Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Three

Screenshot-94Sharlee was dressing Skylar to go home because they were being released from the hospital.   The weather had changed and so she was dressing Sky warmly. 

Screenshot-97Sharlee couldn’t help but give her a loving smile as she wiggled around on the bed. 

Screenshot-98“You little Sweetie!”

Screenshot-101Skylar laughed up at her mother. 

Screenshot-103As Noah looked at Sharlee and Sky, he was deep in thought.   He was happy that they were both being released.  However, he realized that he’d miss having just the three of them together like it had been for the past four days here at the hospital.   Family and friends had come to visit, but then it had been just him, Sharlee and Sky alone.

He really appreciated Dale and Alissa allowing him and Sharlee to live with them, but after Sharlee fully recovered from Sky’s delivery, they were going to move into their own place.  He wanted to take care of his family himself.  Noah felt sure that the realtor who had helped him find a site for his dealership would be glad to help find a place for him and Sharlee.  He thought it’d be best to rent a place until his dealership was doing well and save towards buying  a home.  He decided to talk with Sharlee about it at another time though.  For now, they would just enjoy having little Sky with them.

Screenshot-106After Sky was dressed, Noah took her from Sharlee.  He’d never tire of looking into her precious, adorable face!  She had the tiniest little feet and fingers and toes.   Her little fingers could barely wrap around just one of his.  He could tell that already she knew that he was her Daddy!  He looked forward to teaching her so many things.   Looking at her just made his heart catch and her smile made him smile.   She was his sunshine just like her mother was!

Screenshot-105Sharlee watched Noah with Skylar, and she felt a rush of emotion!   “I love you, Noah!”

Screenshot-108Noah looked at her.  He wasn’t surprised that she’d told him that she loved him, but he was surprised at the fervent way in which she said the words this time.  He knew that she was still very hormonal.

“I know, Babe; and I love you too.”

He looked back at Sky.  “Mommy and Daddy love you too, Sky.”

Sharlee smiled at them both. 

Screenshot-110An orderly came with a wheelchair; and after Sharlee was settled in the chair, Noah handed Skylar to her.  

Screenshot-118When they were in the parking lot, Noah took Skylar to put her into her carseat.  This was her first time outside; and even though she couldn’t hold her head up yet, she was turning it trying to look around! 

Screenshot-113Noah laughed and smiled at his baby girl’s curiosity.   He settled her into her carseat as the orderly helped Sharlee into the car.

Screenshot-120When they were in the car, Sharlee gave her a pacifier.  She seemed perfectly content in the carseat.  She was a happy, good natured little baby!

Screenshot-180After they arrived home, all the children rushed out to the car.   Noah was proud of it.  Although used, it was a newer model and completely unlike that old clunker that he had bought for Sharlee in Bridgeport.   He’d purchased it a few weeks before Skylar’s birth so that Sharlee would no longer have to rely on borrowing her family’s cars to get back and forth for her’s and Skylar’s appointments and running errands. 

Although they knew that she wouldn’t be able to drive it until after the doctor cleared her to drive again, Noah had bought the model that she wanted.  It was a Toyota Prius, and they could afford the payments with their earnings from Harley.  Cara took Skylar, and Joy and Aiden followed her into the house.   Noah helped Sharlee out of the car and into the house while Shawn got their bags. 

Screenshot-181The family was glad that they were home and took turns holding Sky.

Screenshot-182Cara held her first and then let Joy hold her.

Screenshot-183Aiden was in awe.  

Screenshot-184“She’s so little!  She looks like a doll!”  Then he looked at Sharlee’s belly.    “Are you sure there isn’t another baby still in there Sharlee?”

Screenshot-186Everyone laughed, and Sharlee assured him that there wasn’t another baby. 

“No Aiden, Skylar was the only one!”

Screenshot-194“So Noah, are you ready for the pretend tea parties and dress up?”

Screenshot-189“Did you do that Dale?”

Screenshot-187Dale answered.  “Who do you think taught Sharlee to stick out her pinky finger when she’s drinking her tea?  As a matter of fact, Joy and I just had a tea party yesterday!”

They all laughed again!  Noah said,  “I guess I have to be ready for it.  Anything to make Sky happy.”

Alissa looked at him affectionately.   Yes, he was a very special son-in-law.  Her wish had been for someone to love and cherish her daughter and grandchildren.  Noah was just what she had hoped.  Maybe he wasn’t perfect, but who was?

Screenshot-192Skylar was sleepy, and so Dale took her from Joy.

Screenshot-191“Noah, I am so sorry!  I didn’t realize that I haven’t invited you for tea yet!  Let’s do it today! You too Aiden!”

Screenshot-190Noah couldn’t believe he was going to have to do things like this, but it was a part of sharing a little girl’s life. 

“Sure, Joy.”

Screenshot-193“Okay, but only if we can have some real cookies this time!  Then we can play with my cars!”

Later that day, Noah and Aiden joined Joy for tea in her newly re-decorated room.   Alissa was in the process of re-decorating Aiden’s room in a race car theme since he was so crazy about cars.

Screenshot-129Several weeks later,  Skylar was supposed to have a brief photoshoot, and it would be Sharlee’s first one since Skylar’s birth.   Sharlee looked at herself critically in the mirror.  Due to the high risk during her pregnancy, she had not been able to exercise like she’d been used to doing. 

She still weighed a lot more than she used to weigh, and it would be several more weeks before the doctor said that she could begin exercising again.   The doctor wanted to ensure that her body had completely recovered.  She had put on a lot of extra weight even since Sky’s birth despite trying to eat healthy.

Screenshot-124Noah was studying, and Skylar was on the bed beside him.

Sharlee worried aloud.  “What if they want to drop me from the contract?”

Screenshot-126Noah looked over at her.   “Why would they want to do that?”

Screenshot-132“Let’s face it, Honey.  I’m fat!  Who would want to look at a woman with hippo humps like these!”  Sharlee was talking about her hips and thighs.

Screenshot-134Noah couldn’t help it.   He burst out laughing.   Sharlee started crying.  Noah quickly put Skylar into her bassinet and went over to Sharlee.  

Screenshot-135“I’m sorry, Babe.  I just wasn’t expecting you to describe it that way.   Harley and the customers know that you just had a baby.   They’ve been pitching us to the public as a real family, and so no one expects you to look like you did before your pregnancy.   You are not fat!  Even if you were, that would be okay as long as you’re healthy.  Anyway, you’re still the most beautiful and sexy woman that I’ve ever seen!”

Screenshot-136Sharlee grinned.  “Piling it on a little thick aren’t you!   I hope you’re right though.”

Screenshot-139Skylar started gurgling, and Noah picked her up.

“She’s hungry.”

Sharlee took her and fed her.

Screenshot-215Kent came home with Cara so that they could study together.   Dale came out and saw him.   “Hello Kent,  how have you been?”

Screenshot-217“Just fine, Mr. Stallworth.  Thanks.”

Dale and Alissa liked Kent and his parents.  Dale had had a talk with both Kent and Cara individually.  With Kent, he had told him the same things that he’d told Noah about respecting his daughter.   He had reminded Cara that her body belonged to her and that it was not any boy’s playground!  

Dale was pleased that Kent and Cara were dating, but Alissa cautioned Dale that Cara wasn’t likely to date him for long.   It had only been a few months, and Cara already seemed to be discontent with the relationship.  She’d told Alissa that Kent was too clinging now that they were dating.

Screenshot-197Kent looked up at Cara.  She was reading over their assignment.



“I think that we should break up.”

Screenshot-198Cara’s head jerked up.   “What!”

Screenshot-200Kent didn’t say anything else for a few moments.  Then he said, “Isn’t that what you want?”

She frowned.

He continued.  “It feels like you’re keeping me at a distance.  I mean emotionally.  You only let me get so close to you; and lately, it seems like you’re completely drawing away.  I’m not an idiot, Cara.”

Screenshot-205“I….”  Cara didn’t know what to say.  Breaking up had crossed her mind.   Kent was right.  She had been slowly distancing herself.   She looked at him, trying to gauge her feelings.  Was this what she wanted to do?  How did she really feel about him?

Screenshot-204“Cara, I know that I love you, but I don’t know if you love me too.  I mean it’s not like I expect us to get married or anything, but I know that today I love you.”

Cara couldn’t help but laugh.  Kent looked confused.

Screenshot-207“I’m sorry, Kent, but it’s just the way that you worded it.  You said that you “love me today”, and you sort of implied that you might not love me tomorrow.  I guess neither of us really knows how long these feelings we have for each other will last.”

Screenshot-209“Feelings for each other!  Does that mean that you have the same feelings for me?”

Again Cara was at a loss for words.

“Why is it so hard for you to talk about your feelings?   Isn’t it guys who are supposed to have a hard time with that?”

Screenshot-208“Well, yeah.  You’re not like other guys though, Kent.  That’s why I….”  She hesitated.

“Go on.  You what?”

Screenshot-210“I honestly don’t know if what I feel is love, Kent.  I care about you more than any of the other guys I’ve dated.   Maybe that is love.  All I can say is that I don’t want us to break up.   You’re right.  I was thinking about breaking up, but I do care about you too!”

Screenshot-211Kent smiled.   “I guess that’s what I needed to hear.”   He moved is chair over to hers and they shared a kiss.

Screenshot-143It was the morning of the photoshoot.  Noah could see how nervous Sharlee was.  He didn’t think that there would be any problems though.  He really meant it when he said that she was beautiful and sexy.  Her weight gain hadn’t changed that at all!  As long as she was healthy, her weight didn’t matter to him. 

They drove up to the location, and then they headed inside. The first person that Sharlee saw was Gene.   She watched as his eyes widened in unpleasant surprise as he looked at her.  He quickly tried to hide it as he came over to them.  

Screenshot-147“So this is the new little addition!  Aww, she’s a cutie!  She’ll be a natural in her pictures.  I have Andy here today as the photographer, and Bennie is the cameraman.”  He looked at Sharlee as though trying to find words.   “You look terrific Sharlee, but how about if we call a model to stand-in for you for a while.”

“A model to stand-in for her, why?”

Screenshot-145“Well no offense, Sharlee,  but you are just a bit heavier than you were before.   I always have models on standby whenever I produce a shoot.  You never know when you’re going to need an extra person or in this case, a temporary replacement.  I mean until you’re back down to your pre-baby weight.”

Sharlee had tried to find an outfit that made her look slimmer, but evidently it hadn’t worked.  Gene was used to working with slim models, not new mothers.  Noah saw the hurt in Sharlee’s eyes.   He didn’t like Gene’s attitude at all, and he wouldn’t put up with anyone hurting Sharlee.    He’d walk out and quit the deal if Harley didn’t cooperate.   Harley could sue him!  He tried to reason with Gene.  

Screenshot-148“All of these months you’ve presented us to the public and our fans as a genuine, happy Harley family.  The last shoot that we did together was of a very pregnant Sharlee, and the fans are waiting to see her and Skylar.  They want to see all of us together now that our baby has been born.  A stand-in is not going to accomplish that!  What?  Are you going to imply that Sharlee and I split up, or that I’m cheating on her?  Not only that, but I’m sure that not all of Harley’s targeted female customers are a size 4!”

Screenshot-149“Noah it’s okay.  I understand.  I’m not right for the shoot anymore!”  

Although she wasn’t crying, Noah could still see how much Gene’s attitude had hurt her.  Gene was agreeing with Sharlee when Noah pulled out his phone and called his agent.  His agent promptly called Terry.   Terry immediately called Gene and chewed him out!

Screenshot-152Terry couldn’t believe what he was hearing!   “What kind of an idiot are you!  Don’t you blow this for the company!  You do that shoot as agreed, and I expect it to be perfect!  Apologize to Noah and Sharlee and smooth over any ill feelings that your idiocy may have caused!  I’ll replace you if you don’t think that you can handle this important contract properly.” 

Terry decided that if Gene screwed up one more time with this contract, he’d assign someone else to work on the campaign with Noah and Sharlee.  Gene reassured him that he could handle it and would do as Terry instructed.   He apologized to Sharlee, and the stylist took them to the dressingrooms.  

Unlike Gene, the stylist had known that there was a strong chance that Sharlee had not lost the baby weight.   She’d had the foresight to get Sharlee’s measurements beforehand, and she had a seamstress onsite to make any necessary alterations.  She reassured Sharlee that she was gorgeous! 

Screenshot-153Then the shoot began.  

Screenshot-155There were a few pictures taken and a very short commercial was made.  

Screenshot-158Skylar was fine during the photoshoot.  

Screenshot-161However, during the filming of the commercial, she got tired; and Sharlee and Noah ended the shoot.   They told Gene that he’d have to work with the footage that they had already taken.   Gene didn’t complain.

Screenshot-163They’d fulfilled Skylar’s part of the contract. 

Screenshot-165 Noah and Sharlee thought that Sky looked adorable in her last outfit change. 

Screenshot-171The commercial and ad campaign were even more effective and popular with the addition of little Skylar.   Noah and Sharlee were relieved that it was over for her.


A few more pics:


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      I thought a while of how Sharlee might feel about her weight gain. I thought that she would be concerned because of the Harley Davidson campaign. In the advertising business and in show business, the way a person looks is very important. The perception of beauty to those in that business is very narrow. Since she knows that, I thought that her weight gain would worry her. Also, she was a gymnast, and so I thought that the lack of exercise during her pregnancy would bother her. She’s used to being fit and active and couldn’t be that way during her pregnancy, and now it will be still be a while before she can get back to that routine. However, to Sharlee, having Sky is worth all the changes the pregnancy made in her body! She’d do it all again in order to have her baby, Sky! 😉 You’re right she will be a good Mom! 🙂

      Shawn is a handsome boy! I agree with you! He does deserve a nice girl. Eventually he will end up with Faye, but not until after college. 😉

      Cara is a pretty girl too! She has a lot of common sense. She’s planning to become a professional photographer. You’re right about her feelings for Kent. Her feelings for him won’t last. What happens with Jared remains to be seen! 😉

      You are so right about Dale! Alissa is very lucky to have him in her life! He is a really good husband and father although not a perfect one! 😀 He loves his family so much!

      Aiden plays soccer and loves cars! I’m redecorating his room in a race car theme when I get a chance to do it. For some reason it’s hard for me to give each character the time that they deserve in the story. I’ll have to write something for him again soon! 😉

      Anita, don’t worry about how long your comment is! To me it’s like having a nice conversation! I do enjoy reading your comments! They are always encouraging! ♥

      The next chapter is ready, but I’m trying to stick with my Monday’s posting schedule again. 😉

      I’ve seen pictures of Indonesia, and it is a very beautiful country with beautiful people! I wish that I could travel more than I have. There are a lot of places that I would love to see for myself!

      Thank you for reading my story, Anita! 🙂

      • I am glad reading your reply, Daisy. If you want to visit Indonesia, please dont hesitate to inform me. I will show you some interesting place. I promise you.

        Daisy, when you will post Chapter 10 for The Mutations?

      • Thanks Anita!

        I’m going to work on the next chapter of Mutation this week and I hope to post chapter 10 next week. I’m still a bit behind with that story.

  11. So happy I had a moment to read and catch up. I am in awe and loved this chapter. Little Skylar is a doll. Loved the way you changed the hair and outfit…one question how on earth did you get rid of the pink blanket or is the baby a toddler in game? Gene was very cruel to Sharlee…of course she was still going to have baby weight. I am glad the contract worked out and I loved the photo’s can’t wait to read the next chapter. BTW I have a new story it’s at my blogspot.

  12. That company needed a kick up the backside, how dare they make Sharlee feel that way grrr. However Sky is adorable and very much loved. Noel looks already like doting Daddy 🙂

    Loved it 🙂

    • Yeah, Gene was so wrong to say that to Sharlee!

      I just love that little baby already! She’s a cutie and you’re right about Noah. He’s already crazy about his baby girl! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, Lucky! 🙂

  13. Noah seemed really excited about a tea party invitation. 😉
    Cara and Kent are cute, and she should sort out her feelings, or agree to take things as they come.
    Dale’s date talk is always so ….. fatherly. Toucha my daughta, I makeya de cemen’shooz
    I expected that the photo people would be a bit upset about Sharlee’s weight. I agree though that seeing a skin & bones lady after childbirth would be bad. Rumours of ill health, eating disorder or drugs would have started.
    I think that if Sharlee’s attitude were more confident, the issue wouldn’t have blown up. Maybe she’s still hormone emotional.

    • LOL I loved that expression on his face!

      Cara and Kent are a cute couple, and you’re right about Cara and her feelings. She is going to do that.

      Isn’t Dale the typical Dad! LOL I’ve been having such fun writing it. I think he’s learned from his mistakes with Sharlee and Noah though! 😀

      You’re right about the ad campaign. It seems like a woman who has a baby and is working in that type of business can’t win for losing. The press talks badly of them. I think that people in the press have a very distorted view of the way a woman should look after having a baby. The new mothers are under a lot of pressure to lose the weight as quickly as possible! I thought that it would effect Sharlee too. She doesn’t want to ruin the deal with Harley. Right now she and Noah really need that income. Being hormonal didn’t help either though! It just made her feelings worse. Otherwise, she would have spoken up for herself. Poor Sharlee! 😦 At least she has Noah to back her up and try to rebuild her confidence in herself.

  14. Skylar is such a cutie 🙂 and a professional at photo shoots already! Lol:)
    How mean of Gene, Shirley is still gorgeous and I think it suits her having a bit of weight. She’s lovely, I would of slapped him! Haha.
    Haha, I loved it when Dale was telling Noah about the tea parties, I can’t wait to see Noah doing that!
    Cara and Kent are sweet together, I wonder if they’ll be together long though.
    Brilliant chapter 🙂

    • I think she’s the cutest baby I’ve had in the story. She’s even cuter than Sharlee was at that age. It might be the CC though! LOL

      Yeah, Gene has a narrow view of beauty like a lot of people in his industry have. 😦 He did deserve to be slapped for saying that to her!

      Noah will be a very dedicated father. He really loves his baby girl!

      Yeah, I really like Kent, but Cara doesn’t have deep feelings for him. 😦

      Thank you so much, Clairey and I’m sorry it took so long to reply! 🙂

  15. I have only just stated reading this blog and love it so much but I cant help asking for the link of the baby seat I know it’s rude but I’m trying to get my game as perfect as yours so if you would give me the link I’d love it. By the way I love this blog/ story t obits and cant wait for more.! xxxx

    • Oh, I’m sorry, Bethany! I was looking at the wrong chapter! LOL

      That’s not a carseat that I used for those pictures. That’s a baby stroller that I placed in the car and positioned like a carseat. I did this chapter before I found the carseat. 🙂

      • That’s so clever haha thanks a lot for all of it that car seat you showed me is going to work well in my movies so far the graphics are terrible. :S thank you though it’s much appreciated . 🙂

      • I hate to ask this also but what pram is that is it custom because I don’t seem to have it? Thank you for responding I know I get a bit repetitive at times but you know once I see something I like I try to get it 😉 x

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