and two cousins. Your cousins also have children.  Their children are all teenagers.  There are two boys and a girl.”

She asked him, “Do they still live in Clearwater?”

“No, they live in France.   Your grandfather accepted a new position with his company when your mother was in college, and the family moved then.”

“My mother was in college?”

Screenshot-223“Yes.  She attended for two years.   She was going for a degree in Fine Arts, but she dropped out and decided to pursue a singing career.   From all accounts she was a very talented singer and could have done well if she had worked at it.  I’ve spoken to many people who knew her over the years, and it seems that your mother always dreamed of being wealthy.  She wanted to be among the rich and powerful, but didn’t want to do it the hard way.  She met people who convinced her that satisfying a need for “fun” for the wealthy would lead to wealth for herself.  

Of course it didn’t work out the way she had planned.  Her family had cut all ties with her after trying without success to get her to change.  The final straw was when she stole your Aunt’s identity and opened up checking and credit card accounts in her name.   The family didn’t press charges, but made it clear to your mother that she was no longer to have any contact with them until she had turned her life around.”

Screenshot-232“Have you spoken with them?”

“Yes, I have.  I’ve met them, Alissa.  With everything that you’ve been through, I wanted to check everything out myself.   You’ll have to forgive me for being so protective, but you and Dale are like family to me.”

“Awww, thanks, Trent!  Of course, I understand, and I appreciate it.  You are family to us too!”

Screenshot-220“They are very nice, hard working and decent people.   They own a small family run vineyard in Champs Les Sim, France.   It’s been passed down through generations in your grandfather’s family.  They are not super wealthy, but they are comfortable.  Their wealth is tied to the land.  I guess your mother wasn’t satisfied with that.  They had no idea that either you or Crystal existed!   They were thrilled when I told them about you and showed them pictures of you and your family.   They want to meet you.”

Screenshot-233“I want to meet them too.”

They talked a while longer and then Alissa went to find Dale.   She told him the news and then called Crystal.   They decided that Alissa should be the one to call their grandparents.   During the conversation there were a lot of happy tears from Alissa and her grandparents.  They made plans for her and Crystal  to go and visit them soon.  Alissa and Dale had thought it best for she and Crystal to go alone for this first visit and bring the rest of the family at another time.  Alissa couldn’t believe that when she had visited Champs Les Sim in the past, she’d had family there all along!

Screenshot-262George came to see Dale, and they went to his office to talk.

“I just received a call from a buddy on the force in Riverview.   The body of a woman washed up on the riverbanks a couple of weeks ago.  It has now been identified as the body of Betty Simovitch.”

Screenshot-269Dale was dumbfounded!   “How did she die?”

Screenshot-263“The coroner wasn’t able to determine the manner of her death.  However, he does say that it was not by natural causes.   The oddest fact is that she hasn’t been dead for more than a month.”

Screenshot-266“Do they know where she’s been all this time?”

“No, and the file on her disappearance has been closed.  The case is just too cold.  The good thing is that you and Alissa no longer have to worry about her.”

“Yeah, even after all of this time, it’s a big relief; and I know it will be for Alissa too!”

Screenshot-272Alissa and Dale hugged each other after he told her about Betty.  It surprised Alissa to realize that she had not thought about Betty for quite a long time, but she still was very relieved to learn that Betty would not ever be a threat for her and her family again.

Screenshot-273Cara and Kent had broken up after all.  It had been a mutual decision, but Cara was feeling really bummed over it.  Two weeks had passed, and she wasn’t feeling any better. 

Screenshot-276Alissa thought that a change would be good for her and decided to take Cara with her on her trip to France.   Cara had been a lot younger the last time the family had gone, and since she intended to become a professional photographer, Alissa believed that taking pictures of the beautiful scenery in France might lift her spirits.  Cara was excited when she found out that she was going too.    Joy was quiet after she was told that Alissa was going to France.

Screenshot-257“Are you okay, Honey?”

Joy didn’t answer, but Alissa had guessed the problem.

“Is it because I’m going away for a little while?”

Joy nodded her head, yes.

Screenshot-260“You know I’m coming back don’t you?”

Screenshot-259“Yes, but I don’t want you to go!”

“I won’t be gone for long, and Daddy be here with you.  So will the rest of the family.”

Alissa was a little perplexed by Joy’s reaction.   Alissa had been away before, and Joy had even gone many times to see her grandparents in Florida without Alissa.  She had never reacted in this way.  Alissa wondered if it was some insecurity Joy still had after her illness.

Alissa talked it over with Dale, and she decided to take Joy with her as well.   She knew that eventually Joy wouldn’t worry about their being apart; but for now, they needed to make her feel secure.  Cara could look after Joy when Alissa and Crystal needed to talk with their grandparents about adult matters.  Aiden and Shawn were fine with not going this time.   The plans for the trip were finalized, and they would leave at the end of the month.

Screenshot-235Noah and Dale arrived home at the same time and walked into the great room.  They were both shocked to see Christian there with Sharlee.  He was holding Skylar.

Screenshot-240He explained to Dale.  “I came to see the baby and to bring a gift.”

Screenshot-245Dale had wondered the day before when Christian had asked him if Noah was still in school.   Obviously Noah and Christian didn’t like each other, and so Christian’s question had been surprising.  Ordinarily Dale would still be at his practice at this time of the day, and Noah would still be in class.   It was a fluke that they both got home so early.  Dale found it an odd coincidence that Christian had selected a time to visit Sharlee when neither he nor Noah would be expected to be at home.  It gave him an uncomfortable feeling and for the first time, a slightly negative view of Christian.

Noah didn’t like seeing Christian holding his baby.  Skylar was looking at her Dad, and she was like a little antenna.   She sensed that her Dad was upset and started wriggling in Christian’s arms.   Sharlee was surprised because Skylar had never behaved that way with anyone else.  Noah headed for Skylar, but Dale beat him to it.  He took Skylar from Christian and kissed her cheek.

Screenshot-246“How’s Granddaddy’s little Sweet Pea today?”

Screenshot-247Skylar was smiling again.

Screenshot-250Sharlee felt Christian looking at her.

“Thanks for the gift, Christian.”

Screenshot-249“You’re welcome, Sharlee.   I guess I’ll head on out.”

Screenshot-251“Congratulations, Noah.  You’re an extremely lucky man.”


Noah walked Christian to the door and then went over to Dale and Sky.   Dale held her for a few minutes longer and then handed her over to Noah.

Screenshot-256Noah hugged Sky tightly, and she laid against her daddy’s shoulder, perfectly content as she went to sleep.  Sharlee hadn’t expected Christian to visit either, but she could understand that he’d want to see Skylar.  Especially since he knew how difficult her pregnancy had been.  However, if her mother hadn’t been home too, she wouldn’t have let him inside.

Screenshot-254She kissed Noah’s cheek as he held Sky.   She was proud of him for not losing his temper.

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    • Thank you so much Anita!
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    • Yes, I thought that Alissa should have the chance to get to know her mother’s side of the family too! Especially with what happened to Joy.

      You are so right about it being hard to do the storylines for everyone. Sometimes I forget about different characters! 😦 I know I’ve neglected little Aiden, and I’m going to have to think of something for him soon! I also want to do a couple of chapters of Crystal’s life in her city, and I need to make a poll deciding her career. 😉

      Yeah, I think break-ups are hard at that age. Even if you both agree that it’s the best thing to do! 😦 She’s already feeling better and excited her trip. You mean Jared Broke? She’ll eventually meet him again, but not until she’s older. 😉 Maybe I’ll have their paths cross before that, but they won’t get together while she’s this age. I also need to write something else for Shawn. Maybe not a date, but something for a boy his age too! I am so excited about some of the storylines that I have in mind! I just need more time to get it done. 😀

      I still haven’t started on the next update for Mutation. I was hoping to start today, but my Hubby is home and bothering me! LOL He’s not really bothering me, but I just can’t seem to get on my computer much when he’s home. 🙂 Tomorrow I will definitely start on it!

      You are very welcome! Thank you for reading it! 🙂 ♥

      • Haha I know how that goes with the Hubby. There’s always stuff to do and talk about!

        Yes – I feel like we don’t know too much about Aiden! Shawn too, I know he needed time after the Monet incident (That was her name right?). You have many, many characters to work with now, so hopefully Alissa will continue for a long time! (Hint lol)

  16. Aww, your story always gives such great warm and fuzzy feelings. 🙂

    So proud of Noah for not losing his temper. He really should be secure in his relationship with Sharlee by now. He knows she’s a one woman man! And I’m proud of Dale for being a bit suspicious of Christian. It did seem like he planned his visit for a time that both Dale and Noah were gone. Maybe he wanted to be there during a time he could avoid conflict, but then again maybe he had other reasons.

    Joy, so worried about being away from her mom. I guess being sick and not really understanding would make changes in her behavior. It will be interesting to see how Alissa gets along with her grandparents.

    Lastly, Cara. Maybe she liked Kent more than she thought. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if they get back together.

    Sorry it took so long to comment. Getting Fiendish done sort of became all consuming. 🙂 Hope you are doing well. Wishing your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Thanks Jaz! I was hoping this part of the story would feel that way! 😀

      Yes, he’s really trying to change for the better. He wants to be a good husband and father. Finally he really believes that Sharlee really loves only him.

      Yeah, Christian may not have had bad motives, but even Dale felt uncomfortable with the way Christian timed it!

      Hopefully, Joy will start to feel secure again. Being sick did effect her. 😦

      Yes, it surprised Cara the way that she felt afterwards. She hadn’t expected to feel so upset. Maybe she’s losing hope that she can have a real relationship. Sometimes when you’re her age, it’s hard to believe that the current relationship won’t be the last one.

      Awww, don’t feel bad about that! I don’t know how you find time to do everything that you do as it is! 😯 I can’t believe that Fiendish is over! I have to get caught up too!

      I hope you and your family have great holidays too, Jaz! ♥♥♥

  17. Wow it seems that I have missed alot. I just had to read this latest chapter while I was able to rob an internet signal. I am so glad the family seems to be on the mend and doing well. Little Skylar is so dang cute! Love the fact that she’s in an outfit. I hope that the girls enjoy the trip to France and that Cara cheers up. I hope maybe Alissa can get some answers about her past and that Joy will heal physically and emotionally. That blasted Christian…I hope he doesn’t have something up his sleeve to spoil things…Betty is dead…good riddance.

    • Don’t feel bad Whitney! It’s a very busy time of year! I hope you had a great time with your family! 🙂

      Isn’t Skylar adorable! 😀

      Yeah, Cara really did need to get away and clear her head. Hopefully the trip is what both she and Joy need.

      Christian doesn’t seem to be letting go of his interest in Sharlee, but maybe he won’t make a pest of himself! 😉

      At least no more Betty for Alissa to worry about. Betty ruined her own life!

      Thanks for reading, Whitney! Hope you have a great holiday! 🙂

  18. Aww Alissa has such a big family that she didn’t know about! I hope the meeting goes well between them.
    I wonder what happened to Betty, I’m glad she’s out of their life now but I wonder if they’ll find out. The plot thickens!
    I’m so glad Noah kept his calm when he saw Christian, I hope he doesn’t become a problem. Skylar is just adorable.
    Fantastic chapter daisies:)

    • Yes, she really does have a large family! It’s sad that she didn’t know it until now.

      Yeah, Betty is totally out of their lives. How she died is a mystery! 😉

      Noah is really fighting to do better at controlling his temper. He knows now that losing his control would hurt his family too.

      I just love that little baby! I think she’s a cutie 😀

      Thank you Clairey and thanks for reading my story! 🙂

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