Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Two

WARNING:  An Extremely Mushy Chapter!   Read at your own risk!   😥   Also, it is very long.  😯

Screenshot-4052Sharlee decided that she wanted to deliver her baby by caesarean only as a last resort.  The hospital had a new maternity section that concentrated on family-centered care.  As long as everything went smoothly, Noah would be able to remain with her for her entire hospital stay, and the baby would also remain in the same room with her after birth. 

The emphasis was on less stress for the mother during the baby’s birth and family bonding after the baby is born.  Sharlee needed to have a serious talk with Noah.  She spoke with him after they returned from a childbirth and parenting class.

“Honey please sit down for a second.   I need to talk with you about something important.”

Noah looked at her with a concerned expression and stretched out on the bed.   “What is it?”

“Even though Dr. Simons said that Skylar and I are doing well enough that he feels that I won’t require a caesarean delivery, it doesn’t mean that it won’t end up being necessary.  Also other complications can arise during Skylar’s birth.”

Noah hadn’t been able to make it to Sharlee’s doctor’s appointment that week, but she had assured him that everything was alright.  “What complications?”

Screenshot-4053Sharlee tried to find the right words for what she wanted to say to him.   “If something happens that causes a choice between my life and Skylar’s life, you have to tell them to save Skylar.”

Screenshot-4055Noah’s heart contracted in pain.  “Sharlee don’t….”

Screenshot-4056Sharlee interrupted him.   “Believe me Honey, I know how much you love me, but…”

Screenshot-4057Noah sat up as she reached for his hand.  She leaned against him and placed his hand on her belly so that he could feel Skylar moving.

Then she told him, “Skylar comes first.  She comes before me, and she comes before you.”

Screenshot-4058Noah had tears in his eyes as he agreed.  “Yes, Sky comes first.”

Screenshot-4060Sharlee sat up and looked into his eyes. 

“I know in my heart that you won’t have to make that choice.  I promise you that Skylar and I are both going to be just fine!”  She was smiling.  “I’ve had dreams of me holding her and watching as you hold her and talk with her.  I just felt that we needed to discuss it.”

Noah knew he wouldn’t be able to completely relax until after Skylar was born, and she and Sharlee were both out of danger.  Why did he keep letting his temper get him into trouble, and now that he had Sharlee, his anger caused trouble for her as well!  If not for him having hurt her, her pregnancy and delivery would not be risky.

Screenshot-4127Later that afternoon, Dale walked into the kitchen to get some coffee and overheard Noah’s phone conversation with Terry.

Screenshot-4130“No, Terry, I’m sorry if it causes a delay, but I can’t go out of town this close to Sharlee’s due date.  I’m not leaving her alone.”  Terry said something and then Noah told him, “Yes, I know it’s still two weeks away, but I don’t want to leave her.”   Noah talked a while longer, and then ended the call.

Screenshot-4131“What was that about?”

“Darion has decided to accept our offer and manage the dealership for me.  Terry needs me to come to the regional branch and finalize some things so that Darion can start training.  I hate to cause a delay, but I’m not leaving Sharlee alone right now.”

“Isn’t the branch just a couple of hours away from here?”

“Yes, but even so, I’m not leaving her alone.”

Screenshot-4134Dale smiled.  He was impressed with Noah’s attitude.  “It’s great to see you putting Sharlee first, but I know how tight your schedule is to get everything completed on time.  After the baby is born, you definitely won’t want to leave town.  Do you really see any other time over the next couple of months when you’ll be able to go?”

Noah frowned.

“Technically, Noah, you wouldn’t be leaving her alone.   Alissa and I will be with her.   If it makes you feel better, I can take that day off and stay with Sharlee too.”

Screenshot-4133“What!  You mean you think that I should go?”

“Yes, if by some small chance she does go into labor, I don’t see why you wouldn’t make it back in town before the baby is born.  The first baby usually takes a while to deliver.”

“I’ll talk with her and see how she feels about it.   Thanks.”

“Sure, let me know what you decide.”

Noah was shocked that Dale was being so helpful.   Ever since Noah had gone to the bar, Dale’s and his relationship had been very strained.  Dale had not agreed with Alissa that they should just forget about what Noah did the night that he was drunk.  He had told Noah about Noah trying to punch him.   He felt that if Noah was really serious about not over-drinking again, Noah needed to know what he’d done while he was drunk.   Dale asked Noah what did he think might have happened if it were not Dale, but someone else that Noah had tried to slug.   Noah might have ended up in jail again.

Dale also told Noah what he had said to Noah that night.  Dale’s words had provoked the punch.  Dale had meant what he said to Noah about stepping out of the way if he didn’t treat Sharlee right, and Noah wasn’t sorry that he’d tried to punch Dale.  Neither of them apologized to the other, but Noah did tell Dale that he never planned to get drunk again.  He told Dale that he always wanted Sharlee and Sky to be able to count on him.

Sharlee agreed with Dale that Noah should go.  She assured him that she would be fine.  Noah went for the meeting.  Afterwards both he and Darion were even more anxious for the dealership to be built although they both had a lot of training to do before then.

Alissa was tired and very glad that she’d had help with planning two parties for one week!   Isabel had been home on a break from college, and she’d insisted on taking on the majority of the arrangements and plans for Sharlee’s baby shower.   Leslie and Kay had helped Alissa with Joy’s party.   Joy’s party was first.  Alissa had scheduled it for after school hours so that all of her school friends and friends from dance class would be able to attend.   All of her grandparents were going to be there.  It was a surprise to celebrate Joy’s return to health and all of her previous activities.

Screenshot-4066Joy walked into the room and heard, “Surprise!”

Screenshot-4067“Mommy, this is for me?”

Screenshot-4068“Yes, Sweetie!”   Alissa couldn’t help but cry at the happiness and excitement shining in Joy’s eyes.  Dale wrapped his arms around her, feeling emotional himself.  Joy was healthy and happy again!

Screenshot-4070A huge smile spread across Joy’s face, and she clapped her hands excitedly!   Her family and friends gave her hugs and everyone was laughing and smiling at how surprised she was.

Screenshot-4075They played games and had a special cake for Joy as well as gifts. 

Screenshot-4074Aiden was uncharacteristically quiet during the party, but no one noticed. 

Screenshot-4076Joy excitedly opened the gifts and thanked everyone.  

Screenshot-4078After the party was over, only family remained.   Aiden walked over to Joy and tried to snatch his gift back.

Screenshot-4079“Give it back to me!”

Screenshot-4081“No, Aiden, you gave it to me!”  

They were tussling over the toy.

Screenshot-4084Dale told Aiden to stop! 

Screenshot-4085Aiden released the rabbit and then started throwing a full blown tantrum!  Joy was in tears!   Alissa came over to them.  

Screenshot-4086“Aiden, you stop that behavior right now!” 

Screenshot-4087Aiden didn’t listen, and so Dale scooped him up and took him away from the others to settle him down.

Alissa tried to comfort Joy. 

“Aiden, what’s gotten into you!  Calm down!”

Screenshot-4089Aiden’s tantrum ended, but he continued to cry.   “What’s wrong son?   This isn’t like you.”

Aiden said between sobs, “I don’t know.”

“Yes, you do know.  You can tell me whatever it is.”

Screenshot-4090It poured out of Aiden in a rush of words.  “Joy gets everything and no one cares about me anymore.”  His sobs increased.   Dale’s mouth fell open in surprise.   He knew that Aiden genuinely had begun to believe that.   He and Alissa had tried to balance out attention for Aiden with taking care of Joy while she was ill, but clearly they had failed.

Screenshot-4093Dale pulled Aiden close and hugged him tightly.  

Screenshot-4098“Baby boy, please believe me.  Your Mom and I love you more than words could ever say!   We wanted you before you were born; and even more so now, we’d be lost if we didn’t have you.   I’m sorry if we’ve made you doubt that!   You know that your sister has been very ill, and we had to do everything that we could to help her.  However, that doesn’t mean that we love her more than we love you.  Now that she is well again, how about we start back going to the car races and cart wheeling like we used to do?  Just the two of us next Saturday?”

Screenshot-4092Aiden was smiling.  “Okay Dad.  I really am glad Joy is okay again.  I didn’t like her being sick.  I’m sorry that I made her cry.”

“I’m happy to hear that, and Aiden, anytime you’re upset about something, you know that you can always talk to me or to your Mom don’t you?”

“Yes, but you were both so busy.  I will now though!”

Screenshot-4095Aiden grabbed a lollipop and went over to Joy.  

Screenshot-4097“I’m really sorry, Joy.  You can have this.  It’s your favorite flavor.  I’m glad you’re not sick anymore.”

Screenshot-4094“Thanks, Aiden.”  

Screenshot-4100She gave him a hug.   “Let’s play Space Invaders!”   They raced over to the video games.

Dale told Alissa why Aiden was so upset.  She decided to pay him some extra attention to help him feel appreciated again.  They realized how blessed they really were to have all of their children.

The following day was Sharlee’s baby shower.  Even though it wasn’t a surprise, Alissa insisted that Sharlee remain at home until everything was ready.  Then Cara would drive her to the venue.  Sharlee hadn’t wanted a big fuss made over her, but her mother told her that this was Sharlee’s first baby and Alissa’s first grandchild.  She told Sharlee to just relax and enjoy it!

When Sharlee arrived with Cara, she was surprised to see all of her closest friends and family were there!   Anna Thorne walked over and hugged Sharlee. 


“I should have known that you’d make pregnancy look good!”


Sharlee smiled.  “Thanks, Anna, but I know I’m as big as a house!  I’m so happy to see you.  I’m glad to see all of you.   Thank you so much for doing this for me!  You’re gonna make me cry!”

Screenshot-4113Isabel led her over to a chair and the shower began.   They all talked over old memories and their current lives.   They gave Sharlee gifts and lots of advice.  They laughed together and cried some too.  Sharlee was  thankful to have so many people who loved her and was happy that her baby would be surrounded by even more love!

Screenshot-4117Her Aunt Crystal was there, and Sharlee overheard her sharing her unique views of love and marriage with Remi and Isabel.  

Screenshot-4116Later she looked at snapshots of everyone.  Sharlee laughed as she looked at the picture showing the shocked expressions on Remi and Isabel’s faces!  Sometimes Crystal had that effect on people!

Screenshot-4114Miki was there.  In the picture she was sitting with Sharlee’s mother, her grandmother Kay and  Lala’s daughter Dana.

Screenshot-4115Anna was in a picture with  Lauren and Julia.    Sharlee had glanced over at them and smiled seeing the affection in their eyes as they looked at her.  She had such wonderful friends! 

Screenshot-4118She loved the picture of herself, her grandmother Valerie, Joy and Cara.  

Screenshot-4111Her grandmother took every opportunity to feel Skylar moving around.

Screenshot-4113She really liked the way that they had set up the venue for her shower. 

Screenshot-4124With all of the gifts that she’d received, she’d have everything  she needed for Skylar!   Noah and the other males in the family had opted out of attending the shower for various reasons.   Noah, because of classes and others because of work.   Shawn and Aiden said that it was a girly thing.  Sharlee suspected that was the same reason why the other males had not attended even though they hadn’t admitted it!  Her Aunt Deidre hadn’t been able to attend, but she and Bronson had both sent gifts.

Screenshot-4137The following week, Sharlee was just days away from her due date.   One night, she awakened with uncomfortable cramps in her back.   She tried to lie still so that she wouldn’t awaken Noah, but it got so bad that she had to sit up.   Noah was hyper-alert to her because it was so close to the time for Skylar to be born, and so he awakened anyway.


“It’s alright.  I’m just having problems getting comfortable.  I have pains in my back.  I’m sorry that I woke you up, Honey.  You go back to sleep.”

Screenshot-4139Of course he didn’t go back to sleep.  He gently positioned her in front of him and gave her a massage.  He started at her shoulders and slowly worked his way down her back. 

Screenshot-4142The massage was wonderful, but then Sharlee felt increasing pressure on her bladder.

“I’ve gotta go to the bathroom.”

Screenshot-4147She had barely made it inside, when she felt something dripping down her leg, and there was a puddle on the floor beneath her feet.

“Noah, I think my water just broke!”

She felt another pain.  This one was stronger than the others!  She knew that she was in labor.  Her emotions were a jumble of apprehension and happiness.

Screenshot-4143Noah’s heart started racing.  He felt fear and excitement as he rushed into the bathroom to help Sharlee.

Screenshot-4149Sharlee was right.  She was in labor.   She’d been in labor for several hours, and it didn’t seem as though Skylar would ever be born!  The pain was so excruciating that Sharlee was wishing that she could say, “Let’s just forget this whole thing and go home!”  She started moaning loudly as the pains became even greater. 

She didn’t want any drugs in her system that were not absolutely necessary before Skylar’s birth, and so she had decided not to have an epidural.   She’d even gone so far as to tell Noah to remind her of her decision if she asked for one during delivery.   She had known that childbirth was painful, but not as excruciating as it was increasingly becoming!  Another burning pain wracked through her body!

Screenshot-4151Noah held her hand tightly, wishing that he could take the pain away.  Watching her suffer like this was almost unbearable for him.   Sharlee’s willingness to endure it made her a hero in his eyes!  It was unbelievable to him how much he loved her, and how much she clearly loved him.   Reality was truly setting in that they were about to become parents.  In just a few moments, their lives would change forever!  Noah couldn’t wait!

Screenshot-4148The doctor was telling Sharlee to push again.  She was bearing down, but the baby wasn’t coming!  Noah felt panic wondering what was going wrong.    Sharlee pushed harder.  To her it seemed like it had been forever, and she wished that she had taken the epidural.

“I want the epidural now!”

Screenshot-4152“But Babe, you said that you didn’t want any medications!”

Sharlee glared at him, and Noah’s eyes widened in shock!   She’d never looked at him like that before! 

Screenshot-4153It was too late for the epidural, but the doctor assured Sharlee that the baby was very close to being born.  At the doctor’s direction, she started pushing again and Noah tried to help her with her breathing like they’d learned in their child birthing classes.  

Screenshot-4155One final deep push, and little Skylar Hall joined her ecstatic parents!  They were waiting to hear her cry, but it didn’t come. 

Screenshot-4156The nurse rushed Skylar away.  Sharlee looked at Noah anxiously.

Screenshot-4157“Is she okay?”

Screenshot-4158Noah was feeling anxious too!  Then after a few more moments, they heard the most beautiful sound in the world, Skylar cried!  Screenshot-4165

The nurse quickly got her ready and then brought her over to Sharlee and Noah.  Sharlee held her first.  She had soft blond hair like Sharlee’s, but it was too soon to tell her eye color.

Screenshot-4168Words can’t express what Noah was feeling.   The emotions as he looked at his tiny daughter and his wife were overwhelming.  There was nothing else like it that he had ever experienced!  To Noah, Skylar was the most beautiful baby that he’d ever seen, and Noah intended for her to feel like the most loved child in the world.   He didn’t understand how any parent could not love their own child, nor how any man could not love and cherish the mother of his child. 

Screenshot-4162He was in awe of both of them.  Sharlee handed Skylar to him.

Screenshot-4182Her family was allowed to come in and see the baby after Sharlee was moved to her maternity suite.   Cara looked around Sharlee’s room.

Screenshot-4183“Wow these new maternity suites are nice!  They don’t even look like hospital rooms.” 

Being the daughter of a well respected surgeon and daughter and granddaughter of celebrities did have its perks.  As well as the fact that Noah and Sharlee were on the fast track to becoming somewhat of a celebrity themselves!

Screenshot-4184Alissa cried as she looked at Sharlee holding Skylar.  

Screenshot-4185Dale hugged her and Alissa explained.

“My baby is holding her baby!   She grew up so quickly!  She went from being my little baby girl to suddenly a grown woman with her own little baby.”

Screenshot-4187“Mom do you want to hold her?”

Screenshot-4188Alissa took her granddaughter and hugged her close.  Cara and Shawn touched her little cheeks and cooed at her.  Then Dale held her.

“She’s so beautiful!”

 Screenshot-4191Then Noah claimed her again.

“Congratulations, Noah.”

“Thanks Dale.  I can’t believe how tiny and sweet she is.”

Dale smiled.

Screenshot-4192After a while, the nurse came into the room.

“I’m sorry, but you’ll have to leave now.   It’s time for Mom to learn how to give baby her first breastfeeding.”

Screenshot-4169Everyone except for Noah left the room.   He had tears in his eyes that he quickly wiped away as he watched Sharlee feed Skylar.   Loving Sharlee had opened up a whole new world of deep emotions that he didn’t even know existed.  

Screenshot-4170He felt a wave of complete happiness and contentment wash over him.   He hoped he’d always feel this way and was determined to do everything that he could to make Sharlee and Skylar just as happy. 

Screenshot-4176After Sharlee finished nursing Skylar, Noah held her.   She looked at Noah holding Skylar, and she had tears of joy in her eyes.   It was just as she had dreamed and so much better than she had dared to hope!  She knew that Noah was already the best father that she could have chosen for her baby.  Her little Skylar was already precious to her, and Sharlee would gladly go through all of the pain again just to have her.

Screenshot-4174“Sharlee, thank you.”

Screenshot-4173“For what?”

Screenshot-4175Noah had his eyes partially closed, just enjoying the feeling of holding his baby close.

“For bringing everything good into my life.”

“Oh Noah!”   Sharlee was fighting tears.

Screenshot-4180Noah gazed at Sky’s adorable little face.

Screenshot-4179“You’re daddy’s beautiful little Sky.  I love you, baby girl.”

Screenshot-4178Skylar’s eyes were locked on his, and she gave him her first smile.


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