Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-One

Screenshot-3869Noah finished with his last class and headed to his bike.

“Hey Noah!  Hold up!”

He looked toward the guy calling him and was relieved to see that it was a buddy from one of his engine tech courses.  Since his and Sharlee’s Harley campaign had been doing so well, they had both become very popular.  After Noah had been almost mobbed with requests for autographs, the dean had been forced to make some new rules about the treatment of celebrity students on campus.  Noah had been shocked and disgusted by the students’ behavior because he was still the same person he’d always been.  Now they had again started treating him pretty much as they had before the campaign since now they were afraid that they might be expelled.

Screenshot-3872“Me and some of the other guys are heading  to the Full Throttle.  Come with us!”

Screenshot-3874Noah hesitated.  He’d been feeling stifled and tense for the past week.   Between all of his classes and Sharlee’s ever-changing moods, he really did need to kick loose and have some fun!  He knew Sharlee wouldn’t approve of him drinking, but he was almost twenty-two and didn’t need anyone’s permission!  He was supposed to go for a session with Sarge, but he could reschedule it.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

Screenshot-3875After they arrived at the bar, Noah called Sharlee.

“I’m going to be getting home late tonight.  I went with Wayne and Vinny to the Full Throttle.   Don’t bother telling me not to drink!  I plan to have a good time and get wasted if I want to!  You don’t own me, and I don’t need your permission!”

Screenshot-3891At first Sharlee was shocked by his tone, and then she was furious.   “Noah, I don’t care if you have a good time with your friends.  I know you don’t need my permission!  As for not owning you, just remember that works both ways!  You don’t own me either!”

She angrily disconnected the call.

After she hung up with Noah, Remi called Sharlee.  She heard the strain and tremor in Sharlee’s voice.  “What’s wrong?”

Sharlee told her about her conversation with Noah.   “Well Sharlee, sometimes guys just need to let off some steam.   You and Noah have been through a lot of changes recently and Noah has been trying very hard.   My suggestion is that you just overlook what he said.   You know he’s going to apologize eventually.  He’s gaga over you, and I’m sure it was just that the pressure is getting to him.  He does need some time for himself, and I’m sure you probably do too.”

Remi was older than Sharlee and had been married for a lot longer.

Screenshot-3893“I guess you’re right.  He just rubbed me the wrong way by automatically assuming that I wouldn’t want him to go.   I don’t want him to drink and drive though.”

“Why don’t you send him a text asking him not to drive home.  He can take a taxi or call someone to come for him.  That way you won’t have to talk with him while you’re still upset, and you won’t say something that you might regret.”

Screenshot-3894“That’s a good idea.   Thanks Remi.  Has Darion decided if he’s going to take Noah and Harley’s offer?”

“No, but I think he’s leaning towards yes.  We both want a change.  We’ve always lived in big cities, but it’d be nice to raise the children in a suburban town like Santa Fe.”

Terry had told Noah that it would be better for him to hire a manager for his dealership rather than try to run it himself.   Terry felt that Noah was still too young and most franchise owners hired a manager anyway.  Noah would have more flexibility for his spokesperson duties, and he could still work on customer’s vehicles whenever he wanted.   Noah had immediately thought of Darion.

Darion had the education and skills necessary to be a successful manager.  He’d recently been passed over for a promotion at his current job for the second time after training the person who was promoted.   Although he had no definite proof, he believed that it was because of his race.  His skills and experience equaled and even surpassed those of the men who were promoted.  So Darion was fed up and looking for another company.

Noah had made the suggestion to Darion, and Darion was considering it.  He’d told Terry about Darion, and  Terry had agreed that Darion was a good prospect.  Of course Darion would have to go through managerial training with Harley, but it would be a great opportunity for him if he decided to accept the position.  Darion had told Noah that he’d give him a decision soon.   He wasn’t the type of person to just jump at such a drastic change for his family without giving it a lot of serious thought.

Screenshot-3935After talking with Remi, Sharlee sent Noah a text message.   She was still angry about his attitude, but she wanted him to be safe.

It read:  “I need a break from you too!  Please call a taxi or call home for a ride when you are ready to leave.   Have a good time!”

Screenshot-3876Noah felt his conscience prick him after he read the text message.   He shouldn’t have spoken to her that way!  He decided to apologize after he got home.  Instead of waiting, he ended up texting her back so that she wouldn’t worry about him.  He finished his drink and ordered another one.

Screenshot-3877Then he and the other guys played some more pool.

Screenshot-3897Dale came out from the study and saw Alissa’s expression.   She was looking a little worried.

“Is something wrong?”

“I just asked Sharlee if she wanted me to save a plate of dinner for Noah, and she said he’s at the Full Throttle with some friends.   He won’t be home till late.”

Screenshot-3899“Out at a bar!   He’s got a pregnant wife at home!  He has no business going out drinking, and who knows what else!  I’ll go get him.”

Before Alissa could say anything, Dale left the house.

Screenshot-3896Alissa went back upstairs later to check on Sharlee.   “Are you worried about Noah?”

Screenshot-3895Sharlee’s anger with Noah had evaporated.   “Not really.   I sent him a text earlier asking him not to drive home, and he texted me back agreeing.”   He’d also apologized for going off on her and said he’d make it up to her.  Sharlee was looking forward to that.

Screenshot-3878Dale easily found Noah sitting at a table.   Noah was already wasted.

“Every time I think that I’ve misjudged you, you do something that proves to me that I haven’t.”

Noah didn’t respond.

Screenshot-3879“It’s time to go home to your pregnant wife now!”

When Noah still didn’t move, Dale came around the table and started helping him up.  Noah pulled away.

Screenshot-3880“There are plenty of guys who are just waiting in line for the chance to treat my daughter in the way she should be treated.   If you’re fool enough not to do that, then you just better step aside!”

Screenshot-3883Noah swung at Dale, but Dale ducked the swing!  Noah was so drunk that his aim was poor!

Screenshot-3884“That’s it!  Don’t even bother to come home!”

Screenshot-3889Dale angrily left the bar, and Noah flopped back down at the table.   He’d already given a cab driver his address for when he was ready to leave.  He’d done it just in case he wasn’t sober enough later.  

Screenshot-3890His friends were just as drunk as he was and still partying.

Screenshot-3901Dale was  fuming when he arrived home.

“He didn’t come home with you?”

“The darn fool is drunk.  He took a swing at me, and I told him not to bother coming home!”

Screenshot-3902“Oh no, Dale!   Sharlee isn’t even upset.   She said that Noah promised to take a taxi home.”

Screenshot-3947After a little while, the doorbell rang.   Dale answered the door.   A taxi driver was supporting Noah.   Dale helped Noah inside, and Alissa paid the driver. 

Screenshot-3949Noah was almost completely passed out, and so Dale lifted him onto his shoulder.  

Screenshot-3955Dale carried him upstairs to Noah and Sharlee’s room.

“Is he okay, Dad?”

“If you call plastered okay, then he’s fine.”

“Oh good.  Thanks for bringing him up.”

“Yeah.  Call me if you need me.”

Screenshot-3956Dale left the bedroom.   Sharlee started trying to get Noah undressed.   He stirred enough to help her and mumbled,  “Love you, my Sharlee.”

Sharlee smiled and said,  “I love you too, but I’m still mad at you!”

Screenshot-3957Noah smiled and fell asleep as he turned over.   Sharlee caressed his cheek and then settled in bed herself.

Screenshot-3926The next morning when the alarm went off, Noah didn’t move.  

Screenshot-3925Sharlee turned it off and called his name.

Screenshot-3927Noah groaned.   He sat on the edge of the bed feeling like he’d been run over by a mack truck!   He didn’t feel like going to class, but he couldn’t afford to get behind.   This time he really meant it when he said he wasn’t going to get drunk again!   This wasn’t fun anymore!

After playing pool, he couldn’t even remember anything that had happened before he woke up that morning.   What if something had happened to Sharlee?  What if she’d gone into early labor?   He would not have been of any help.  Maybe a couple of drinks occasionally, but no more getting wasted.

Screenshot-3928He forced himself onto his feet and into the shower.  When he returned to the bedroom,  he was surprised to see Sharlee still lying on the bed.

“Babe, are you okay?”

Screenshot-3930“Yes, I’m just tired.  I can tell it’s going to be one of those days for me.”

“Are you sure that’s all it is?   Do you want me to stay with you?”

“Honey, I’m really okay.   You go on to class.”

“Alright.   Call me if you need me.”  He hesitated.   “Are you still upset about last night?”

Screenshot-3932“Not really upset, but disappointed that you thought that I wouldn’t want you to go out with your friends.   I’m not your mother, Noah.  I’m your wife.”

Screenshot-3933“I know that I was wrong to talk to you like that.  I’m sorry, and I promise that it won’t happen again.   Also, no more getting wasted.   I want you to always feel that you can trust me and count on me anytime that you need me. ”

“Thank you, Noah.  I’m sorry for what I said too, or maybe more for how I said it.”

Noah laughed.   He kissed her and then headed downstairs.

Screenshot-3905Alissa was drinking coffee, and Dale and the rest of the family were eating breakfast.   Joy was well enough now that she could join them.

Screenshot-3906“Good morning, Noah.”

Dale had barely glanced at him.

“Good morning!”

“Do you want some breakfast.”

Noah’s stomach rebelled at the thought.

“No thanks, just some coffee.”

“Is Sharlee coming down?”

Screenshot-3907“I don’t think so.  Not for a while.   She’s still in bed.   She said she’s tired this morning and thinks it’s going to be one of those days.”

“Alright.  I’ll check on her in a little while and bring her up some breakfast.  How are you feeling?”

Noah felt embarrassed.   It was sort of a new feeling for him.   He’d never really cared what other people thought of him, but Sharlee’s and Mom’s opinion did matter to him.   “I guess the way I deserve to feel.”

Screenshot-3909Alissa laughed.   “Yeah, that sounds about right!”

Screenshot-3914Dale left the table, and he kissed Alissa goodbye quickly.   “I’ve got to head to the hospital.  I’ll be home in time to take you to practice, Aiden.   Everybody have a good day!”

“Bye Dad!”

Screenshot-3908After Dale left, Noah asked Alissa,  “Does he know about what happened last night?”

“Oh yeah!”

“So that explains the cold shoulder.  Getting wasted was a big mistake.  I won’t do it again.  I got it out of my system last night.   I can’t remember everything that happened.  Is there anything that I should know?”

Screenshot-3912Alissa considered her response carefully.   She felt that if Noah had learned from it, then they should all just move on.   Clearly Sharlee had.   She’d have a talk with Dale and tell him to forget about it.   Noah was a very young man still and mistakes were expected.  This was just another big mistake, and Noah had promised that it would not be repeated.

“Nothing to worry about.  You just make sure that you keep that promise.”

“I will.”

She said with emphasis,  “You’d better!  You don’t want to get on my bad side!”

Noah grinned, realizing that he definitely didn’t want that to happen!   He felt as though Alissa was more of a Mom to him than his own mother.  She treated him as though he’d always been a part of the family.  He knew that she really cared about him and saw him as her son.

“Bye Mom.  I need to get to class early for a change.”

He left the house still feeling sluggish despite the coffee.  Soon after, Alissa got her children off to school.

Screenshot-3919Joy didn’t want to go back up to bed, and so Alissa let her go into the computer room.  She watched Joy for a few moments.  She was smiling because she was thankful that her little girl was doing so well.

The doctors were very pleased with Joy’s progress, and it wouldn’t be long before she could return to school.  Then after that she’d be able to begin her dancing classes again.  Joy couldn’t wait!    Alissa would always feel grateful to Alex for returning to help their daughter, but at the same time, she hoped she wouldn’t have to ever see him again.  If Joy wanted to see him when she was older and learned about him, then that would be Joy’s choice.

Screenshot-3920When Sharlee hadn’t come downstairs after about an hour, Alissa went upstairs to check on her.

Sharlee was sleeping, but she stirred when her mother came over to the bed.

Screenshot-3921“I guess I was even tireder than I realized.  I didn’t expect to fall asleep.”

“Nothing wrong with resting if that’s what your body needs.  Do you feel like eating something now?”

Sharlee stretched and smiled.  “Yes.  I’ll come down.”

Screenshot-3922“No Sweetie.   Your body is telling you that you just need to relax today.  I’ll bring it upstairs for you.  You stay right there.”

Screenshot-3924Sharlee didn’t argue, but she hoped that taking care of her and Joy wasn’t wearing her mother out.  Joy had come up with Alissa and made herself comfortable on the bed with Sharlee.  

Screenshot-3923She was humming to herself and that made Sharlee smile.   All of the family was glad to see Joy feeling so much like her old self again.  Each day was better than the last for her.

Screenshot-3937Dale watched Kristian as he interacted with patients.  He thought about his promise to Noah that as long as Noah treated Sharlee right, then he would not interfere.   Going out getting wasted with his buddies and leaving his pregnant wife at home wasn’t treating her in the way that she should be treated!

Screenshot-3938He’d had a talk with Kristian about Sharlee, but it hadn’t gone well.   When Kristian asked him to be honest and admit that he would rather that Kristian was his son-in-law, Dale couldn’t deny it.  Kristian had also been offended that Dale had thought it was necessary to tell him to back off.  Sharlee had already spoken with Kristian, and he’d agreed to leave her alone.  So Dale hadn’t said anymore about it.

Screenshot-3941Kristian had noticed the pensive expression on Dale’s face.  He wondered what was wrong.   Dale had seemed happy again now that they knew that Joy was going to be okay.  He finished with his patient and then went into Dale’s office.

“Is everything okay, Dale?”

Dale looked at him in surprise.  “Yes, why?”

Screenshot-3943“You just don’t seem like yourself today.”

Screenshot-3942Dale debated whether or not to tell him about Noah.   He sighed.  No, it wouldn’t be right to do that to Noah and Sharlee no matter how upset he might be with Noah.

“No, I guess I just had a bad night.”

Screenshot-3944“I don’t have any labs this afternoon, and there aren’t any urgent cases scheduled.   Why don’t you go ahead home early.   I can always call you if something comes in that I can’t handle.”

Screenshot-3945Kristian’s rotation at the office had been perfect timing for Dale over the past few months with Joy’s illness and Sharlee’s high risk pregnancy.  Dale had had to take a lot of time away.  Kristian had been invaluable help to Dale with his practice.   Dale had the utmost respect for Kristian’s abilities as a physician and future pediatric surgeon.  He reminded Dale so much of Dale himself at that age.

“I’m gonna take you up on that offer.  Don’t hesitate to call me if you need my help!”

Screenshot-3934When Dale arrived at home, Alissa and Joy were up in Sharlee’s room.  He quickly changed his clothes and went upstairs to join them. He heard them laughing and talking as he approached.  They had pulled out a portable television and were watching a show together.

He held Alissa and watched the show with them until the time that he had to pick up Aiden from school for soccer practice.  It was just the kind of relaxing afternoon that he needed.  However, Dale knew that he wouldn’t be able to just forget Noah’s behavior.   He wouldn’t interfere for now, but as far as he was concerned, Noah had better toe the line!


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    • Jurnee, I’m sorry you’re sick! I hope you start to feel better!

      Yeah, Noah really sees that he can’t get drunk like that anymore. He has too many responsibilities now and he wants Sharlee to be able to rely on him.

      No, Dale doesn’t understand. I think that when it comes to how someone is treating your children, you expect more. I think Dads are especially like that with their sons-in-law. Dale was more mature than Noah is at that age, but Dale also had his father’s good example to follow. I think that he forgets that Noah hasn’t had that. Noah’s still learning how to be a good man and a good husband.

      I don’t blame you for not drinking or at least not getting drunk! 😉

      I can’t wait till Skylar is here either! 😀

      Yes, something special for Joy in the next chapter. Aww, sorry about the coughing! 😦

      Thanks Jurnee! I didn’t finish all of the pictures because my game kept crashing. I know it’s because I need to start a new savefile for the story, but I’m trying to wait until after Skylar is born. I’ll finish the pictures now though! 🙂

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      • Thanks for caring, Daisy! My eye is fine now, but my cough if still here. I’ll be better in a few days! 🙂

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        Noah and Dale have both made mistakes in their lives. I have also, but they’re just inevitable. We all wish we could avoid them, but we can’t. Noah was given a two-door option, but life choose for him which door he could go through. At least life’s option led him to his wife and unborn child. Most people aren’t that lucky. Dale choose carefully and went through the right door, no matter how tempting the wrong one was. Sometimes the wrong decision seems so tempting, but you have toforge through it. Noah will be able to say to his kids that he learned from his mistakes.

        Drinking is never good for people. Also, I’ve heard people say it’s not a good taste, but they can’t get enough of it. I never want to feel that way, not in control of what I do, what I say, or even if I set down the bottle or not! I won’t even mention the hangovers!

        Skylar will hopefully cast a new light on this family. I can’t imAgine how cute she’ll be, and how many hearts she’ll take! She’ll follow in her mother’s footsteps. ❤

        I think Joy deserves something special. She's a very strong girl, and I know she'll be a good wome when she grows up! Maybe she could be a doctor or something like her father, considering what she's been through. Just a suggestion! 🙂

        Sorry you're game kept crashing! My game was never cooperative either! Also, it was pretty old, so I couldn't install any content without it crashing.

        You're welcome, Daisy! I won't ever stop reading, even if I'm late! 😀 I am feeling a lot better, now that I'm drinking a lot more water. 🙂

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        You’re right about Noah and Dale. Maybe Dale has forgotten about the reason for his separation from Alissa when she was pregnant with the twins and about Aria! He definitely has made some bad decisions too. Hopefully over time he will begin to appreciate Noah and see that he is right for Sharlee.

        You are so right, Jurnee! Some people really shouldn’t drink! Even one drink can bring out the worst in them. 😦

        I hope Skylar will be cute. I hope she’ll be a mix of both of her parents. 😀

        Joy has been very strong, and so I think she really deserves something nice! 🙂 She loves dancing, and so she’s going to be a dancer! 😉 I have thought about Sharlee reconsidering what she intends to do after Skylar is born. Maybe she’ll end up becoming a doctor who specializes in children’s cancer treatment or research. I’m not sure, but she’s definitely going to finish college! 🙂

        It’s like my game reaches a certain point and then just decides to go through a crashing cycle! It happens every so often for a period of time even if I haven’t changed anything in the game. 😡 I hope you can get yours working right again!

        That’s so sweet, Jurnee! I hope you really get totally well soon! 🙂

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    • Thank you Sami! 🙂

      Noah has been trying very hard, but it isn’t always easy for him. This was one of the bad times for him. 😦

      Dale is overprotective sometimes, but part of the reason is because he just doesn’t trust Noah. You don’t trust Dale? He is very protective of his children and so far he hasn’t always showed the best judgement. Part of it is guilt because of what happened to Shawn with Monet when he was neglecting the family.

      You don’t trust Kristian! So far, he’s kept his promise to Sharlee, and Sharlee isn’t quite like Alissa was at that age. Alissa is stronger and more outspoken now that she’s older, but Sharlee has been that way her entire life. She’ll tell Kristian off if he tries to push things with her! 😀

      She’ll have her baby in the next chapter. 😉 For now, they’ll continue to stay with Dale and Alissa. It’s best for Sharlee right now.

      You’re so welcome, Sami! I got on my computer late this evening, and I’m working on the pictures for the next chapter of Mutation. After that, I’ll start the pictures for Alissa. 🙂

      Thank you for reading my story, Sami! 🙂

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    • You are so right, Jaz! It was wrong for him to talk with her like that! I think that the real reason he did it is because he knew that what he had planned for the evening wasn’t right. He didn’t want her to talk him out of it and wrongly lashed out at her! Although going out and having a couple of drinks with his friends would have been okay, he knew that he should not get drunk but intended to do it anyway! He’s changed a lot, but he still struggles with himself sometimes.

      Dale ticked you off too! LOL Yeah, he was wrong too! If someone is always looking for mistakes in another person, then that’s what they will see. Ever since Dale first saw Noah at Sharlee’s school and the principal discouraged Sharlee’s relationship with him, Dale has had a negative view of Noah. He expects perfection and he really shouldn’t. Sometimes older people forget the mistakes that they made when they were younger. Although Dale was very mature at Noah’s age and he had his own father’s good example to follow on how to be a husband and father, Noah didn’t have that. Dale keeps forgetting that.

      Alissa knows what it’s like for others to always find fault with you. She lived in foster homes and she also has had to contend with Dale’s mother’s faultfinding. For some reason, there are people that only see the bad in others and overlook the good. That’s how Dale’s mother has become and whether he realizes it or not, Dale is that way with Noah. 😦 Hopefully Dale will change his view before he completely ruins his relationship with Sharlee and with Noah.

      Thanks for reading my story, Jaz! 🙂

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    Poor Dale just wants the best for his baby girl, but he’s going about it all wrong. I completely understand the sentiment behind what he’s doing, but I know this attitude of his is going to land him in a heap of trouble. At best he’ll be wallowing in his own resentment, and that’s not good for anyone! I wonder how his feelings about Noah—and almost more importantly, his actions toward him—will change once the baby is born.

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    • Thank you Maddie! I’m glad you loved it! 🙂

      The way Dale acted was sort of funny! 😀 You’re right though that he had the best of intentions, but he just keeps going about it in the wrong way.

      Yeah, it would have been even worse if he really had hit Dale! Even though Noah was drunk, I can imagine how hard it will be for Dale to forget about Noah trying to slug him. 😦 Hopefully, the relationship between Dale and Noah will get better, but Noah’s getting drunk that way was a big setback.

      Soap operas! LOL I guess it does seem like one sometimes! Thank you for such a nice compliment, Maddie! I do try hard not to make their lives too dismal. I’m glad that you think that I’ve found the right balance! Writing for TV! I just write for fun! 😀

      Thanks for always being so encouraging, Maddie! 🙂

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    Sharlee is a saint for letting go of her anger so fast! She must have had a lot of practice, because I sure wouldn’t be able to!

    Also, I’m re-reading “Alissa” from the beginning, and it’s even better the second time around! It’s really different reading it since I already know the characters personally. I remember at the beginning I wasn’t sure about Dale because he was as much of a stranger to me as to Alissa, but knowing his heart and his personality now, it seems like I was crazy before. It’s also really strange to meet Alex for the first time knowing what happens to him later! Normally I’m not much for re-reading or re-watching things, but it’s the perfect thing to tide me over while I wait on new chapters :).

    • Yes, I think that real hard changes like Noah has had to make come slowly with setbacks from time to time. Especially if a person is trying to make lasting changes in their life and personality. I agree with you. Self-improvement really is work. It’s not easy!

      Well, she was still a bit angry, but she knows how hard he’s been trying to change. 😀 Unlike Dale’s expectations, she doesn’t expect Noah to be perfect all of the time. If Remi hadn’t called her at the right time though, Sharlee’s attitude might have been different. She might have let Noah have a piece of her mind when he got home. That wouldn’t have been good for her with her pregnancy though. That’s part of why Remi tried to get her to handle it in the way she did. Sharlee won’t always let things go that easily in the future. 😉

      Awww, I’m glad you like the story so much, Maddie! 😯

      It really is sad the way that Alex has changed over time. I think part of the reason that I did it that way is because of his job. I know that the type of work he does is necessary, but I always wonder if it changes the people who do it. I don’t see how it can’t change their personalities. Maybe not as extreme of a change as Alex’s, but I think there has to be some type of negative change. 😦

      I don’t think that I’ll have a new chapter of Alissa ready till Tuesday or Wednesday. I’m working on the pictures for Mutation tonight. I’ve really neglected that story, but it’s only going to be about twenty chapters. It should really have been finished by now! 😯

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    • Hi Alyssa! I’m really happy that you love the story! 🙂

      That is funny! I like the way you spell your name better! If I’d known that spelling that’s the way I’d have spelt it too. 😀

      Thanks for reading my story! 🙂

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    I’m glad Alissa is going to fix this, though. Hopefully it won’t cause an argument between her and Dale, though!

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    • No, you’re late! 😀

      Yeah, Dale is meddling, and he’d better stop before Sharlee finds out how much he’s meddled. Telling her husband not to go back to her is crossing a line! Hopefully, Dale will start to stay in his place before he does something that will seriously ruins his relationship with Sharlee. Living with Dale, Dale sees every mistake Noah makes. 😦 Hopefully Dale will listen to Alissa’s good advice again. So far she’s been able to stop him before he’s caused serious consequences. You’re right though! If he does do something that makes Sharlee unhappy, it will cause Alissa to be very angry with Dale!

      Yes, Joy is doing much better!

      Thanks for reading, Gemly! 🙂

    • No, I’m sorry Katie, but I haven’t done the pictures yet. Because of family stuff, I didn’t get to finish the pictures for Mutation. I’m doing that today, and I hope to start the pictures for Alissa after that. Alissa might not be posted till Wednesday again. I have a lot of posing and Sims in that chapter, and it will take me a bit longer to do those pictures. 😦 ♥

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    • I thought about you, and wondered if you are okay. Glad you’re feeling better! 🙂

      Thanks Simlover! It won’t be much longer till Skylar is born. Oh yeah, she’ll born in the next chapter! LOL I forgot what this chapter was about.

      I promised my hubby that I’d keep my real life separate from my Simming. So I’ll just have to be Daisie on here. Lily is a nice name, not just for little ones. 🙂 Is that what you want me to call you?

      So glad you’re well again! 🙂

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    • Yes, she’ll join the family in the next chapter! 😀

      It won’t be posted today though, and I’m not sure exactly when it will be posted though. I updated my game, and two mods that I need for my Alissa savefiles haven’t been updated yet. Hopefully they’ll be updated tomorrow. Then I can do my pictures.

      I plan to take my time with the pictures because it’s sort of a special chapter, and there is a lot going on in this one.

      Just a hint: Two parties plus Skylar’s birth! 😉 It might not be ready until the weekend. 🙂 Sorry for the wait once again! 😦

    • Hi Argentum! No, I’m sorry it’s not ready yet. It probably won’t be posted till the weekend. There are some special things happening in that chapter, and I want to take my time with the pictures. Also, I need a couple of my mods updated before I can work on the pictures. Hopefully, I can get them tomorrow. If not, then I’ll have to figure out another way to do the pictures. Sorry for making you wait again! 😦

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    If you don’t want to, you don’t have to answer. I’ll be glad if you do though! 😀

    • Hello Jurnee! I don’t mind questions like these, but I’d rather not answer them on the blog. If you want, you can friend me on Facebook. My name is Daisies Day on there or you can message me on my Alissa Facebook page. I’m not on Facebook as much lately, but I do check my email for messages. 🙂

    • I’m sorry, Lily! I thought I already answered. I’m not sure. It looks like it might be Monday. I’m trying to do it without the two mods that I need updated. Also, I can’t find a couple of poses that I need, and I’m going to have to try to make them.

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    • Hi Anaiah! I’m glad you’re back!

      Yes, it is hard for him to accept it. Maybe because he hasn’t allowed himself to like Noah. He would honestly prefer that she was with someone like Christian. That was his ideal for her, but he needs to accept that what he wanted isn’t what Sharlee wants. Sometimes parents have a hard time letting go of their dreams for their children. Hopefully Dale will let go. To some extent he has, but he still has a way to go! 😦 Alissa is more understanding because her life has been so different from Dale’s. Also, she likes Noah and is glad that Sharlee has him. She’s happy that he’s her son-in-law most of the time! LOL She knows he’s not perfect, but she doesn’t expect him to be.

      Yes, she’s better! I’m doing pictures today and finishing up some poses. Little Skylar will be in this chapter! 😀

      Welcome back Anaiah, and I hope school is going well! 🙂

    • Argentum, I’m sorry, but it’s still not finished. I’m working on it right now though! I really hope it will be finished by tomorrow. I am far behind my schedule. 😦

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      Yes, I have it, but I haven’t really had a chance to look at it very much!

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      • You’re right, my town is really pretty, espcially at night!It’s really, really busy though!
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    • Maybe by that time, he’ll be more tolerant and easier to please! I doubt it though! LOL

      Thanks for reading, Anika! 🙂 I’m working on the next chapter some more today. I just can’t seem to be able to work on it as much as I need to do. I can promise that it will be posted this week though! I am so sorry to keep you all waiting! 😦

      Anika is a another unusual name that would have been great for Skylar! You all have such pretty names! 🙂

      • I understand when you’re busy. Sometimes life just gets in the way. And thanks! I like the name too! It isn’t my real name, because I don’t use any of my real info on the internet lol but I really like it!

      • I don’t blame you at all for not using your real info. In this day and age, I don’t either. I wish I’d used more imagination for my Simming name instead of choosing Daisie! That’s not even my favorite flower!

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    • Awww, Anita! I’m sorry you had to do that! 😥

      It won’t be posted today. I don’t want to promise a certain day this week and then not have it ready again. I will promise that it will be posted this week for sure.

      Things just haven’t worked out for me to work on it as much as I need to do so far. I’m working on it right now though. I hope it won’t be a disappointing chapter, but I’m trying to make it good. Again, I am so sorry that you’re having to wait this long! 😦

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    • It definitely was not one of Noah’s better days! 😦
      There isn’t any good excuse for his behavior. He was ashamed of himself though, and so hopefully, he won’t do anything like that again!

  19. Oh dear Noah! First he spoke to Sharlee like crap, which was completely uncalled for, and then he took a swing at Dale! Not a good move. I thought things were getting better between them but this is not going to help at all. I have a bad feeling this won’t be the last time Noah gets wasted, I just hope that nothing happens to Sharlee and the baby.
    I’m so glad Joy is getting better! It was so nice to see them all enjoying each others company while watching tv 🙂
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    • Yeah, Noah was out of line talking to Sharlee that way, but he was sorry afterwards. Although he wasn’t sorry for swinging at Dale after he found out what Dale had said to him. 😦 You’re right that it didn’t help his and Dale’s relationship at all!

      Hopefully, Noah really means it this time and he won’t get wasted like that again.

      Joy is feeling well again and the family is so happy that she’s alright! 😀

      Thank you so much Clairey and thanks for reading! 🙂

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