Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Thirty


Screenshot-3621Screenshot-3613Screenshot-3623Screenshot-3627Screenshot-3628Screenshot-3629Screenshot-3630Sharlee had her last photo shoot and commercial with Harley until after the baby’s birth.  

Screenshot-3790They were waiting for Gene to review the pictures and footage taken for the commercial.   Then they could leave.  This one was necessarily shorter than her previous session.  

Screenshot-3792Noah was talking with one of the clothing designers about the type of Harley clothing that felt most comfortable to him. Sharlee was talking with one of the makeup artists about how her family was doing.  The makeup artist had a baby the year before. 

Screenshot-3793Noah saw Sharlee still standing and holding her hand to her back for support.   “Excuse me just a moment.”   He found a chair for her, and she sat down. 

“Thanks Honey.”

Noah kissed her and then went back to his conversation with the designer.  They were trying to determine what styles should be showcased in his franchise.

Screenshot-3795The makeup artist smiled.   “You two are so cute together.”

Screenshot-3796Sharlee smiled too.  “I really lucked out!”

Gene joined them not long after and then Noah helped her up and to the limo.  Sharlee was very glad when it was over, and she could just relax and enjoy the remaining months till Skylar was born.  She and Noah had finally decided to name their baby girl Skylar.  Noah had already started calling her Sky as his special nickname for her.

Noah stopped by the hospital to see Joy and then he went to Sarge’s office for his session.  He was dreading it because they had started discussing his volatile relationship with his mother.   Noah felt like it was a waste of time because he no longer had any desire to have a relationship with her, but Sarge felt that it was necessary.  After his session, Noah returned to the house and told Sharlee about what he and Sarge had discussed.

Screenshot-3785She was out by the pool getting some sun. 

Screenshot-3778He pulled her close and felt Skylar moving under his hand.

Screenshot-3779She asked him, “Have you told your mother about the baby?”

“No.   Why should I?  She doesn’t care about me, and I’m not taking a chance on her hurting you or Skylar in any way.  Besides, I don’t think she’d care!”

Sharlee didn’t have an answer.

Screenshot-3755Shawn was on his first official date with Faye.  It was the first real date he’d had since his marriage to Monet had ended.   They were going to dinner and a movie.

Screenshot-3764“You look pretty.”

Screenshot-3765“Thanks, you look great too.”

Neither of them could think of much to say over dinner.  Even through dessert their conversation felt very awkward and forced. 

Screenshot-3766After dinner they went to the movie.    Shawn slid his arm around Faye.   He felt very uncomfortable and quickly removed it.   He could tell that she was uncomfortable too. 

Screenshot-3767When the movie was over, Shawn took Faye home.  

Screenshot-3770He stood stiffly at the door.   Should he kiss her?  Did she want him to kiss her?  Did he want to kiss her?

“Let’s just do it ,Shawn!”

Screenshot-3768He looked at her in surprise.   How did she know what he was thinking!

Screenshot-3769“Kiss me, already!”

Screenshot-3771Faye stood on tiptoe and closed her eyes. 

Screenshot-3772Shawn pressed his lips against hers.  

Screenshot-3773Afterwards they drew away from each other.   Then they laughed at the same time.   There was no spark, no desire to make the kiss go on and on.

Screenshot-3774Faye smiled.  She was trying to stop laughing.   “Just friends?”

Screenshot-3775Shawn breathed a sigh of relief and returned her smile, agreeing.   “Just friends!”

Screenshot-3776“Come on inside.   I got my copy of  “Animal Fair” in the mail today.   There’s a great article about Appaloosas in it!  Have you decided which Vet program you’re going into after you graduate?  We really gotta start back talking more!”

Shawn went inside with her.   Their relationship was back like it should be again!  After his “date” with Faye, Shawn went out with other girls.  He still didn’t trust his own judgement, and so he usually asked Faye and Cara what they thought of a girl before he went out with them.  He hoped to eventually regain his confidence.

Screenshot-3692Kaylee crept quietly through the window of her bedroom.  She stealthily closed and locked it.  Her father had told her that if she was late coming home again, he’d ground her.   She’d been late the past weekend and he’d grounded her this week.  

However, she had not wanted to miss that party tonight.   Terrance had been expecting her, and she wasn’t about to let him down!  Pam had her eye on Terrance too.  So far, Terrance had been ignoring Pam, but Kaylee didn’t want to give Pam a chance to get her hooks into him.

Screenshot-3693Her plan had worked perfectly!  She stood for a few moments reliving the night.  Then she looked around her room.   She desperately needed to take the time to redecorate it.  She quickly changed into her nightgown and climbed into bed.  A couple of days passed.

Screenshot-3661“Did you finish your term paper?”

Screenshot-3666“Not quite.   I’ll finish it in study hall today.   It’ll be finished in time.   You don’t have to stay on my back about it!  Geesh!  You know I always get A’s!”

She grabbed her backpack and stormed out of the house.

Screenshot-3670George sighed in exasperation.   Whatever stage Kaylee was going through, he hoped she’d grow out of it soon.

Leslie saw his expression.   “I’ll talk with her after we get back from your sister’s place.”

Screenshot-3673Devon just continued eating his breakfast.   His sister could be such a brat sometimes!

Screenshot-3676Cara walked down the hall and saw her cousin Kaylee with her boyfriend or more accurately, the boy Kaylee wanted to become her boyfriend.

Screenshot-3678She rolled her eyes and then turned to her locker.   Kaylee kissed Terrance goodbye and went over to Cara.

Screenshot-3679“I’m staying with you and your folks for the next couple of days.   My aunt Stacey just had her appendix taken out, and my parents are going to see her.  I told them that I didn’t want to miss school, and so I’m staying with you!”

Cara frowned.   “What’s the real reason why you didn’t want to go?”

“There’s another party tonight, and I know Terrance is going to ask me to be exclusive.”

Screenshot-3682“What if he doesn’t, Kay?”

“Then I’ll wait till he does.   You don’t understand, Cara.   All the guys know that my Dad is a captain with the Santa Fe PD.  They’re afraid to ask me out.  Terrance wasn’t afraid.  He really likes me, and I like him too!”

“If he’s not afraid, then why do you sneak around to see him?”

Screenshot-3681“I just want to make sure we’re solid before I let him meet Dad and Mom.”

Cara just didn’t get it.   She really didn’t see what made Kay so into Terrance.  Terrance was arrogant and acted like he was doing Kay a favor by dating her.

“I need you to do something for me.”

Screenshot-3689“What do you mean?”

“I want you to go with me to the party tonight.”

“Why do you need me to go with you?”

Screenshot-3684“Your Mom is staying at the hospital with Joy tonight, but your Dad is going to be home.   If I tell him I’m going to a party tonight, you know he’ll say no because it’s a school night.   If you tell him that you want to go, he’ll be so happy that you’re going out instead of staying home with your head buried inside a photography journal.”

Screenshot-3686Cara couldn’t help but laugh at Kaylee’s description of her.   “I’m not quite that bad!”

Screenshot-3685“Well even so, they trust your judgement, but thanks to my Dad running his mouth about my business to your Dad, I know he’ll say no to me.”

Screenshot-3691“Alright, but we’re not staying late.   Who’s giving this party anyway?”

Kaylee told her, and Cara wrinkled her nose.   “I suppose there won’t be any parents or chaperones since it’s at Bobby’s house?”

“I don’t know, but that doesn’t matter.   Sometimes you’re such a dork, Cara!”

“If being a dork means that I have a mind of my own, then yeah, call me a dork!”

This time Kaylee rolled her eyes.

Screenshot-3745Just as Cara was telling Dale about the party, he received a page from the hospital.  One of his patients had been rushed to the emergency room, and he needed to get there as quickly as possible. 

Screenshot-3754Noah came home right after Dale left.

“Hey Noah!  See you later.  We’re going to a party.” 

They left the house quickly without giving Noah a chance to ask any questions.

Screenshot-3746Noah found Sharlee in the game room.   He was laughing as he entered.

“What’s so funny?”

Screenshot-3750“Cara and Kaylee.  They said they’re going to a party and shot out of here like a bat out of he….”

Screenshot-3747Sharlee cut him off! 


Screenshot-3753“Sorry, like a bat out of a cave.   They are just like you.  Their faces tell everything.  That party must not be parent approved!”


“Don’t worry about it, Babe.  They are both smart girls, and I doubt that they’ll get into any serious trouble.”

Screenshot-3749“I hope you’re right.”

Screenshot-3694At first Cara was having a good time at the party.  She was pleasantly surprised to find that some of her friends were there as well.

Screenshot-3696“I like your new haircut, Kent.”

“Thanks.  I actually got it cut this way to bug my Mom, but it backfired on me.”

“It did?”

Screenshot-3697“Yeah.  She likes it too!”

They laughed.   The last time they’d been together, Kent had asked Cara to start going out with him .  He’d been so sweet and told her that he thought she was amazing.  She’d said that she would think about it.  She usually only went out in groups, but she really did like Kent a lot.  She knew he wasn’t the type of guy to pressure her into being something that she wasn’t.   She could be herself with him.  Also they had a lot in common.  He was into art just as much as she loved photography.

Screenshot-3699After they were alone, Cara nervously gave him her decision.  She hoped he hadn’t changed his mind.  He’d be her first boyfriend as a teen!

“Kent, if you still want to start dating, I’d like that too!”

Screenshot-3700Kent had been afraid that her answer would be no.  He knew that other guys had tried in the past, and she’d turned them down flat.  He smiled and asked her to dance.

Screenshot-3706Although there was alcohol being served, Cara and her friends were sticking with soft drinks.  Most of the party  guests seemed to be having a great time!

Screenshot-3707Kaylee wasn’t drinking any alcohol either.   Of course, she spent most of her time with Terrance, but eventually she and Cara danced together.

“Aren’t you glad you came?”


Cara thought about telling her about Kent, but decided to wait until after the party.  Just in case things didn’t go the way Kaylee wanted them to go with Terrance.

Screenshot-3710After about an hour, Cara received a phone call from Dale.

“How is your patient, Dad?”

“He’s alright.   He won’t need surgery.   I just called to remind you that it’s a school night, and you and Kaylee need to be home by 11:00.”

“Okay Dad.”

Screenshot-3712Cara went over to Kaylee and told her what Dale had said.

“11:00!  The party will still be going strong by then!”

Screenshot-3711“So what!  At least he didn’t tell us to come home now.   Your parents don’t let you stay out late on a school night either.”

Screenshot-3714Cara happened to glance in the area where everyone was dancing.   Her mouth fell open in surprise.   Kaylee saw the expression on Cara’s face and looked too.

Screenshot-3717Pam was twerking against Terrance!  The whole time she did it, she was watching Kaylee!

Screenshot-3722Kaylee rushed over to them!

“You nasty skank!  You’ve gotta be a derp to hump my man right in front of me!   I don’t play that!”

Screenshot-3723Pam slapped Kaylee, and Kaylee slapped her back.

Screenshot-3724Then they started to fight!

Screenshot-3727Kaylee pulled Pam by the hair!

Screenshot-3728Terrance grabbed Kaylee and tried to hold her back, and Cara grabbed Pam.   Pam’s friend, Dedi, didn’t like Cara holding onto Pam and started pulling on Cara.   Cara’s friend jumped in when Pam and Dedi were both fighting Cara!   

Screenshot-3730When it was just the girls fighting, Kent stayed out of it; but when one of the guys grabbed hold of Cara, Kent slugged him. Before long it became a big fight involving most of the people at the party.   Terrance still kept hold of Kaylee keeping her out of the fighting. 

Someone called the police!  Bobby and his girlfriend quickly got rid of the alcohol before the police arrived.  He’d tried to stop the fighting, but no one was listening to him!  His girlfriend kept him from getting into the fight himself.

Screenshot-3799Aiden and Devon came into the entertainment room.  Devon jumped on one of the hobby horses.

“Hey guys it’s time to take your baths and then I’ll read you a story.”

Screenshot-3798“Aww man!  Can’t we stay up a little while longer?  We want to play video games.”

“You can stay up for another half hour and then it’s bath time!”

“Yay!  Thanks Sharlee.”

Screenshot-3787Dale was spending time with Joy and Alissa before he went back to the house.   He got a call on his cellphone.  Alissa saw his expression change to anger.

“What’s wrong?”

Screenshot-3788“That was Henry.   I have to go to the police station and pick up Cara and Kaylee!  They were involved in a riot tonight.”


“I’ll call you after I get there.”

Screenshot-3731As Cara sat in the station waiting for her Dad to arrive, she was fuming with herself.  She hated being involved in such a stupid situation!

Screenshot-3732“This is why I don’t go to any parties other than the ones my friends are hosting!”

Screenshot-3733“I’m sorry, Cara.  I just got so mad!  I didn’t mean to get you into any trouble.  My Dad is going to be furious!   I’ll be grounded till I’m sixty.”

Kent’s father had already come for him.  He’d been very upset with Kent just like Cara knew that Dale would be with her and Kaylee. 

Screenshot-3734Terrance came and sat beside Kaylee.  

Screenshot-3735“Kaylee you didn’t have to do that!  You know you’re my “boo!”

Screenshot-3736He leaned over and they kissed.

Cara rolled her eyes and thought to herself that she just did not get what Kaylee saw in Terrance.   If Terrance hadn’t wanted Pam to twerk, he could have stopped her himself.   However, he did seem to have made a final choice now between Kaylee and Pam.  It was Kay that he’d stuck with during the fight.   

Screenshot-3738Dale walked into the station and spoke with Henry.   “No one is pressing any charges.  The girls are free to go home now.  Tell George not to worry about it.”

Screenshot-3743As soon as they were in the car, Dale started lecturing them about maturity and responsibility and not betraying their parent’s trust.   They listened and apologized to him.

Screenshot-3742“I’m really sorry, Uncle Dale.”

“We didn’t expect anything like this to happen, Dad.”

“I’m sure you didn’t, but that’s why you both know that you are not to attend any parties that are not properly chaperoned.   You are both grounded for the next seven days!”

They knew better than to complain.  They were just relieved that grounding was their only punishment!

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    • I got a couple of requests for more with them, and so I thought I’d do a chapter featuring mostly them. 🙂

      Skylar will be born in one of the next two chapters. 😉

      If you don’t use Mods, you have to make sure to change them into a pregnancy enable outfit before their pregnancy begins to show. If you have Nraas Mastercontroller, you can change it at anytime. I use that! 😀

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    • That’s my fault, Jaz! I didn’t put a notification about the updates on Facebook or on my Alissa forum thread. I’ve been really lax, lazy and forgetful with my stories lately because of family stuff and not feeling well. 😦

      Yep, he’s not dead! It really is sad that he still refuses to accept the fact that Alissa doesn’t love him anymore. Dale doesn’t trust him anymore at all and based on past experience with Alex when it comes to Alissa, that is the best way to deal with him.

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      • Oh, thank you for saying such a nice thing, Gazmo! 🙂
        It always makes me happy to know that others are enjoying the story so much!

        When I planned Alissa’s character, I thought of Marilyn Monroe and women like her. Whether they want the attention or not, men are always pursuing them. Since Sharlee is so much like her mother, I thought it would be the same with her. It’s good when they want the attention, but some men just won’t take no for an answer. 😦

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    • Thanks Jurnee! I do like good looking sims. Maybe if I were doing stories that are more realistic, I’d make them look closer to people that we see everyday. To me it’s like when I go to see a movie or a television show. I prefer to watch good looking people! 😀 Just a suggestion about downloading sims from the exchange. I wouldn’t download any sim uploaded to the Sims 3 exchange a long time ago because they have bad custom content connected to them. They have that horrible vampire shirt and those baby mutating boot files attached to them.

      Sharlee wore the outfit that Alissa gave her at the pool on the day that she saved the little girl from drowning when they were in Isla Paradiso. I forgot to mention that when I wrote the chapter! 😳 LOL

      “Derp” LOL I think it’s funny too! Kaylee said it seriously, but I did mean it to be funny! 😀 I was laughing when I wrote that scene. I would have been mad at Kaylee and myself just like Cara was. Also, I wouldn’t have attacked Pam like Kaylee did, I’d have given Terrance a piece of my mind! Then I’d have dumped him! Just like Cara said, he could have stopped Pam himself if he had wanted her to stop. Guys aren’t helpless! 😉

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        Jared was so sweet, and i hope the fame hasn’t gotten to his head. I would go crazy!

        Skylar is going to be so cute! I can’t wait to see the clothes you pick out for her as a toddler and so on. You’re so good at it!

        Writing and reading is very fun to me. But i feel bad, because i said to my friend that i would send her the next chapter on Wednesday, but now it’s friday. And it’s a pretty big part. I should probably do that after this comment…….

        I hope that other people will like my stories. You’ve boosted my confidence a little bit. 😀

        Lastly, i was wondering, do you have a desktop or laptop? My old computer was a laptop and really laggy, but old. It could be because of that or laptops don’t run very fast. But, could you tell me which one you have?

        I think i’ve took up enough of your time, Daisy! Have a good night and keep up the good work! 😀

      • You’re welcome, Jurnee! I don’t download any sims older than the last two years. I really prefer not to download any sims from there at all anymore. It’s just so hard finding that bad CC once it’s in my game. I haven’t had any problems with Lots from the exchange though.

        You’re right that we can’t always control how we look. Sometimes not even from day to day! LOL

        I hope Skylar will be cute. I have Noah and Sharlee in a for fun savefile and they have cute children. You never know with the game genetics though!

        I know what you mean about feeling bad when you don’t have the chapters ready when you promise. I can’t seem to stay on schedule lately either! Real life keeps getting in the way of my writing and my simming! LOL

        Even if other people don’t like your stories, if it’s fun for you, I say keep writing. Interest in my stories comes and goes, but as long as it’s fun and relaxing for me, I plan to keep writing! 😉

        I use a laptop, but I have used a desktop. I just prefer the convenience of a laptop because I can take it anywhere in the house. 😀 I think that most people prefer a desktop for simming though.

        I hope you had a good night too! 🙂

  11. It was so great to see Cara and Shawn again! I was glad to see you didn’t try to force Shawn and Faye together since you found out they had no chemistry. Oh, well. It was worth a try :). I’m glad they’re able to save their friendship instead of letting that one date make things super-awkward.

    Cara and Kaylee are both beautiful! Poor Cara getting roped into that stupid fight. That had to be embarrassing for her, being the kind of girl who didn’t even want to come to an unsupervised party in the first place. I was expecting something bad to happen at that party just because alcohol and no parents sounded kind of ominous, but I never would have guessed it would be a fight! Great job with that!

    I wonder how long it will take Kaylee to realize Terrence isn’t a nice guy. She clearly doesn’t have much self-worth, thinking she doesn’t deserve better than someone who would let another girl hump him and thinks he’s doing her a favor by dating her. Not many girls think highly of themselves as teens, though. I hope this mistake doesn’t land her with any permanent consequences!

    Kent seems like a really nice guy, and I’m glad he and Cara are dating. At first I was disappointed that she wasn’t thinking of Jared, but if she reunited with him now, she might never date anyone else! It’s good for her to have some dating experience with different guys, and she needs to be able to associate dating with something other than the creep who tried to sleep with her.

    I’m glad Noah and Sharlee have decided to name their baby Skylar/Sky :). I’m sure her mommy and daddy will want to give her the moon and the stars as soon as she’s born!

    I’m sure poor Dale and Alissa are stressed about Joy’s condition, even though thankfully with the donor she’s getting better. Cara and Kaylee sure got off easy in the punishment department, though. If I were Dale I would have grounded them both for six months! They had to have scared him and he’s already dealing with so much. Hopefully Joy will keep getting better and bring some light back into their lives, though.

    I love this story, and I’m so happy every time there’s an update! It’s always been good but it just gets better and better :).

    • Hi Maddie! 🙂

      In the poll results, Shawn and Faye remaining friends for now and getting together after college won. So they will be just friends for now and meet again after college. 😉
      I was laughing when I wrote their kiss!

      Thanks Maddie! I wanted to show other members of the family in this chapter. I felt bad for Cara too because she was really forced into the middle of that situation! Sometimes I really can understand how hard it is for a teenager when they are swept up into something like that. You are right to worry about Kaylee! She should realize how great she is and that Terrance isn’t worth her time. Maybe Cara should tell her what Dale said that made Cara see herself differently.

      You were disappointed about Kent? LOL I know. I did think of her not having any boyfriends in high school, but then I thought about it like you said. She should have some dating experience with different guys. I think that mostly though, she’ll concentrate on school and photography. I have some ideas for her photography coming up soon. 😉

      Awww, I’m really glad that name won too! You are so right about Noah and Sharlee. They already love little Skylar/Sky! 😀

      Yes, Joy is doing much better! We’ll see her in the next chapter. I have something special planned for her, but I think it will have to be in the chapter after next.

      Six months! 😯 I’m not too good with thinking up punishments! LOL I guess getting involved in a fight would deserve a strong punishment though.

      Thank you so much Maddie! I’m really glad to know that! 🙂 Everytime I write a new chapter or add a new character, I always have my doubts.

    • Thank you, Aliru! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much! 🙂

      I feel so bad saying this, but I don’t think that the next chapter will be ready on Monday. I’m still working on Mutation and I got a late start today. 😦

      Thanks for reading, Aliru! 🙂

  12. That fight! I was grinning all the way through! No idea why! Haha! I guess I just love watching a good fight! I wonder who called the police? A neighbour? I don’t trust Terrance one bit!! Kent seems sweet though. And hes sooo cute 😀

    • Okay, I’ll admit that I laughed too when I was writing it! 😀
      I didn’t say who called did I! I think it was likely a neighbor or maybe someone at the party who wasn’t involved in the fight. Terrance really doesn’t seem trustworthy does he?
      Kent is really cute! I like his eyes! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, Gemly! 🙂

  13. Hi
    I don’t think I’ve commented on here yet?! Sorry if I have
    This is such a good chapter!! I can’t wait for sharlee to have her baby!!! And is joy going home soon, the 30 days must be nearly over!!!

    • Hi Megan! You have commented before! 😀

      Thank you so much! Sharlee’s baby won’t be born in the next chapter, but she will be born in chapter 132. 😉
      Joy is home in the next chapter, and I have something special for her planned in chapter 132. I’m actually doing the pictures for chapter 131 right now. 🙂

      Thanks for reading my story, Megan! 🙂

      • Hey Megan! I don’t mind you asking me at all! 😀

        I’ve had problems with my game crashing today, and it’s put me further behind. It will definitely be posted tonight though. Probably not till around ten tonight.

        I hope it’ll be worth the wait, but my pictures aren’t turning out like I had them in mind. Probably because the game hasn’t been cooperating. 😦

  14. Skylar should be born with some sort of disorder to make the family think she isn’t gonna live. Like she should have a whole in her heart… or maybe sharlees abilical cord should be stuck around her head. Just to give more suspense!! 🙂 also what time do u think 131 will be done? Not nagging, just my sims isn’t working so I’m living on this story 😉 lol

    • It won’t be ready till tomorrow. Those are some good suggestions, but I hope the way I’ve got it written will be good too. 😀

      Don’t feel like you’re nagging me! I’m glad that you’re looking forward to the chapter so much. I hope you’ll like it! 🙂

      What’s wrong with your game?

  15. Hey guys! Due to game crashes, my pictures still aren’t finished. 😦 I’m getting off of my computer for about an hour and then I’ll try again. I could post what I have now, and then do the pictures later.. Please let me know if you’d rather wait or have me post it the way it is now. I’m sorry! 😥

  16. I am sure Shawn feels some relief. Friends with an old friend is better than a bombed relationship, then you lose both.
    Cara is in trouble. Uh oh. Kaylee maybe better should look elsewhere. (Why do Sim teens look so creepy with mustaches?)
    Noah and Sharlee, still cute.

    • You’re right, Zhip! It is better this way for Shawn and for Faye. They are really good friends right now, and it’s better not to spoil that!

      Cara definitely should have followed her own instincts and stayed away from that party! The teens do look creepy to me too! It’s something about the shape of their faces I think. I wanted him to look sort of creepy though. He looked just too sweet without that mustache! LOL

      They are a cute couple! 🙂

  17. I just love how caring and thoughtful Noah is with Sharlee, they’re so adorable and I can’t wait to see their baby girl 🙂
    Kaylee seems like a right one! Poor Cara getting dragged into that fight, she’s a good girl. I hope Kent is good for her.
    Brilliant chapter hun 🙂

    • Aren’t they a sweet couple! 😀

      Yeah, Kaylee is just making some bad choices right now, but she is a nice girl too. 😦

      Hopefully Kent was a good choice for Cara.

      Thank you so much Clairey! 🙂

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