Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Nine

Screenshot-1257Noah checked the gas gauge and knew that they would not have enough gas to run the car’s heater for much longer.   He had already realized that no one knew where they were.   Probably about now they would be missed though.

They were almost out of food.   He looked at Sharlee and Sky.  He needed to do something.   He couldn’t just keep sitting there until they froze to death or starved.   Although Sharlee was breastfeeding Sky, how much longer would she be able to do that without having the proper food herself!   They did have some milk for Sky that Sharlee had expressed at home and brought with them, but that wouldn’t last long either.   Sky wasn’t smiling as much, and Noah knew that it was because she sensed that something was wrong.     Noah came to a decision.

“Babe, no one knows where we are.   They would be here by now if they did.   This area seems to be very isolated.  I think that we’ve gone a long way off the main highway.  I’m going to explore and see what’s around us.”

Screenshot-1259“Noah, I’m sorry!  This is all my fault!   I should have made sure that I had the directions clear before I hung up with the Inn.”

Screenshot-1264“That doesn’t matter now.   Don’t let it get too cold, but try not to run the engine anymore than you have to do.”

He leaned over and kissed her and then Sky.    “I love you both.”

“We love you too Noah.   Be careful!”

“You too, Sharlee.  Keep the doors locked just in case.”   He put on his jacket and gloves.  Then he left the car.

Screenshot-1266There was white snow covering everything.   Noah couldn’t even see the road.  He trudged off through the deep snow in what he hoped was a good direction.

Screenshot-1412“Dale, Skylar is so young.   She can’t make it in cold weather like this!”

Screenshot-1411Alissa broke down.   She’d been strong as long as she could, but it had been days with no word or any idea of where Sharlee and her family were!

“Honey, I’m sure that Noah is keeping them safe!  You know he won’t let anything happen to Skylar or Sharlee!  I know they’ll find them.   They have to find them!”

Alissa didn’t say anything else.   She knew that Dale had only said that to comfort her.  She thought to herself about the fact that Noah was a city boy.  He didn’t know how to survive outdoors in cold weather like that.   Although Sharlee had gone camping ever since she was girl, she’d never done it in that type of weather!  Alissa didn’t want to give up hope, but it was becoming less and less likely that her children would be found alive.   The searchers really didn’t even know where to look for them!

Screenshot-1269Noah had been gone for a long time.   Skylar fell asleep and Sharlee had to use the bathroom badly!   She made sure that Skylar was secure, and then she put on her hat and gloves.  She walked a short distance from the car.

Screenshot-1274After she was finished, she started making her way back.    The deep snow made walking very difficult.   One of her feet slipped and twisted sideways.

Screenshot-1277She pitched backward onto the ground!  Sharlee lay there for a few moments stunned.   Then as she tried to stand up, she felt pain shooting through one of her ankles!

Screenshot-1279She dropped back down.  She looked over at the SUV.   Skylar would be awake soon, and she’d be scared when she realized that she was in the car alone.  Sharlee forced herself to stand.

Screenshot-1283She grimaced in pain as she slowly made her way back to the car.  After she was inside, she tried to take her boot off, but the pain was too much.

Screenshot-1289Sky awakened, and Sharlee took her from the backseat.

Screenshot-1285She was very worried about Noah.

Screenshot-1291Noah finally came back to the SUV and opened the door.

“I found a cave!   We can have a fire and stay warm in there.  We’re almost out of gas, and we can’t stay here.”

As he talked, Noah was getting some of their things together to take with him.   “You and Sky wait here.  I’ll come back for you.   I want to get the fire started and make sure it’s warm before we take Sky.”

Screenshot-1294He took the things that he’d gathered and headed back to the cave.   After he was inside, he put a tire from the SUV on the ground.   He got a fire started inside the center of the tire.   It worked just as he’d hoped!  The metal barrier in the center of the wheel kept the fire burning hotly and  kept the fire from reaching the rubber part of the tire.  Then he made a comfortable spot for his family on the other side of the cave.   He thoroughly checked the rest of the cave to make sure that there wasn’t another entrance behind them.

He used the SUV jack to move some rocks and stones to block the entrance and keep the heat inside the cave.  It would also discourage animals from getting inside.   He needed to make sure that Sharlee and Sky would be as safe as possible.  After he had done the best that he could, Noah headed back to the SUV.

“Okay, Sharlee.   Let’s go to the cave.   You carry Sky, and I’ll bring some more of our things.”

Screenshot-1295Sharlee made sure that she and Skylar were bundled up warmly and put Sky into her harness.  Then she got out of the car.   Her bad ankle buckled when she put weight on it, and she fell back against the car.   Noah grabbed her and steadied her.  Sharlee started to cry.   She felt angry with herself, frustrated and sad all at once!


Screenshot-1296“I’m so sorry, Noah!  I always used to be irritated in those old movies when the woman would fall or hurt her ankle after the monster or the bad guy was after them.  Then everyone would almost die because of trying to help her!   Now it’s happened to me!   I fell when I went to use the bathroom and I hurt my ankle.  I can’t go with you.   You take Sky with you to the cave.   You can make her some bottles with the milk in the cooler.  Someone should find you soon.  I’ll just stay here and try to conserve the rest of the gas for as long as possible.”

Screenshot-1303Noah didn’t say anything.   He closed the back door of the SUV.   Then he scooped her up into his arms as she was holding onto Sky.   There wasn’t need of any discussion as far as he was concerned.   Leaving Sharlee behind was not an option.

Screenshot-1302 Noah slowly carried his family to the cave.

Screenshot-1311After they were settled inside, Sky started smiling.   Sharlee was relieved that she seemed to be okay. She put Sky on the blanket so that Sky could stretch out to move around and play.   Noah checked their food.  There was only enough for one more day.

Screenshot-1306“She seems to be handling this okay.”

Screenshot-1309“Yes, I hope she won’t have any bad memories from it.”

Screenshot-1308“I don’t think she will.   As long as she has us with her, she’ll be alright.”

Screenshot-1312They got more comfortable and then Noah took Sharlee’s foot in his hand.

“Babe, I have to take your boot off and look at your foot.  It’s gonna hurt.”


Screenshot-1316Noah took it off as carefully as he could, but by the time it was off, Sharlee’s face was pale.

Screenshot-1318He pulled off her sock.

Screenshot-1319Her ankle was badly swollen, red and dark purple.   He gingerly touched different areas on it, hating that he was hurting her but knowing that it was necessary.

Screenshot-1317“I don’t think it’s broken, but it is a very bad sprain.”   He laughed.   “It needs some ice on it to reduce the swelling.”

Sharlee laughed too.  They were surrounded by snow and ice!  He grabbed the first aid kit and found an icepack.  He placed it around her ankle.

“That feels like such a relief!  It seems funny to say that with all of this snow and ice around us.”

Noah left it on her ankle for about fifteen minutes.  After he removed it, he bound her ankle with a bandage.   Then he put her boots back onto her feet.

“Thank you, Honey.”

Screenshot-1327Noah pulled her close and kissed her.   Then they just sat for a while and watched Skylar play. 

Screenshot-1324Strangely, the three of them had a good time together that night in the cave. 

Screenshot-1329Noah nudged Sharlee and spoke with her softly.  It was very early in the morning.

“Sharlee, I’ve got to go and find help.  You and Sky stay here in the cave.  Don’t let the fire go out.”

Screenshot-1331“No, please don’t go!   Someone will find us here!  You don’t have to leave.  You’ll freeze to death out there, Noah!”

Screenshot-1330“I can’t just sit here and watch you and Sky die!   We’re almost out of food.   No one knows where we are.   I have an idea.   I’m going back to the SUV and use a long stick to poke into the snow until I find the road.   Then I’m going to try to follow it back the way we came to the main highway.”

“The snow is so deep!   Noah it’s too dangerous!  Please don’t go!”

Noah reached across and caressed her cheek.   He told her, “You remember before Sky was born, when we agreed that she comes first?”

Screenshot-1334Sharlee felt tears sliding down her cheeks.

Screenshot-1335“She still comes first.  I have to do this, Babe.   I’m her father and I have to do everything I can.  I love you too Sharlee, and I’m not going to watch you waste away to nothing without trying to prevent it!  We’re almost out of food.   What we had wasn’t really much anyway.  I have to do this.”

“I’m sorry, Noah.  If it weren’t for me being so selfish, we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

“No, it’s not your fault.   I wanted to make this trip with you too!  Besides, I’m the one who wrecked us.”

Screenshot-1336They shared a long kiss goodbye, and then Noah kissed Sky.   He gathered his things and left the cave.   He blocked the entrance again, but left enough of a gap for ventilation.

Screenshot-1338The day dragged by for Sharlee.  She played with Sky and took care of her.  However, the worry over their situation and the pain in her ankle were hard to ignore.

Screenshot-1344Noah made his way back to the SUV.   He tried to start it up, but the engine wouldn’t turn over.  He was even more happy that he hadn’t listened to Sharlee and left her there in the SUV the day before.

Screenshot-1340He’d already found a long tree branch and torn away the leaves.  It was long enough to stick through the snow.   He carefully poked around the area close to the SUV until he hit what had to be pavement.   He tied strips from a torn up piece of clothing on tree branches periodically to mark the way back to the cave and to keep track of his path.   He slowly and tediously made his way along what he hoped would lead to the main road.

Screenshot-1346Later that night, Sharlee was stretched out beside Skylar.  Skylar was sleeping, but Sharlee wasn’t asleep.   Her stomach felt like it was in knots from worrying about Noah.   When she first heard the sound, she thought that her nerves were causing her imagination to play tricks on her.  Then it was unmistakable.   Something was trying to get inside the cave!

Screenshot-1351Sharlee rose from beside Sky and limped over to the fire.   She grabbed a piece of wood and lit it like a torch.  Then she went to the other side of the fire and stood between Sky and the entrance.  From there she could hear even more clearly.   Something was digging under the rocks blocking the entrance!

 Sharlee screamed,  “Get away from here and leave us alone!”

Screenshot-1347Skylar was startled awake and began to cry!   The digging stopped.   Sharlee spoke soothingly to Skylar but remained where she was for almost an hour.   After she was sure that whatever it was had gone away, she rejoined Sky.  Her ankle felt on fire with pain!  Standing on it had increased the inflammation.

Screenshot-1378Noah didn’t know how he’d made it through the night, but the sun had finally risen again.   He continued to trudge along throughout the day.  Close to sunset, he was disturbed to find that he had somehow gone off course!  He could no longer feel the pavement beneath the stick.

He searched among the trees and found the last piece of ribbon that he’d tied on a branch.   Then he tried to retrace his steps to find the pavement again.   It was no use!  He couldn’t find it.

Noah sat down on a log.   He didn’t know what to do next.   He pulled out his cellphone.   To his pleased surprise, there was a signal!   Just as he tried to dial 911, he lost the signal again! 

Screenshot-1374He walked around trying different spots but still was unable to make a call.  

Screenshot-1382He sat back down again on the log.  He fell asleep without even realizing it.

Screenshot-1400Sharlee still hadn’t really slept since the night before Noah had left the cave.   She’d dosed off and on, but she was hyper alert to any sound.   Throughout the day, Sky had been asking for Noah.  Sharlee had tried to distract her and tell her that Daddy would be back soon.   Sharlee hoped it was true!  It was nightfall again, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep this night either.   She could hear wolves howling and wondered if it had been a wolf trying to get inside the cave the previous night.  It made her even more afraid for Noah.


“Noah Honey, you’ve got to get up!”

Noah’s eyes shot open!   He knew he’d been dreaming, but Sky and Sharlee’s voices had sounded so real!   His body wanted to go back to sleep, but he knew if he did, he would probably not ever wake up again.  Dream or not, the voices had come to him at the right time!  He forced himself to get up and start moving again.   However, he still didn’t know which way he should go in order to find the main road.  He wondered if he should head back to the cave.  He wasn’t helping his family by staying out here either!  Maybe he could find something that they could eat.

Screenshot-1355The noises started again that night at the entrance to the cave.   Whatever it was, it seemed even more determined tonight to get inside.   This time Skylar was still awake.   “Skylar, I love you so much, and I’m not going to let anything happen to you.  Please don’t be scared, Baby!”   Sharlee knew that Sky didn’t understand, but she wanted to tell her anyway.   She moved Skylar further away from the entrance.

Then Sharlee stood up as the sounds increased.  She lit a torch and positioned herself on the other side of the fire between Sky and whatever was coming into the cave.   Adrenaline was pumping through her body, and she didn’t even feel the pain in her ankle nor the deep weariness that she’d had for the past few days.

Screenshot-1356A grey wolf squeezed through the entrance and bound down into the cave in front of Sharlee.   It paced back and forth as though trying to determine whether Sharlee was a threat or a meal.  

Screenshot-1357She was surprised at how much it looked like a regular dog.  

Screenshot-1361However, when she looked at its eyes and saw the dangerous feral glow, plus the sharp teeth,  the resemblance ended!

Screenshot-1362Sharlee decided to make the first move.   She shouted at it!   “Get out of here!”   It growled and snarled at her, baring its teeth!   Skylar started crying.   Somehow Sharlee sensed that it was about to lunge and try to get past her to Skylar.   As it moved, so did Sharlee!  

Screenshot-1368The wolf leaped up into the air.  Sharlee was shocked by how high it jumped!   She quickly raised her torch as it passed her.

Screenshot-1370She speared the wolf in the side of its belly with her torch!   It whimpered as it landed hard on the ground, driving the torch even deeper inside.

Screenshot-1371Sharlee watched until it stopped breathing.   She hated that she’d had to kill it, but it had been a choice between the wolf, Sky or herself.   The wolf had really forced her to kill it.   After she was sure that it was dead, she dragged it closer to the entrance of the cave.   She wasn’t strong enough to move the stones and take it outside.

Now that the wolf was dead and the immediate danger was gone, Sharlee’s ankle made itself felt with a vengeance.   She washed up as best she could and then went to comfort Sky.  After making sure that Sky was alright, she tried to take her boot off so that she could ice her ankle, but it was so badly swollen that she wasn’t able to take it off without help.  So she was forced to leave it alone and bear the pain.

Screenshot-1348Sky had gone to sleep when Sharlee heard noises at the cave entrance again.   She stood up resolutely, once again ignoring the pain.   She refused to let anything harm her baby!

She screamed,   “Get away from here and leave us alone!”

The sounds paused and then began again.  Sharlee lit another torch and took the same position on the other side of the fire.

Screenshot-1405Noah saw the lights bobbing through the trees and reflecting off of the snow.   Then he heard the voices calling his and Sharlee’s names.

Noah shouted, “I’m over here!”

Screenshot-1406Three men finally approached him.   “Mr. Hall!  Are we glad to see you!  Where are your wife and daughter?”

Noah answered.  “I can lead you to them.   They’re in a cave.  I tied fabric strips to the trees so that I can find my way back to them.”

One of the searchers started shining his searchlight on the trees until they were able to locate one of Noah’s fabric strips.

Screenshot-1407“Aaron, radio base and notify them that we’ve located Mr. Hall and the copter can come and get him.  There’s a large enough clearance close by.  Tell them that we’ll continue our search for the others at sunrise.”

Screenshot-1408“No, I’m not leaving without my family!  I’m heading back to find them now with or without your help!”

Noah headed toward the treeline, and one of the searchers stopped him.   “Alright, Mr. Hall!   Wait just a minute while we confer with base.”

Aaron radioed back to headquarters and they told him that there was another blizzard  expected to hit later that night.   The three searchers conferred and decided that it would be better to try to find the cave and then hunker down there for the night.  There were still a few hours before the storm was expected to hit.

Screenshot-1409They shined their lights on the trees and began to follow Noah’s trail back to the cave.  They told Noah that the few moments when he’d been able to get a signal on his phone had been long enough for the nearest cell tower to pick up a ping.   From there they had been able to get a better idea of where he was located.  

There was a massive coordinated search underway for Noah and his family.   The fact that they were missing had been been broadcast all over the news networks.  It had become a huge story!  However, the search area had been massive, and they had almost given up hope of finding them alive.   Word of finding Noah was transmitted to their families.

Screenshot-1402When they reached the cave, Noah was shocked to see that the entrance of the cave was no longer blocked by the rocks and stones that he’d placed there.   They all rushed inside and saw the corpse of the wolf.   Sky and Sharlee were gone! 

Screenshot-1401Noah felt devastated!

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  1. OMG! Don’t end it there! I hope they’re alright, poor Sharlee. It just shows how protective sharlee and noah are of Sky. They’d risk anything. Great chapter. When will the next chapter be posted?

    • Sorry Liza! It would have been way too long! LOL

      They both love Sky a lot and you’re right. They are very protective of her and won’t let anything bad happen to her if they can help it!

      I’ve already started the pictures for the next chapter and it will be posted on Monday. 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, Liza! 🙂

    • They are stranded in the mountains off of an old no longer used logging road. 😦
      Hopefully they will all make out of there okay!

      Thank you for reading, Gazmo! 🙂

  2. It’s Monday to me and when I saw that you had uploaded I was like, “YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” But omg where is Sharlee and where is Sky?????? Well they’re obviously not going to be dead but maybe there was another threat so they moved to safer ground? Or they went out to look for Noah? Or they were rescued? Kidnapped? IDK, but all shall be revealed soon. 🙂

    • I’m glad you were looking forward to it Arielle! I’m trying to do better with updating again. 😉

      Noah is wondering the same thing about them! We’ll find out in the next chapter. Hopefully they are okay.

      Thanks for reading, Arielle! 🙂

  3. Oh no! This is such a great storyline. I was on the edge of my seat! Where are Sharlee and Sky? What was at the cave door after the wolf? At first I thought it was another wolf, but now I’m wondering if it could’ve been a person. Kristian? Alex? Some other creeper who stalked them into the middle of nowhere? All those would have motive to hide them from Noah. Maybe it’s some crazed fan of Alissa’s who wants to play the hero by saving her daughter and granddaughter.

    I’m so glad Noah’s okay. I would’ve hated to see Sharlee and Sky have to live without him. And at first I’d thought he had lost his trail, but I was happy to see that he’d tied fabric to trees to mark his path. Sharlee is lucky to have such a smart and brave husband! But what I’d like to know is why Dale hasn’t joined the search party already. Hmm…maybe he has, and that’s where Sharlee is! But he would have reported them found, so probably not. OMG, this is so exciting! I can’t wait till the next chapter!

    • Thanks Beachbear! I’ve had this storyline in my mind for a long time now. Of course, it never turns out exactly like I wanted, but I’m having a good time doing the pictures for it! 😀

      We’ll find out what happened to them in the next chapter. You think it was Kristian or Alex? Hmmm, LOL
      Stars do have crazed fans sometimes. It shocks me what they do!

      Yeah, Sharlee and Sky would be miserable without him. He would be miserable without them too. Hopefully, they will all be alright!
      He really is brave and smart. He’d do anything for his family. They are lucky to have him. 🙂

      They really didn’t know where to search for them. Noah and Sharlee decided to drive up on the spur of the moment, and all anyone knew is that they were going to the lodge in the mountains later in the week. So the search area is very large. 😦

      Awww, thanks Beachbear! I’m glad that the story is still exciting for you! 🙂

    • I’m sorry, Cheryl! 😀 I promise you won’t have to wait long to find out what happens next! 😉
      I’ve started the pictures for the next chapter and it should be posted on Monday. 🙂

      Thanks for reading my story, Cheryl! 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for the speedy update! I love it, except for the ending, I don’t love that… Anyway, I hope for a speedy ending to this story line. It just gives be he shivers. I also noticed the Stallworths and Halls don’t have any pets, it be cute, when sky grows older to get a puppy for the family. Just a suggestion. *wink*
    Anyway I love this story! Thanks for uploading so fast.

    • Hi Carrie! You’re very welcome! I hope to stay on track with Monday updates again. 😉

      It gives you shivers! LOL I promise it ends with the next chapter. 😀

      The Stallworths do have a dog. His name is Domino. I just don’t have him in the savefile that I’ve been using. I guess I should show him again. You can see him in some of the chapters. He seemed to have a way of coming into the room where I’m doing shots! LOL I aged him up when I aged up Cara and Shawn to teens. They were supposed to have a kitten too but I forgot about it!. 😦

      I think a puppy or kitten for Sky would be sweet too. 😉

      Thanks for reading my story, Carrie, and I’m happy that you still love reading it! 🙂

  5. I am so glad Noah is found but why oh why did Sharlee leave the protection of the cave? I hope they will be found alive and that Noah will not have to answer to Dale and Alissa if something bad happens. This family has been through so much and I’d hate for anything devastating to happen.

    • Noah is wondering the same thing! He doesn’t really want to let his mind think of what may have happened to Sharlee and Sky. That conversation with Dale and Alissa would not go well!

      They really have been through a lot of bad times. You are so right!

      Thanks for reading, Ksmomma! 🙂

    • Thank you Aubri! 🙂

      I’m glad you didn’t mind the cliffhanger! I’m working on the pictures for the next chapter again today.

      Thanks for reading my story! 🙂

  6. Oh no I hope their ok! They have to be. I personally think that Sharlee took skylar to look for Noah. I haven’t really been keeping up with updates lately. I’ve just had my spring break and now I’m glad we’re back home! It was a wonderful chapter as always. And I can start making sims for you daisy if you ever need one. I would be glad to help out with your story if you need it. I thought Noah never grew a beard and I was just thinking about it recently when you put this chapter up! He kind of looks exhausted. Thank you for the update! 🙂

    • You might be right about Sharlee but taking Skylar out into that cold weather would not be her best decision. 😦

      I’m glad you had fun! 😀 Don’t worry about missing updates. They’ll be here when you have more time.

      You are so sweet to offer to help me! I have your other sim waiting, and I know I’ll need others. 😉

      Yeah, I figured that Noah wouldn’t be shaving while they were stranded and it does show how tired he is. I had planned for him and Sharlee to at least change their clothing, but I ended up taking pictures in advance and forgot to change it! LOL At least I did remember to take off Sharlee’s makeup though.

      You’re welcome Ali and I really appreciate you reading it! Thank you so much! 🙂

  7. I always tell myself, No, I’ll wait a month or two, then there’ll be so many chapters that Ican read at once and I won’t have to suffer as much and then I’m like “Oh just a quick little peek to see if there’s any done can’t hurt….’ Well, maybe just the first few pictures, and then I have to wait for the next chapter. And this happens to me every week. T_T Why do you do this to me 11daisies, why?

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    Loved it!

    • Awww, I’m so glad Val! I had this chapter in my head forever, and I tried really hard to get the pictures right! ❤

      Yeah, Noah wouldn’t be able to forgive himself.

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