Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Five

ADVISORY:  There may be a slight glimpse of a bare bottom and a side view of a booby.  The warning is probably unnecessary, but I added it just in case.

Screenshot-2685After Sharlee returned to the hotel after lunch at the seminar, she called her parents.

“No, you’re right.  I’d better not try the boat.  I’d probably get sick again.   Oh no, you don’t need to come back.  I’ll be fine.  You two have fun!  Please don’t worry about me.  Yes, I’ll call if I need you.  I’m just going to sit out on the deck and look at the ocean and read.   It’s so nice here!”

Screenshot-2695Alissa was talking with Sharlee.  “Okay Sweetheart!   We’ll call you later.”

Screenshot-2699Dale and Alissa  had rented a boat and were out exploring the island. 

Screenshot-2705They found an isolated waterfall and decided to take a swim.  

Screenshot-2709After their swim, they cuddled at the water’s edge and enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful scenery.  They felt like they had when they were first married.

Screenshot-2605When the seminar resumed, Noah made sure to take plenty of notes.   Terry had told him that if he accepted their offer, he wouldn’t have to attend the orientation seminar again unless he wanted to come back for another session.   Noah didn’t want to retake it and decided to get as much from it now as he could.

The next presenter entered the room and started her part of the orientation program.   She was an attractive brunette, and she was discussing the projective growth in Harley’s different markets across the country.   She took her jacket off and exposed a tight bustier. 

Screenshot-2622Noah thought that it was a little more revealing than expected for someone in her position, but what did he know about women’s clothing!   He knew though that Sharlee wouldn’t wear something like that for this type of event.  Maybe she was dressed that way because they were on an island.  However, no one else had been dressed as she was.

Screenshot-2612Noah was concentrating on writing down the figures that she had provided when he heard the other men reacting in pleasure to something.  He looked up and his eyes widened.  

Screenshot-2618She had removed all of her clothing and had stripped down to a barely there bikini.  

Screenshot-2623Her eyes met Noah’s, and she shimmied her hips.   Then she continued with her presentation.   Noah realized that this must be a part of the seminar that Terry had referred to as being more for males.

Screenshot-2620As she passed his table when her presentation was over, she handed Noah her card.  “Call me, and we can get together while you’re on the island.”

Screenshot-2629She headed for the door.  Of course being a normal, red-blooded, young guy, Noah found her to be very sexy and attractive, but he was completely committed to his wife.  Sharlee was even more attractive and sexy to him.   He didn’t want anyone else.  Nor did he want any misunderstandings.    So he rushed to catch up to her before she left the room.

“Here’s your card back.  I don’t need it.”

Screenshot-2627“Oh, so you don’t like girls huh?  Nothing wrong with that!”

Screenshot-2631“I love my wife.”

Screenshot-2632Her mouth dropped open.   “Well, that’s very refreshing.  Most of the guys who come here are married and some even have children.  That doesn’t stop them from hooking up with us while they’re here on the island.”

Screenshot-2633“Well Sharlee’s not like most wives, and I’m not like most guys.  We’re committed to each other and expecting our first child.”

He showed her Sharlee’s picture.

Screenshot-2628“She’s pretty, and she’s a very lucky girl to have a guy like you.”

Noah smiled.  “Thanks.”

She left the room.   Afterwards, she stopped and spoke with Gene.

Screenshot-2635“If you want to get him to sign, using us isn’t gonna get it done.   He gave me back my card and showed me his wife’s picture.  First time in ten years that’s happened!”

Gene laughed.   “Yeah, I bet.   Thanks Gina.  Tell the other girls who’ll be working tomorrow to leave him alone.”

“Sure thing.  Any dates for me tonight?”

Screenshot-2637“Mr. Thornton could use some company for dinner and dancing.”

Screenshot-2639“He knows that’s all he’s getting, right?”

Screenshot-2638“Of course he does.  We don’t hire prostitutes!”

They both laughed.  Terry was angry when he found out that Gene hadn’t already warned the girls including Gina to stay away from Noah.   They wanted Noah and Sharlee as a couple.  The last thing they needed was for Gina to cause a rift in Noah’s marriage!

Screenshot-2651After the seminar ended, Noah was glad to return to the hotel.  Sharlee and her parents were sitting out on the deck.   She smiled and got up to kiss him.

Screenshot-2652“How did it go?”

He debated whether or not to tell her about the stripper but decided that there wasn’t any point in telling her.

“Fine.  I learned more about the company.”


Screenshot-2653“You’re just in time, Noah.   We were deciding about dinner.  We thought we’d go to a restaurant in town that the front desk clerk told us about.”

Screenshot-2656“That sounds good.   First I’d like to send off copies of Harley’s offer and the contracts to our agent and the lawyer.   That way they can get a head start on looking at them.   I have copies for you too, Dale.”

Screenshot-2655“That’s good.   Why don’t we look them over after dinner?”


Screenshot-2640They went to the restaurant.   There were people ahead of them waiting to be seated.

Noah was surprised to see the stripper from the seminar and one of the new franchise owners.

They came over to Noah, “Well, imagine seeing you here!  It is a small island!”

Screenshot-2641She looked at Sharlee.  “I gave a presentation at the seminar today.  I’m Gina Sellars.”

Screenshot-2642Thornton laughed.  “Yeah, it was a very revealing presentation.  If you know what I mean!”

Screenshot-2643Gina squealed as she looked at Alissa.  “You’re Alissa!  I watch your specials all the time!  You’re like Oprah and Barbara Walters combined but younger!”

Screenshot-2644Alissa told her, “Thank you.”

The Maitre’d approached them and spoke to Thornton.   “Your table is ready, Sir.”

Screenshot-2645Gina quickly said to Sharlee.  “I hope you know what a lucky girl you are!  Your man is one of the good ones.”

Then she followed Thornton to their table.

Dale saw Alissa start to say something and shook his head.  For a change he was the one who recognized that this wasn’t their business.

Screenshot-2646Sharlee didn’t say anything at first.  She just looked at Noah.   Then she said, “So I’m assuming that she’s the reason why Terry told me that I could leave?”

“I guess so.  You know that nothing happened, don’t you.  I mean I wouldn’t…”

Sharlee cut him off.  “I know you’re not like those other guys Noah.   If you were, we wouldn’t be together, but um…”  She broke off.

“Babe what?”

“Do you like watching strippers?”

Noah saw that Dale and Alissa were listening.   They moved away to give Noah and Sharlee more privacy.

Screenshot-2648“I’ve seen strippers.  Like any guy I thought they were sexy, but that’s never been one of my favorite forms of entertainment.  Now that I have you, I don’t even want to look at anyone else naked except for you.”

Screenshot-2650Sharlee hugged him.   “Good answer!”

Noah laughed.  Soon their table was ready.  Dale and Alissa were glad to see that things still appeared to be okay between Sharlee and Noah. 

Screenshot-2657After dinner, they returned to the resort.  Dale asked Noah to come back to their suite with him so that they could look over the revised contracts.  That way Noah would be prepared to meet with his agent, Dale’s financial manager and his lawyer when they returned home.  Dale’s eyes widened when he saw the money that Noah and Sharlee would make just for the spokesperson part of Harley’s offer.  When the franchise opened it’d be even more lucrative for them.

“Wow Noah!  You two would really be set if this works out.”

Screenshot-2660“Yes, sir.  It’s a great opportunity for us.  Of course, it won’t start to pay off right away, but if everything checks out on Monday, we’re going to sign the contracts.”

Screenshot-2658“It’s a lot of work and responsibility for you.  Are you ready for it?”

Screenshot-2661Noah didn’t answer right away.  He was trying to find the right words.  He felt like it was time to tell Dale what he really thought.

“Dale, I know that you’ve never felt that Sharlee and I should be together.   No, she hasn’t had the perfect life with me.  I should have done better for her, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love her.  I love her more than anyone or anything.  I will do everything I have to do to take care of  her and our baby.   I want my family to have the best that I can provide.  So yes, I’m very ready for the hard work and the responsibility.  It feels like I’m finally doing what I should be doing.  I’m with the person I should be with for the rest of my life.  It’s not going to be easy for me, and I hope I don’t blow it again.  However, I intend to make this work not just for myself but also for my family.”

Screenshot-2659Dale hoped that what he said was true.  “Well, I hope it works out well for you.  You’re about to become a father yourself.   The first time when you look into that tiny baby’s face, you will pledge to make sure that he or she has the happiest, most secure life possible.   They will always be your little girl and your little boy no matter how old they get.  At least that’s how I felt when I saw Sharlee and her brothers and sisters for the first time.”

They discussed the offer from Harley for a little while longer and then Noah returned to his suite. 

Screenshot-2663Sharlee was waiting for him when he entered the bedroom.  She led him over to the bench.

“Sit right there.”

Noah sat on the bench wondering what she was up to.  Sharlee turned on some music from her Ipod.

Screenshot-2664She stretched out on the floor in front of him and started moving sensuously to the music as she undressed.

Screenshot-2672She pulled off her bra.  “So, you said naked works for you?”

Noah’s mouth dropped open.  “Yeah!” 

He was always amazed at the way she spiced things up with their love making.  He was getting really turned on, but this time he was afraid that she might be overdoing it.  He didn’t want her to hurt herself.  So he stood up and helped her up off the floor.   He wrapped his arms around her. 

Screenshot-2678“Babe, I love you for doing this, but it scares me that it might be too much for you!  Besides, just looking at you turns me on!”

Screenshot-2679Sharlee smiled.  “Well, I wasn’t gonna dance, but I was …” 

Screenshot-2680Noah interrupted her with a fiery kiss on her neck. 

Screenshot-2682It took them just a few moments to shed their clothing and get to the bed.  They made love.  They were always mindful of Sharlee’s condition but still extremely passionate.


Soon, it was the final day of the seminar.  Sharlee and Alissa decided to go shopping, and Dale stayed at the resort.  He wanted to use the gym.  Noah hesitantly spoke with Sharlee before he left.

Screenshot-2690“Babe, I hate to do this, but I have to remind you that we don’t have much money right now.   Even if we accept Harley’s offer, it’ll be a while before we have much coming in.”

Screenshot-2693“Well, if the campaign is a big success, we’ll have something coming quickly.”  

Screenshot-2691She smiled, “Don’t worry.  Shopping for me and my Mom is mainly window shopping anyway.   I know we don’t have much money, and that’s okay!”

Screenshot-2694She kissed him, and he left for the seminar. 

Screenshot-2711Alissa had rented a car to use rather than taking Harley’s limo.   She and Sharlee took their time going from shop to shop and taking plenty of rest breaks for Sharlee.  They found a chic lady’s boutique, and Alissa bought outfits for herself, Cara and even a cute swimsuit for Joy.  They found one that she thought would look wonderful on Sharlee.  Sharlee looked at the price tag and thought it was way too much.

“Besides, I couldn’t wear it for much longer anyway.”

Screenshot-2712She moved on to other racks of clothing.   After she was out of sight,  Alissa grabbed the outfit and took it to the register.  Not long after, they left the store and decided to go pick Dale up from the resort for lunch. 

Screenshot-2716After they were seated, Alissa handed the bag to Sharlee.

Sharlee asked her, “What’s this?”

Screenshot-2718“It’s a gift for my baby girl.”

Screenshot-2715Sharlee looked inside expecting to see a baby gift.  She was shocked to see the outfit from the boutique.

“Mom, you didn’t have to do this.  Noah and I discussed it, and you’re doing too much for us!”

Screenshot-2719“When you have your own baby, you’ll understand.  There’s never too much for a parent.  You’ll always be our baby girl, and I want you to have that!  You’ll hurt my feelings if you don’t accept it.  You know that Noah will love that on you too!”

Screenshot-2721Sharlee smiled.  “Thank you, Mom!  I really do love it.”

Screenshot-2722Alissa knew she had really wanted the outfit and was proud of her for not giving in to temptation and buying it for herself.

“Sharlee I’m very proud of the wife that you’ve become, and I know you’re going to be an excellent mother.”

Screenshot-2720“Aww Mom, that means a lot to me!”

Screenshot-2723They saw Dale wiping his eyes surreptitiously and laughed at him affectionately.  After lunch, they went back to the resort.


Just a little note to Readers:

Sorry that I forgot to change Dale and Alissa’s outfits for the next day pictures.  Also there were a few pictures that didn’t turn out like I wanted.  I didn’t have time to retake them.  I hope you enjoyed it anyway!

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      I haven’t decided on a name for the baby yet. Sometimes picking different names is hard for me. I plan to do a poll so that we can all pick the baby’s name. If everything goes well with her pregnancy, it’s still a while before the baby will be born. I promise I won’t drag it out too long though! 🙂

      I guess you could say that Noah and Dale are having a truce right now, but you’ll see in the next chapter that their feelings toward each other haven’t really changed yet. They just don’t want to upset Sharlee and Alissa. I hope that’s not too much of a spoiler for the next chapter! LOL Noah is still going to be Noah but he wants his baby and Sharlee too. 😀

      We’ll see the other children in the next chapter. Some of my storylines will feature certain members of the family more than others at different times. This one is mainly about Noah and Sharlee. I have ideas for more storylines for the family. Shawn and Faye will remain friends for now, and then maybe meet again after college. That’s what won in the poll. I really appreciate those votes in the poll! College is a long time away for them. 🙂

      Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions! I love that you’re so into the story like I am! 😀

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      I wrote several chapters of the story with Alex back in April of 2012. I wanted to do another story from a different time period. This will be in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. The name of the story is Jared’s Justice. Alex is Jared, a sheriff in the American old west. The town where he and his wife live is sort of wild and filled with crime. The townspeople hired him to clean it up. The story will have what I hope will be a lot of mystery because of the crimes that he will have to solve. Of course it will have romance too! I can’t write a story without that! LOL This time I’ve made all of the characters myself. I plan to start posting it after I finish posting Mutation. I’m almost half way through Mutation. Let me find you a picture of him as the sheriff.

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      LOL I’m sorry I did that to you! LOL

      Yeah, Noah really does love Sharlee and wants them to be happy together. He didn’t want any misunderstandings that might cause a problem between him and Sharlee. You’re right! LOL We can hope, but we can’t ever really be sure of what they’ll do when we’re not around! 😀

      Gene hoped it’d convince Noah to sign, but it didn’t work with him. Terry knew that wouldn’t work and was angry with Gene for trying that with Noah.

      Thanks Gemly! I was sort of in a silly mood when I wrote that warning! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story Gemly! 🙂

  16. Just trying to figure out how late to stay up… What time about will the next chapter be posted? Not trying to rush u or anything just… You know school and stuff

    • Hey Katie! I still have a bit more to go. I want to do some shots of the other children in this chapter. That’s a different savefile. It’d probably be best for you to get a good nights sleep! 😀 I appreciate you asking me! Don’t ever worry about that! 😉 It’ll definitely be posted tomorrow though. I just don’t want you to wait up tonight because I might be really late finishing it. 🙂

  17. (I think almost every girl on here wants a girl for the baby X3) Gina, its not working. -she gets naked- GINA ITS NOT WORKING -she sheds he skin- okay,you’re overdoing it. -slight view of skeleton- you might wanna go to the hospital to get a skin graft….

  18. my game is so slow it takes me like an hour to change everyones clothes. lol i had to create a mod so my days are longer because of it. it sucks. lol i dont mind they didnt change. is all good in the sims hood

    • Sometimes changing the clothes can be a pain. I usually like it if it’s just a few characters, but large groups can take forever for me too! I have that mod for longer days too, but sometimes I forget to use it. I’ll get busy taking the pictures for a scene in the daytime and won’t notice until too late that it’s suddenly nighttime in the game. LOL

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