Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Seven

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WarningThis is an extremely long chapter.


Screenshot-935“They have really turned out to be exceptional young women despite their mother’s missteps.”

Screenshot-936“Yes, good blood wins out in the end.”

Screenshot-939Charlotte smiled at her husband affectionately and leaned over to kiss his cheek.   Sometimes he had some very old fashioned, old world ideas that made them clash.  Even his years of living in the states had not changed that, but she loved him.  He had a very kind heart and loved his family fiercely.   Although they never spoke of it, she had known how much their estrangement from Devra had deeply hurt him.   They had been so happy to learn that she had children and regretted the years that they’d missed with them.   Now they had the opportunity to be a part of their lives.

However, his sudden illness concerned her.   He was never sick with anything other than a slight cold over the years.   Even that had never slowed him down.  The old family doctor had said that it was food poisoning and told him to remain in bed until he regained his strength.   Rémi had refused because the girls were coming for their visit.   As a compromise, he had agreed to the wheelchair.   The doctor had said that anyone with a weaker constitution might have died.

The illness puzzled Arnaud, and he had told his Grand-Mére his concerns.   They had all shared the same meals.  Why didn’t the rest of them get ill as well?    He wanted to call another doctor for a second opinion, but his Grand-Pére had refused.   Dr. Chevron had been their family doctor for years, and his Grand-Pére trusted his opinion completely.

Screenshot-909Rémi conferred with his mother.   “It did not work, Mére!   I have not the heart to try it again!”

Screenshot-907“Then you are a weak-hearted fool just like your brother!   I expected better from you of all people!   What about the future of your own son, his heritage!”

Screenshot-908Rémi felt hurt by her words, but his eyes were suddenly fully opened to what they had attempted to do.    He loved the vineyard, but even if he lost it, it was not worth hastening the death of his Grand-Pére.   How could his mother be so stone-hearted, unfeeling towards her own father!  Would she as easily cast him aside if he did not do as she wanted?

Screenshot-925Early in the morning, Alissa went down to the kitchen to help prepare breakfast.  She took Cara to the kitchen with her after settling Joy playing with her dolls on one of the porches close to the kitchen .   The porch was pleasantly filled with plants and enclosed.   So Alissa felt comfortable leaving Joy there. 

Screenshot-920Alissa was pleased to find her Grand-Mére waiting in the kitchen rather than her Aunt Solange.

Screenshot-913“I too love to cook, and so I sent Solange to take care of her other chores so that I might have the pleasure of teaching you to prepare some recipes myself.”  

Screenshot-916She taught them how to cook ham and cheese crepes, French omelets and flaky croissants.  Everything was made from scratch with fresh ingredients.  There was plenty of fruit and various flavors of jam served with the meal.  They had a choice of coffee, chocolat, or juice to drink.

Screenshot-918“The Moreaus did not generally have a large breakfast before your Grand-Pére and I returned here to live.   However, I too am American, and my mother taught me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  So I started a new tradition here of having a large family breakfast and a light lunch.   Though, I do prepare the French traditional recipes for the meal.  My mother-in-law, your Great Grandmother, taught me to cook in the French way before she passed away.  She was a wonderful woman.  I wish that you all could have known her.” 

Screenshot-927While Alissa was with their Grand-Mére, Crystal was talking with their Grand-Pére. 

“Tell me about the rest of the family.  Is there someone special in your life?”

Crystal answered, “Yes, Me!”

He laughed!  

“So, I take that as a no!  You still have plenty of time, and if you wish, I could find you a good Frenchman to settle down with.”

Screenshot-930Crystal knew that her grandfather would not understand her feelings about men or relationships.  He had such old fashioned ideas.  So she didn’t even try to explain.  She just changed the subject.

“Do you ever miss America?”

Screenshot-929“France, this land is in my blood.  No, this is my home, and I missed it when I lived in America.   I took that job to earn enough money so that I would be able to modernize the chateau and nectary.   I always knew that I would return here when my father wanted me to take over for him.   Thankfully, your Grand-Mére is a special woman who was willing to make my country her own.”

Screenshot-932Crystal thought to herself that, yes, her grandmother did seem to be a very special woman.  She knew that she herself would not want to live here deep in the country.  She could understand to some extent her mother’s desire not to return.  This part of the country was so quaint and old fashioned.   She preferred a more modern, sleek setting.   Maybe somewhere like Paris would suit her more.  However, she was content living in her apartment in her big American, pollution filled city!   She would come back for visits to see her Grandparents again, but Champs Les Sim would never be her home.

“You wanted to know about the rest of the family?”

“Oui, s’il vous plaît!  I mean, yes!”

“I guess, I’ll start with Dale.  Alissa really lucked out when she found him!  He is a really decent and kind guy, a good husband and a great father.   He’s a well-respected pediatric surgeon, and he really cares about his patients.  He is extremely intelligent and talented and on top of all that, he’s extremely goodlooking!  He’s not perfect, but he comes pretty close most of the time.”

Crystal laughed thinking of how he acted over Noah and Sharlee’s relationship.

“He’s not just my brother-in-law, he’s like my brother, and I know that I can rely on him if I need him.  Trusting other people isn’t easy for me, but I do trust Dale and my big Sis.

Now about Shawn.   Shawn has a special way with animals.  He has a very gentle spirit that makes animals trust him.  He especially loves horses and plans to become a Vet.   He’s plays on his school basketball team, but he’s really into just about all sports.   His father likes sports too.  No steady girlfriend, but the girls are crazy about him!”

Screenshot-928“I look forward to meeting them both.”

Screenshot-933Crystal  told him more,   “Aiden is a little sweetheart!   He’s really funny and likes to tell jokes.   He’s crazy about all sorts of vehicles, but especially race cars.  He and Joy are very close, and I know they are already missing each other.   He likes swimming and plays soccer.  He really looks up to Noah, and they have a good relationship.   Of course he’s close to his parents too.  He and Alissa inherited my mother’s singing ability, and if they wanted they could be successful at it.  However, neither of them are interested in doing that.  Aiden wants to design cars after he grows up.  Joy also has a pleasant voice, but dancing is her passion.   Shawn and me can’t carry a tune!

What can I tell you about Sharlee?   Even as a teenager, jaws dropped when she entered the room.   She’s gorgeous!  She has a magnetic personality; and like her mom, she’s got a glow that comes from within and draws people to her.   She is one of the most humble, loving people that you will ever meet.  Neither she nor Alissa really see how special they are.  She’s extremely smart and succeeds at just about anything she tries.   She’s a great mother and wife, just like Alissa is.  She loves reading, and if she has a free moment from Skylar, Noah, or her studies, you’ll find her head buried inside a good book!     She sees herself as tough, but she isn’t tough at all!   She’d kill me if she heard me say that!”

They both  laughed again.

She’s tenderhearted and looks for the best in people.   That’s not always good for her.   So, I’m glad that she has someone like Noah to look after her.”

“Noah, what about him?”

Screenshot-931“Ah, Noah!   If I were a few years younger or he a few years older, I’d have taken a go at him myself!”

They both laughed.

“Really though, no one stood a chance with Noah after he met Sharlee.   They are gaga over each other and have been ever since they met as teenagers.   Noah is loyal and tough, but gentle with Sharlee and Skylar.  He knows an engine inside and out.   He loves motorcycles and especially his own Harley.  He’s hardworking and determined to make a good life for his family.   Sharlee lucked out too!   He’s a great guy and super hot!  He’s turned out to be a loving husband and father.

Now, Skylar.   Noah calls her his Sky, and they are so sweet together.   She is the most adorable little baby.   You can’t help but smile when you look at her.  She’s a very happy baby.   She’s always smiling and laughing, and she’s really trying hard to talk now.  Soon she’ll be crawling.   I don’t usually have much interest in babies, or children for that matter, but my nieces and nephews are special to me.  The rest of us, you’ll have a chance to get to know for yourself while we’re here.”

Screenshot-934Crystal didn’t realize it, but their conversation had told her grandfather a lot about her too.   She really loved her family deeply and that showed her grandfather that beneath the tough exterior that she portrayed, there was a loving heart.   It was all that he needed to know about her in order for her to find a place in his own heart.

He told her solemnly.   “You are a very exceptional young woman, my petite fille, and we are most fortunate to have you in our family.”

Crystal was surprised to find tears in her eyes.   Her grandfather held out his arms to her, and she moved closer and hugged him back.

Screenshot-780The next day, Cara asked her mother if she could go for a walk.   Alissa told her not to go too far, and Joy asked to go with her.  Thankfully the vineyard was on the coast.  Cara found a path down to the beach, and she and Joy walked along it.   Well, Cara walked and Joy pretended to fly! 

Screenshot-781They walked for a while, and  Cara snapped lots of pictures. 

Screenshot-783Then Cara sat down to enjoy the sun and listen to the soothing sounds of the sea.

Screenshot-784As she sat there, she was deep in thought.   The final break with Kent had been mutual, but Kent had again been the first to bring up the subject.   He’d told her again that he didn’t feel close to her and didn’t think that it was going to get better.  She’d never told him that she loved him, and Cara had finally realized that it was because she didn’t.   She cared about him and was strongly attracted to him, but it had just been infatuation.   She didn’t have a deep emotional attachment to him and agreed that they should stop dating.

However, she hadn’t expected to feel so sad, so unsure of herself afterwards.   Would she ever really love anyone?   Her aunt Crystal was single and intended to remain that way.   Maybe that would be best for Cara too.   She’d just concentrate on her studies for now and like her Dad said, she’d be a successful photographer without a man by her side.  

Screenshot-787Cara hadn’t realized that she’d been crying until the boy sat down beside her.

Screenshot-786“A face as magnifique as yours should always have a smile on it, not tears.”

Cara quickly wiped the tears away.

“I have not seen you around here.   Are you one of the Moreau’s American visitors?

Screenshot-791Cara looked at him, wishing that he’d take the hint that she wanted to be left alone.


Joy was still playing in the sand.

Screenshot-790Cara turned back to the sea.  

He asked her,  “Well, do you have a name?”

Screenshot-792She sighed.   “Can’t you take a hint?   I really would like to be alone.”

Screenshot-794“I did sort of get that impression, but sometimes when we’re sad, it’s good to be with other people.  It’ll take your mind off of whatever that fool who hurt you did!  My friends tell me that I am quite entertaining!”

Screenshot-795Cara really looked at him then.   He was a cute boy with a warm smile, and she really liked his accent. 

Screenshot-796She smiled at him, and he shocked her by leaning over and kissing her!  

Screenshot-797Cara jerked away and stood up.   “What the heck was that!”

Screenshot-798He laughed and got up from the ground.   “Well, I wanted to kiss you from the moment that I saw you, and I just knew that you would make me wait a long time if ever.   So I just did it.   You’ll find that I’m very spontaneous too!”

Cara was completely shocked!   He just grinned at her.    “You know that you enjoyed it too!  Just admit it, and I promise that it won’t happen again until you want it to happen.  You just need to get to know me better.”

Screenshot-799Cara realized that there was no reasoning with him.   She laughed.   “You know you’re crazy don’t you?”

“I’ve been told that before too!  So, what is your name?”

“Cara Stallworth.   The Moreaus are my great grandparents.”

Screenshot-802He took her hand and kissed it.   “C’est mon plus grand plaisir de rendre votre aquaintance.”

“I don’t speak French yet.”

Cara had always thought that hand kissing was corny, but it seemed perfectly natural and romantic when he did it.

Screenshot-800He said in English.  “It is my greatest pleasure to make your acquaintance, Cara.  I am Julien Deschamps.”

Screenshot-803“It’s nice to meet you, Julian.   I warn you though.  You’d better not try to kiss me again, or I’ll make you sing soprano!”  

She wasn’t looking for a romance, but Julien seemed like he’d make an interesting friend.

Julien laughed.   They talked for a little longer and then Cara and Joy continued their walk along the beach.   Cara hadn’t realized it, but her interaction with Julien had been witnessed.  Someone had been following her and Joy all morning. 

Screenshot-806Cara was standing by the cliff watching Joy gather seashells, and Joy rushed over to her to show her an especially pretty shell that she’d found. 

Screenshot-808Cara heard a sound above her head and immediately reacted!   She pulled Joy down to the ground and covered her with her own body as the rocks fell around them!  

Screenshot-812She and Joy were terrified!  Several of the rocks that were falling were very large!

Screenshot-813When the slide ended, Joy slid out from underneath Cara.  Cara wasn’t moving, and her head was bleeding.  Joy started crying.

Jan“Cara wake up!”

Screenshot-815Julien had heard the rockslide and rushed back down the beach.   He knelt beside Cara.   She was breathing, but she was unconscious.  

“Ma cherie!   Are you alright!”  

Cara didn’t respond.   He looked up above them.  He didn’t know what had caused the slide.  There had never been one here before!   He tore off a piece of his undershirt and wet it in the water.   Then he put the cold rag against Cara’s face and wiped the blood away.   The wound seemed to be further back covered by her hair.

Screenshot-817Cara opened her eyes in a panic.  

Screenshot-818“It’s okay, Cara.  A rock hit your head.” 

Screenshot-820Cara tried to sit up, and he helped her.   Her head was pounding, and she felt sick.  Joy was still crying.    “I’m alright, Princess.  Are you okay?”  Joy wrapped her arms around Cara.  

Screenshot-821Then Joy told her, “I was scared that you wouldn’t wake up!”

Cara said,  “We’re heading back to the vineyard.”

Screenshot-822 She stood up, but her knees felt weak.   She was wobbly.   Julien wrapped his arm around her.   “Lean on me or even better I can carry you!”

“I’ll just lean.   Thanks.”   Cara began to feel better as they walked along.  

When they reached the chateau, her great grandmother called the doctor to check her out.   After examining her, Dr. Chevron said that she might have a slight concussion, but that she would be alright.

Screenshot-823Cara spoke with Julien before he left.   “Thanks again for your help, Julien.”

Screenshot-825“Sure.  I hope to see you again before you return home to America.”

Screenshot-824“I would like that.”


Screenshot-831Pascal had come into the room and heard the conversation.   “Why do you wish to see her again, Julien?   You know that I am your fiance!”

Cara said in disbelief,  “Fiance!”

Pascal responded,  “Yes, we are to be married when we are older!”

Screenshot-830“Pascal, I have told you over and over that I do not intend for others to choose whom I marry.  Besides, our parents never agreed to any such thing!  It was the plan of your Grand-Mére!”

Screenshot-832“If it were not for this “fille de joie salope”  coming here throwing herself at you, then everything would be okay!”

Screenshot-836Cara didn’t know what a “fille de joie” was, but she knew it was an insult!   “I don’t know what your problem is, but I did not throw myself at Julien!”

Screenshot-838Julien sighed.   He was sick of having this conversation with Pascal.   When she had moved away from Champs Les Sim, he had been very relieved.  

“Pascal, my relationship with Cara or with anyone else is not your business!  It never has been, and it never will be.  You were like my sister!  Now it’s reached the point where I don’t even consider you to be a friend anymore.” 

He looked at Cara.  

“Cara, I hope that you feel better soon.  I will come by tomorrow and check on you.”  

He kissed her hand and then left the room.  

Screenshot-839Pascal glared at Cara.   Then she exploded.  

“How dare you come here and try to steal my boyfriend!   You American Gargouille!  You Americans!  Always butting in when you’re not wanted.  Go back to America!  You are just like Grand-Mére said!  Un clochard sans classes just like your own Grand-Mére!”

Alissa and Solange entered the room at the same time after overhearing Pascal’s shouting.   Other members of the family came too.   Alissa rushed over to Cara, protectively.

Screenshot-840Alissa asked Pascal,  “What’s going on!”

Screenshot-841“I wish that a bigger rock had fallen and crushed her répulsif  head!  I should have started the slide from higher up!  Why don’t you all just go back where you came from!  You’re not wanted!   We don’t need you!”

Screenshot-843Charlotte was appalled by her great Granddaughter’s behavior.   “Pascal!   Compose yourself!”

Screenshot-844Arnaud’s face paled at his daughter’s words.   “What did you mean, Pascal!   Did you cause the rockslide?

Screenshot-845Marguerite gasped.  “No!”

Screenshot-849Pascal realized what she’d said in her anger.   She looked at her Grand-Mére.”

“Grand, you were so right about them.   They are nothing but trouble!  I was just trying to scare Cara away.”

Screenshot-850Cara looked at her, and she was furious!   “Those rocks could have killed Joy too!”

Screenshot-852Joy moved closer to Crystal.   She was afraid and didn’t understand why Pascal was yelling.   Crystal picked her up and held her close.

Alissa saw Joy’s expression and asked Crystal to take her outside to the garden.

Screenshot-906Crystal asked Alissa,  “Are you sure you’ll be alright?”

Screenshot-856A hard expression came into Alissa’s eyes.   “I will be just fine!”

Marguerite was horrified by what her daughter had done.  Pascal looked at her mother and saw the deep disappointment and shock in her eyes.  

Screenshot-857“Don’t you know what you have done, Pascal?  You could have ended the lives of two people!  Two people who are related to you and have done you no harm.”

Screenshot-858Uncertainty came into Pascal’s eyes.   “Grand-Mére said that we are Moreaus, and we do not let anyone take anything that belongs to us!  We do not allow any disrespect!”  

She saw her mother’s sad expression and felt doubt over her actions.   Then she looked at her father and saw his pain and disappointment.   She finally grasped the seriousness of what she had done and tears slid down her cheeks.  She felt very confused. 

Screenshot-859“I am sorry, Cara.  I don’t know how I could have done that to you!”

Screenshot-860Arnaud said shakily.  “I am truly sorry for Pascal’s actions.  Do you wish to call the authorities?”

Screenshot-854Alissa answered,  “As long as she receives the mental help that she needs, then no.  I won’t press charges against her.”

Screenshot-862Marguerite spoke firmly.   “Pascal, go to your room and wait for me there. ” 

She turned to look at Charlotte and Rémi.  

“I love you both, dearly, as though you are my own grandparents.   However, Pascal shall never again return here.  You are both welcome to visit my home at anytime that you wish.   You as well, Rémi, along with the boys.”

Screenshot-863Then she looked at Solange, and she was clearly trying to restrain herself from striking her.   “You sorcière maléfique are never to speak with my daughter again.  Do not attempt to contact her in any way!    Arnaud, I am taking Pascal, and we are driving back home to Gordes.”

Screenshot-866She walked over to him.

“I understand, Margarete.   I will join you after I take care of some things here.”

Screenshot-865“Alright.   I shall get help for Pascal.  I’ll call you after we arrive at home.”

Screenshot-867She walked over to Alissa and hugged her.  

Screenshot-869“I am very happy that you are in the family.   I  don’t know the words to tell you how sorry I am for what Pascal has done, but thank you for not taking legal action against her.    Please visit us in Gordes the next time you are in France?   I would love to meet the rest of your family.”

Screenshot-872Alissa smiled at her.   “I would like that too.   Let’s keep in touch.”

Marguerite hugged Charlotte and Rémi.  Then she kissed Arnaud goodbye.   She left the room without looking at Solange again.  

Screenshot-873Alissa kissed Cara and told her to get some rest.   “I think that we need to talk elsewhere.   Crystal needs to join us.”

Screenshot-874Rémi II went to get Crystal, and he instructed his son Vincent to look after Joy.  Then he and Crystal joined the others in the gathering room.  Arnaud helped his grandmother take a seat on a sofa.   She looked very shaky.

Alissa faced her aunt.   “I think it’s time that we were all completely honest with one another.   There is something very wrong here, and I know that it has to do with you, Aunt Solange.”

Screenshot-878Solange looked at her with contempt.  “Do not call me that, you “faible bruit de pas de classe.”

Screenshot-880Alissa looked at her and just shook her head.   She would never understand people like Solange.   At one point she had wondered if mental illness ran in her family.  She’d asked Sammi to check her mother’s health records and see if she had been diagnosed with a mental disease.   Sammi had done as she asked and discovered that Devra had received various examinations from psychologists during her time in jail.   She’d been diagnosed with a personality disorder which is not the same as a mental illness.   Personality disorders are not inherited.   Looking at Solange and after Pascal’s behavior, Alissa wondered again.

Screenshot-881Crystal sat perched on a stool, watching and listening.   Unlike Alissa, she was not surprised.   She always expected the worst, and so she was never disappointed when things didn’t go right.

Screenshot-877Solange stood proudly.  “I have always done what was necessary to benefit this family, and I will always continue to do so.”

“What have you done, Solange?”

Screenshot-884Solange looked at her mother.   “You are not a Moreau by blood, and so you can never really understand.”

Screenshot-883Rémi felt great guilt at Solange’s words to her mother.   Was this his doing?   Had she so completely misunderstood what it means to be a family?   Yes, there is a lot of tradition handed down through generations, but there is also honor involved in being a Moreau!

Screenshot-888Arnaud had a sickening suspicion and prayed that he was wrong!   “Mére, did you have anything to do with Grand-Pére’s illness?   Please tell me that you did not!”

Her mother cried out!  “Solange, you could not!”

Screenshot-890Solange remained stubbornly silent, but Rémi II began to cry.  

Screenshot-891She looked at him contemptuously.   “A weakling just like your father and your brother.” 

Screenshot-892She angrily turned to her father.  “You would have changed your will in favor of these two “parvenus” just because they are the daughters of your precious, Devra!   Devra the talented one!  The one the boys were all after!  The apple of Pére’s eye!   I was the good daughter who stayed home with you and learned how to manage a household.  What did that get me!  Did you appreciate it!  No!  I was always hearing, “Devra is doing great at college!   She’s made a lot of new friends.  On and on!”

She paused for breath as everyone listened in shocked silence.   She continued speaking.  “Then when she quit college, you were both so disappointed.  I loved my sister too, but I hated her as well.  I hated the way that you both favored her and fawned over her.  So, yes, I was glad that she quit college.   I was glad that her singing career was a flop!  I was glad when you finally saw her true nature.  At least she had used her stage name Morales.  Then she had the nerve to steal my identity and pretend to be me!   I was furious!  She tried to defile the Moreau name.  My name!”

Charlotte started to speak, but her husband Rémi motioned for her to remain silent.  

Screenshot-893“When she was going to jail to be punished for her other criminal activities, she had the nerve to contact me!  Oh, she was really trying to reach you, Pére, but I was the one who answered the phone.  She said that she thought that you and Mére would like to know that you had a petite fille named Alissa, and that if you would send her money to pay for a lawyer, she would allow you to raise her fille.  She actually thought that we would like to have her bâtard fille in this house!”

Screenshot-894“No, Solange!”   Charlotte was crying.

Solange looked at her father and saw his pain and disgust over what she had done.  For a few moments it moved her, but then she again hardened her heart. 

Screenshot-896“I told her that if she ever attempted to contact another member of this family again, that I would press charges against her for stealing my identity.  I told her to forget that she was ever a Moreau just as I intended to do.”

Screenshot-899She saw that her father was shaking with anger and heartsick.   She dropped down to her knees in front of him.   “Don’t you see, Pére?   I could not allow her to hurt you and Mére anymore.   I could not allow her to drag the Moreau name through the gutter with her!   I couldn’t let her “bâtard” contaminate the family.”

Screenshot-897He cried out, “Enough, Solange!  No more!  Get out of my sight!”

Solange backed away as though he had struck her.

Screenshot-898He told her, “You are the one who has dishonored the Moreau name!”

Screenshot-889Solange rose stiffly to her feet.  Charlotte told her.   “It is you who does not truly understand what it means to be a Moreau.   Yes, it is an honorable name.  It represents strength but also love, kindness, generosity and pride mixed with humility!    Solange, you have lost your way; and I am so sorry that I did not see it!”

Solange left the room and went to her suite.   Charlotte looked at her grandchildren and her husband sitting dejectedly beside her.

Screenshot-903“We are a family and we will get through this together.   Solange shall also receive the help that she needs.”  

That night, Solange was taken by her sons to a mental institution and admitted to begin receiving the treatment that she needed to regain her mental health.  

Screenshot-942The following day, Réme and Charlotte sat down with Alissa and Crystal for a heart to heart talk.   They wanted to know about their lives growing up.  When Alissa started giving them a sanitized version, her grandfather interrupted her.

“Pardonnez-moi, Alissa.   We wish to know the truth.   Please do not try to shield us.” 

Screenshot-944So Crystal told them about her childhood, and then Alissa told them about hers.   Their grandfather looked stoic but sad,  and their grandmother cried.

When Alissa told them about her experiences in the foster homes and then after her emancipation when she had dated Bronson and got pregnant, Crystal realized that she hadn’t really known how difficult life had been for Alissa.  She’d told Alissa all about her own childhood, but Alissa had never really gone into detail about hers.   Even though their mother had not been a good mother, at least Crystal had had her until she found Alissa.  She hadn’t been on her own. 

Screenshot-941However, Crystal hadn’t known how truly alone Alissa had been and how bad it had been for Alissa in the foster system.  She hugged her sister.  Despite everything that she had been through, her sister was a wonderful person, and Crystal appreciated and admired her even more!

Rémi explained that as his eldest child, the vineyard would have been inherited by Devra and since she had died, then Alissa was next in line. 

Screenshot-948Alissa and Crystal asked him not to change his will in their favor.   Their lives and that of Alissa’s children was in the States. 

Screenshot-946Although disappointed, Rémi understood.   He told them that their side of the family would always be welcome at the vineyard.  If ever any family member wished to live there, they would always have a home.  It had been that way with the Moreaus through the generations and he knew that their cousin Rémi and his sons would always continue that tradition.  Rémi II was relieved and grateful to find that his Grandpére had forgiven him for his part in his Grandpére’s illness and that the vineyard would still be his inheritance.

Alissa and Crystal cut their visit short because of Solange’s hospitalization and returned to America.  Alissa promised her grandparents that she would return soon with the rest of her family.  Even though there had been some difficult moments, they were all happy that they had found each other.

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      Awww, you don’t trust Julien? You don’t have to worry about him though. He and Cara won’t have a romantic relationship. They’ll just be facebook friends!

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      Thank you Sami! I really appreciate that! 🙂

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      I have to do an update for Mutation first and then back to Alissa! 🙂

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      Awww, you are very welcome! I’m sorry I didn’t work on it sooner for you guys. 😦

      Thanks for reading my story, Megan! 🙂

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    • That is so nice of you to say, Marcie! I’m happy that you’re enjoying reading it! 🙂

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      Awww, thanks so much Marcie! I do try really hard with the characters.

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    • Thanks Beachbear! 🙂 I’m glad it was worth the wait to you and I’m sorry for taking so long to post an update.

      What Solange did was wrong, but maybe she’s not as twisted as Devra was. After some treatment, hopefully she’ll be alright. Alissa is a lot like her grandmother.

      Rémi and Charlotte didn’t really favor Devra over Solange. That was just her flawed perception. 😦 That’s why Charlotte started to interrupt her, but Rémi realized that there was no point in protesting that Solange was wrong because that was how Solange had really felt at that time! (Wow that was a long sentence!) Sometimes people come from the most loving of homes and still end up making bad choices and harming others. That’s how it was Devra and Solange. Devra’s greed and narcissism is what made her the way she was, and Solange’s ego and jealousy is what made her do the things that she did. 😦

      You’re right about Julien and Cara. They won’t fall in love. He probably won’t be in the story again. Although, when the whole family goes back for a visit, I might have Cara see him again. I think it’d be sort of soon for her to have another romance after breaking up with Kent. I agree that he and Pascal look great together, but we won’t see much more of them in the story. 😀

      No, Pascal isn’t mentally ill. She just followed the bad example of her Grandmother Solange. Although, I would like to think that her grandmother wouldn’t have wanted her to do what she did. Counseling is definitely what she needs in order to get her thinking set straight again. She won’t have any contact with her grandmother until after her grandmother is doing better. Maybe after that, her parents will let her be with her grandmother again. She really loves Solange a lot.

      I’m so happy you loved it “Beachbear!” Thanks for reading! 🙂

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      That is so sweet of you! 🙂 I’m working on Mutations this week, and so I hope, hope, hope to post an update next week!

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    • Now see that would have been a great reaction for Cara when he kissed her. I’d have smacked him too! Why didn’t I think of that when I was writing it! 😡

      Yeah, Pascal was wrong to be so rude to Cara! Maybe eventually they will be friends. Pascal just needs to get her thinking straightened out.

      Solange has been a very bad influence on some members of her family. Sometimes it seems like people look up to the wrong person and it’s so sad!

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      Thanks Star! I’m working on Mutations and then I’ll start the next storyline for Alissa. Thanks for reading my story! 😀

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    • I put them up for download once before, but I put up none CC versions of them. I don’t feel comfortable uploading Alissa and Dale’s sims again though because I didn’t make them. 😦 I’m sorry Aliru! Maybe I’ll put up the rest of the family again sometime. 🙂

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      Thanks for reading my story, Aubri! 🙂

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    • Yeah, Solange was very cold hearted and her thinking was twisted!

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      Pascal does have problems too. Her grandmother had really messed up her thinking! Cara was very protective of her little sister. If a rock had hit Joy rather than Cara, Joy might not have survived!

      It is good that their grandparents knew what what Devra was really like or had become after she left them. She didn’t have to be that way though. Her own parents had given her a great example of how a parent, how a person should be, but she chose to behave how she did. 😦

      Learning about Alissa and Crystal’s lives has really made their grandparents feel closer to them and proud of them. 🙂

      Thank you so much for reading my story, Clairey! 🙂

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    • I admire anyone who can speak more than one language fluently! 😀 I sometimes have a problem with English, and it’s my main language! LOL

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    • That’s okay Whitney! I didn’t post it on Facebook or on my Forum. I’m getting slack lately and not updating as regularly as I used to do.

      Contaminated is a great way to put it! That’s exactly what she’s done.

      LOL You hope Crystal finds love! Maybe she will, but she’s definitely not wanting to find it.

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      Hopefully, now that both Pascal and Solange are receiving help, the family can really get to know each other and have a good relationship. With both Alissa’s and Crystal’s past they deserve to have a loving family.

      Thank you so much for sticking with the story, Whitney! You are one of the one’s who has encouraged me to continue writing it when I first started it almost three years ago. 🙂 Wow! 😯 It doesn’t seem like that much time has passed!

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    • I’m so glad that you like it, Dakota! Yeah, what Pascal and Solange said was really rude!

      I like Crystal too. She has a lot of spunk! Soon, I hope to do a couple of chapters on her life now.

      Awww, I’m glad it touched your heart. Cara loves her little sister a lot!

      Thank you for reading my story, Dakota! It makes me really happy to know that you love it too! 🙂

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    And Solange herself?! Well. I hope that is a mental illness. I don’t like believeing that anyone has evil intentions, but I’m struggling with her. I mean, sisters fall out, of course, I do with mine all the time, but I’d never disown them or tell them we wanted nothing to do with her children! A name is just a name, and I know in richer societies it means a lot, but it should never mean more than family.

    I’m glad that the chapter had a happy ending, though. Despite a few snakes in the grass, the family bonds are strong. Thinking back to the start of the story, when Alissa was all alone in the world at such a young age, things have really changed and I’m so glad she has such a strong family and support system! 🙂

    (also, wow, this chapter was posted ages ago but I didn’t know until you put on fb the other day. Sorry! I need to remember to check my live bookmark more often!)

    • She has grown attached to her family despite herself! 😀

      Pascal was really twisted up in her thinking by Solange. Before Cara even got there her attitude towards Cara and the others had already been formed by Solange. So in some weird way, she felt like she had the right to do that. She also wanted to please her grandmother. Yeah, it didn’t matter to her that Cara wasn’t the one who did the kissing. In her mind, Cara shouldn’t even exist!

      Solange let jealousy eat away at her. It reached the point that she too had convinced herself that her actions were right. Sometimes I try to understand why some people do really cruel, evil things and I can’t understand it. Then I tell myself that maybe it’s good that we don’t understand it! LOL What you said is so true!

      I thought that Alissa and Crystal should have some more family to connect with. Especially with all that they’ve been through over the years! 🙂

      Don’t feel bad! Most people didn’t know I had posted it. I didn’t put it on Facebook. I’ve been very lax lately!

      Thanks for reading my story, Gemly! 🙂

  18. I was just thinking, being French and speaking French myself, Isn’t ‘Pascal’ a masculine name. Pascale is the feminine form. :). Unless they named her after a boy. lol.

    • I didn’t realize that! I have just always liked that name and I thought it was a female name! 😳 They are about to go back to France in the next chapter. I’ll definitely add an “e” to her name! Thanks Anna! 😀

      • Anna, just a quick question! I hope you see this. What is a favorite dinner time meal in France? Also, what do teens like to do for fun there. I know it’s probably like the teens here in the states, but just in case it’s different, can you give me some suggestions?

      • Hi Daisy,
        In formal dinner settings we often have three courses: STARTERS: We can eat things like vol au vent, foie gras (which is a duck liver fattened. Sounds gross i know but it’s actually quite nice. It is like a spread and you spread it on bread. )
        For main meals we can eat crepes with mushrooms, capsicum, cheese or tarts like onion tart, mushroom tart, soups etc. even snails! But they are often dipped in spinach sauce or something. 🙂 Teenagers these days do a lot of things similar to US teens. For teens:: They watch TV, chat on internet with their friends, go to the cinema, hang out with friends,many girls do some shopping with their friends, they also do some sport (cycling, foot, basket, rugby, they go to the swimming-pool, in summer they go to the beach if they live near the sea, in winter those who live in the mountains can do ski or snowboard, etc). It depends on their hobbys, some enjoy reading, others prefer listening to music, I’ve got a friend who plays guitar in his spare time.
        I know my cousins and I once also play boules which is a very fun sport, last time I was there we played beach volleyball and swam a lot (it was summer) , but in winter we go skiing. We also loved turning up the music in the car and driving around. 🙂 We also meet up at cafes, parks 🙂 Regular teen stuff. 😀

      • Ratatouille is a personal favourite, after the main meal they like to finish off with more wine or some cheese, bread, olives, sugary desserts can be madeleine, galette de rois, ice cream, eclairs, or a fruity tart, . In a lot of dishes: There is usually a steak or some sort of meat also with a side of vegetables.

  19. Wine, bread and cheese are a must. A french meal would not be a french meal without the addition of cheese, bread and wine. We also eat salads for starters 🙂

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