Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Four

Screenshot-2499At Noah’s next therapy session, he told Sarge about what happened at the barbecue.  Sarge wasn’t surprised by Noah’s reaction, but Sharlee’s reaction concerned him.  He knew that Sharlee’s pregnancy was high risk and that getting so upset wasn’t good for her.  He decided that he’d need to help Noah start changing his jealous reactions even sooner than he’d planned.   At least when it came to Kristian.

“Noah, has Sharlee ever done anything to make you distrust her commitment to you?”

Screenshot-2496“Of course, she hasn’t.  She’s the most loyal person I’ve ever known.”

“So every time some other guy has shown an interest in her, she’s made it clear that it’s you she wants?”

“Yes, she has.”

Screenshot-2497I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her yet, but I’ve developed the impression that she must be an exceptionally beautiful girl.”

“Yeah and she’s got the personality to match.”

Noah showed him her picture.

Screenshot-2506“She is hot!  Have you considered that with the Harley Davidson campaign, she will have many more admirers and fans?  So will you.”

Screenshot-2504Noah hadn’t considered that.  He frowned and moved uncomfortably in his seat.

Screenshot-2503“How do you plan to handle it?  Some guys may be more persistent than others.  Do you plan to punch out all of them?”

Noah didn’t answer.

“Sharlee seems perfectly capable of letting guys know she’s not interested and that she’s happily married to you.  Every time a guy shows interest, try to remind yourself that you’re the one she’s going to sleep with that night.  She doesn’t want that chump.  She chose you. She loves you!  Isn’t that true?”

Screenshot-2500“Yeah, it’s true.  Sometimes it seems like a dream, but it really is true.”

Screenshot-2509“You’re the one she let knock her up!  That says it all!”

Noah laughed.

“Of course, if a guy doesn’t keep his hands to himself, and he won’t take her no for an answer, that’s a different situation.  Though even then, it’s best to try to reason with the guy before resorting to a fight.  What is it our parents teach us when we’re young?  “The cops are our friends!”

Noah rolled his eyes and Sarge laughed.

Screenshot-2511“The important thing is to try to remain calm so that Sharlee will stay calm.”

Then they talked about how Noah was going to handle the fan girls.

“As Sharlee’s pregnancy progresses, her figure is going to change, and she’s going to feel insecure about how you see her.  Especially in comparison to the beautiful slim women who will be throwing themselves at you.  How are you going to handle that?”

Screenshot-2510“I know I’m not going to be interested in any of those women.  I love Sharlee no matter how her figure changes.  She’ll still be the most beautiful woman in the world to me.  I actually can’t wait to see the changes because I know it’ll mean our baby is healthy and growing inside of her.”

Screenshot-2512“Make sure you tell her that.  Keep making her feel beautiful and desirable throughout her pregnancy.  Don’t give her any reason to worry about those other women.”

For the rest of the session, they talked about other things.  They still had not discussed Noah’s childhood and relationship with his parents.  Noah wasn’t ready for that yet.  That would come with other sessions and Sarge would continue to give Noah more tools to manage conflict peacefully.

Screenshot-2513Not long after their plane took off for Isla Paradiso, there was a lot of turbulence.  Sharlee was miserably sick.   Alissa and Dale were sitting in seats behind Noah and Sharlee.   Noah was very worried.

He asked Dale, “Is this normal?”

Dale answered.  “It’s probably the turbulence making her sick.”

Screenshot-2515Dale got out of his seat and leaned over close to Sharlee.  He quietly asked her a few questions.  He was relieved by her answers.  She wasn’t having any pain or other major symptom, and so he reassured Noah that it wasn’t anything serious. 

Screenshot-2517Noah was still too concerned about Sharlee to enjoy the flight.  He wrapped his arm around her, and she laid her head on his shoulder.

Screenshot-2518They landed at the airport and were able to use a private celebrity exit.   A limo was waiting to take them to the resort.  The last thing Alissa wanted was paparazzi spoiling the trip. 

Screenshot-2524As soon as they checked in at the resort, Sharlee went straight to bed.   Alissa had room service bring Sharlee some ginger tea.  She hadn’t been able to keep her breakfast down and just the smell of lunch had made her vomit again on the plane.  Sharlee sat propped up against pillows and sipped the tea.

Screenshot-2525“Why don’t you both get settled in your suite.   I’ll call you if Sharlee starts to feel worse.

Screenshot-2527After they left, Noah sat beside Sharlee on the bed.   She had a worried expression on her face.

“Noah, I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry about what?”

“What if they take one look at me tomorrow and change their mind about the deal?   I mean all they’ve seen of me anyway was a picture.   I don’t look as good in real life as I did in that picture.   If I look as awful as I do now it will be even worse.”

Screenshot-2528Noah’s mouth dropped open.   “How long have you been worrying about that?”

“Well, ever since you told me that they wanted me for their spokesperson too.    If I’m still sick tomorrow, then I will look even more terrible!”

Screenshot-2531She started crying.

“Babe don’t cry!   You’re more beautiful than most women even as sick as you are right now!  If you’re sick tomorrow though, you’re not going to the seminar.”

“What are you talking about?”

Screenshot-2530“I told you, Sharlee.  You and our baby are the most important people in the world to me.   More important than any dealership or anything else.  If you’re sick you’re staying right there in that bed.  Do you want some more tea and maybe some crackers?”

Screenshot-2533Sharlee didn’t argue.   “Yes, I’d like some more tea but not the crackers.”

“Sharlee you need to start being honest with me.   It’s even more important if we accept this deal.”

“I’m always honest with you!  What do you mean?”

Screenshot-2534“I don’t mean that you lie, but you don’t tell me everything.   Like with Dean.   You didn’t tell me how he was treating you until too late because you thought it would make me happy having him around.    The bad effect on you didn’t matter to you.   You’ve got to stop doing that.”

Sharlee didn’t say anything.

“I mean it Sharlee.  If it hurts you, how in the world can you think that would make me happy!   If you aren’t feeling well or you’re too tired when it’s time for Harley to take pictures, or shoot a commercial, or something, you’d better speak up.  I would not be happy if something happens to you or our baby because you are being self-sacrificing.”

Screenshot-2536“Noah I understand what you’re saying, and I will try to do better.  Especially now that I’m pregnant.  I just love you so much that I want you to have everything that you want, all of your dreams fulfilled.”

Screenshot-2537“You’re what I want.   Everything else is just a bonus.”

Screenshot-2538“I feel the same way about you.”

Screenshot-2540Noah kissed her and then Sharlee sipped more tea.   She fell asleep after she finished drinking it.   Noah undressed and got in the bed with her.   The sound of the ocean was so soothing that he ended up falling asleep too.

Screenshot-2541Sharlee awakened a couple of hours later.   Noah was still sleeping and he looked so peaceful that Sharlee didn’t want to awaken him.  After a little while longer he woke up and saw her looking at him.

Screenshot-2542“How are you feeling?”

“Much better but hungry!”

Noah laughed.  “I’m not surprised after the way you emptied your stomach today.  How about we order room service, and you just stay in bed this evening.”

Screenshot-2543Sharlee frowned.   “Stay in bed!  I didn’t come here to stay in bed!”

Screenshot-2548“No, but you didn’t plan on getting sick on the plane today either.  Please, just for tonight.  Then we’ll be sure that you’re a hundred percent tomorrow.”

“Oh alright.  I’ll stay in bed if it will make you feel better.”

Noah called Alissa and Dale to let them know that Sharlee was feeling better, but staying in bed.  Then they ordered some dinner.

Screenshot-2550Dale and Alissa walked along the beach.   “We should get away together more often.”

“Yeah, at least for the occasional weekend.  Matthew and Kaye love any chance to be with the kids and now that Noah and Sharlee will be living in Santa Fe too, it should be easier.”

Screenshot-2551Alissa stopped and wrapped her arms around Dale.  “It’s so peaceful and beautiful here.”

“Yeah, it is.”

They walked for a while longer and then went to the hotel restaurant for dinner.

Screenshot-2555The next morning Noah and Sharlee got dressed to go to the seminar.   Sharlee was nervous as she finished dressing.   At least she hadn’t had to worry about what to wear.  Gene had told them to dress casually, but no shorts.   Their agent had sent a stylist to choose their outfits.  He’d told them that Harley Davidson wanted them, so just be themselves.  At this point they had to decide whether or not they wanted Harley Davidson.  Noah came up behind her as she looked in the mirror.

“Babe, don’t be nervous.   If it works out, it works out.  If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t.  Either way we’ll be okay!”

Sharlee appreciated what Noah told her, but she was still nervous. 

Screenshot-2559After they arrived at the seminar location they were ushered into a conference room.  The others in the room were about to open new franchises and this seminar was an orientation for them.

“Hi, I’m Danny Williams.”

Screenshot-2561“It’s nice to meet you.  “I’m Noah Hall and this is my wife Sharlee.”

Danny introduced them to the others in the room, and then Gene and Terry entered.

Screenshot-2562“Great, you made it Noah!”  Their eyes were on Sharlee.  “You must be Sharlee.  We’ve been eager to meet you!”

“Your picture doesn’t do you justice.  She’s even lovelier than she is in her picture.   You’re a very lucky man, Noah.”

Screenshot-2564Sharlee was very relieved that they hadn’t changed their minds after seeing her.  They took Noah and Sharlee into another room.

Screenshot-2570“Noah, our legal department has drawn up the contracts and the terms of our offer.  I know that you will want to go over them with your legal representatives.  This isn’t intended to rush your decision, but please be mindful that we will need to start working with Sharlee as soon as possible in order to follow her pregnancy for the campaign.  Also we would like to take pictures today to gauge the reaction of our focus groups.  There is a clause in the contract that if the approval ratings are low, then the business contract will be severed.”

Screenshot-2574Noah told him,  “No pictures.  I’ve spoken with my agent and as you know his publicity firm is one of the oldest and most well respected ones in the business.  He informed me that he has been in contact with you as recently as yesterday.”

“I’m not aware of that.”   Terry looked at Gene.  Gene raised his eyebrows and shook his head.  He didn’t know anything about it either.  The office hadn’t passed on the agent’s message to them.

Noah continued speaking.  “We’re not your typical actors or models seeking work.   You asked us!  His agency has sent our pictures out to various focus groups and our approval  and satisfaction ratings were at the highest levels of the graphs.  He said that he would make his data available to you at anytime.  However, unless we agree to take the deal you’re offering, no pictures.”

Screenshot-2575Terry handed him the contracts, and Noah began to look them over.  Sharlee noticed that Gene was staring at her.  He’d been doing it from the time they’d met.   He saw that she was uncomfortable.

Screenshot-2572“I’m sorry about staring.   I’m just trying to determine the best way to present you in the campaign.”

Screenshot-2573Noah looked up at him and then glanced at Sharlee.   He frowned but didn’t say anything.  He went back to looking over the contract.

Screenshot-2578“Right off the bat I see a problem.  The contracts for the spokesperson part of the deal and the contract for the franchise should be separate.  The franchise should not be dependent on whether or not we connect with the public as Harley Davidson’s spokespeople.  I’ve discussed this with both our lawyer and our agent, and they agree with me that they should not be combined.”

Sharlee turned to Noah in surprise.  She’d never seen him speak so professionally and knowledgeably about something as serious this.   She was impressed and really turned on by this new side of him.  

Screenshot-2584He felt her eyes on him and looked at her.  Their gazes locked shutting out everyone else but the two of them.

Screenshot-2583Gene nudged Terry, and Terry looked up at them.  The strong attraction and love between them was evident.   Terry nodded his head in agreement.  He knew what Gene was thinking.  Sex sales, and Noah and Sharlee exuded sex appeal.  If Harley could convey their chemistry in the pictures and commercials, then the campaign would be a huge money making success!

Screenshot-2585Noah pulled his eyes away from Sharlee’s and his mind back on business.  “I see that you’ve included the conditions for Sharlee’s pregnancy.  However, I do have one more thing I want added to the terms.”

Noah didn’t want Sharlee to feel that the success or failure of any part of their deal with Harley rested on her.  He knew that if she believed that, she might force herself to work when she shouldn’t.  Also her sickness the day before really concerned him.

He told them, “If at any point in her pregnancy Sharlee’s doctor feels that her part in the campaign is endangering her health or that of our baby, then her part of the deal is off.”

Sharlee’s mouth fell open in surprise.  By this time, Terry knew that they would agree to just about anything within reason to get Noah to take the deal.

Screenshot-2571“Alright, I don’t see a problem with that.  However, we would like one more concession for Harley.   Not only do we want to do commercials and pictures at three stages of Sharlee’s pregnancy, we want to take pictures and do at least one commercial with the baby after it’s born.”

Screenshot-2586Noah looked at Sharlee, and she answered.  “As long as we can determine the circumstances and timing, then I think that one session for pictures and one commercial should be okay.  I just don’t want my baby to be exploited.”

Screenshot-2587“Well, when you make the other changes to the contracts, you can add what you would expect for the baby as well.   We can give you our final decision on that at the same time.”

Screenshot-2590Terry agreed to Noah’s changes in the contracts, and then Gene took Sharlee and Noah to rejoin the others.  The orientation program began with a video of Harley Davidson’s history as a company.   After lunch, Terry came to get Noah to ask him a question about one of the changes to the contracts.  They wanted to make sure that the contracts were ready for Noah to take at the end of the day.  Sharlee sat on a chair waiting for Noah to return.

Screenshot-2591“Excuse me, Miss.  Is someone helping you?”   The young man smiled at her and then gave her an intent look.  He was clearly interested in her.

Screenshot-2589“I’m here for the orientation seminar.   Mr. Carter should be back soon.”   Sharlee made sure that he saw her wedding ring.

“Oh, can I get you something?  A soda or some water?”

“No, but thank you.”

Screenshot-2592A couple of the other men there for the seminar came over to talk with Sharlee also.   When Noah and Terry returned, there were three men talking with her.   Noah remembered his session with Sarge and took a deep breath, reminding himself that Sharlee was gorgeous.  Of course other guys notice, but it doesn’t mean anything at all.  He was the one she wanted, and every time she looked at him he knew that.

Screenshot-2593He took another deep breath.  As long as they kept their hands to themselves, he’d be okay.  Even so the expression on his face spoke volumes, and the other men walked away after turning and seeing him standing there. 

Screenshot-2594Looking at Noah’s expression and his body language, Terry made a mental note to tell the crew who would be working on the campaign not to hit on Sharlee.  Noah would back out of the deal for sure!

Screenshot-2595“Sharlee, it really isn’t necessary for you to remain the rest of the day.  Why don’t you let me have the limo take you back to the resort.   Then tomorrow if you’d like to go shopping or sightseeing, we can arrange that too.”

Screenshot-2596Noah gave Terry a grateful smile.  They hadn’t even signed the contracts yet, and Terry was already showing consideration for Sharlee.  It was a good beginning.

“Yeah Babe.  Why don’t you go back to the hotel.  You can do something with your parents.”

Screenshot-2599“Oh, your parents are here with you?”


“They are welcome to join you tomorrow if you want to go shopping or sightseeing in the limo.  Just make the arrangements with Gavin when he takes you back to the hotel.”

Screenshot-2597Sharlee was beginning to feel tired, and so she was glad of the suggestion.  “Thank you Mr. Collins.”

“Please call me Terry.”

Screenshot-2600Noah walked Sharlee out to the limo, and they kissed goodbye.  

Screenshot-2603“I’ll see you later.   I love you.”

Screenshot-2604“I love you too.” 

Noah headed back inside as the limo drove off.


40 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Four

  1. Another great chapter!! I’m glad Noah understands that Sharlee would never do anything to make him distrust her. He knows she loves him and only him. I can’t wait to see what the baby looks like!!! 😀 please update soon!

    • Thanks Rhiannon! They’ll be in Isla Paradiso for the next two chapters.

      Yes, trusting Sharlee is causing him to change his thinking. Well, he’s trying to change his thinking and reactions! LOL
      Hope to update on Monday.

      Thank you for reading! 🙂

  2. Where to start? I want a Noah. But with black hair and blue eyes. haha

    I didn’t realise that her pregnancy was considered risk. She best take care of herself and stop stressing.
    She should have just stayed home near her doctors, but the business seems like it will carry them for a long time.
    I was impressed that they were able to get the contracts they wanted. The guys there seemed up and up though, and to misrepresent a company that huge would be a major mistake on their end.

    • I know right! I like black hair too! 😀

      Yes her pregnancy is high risk because of Noah accidentally hitting her when he tried to hit Kristian. 😦
      The doctor okayed her trip, but no more after this one. After this trip, she won’t argue again about traveling.

      Yeah, this is a great opportunity for them! Harley Davidson thinks that they can generate a lot of new business for the company. 😀
      Hopefully everything will work out!

      Thanks for reading, Zhip! 🙂

    • Gene’s department in the company will be responsible for developing the campaign for Noah and Sharlee. That really was the reason why he was staring at her. LOL
      I can see why you would be suspicious though! He is a little odd! 😉

      Thanks for reading, Lucky! 🙂

  3. Omg! Is Sharlee going to get in a car wreck! Noah;s definetly doing better with handling other men. can’t wait for the next chapter!! When willit be up?

    • A car wreck? Not saying! 😉

      Yes, he really is trying for Sharlee’s sake. He already hurt her, and so he doesn’t want to add to her stress.

      You’re ready for another chapter? 😯 LOL

      I did a couple of poses that I need for my other story today, and I’ll probably start getting my Alissa savefile ready for pictures tomorrow. So hopefully it will be posted this weekend. 😀

      Thanks for reading Aubri! 🙂

  4. Like the new look of the blog. It’s very pretty.

    It’s good to see Noah still seeing Sarge and I like the advice he gave him about Sharlee. He married a pretty woman, if he didn’t want other men looking maybe he should have married someone less attractive. 😛 I really think it’s more about insecurity on his part. He doesn’t feel good enough for Sharlee and he knows he’s messed up a few times. Scaring off the guys is his reaction to that insecurity. But he didn’t see what kind of a message that sent to Sharlee, almost as if he didn’t trust her enough to handle things on her own. (with the looking them touching is a whole different story) But even then she had no problem with handling Dean.

    It’s also good Noah picked up on her doing things to make him happy without considering her own feelings. I’m glad he told her that he didn’t want her doing that anymore. It does seem like Noah is starting to grow up and mature. Seeing how he almost lost her was a real eye opener for him, and the thought of being a father.

    • Thanks, Jaz! I thought it needed a facelift after all of this time. 🙂

      You are right about Noah. It is his insecurity. I guess it’s sort of understandable that deep down his self confidence is low. His own mother didn’t really love him and his father and grandparents wanted nothing to do with him. So sometimes it’s still hard for him to believe and completely trust Sharlee’s feelings for him. 😦

      Sharlee definitely feels like he over reacts and she can take care of herself! 😀

      Yeah, Noah did need to help her see that hurting herself for his sake wasn’t a good thing to do. Hopefully she’ll see it his way now. He is having to mature quickly, isn’t he?
      He doesn’t want to lose Sharlee or their baby!

      Thanks for reading my story, Jaz! 🙂

    • I plan to put most of the names that you all have suggested in a poll. That way we all get to choose the name if everything goes well for Sharlee. Although if she loses her baby, I think that you all would want to throttle me through the computer! 😀

  5. Wow this chapter is really good.

    Also I love the new look for the story I was really shocked when I saw the new background but it looks really good.

    • Thanks Jade! I love Isla Paradiso and knew I had to use it for the story. 😀

      I don’t think it will spoil anything to say this. Terry and Gene are really just interested in having Noah and Sharlee for the campaign. It’s really just business to them. They think that Noah and Sharlee will bring in a new younger group of Harley customers. Most of their customer base is in their fifties and they want to increase their sales. They also have a new product line and think that Noah and Sharlee have the right look to present the products to the public in an appealing way. They want to use Noah and Sharlee to make more money for the company. I can definitely see why you would wonder though! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, Jade! 🙂

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    • You don’t have to apologize Drew! I love your comments and those are nice baby names! 🙂 I’ve started a list of name suggestions from you all.
      Congratulations on becoming a big sister! That is so exciting! 😀

      You are so sweet to say that! I wish I was a great writer but writing is fun. Of course I respond to the comments! To me it’s like you all are talking to me about the story through your comments, and it’s rude to ignore someone talking to you! Besides, I enjoy reading and responding to your comments! 😀

  7. HI! im a huge fan of your series…when will the next chapter be out i’m dying for Sharlee to have her baby!!! oh and also you should look into the baby sleeper footies…I cant remember who made them…anyways the no longer have to be larvae!!! YAY!!

    • Thank you so much Marissa! I’m always happy to meet others who enjoy the story like I do! 😀

      I’m behind again with my pictures. I didn’t get to work on it this weekend, but I am about to start up the game and take more pictures for the next chapter now. I hope it’ll be ready tomorrow, but it may not be posted till Tuesday. Seems like I’m always behind lately! Sorry! 😦

      I have those sleepers in my game now! Aren’t they the cutest! 😀

      Thank you for reading my story, Marissa and it was nice to meet you! 🙂

  8. That ending…. It makes me feel like something awful is about to happen! Please le tme be wrong!

    Anyway, aside from that, Harley Davidson seem like they’re willing to bend over backwards to get these contracts sorted, and I love that. They must be a really good company to work for! And the way Sharlee thought about Noah acting all business like and professional, yeah, that really was a turn on 😉

    It’s a shame she was so ill on the plane, but good that she started to feel better after. Must’ve just been travel sickness, I get that and planes landing is the worst! Actually, no, ships are worse. Constant rocking… I feel sick just thinking about it…

    • It’s funny, but I didn’t remember how I ended the chapter and I had to look at it again! 😀

      Yeah, Harley really sees dollar signs from Noah and Sharlee. They really want to do the campaign with them!

      I know what you mean about getting sick. The first cruise that I took, I didn’t listen to my friend about taking Drammamine. She knew that I get sick on merry-go-rounds! That first night I was miserable. I felt like I was gonna die! I always take it now on cruises.

      Thanks for reading my story, Gemly! 🙂

  9. I feel I need to comment as I love this story so much! I have a few name suggestions, Katie, Ila, Esme and George! Thanks again!

    • Thanks for the pretty name suggestions, Katie! I’ll add them to my list. I’m so happy you love the story! 😀

      It’s nice to meet you! I appreciate your feedback and thanks for reading! 🙂

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    • We’ll find out who sent them in a few more chapters. I promise! 😀

      I’m hoping to post it tonight, but I don’t want to promise because things always seem to come up lately. 🙂

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    I hope Noah will learn to manage his anger. He’s getting better, bit i don’t think we can fully trust him again. I understand where he’s coming from, i used to have minor anger issues, and sometimes you just want to punch something! Mine never did get as bad as Noah’s. I’m well now though! 🙂

    I hope Sharlee is going to be okay in Isla Paradiso. I’m worried there’s going to be one guy who will stop at nothing to get Sharlee, even if he has to go through Noah! With Sharlee’s pregnancy, that added stress would not be good for the baby.

    I’m glad Alissa and Dale came with them for the seminar. They can make sure that Sharlee and the baby are okay. I’m really hoping they have a girl, but a little boy would be great too! Toddlers and babies in the sims 3 are always so cute, i can’t get enough of them! 😀

    With the ending, i feel as something may happen….i really hope you prove me wrong! I’d hate for something bad to happen after everything had been going kind of good for them.

    Those flowers. I reread some of the chapters,but i can’t think of anyone who would send those flowers! I have one theory, but it couldn’t be possible, right? I have a bad feeling, nonetheless

    Keep up the good work, Daisy! I can’t wait to read more chapters 🙂 i promise to try to comment early this time! 🙂

    • Don’t feel bad Queen! I understand. I’ve been sort of late with updates anyway. School definitely comes first! Please don’t feel like you have to comment on every chapter. I know everyone’s busy! 🙂

      It really is a struggle for Noah to control his anger. He may not ever master it completely, but hopefully he’ll have enough self-control that no one he cares about will get hurt again because of it. I’m glad you were able to learn to control yours! 🙂

      You’re right that the stress would not be good for the baby! Hopefully she won’t have that problem!

      Dale and Alissa wanted to make sure that Sharlee would be okay because it really hasn’t been that long since she was hurt. I think the babies and toddlers are cute too. I wish though that they had given the baby legs!

      We’ll soon learn more about the flowers! 😀

      Thank you so much Queen! I’m glad you’re doing okay, and please don’t worry about not commenting! I know everyone is busy this time of the year. People are getting ready to return to school, returning school and vacations. I’m going out of town myself later this week! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story! 🙂

    • Thank you Harry! I wanted a new look for the blog! 😀

      Please let me know if I need to post another version without the advisory picture for you to read the next chapter. I know that some may be too young to read it like that. I can just remove that picture. Don’t hesitate to let me know. 🙂

  12. Sharlee’s really having a bad time with this pregnancy:( poor girl.
    It sounds like the deal is gonna be good for Noah and Sharlee I just hope nothing goes wrong and they’re not taken advantage of.

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