Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-One

Screenshot-1693Dale had still insisted that Noah go for the therapy sessions as well.  Dale reminded him that he needed to learn to manage his anger, or he would not be successful in this business either.   Dale and Alissa discussed it and knew that not just any therapist would be able to gain Noah’s confidence.  So they called their friend Sammie, and she recommended someone who she thought would be right for Noah.  Noah had never had personal therapy before, but he had agreed to go.   The following day, he had his first therapy session.

Noah just sat there staring silently at the therapist.  He didn’t see what good talking would do for him.  If other guys didn’t behave like idiots then he wouldn’t need to slug them.  However he hated that he had seriously injured Sharlee, and if there was a better way then he did need to try it.  The therapist didn’t look the way Noah thought a therapist would look.

Screenshot-1690The therapist was looking at Noah also.  He could tell that Noah was not going to be an easy patient.  He loved challenging cases though and found them to be the most rewarding.  He knew that the hardest part would be gaining Noah’s trust so that Noah would allow him to help him.  He broke the silence between them.

“Why are you here Mr. Hall?”

Screenshot-1694Noah looked at him in surprise.  Mr. Cattell should know why he was there.  Noah quoted Dale’s words which were the same he’d used on the preliminary questionnaire that Mr. Cattell had him complete before he came for the session.  “I’m here to learn how to manage my anger and to find out its cause.”

Screenshot-1686“Let me put this another way.  Are you here because you really want my help and you believe that you genuinely have a problem with handling your anger?  Or are you here because others have told you that you need help?”

Noah hesitated before answering and Mr. Cattell told him,  “If you’re not going to be completely honest with me and with yourself then you may as well leave right now.  I won’t tolerate any “bull sh@!” answers to my questions.  You’ll be wasting my time.  Time that I can spend with people who genuinely want to make changes in their lives that will make them happier and more well adjusted members of our society.  I’m not here just to take your money.  Everything that you tell me will remain between the two of us.  I’m legally and morally bound to keep our sessions confidential.  I don’t discuss my patients with my family and friends, not even using pseudonyms as some of my colleagues do.  Even that to me is a breach of my patient’s trust.  I can’t help you if you don’t let me in.”

Screenshot-1691“Mr. Cattell…”

“Call me Sarge.  Everyone does.”


Screenshot-1696“Yeah, I haven’t always been a psychologist.  I retired from the marine corps after twenty years in.  I felt like a fish out of water but met a great therapist who helped me adjust.  After that I wanted to help other people who had the same types of problems that I had.   Even before I joined the marines, I usually let my fists do the talking for me.   I loved fighting.  If someone disrespected me or mine, I decked um!  It was a miracle that I didn’t screw things up so badly that the marines wouldn’t take me. I learned discipline in the marines, but after I got home I was overwhelmed by anger.  The therapist helped me overcome it and learn better ways to handle conflict.  So I’m living proof that it is doable, Noah.  Now how about answering my question.”

Screenshot-1683“I have a question for you first.  Why were you so angry after you left the marines?”

Screenshot-1685“Because no one here in the states seemed to value what I and my brethren had sacrificed for this country.    I took up where I’d left off before I joined the marines.  I beat a guy up badly in a bar fight.   A condition of my plea bargain with the court was that I go through psychotherapy.  It was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I got my Masters in psychology; and believe it or not, I seem to have a knack for helping other people through therapy.”

Screenshot-1692Noah looked at him and decided to tentatively trust him.   “I came here because my father-in-law said I needed therapy.   Also because I seriously hurt my wife when I tried to fight a guy who had his hands on her.  She almost died, and she almost lost our baby.   I never want to do anything that harms her again.”

Sarge asked Noah some more details of how that night had come about.  Then asked him, “So is that how you want your son, if it’s a boy, to handle conflicts?”


Screenshot-1689“It’s a simple question.  Do you want him fighting like you have?”

Screenshot-1701“I want him to be respected and to protect himself and his family.”

“So fighting is the only way to do that?”

“Fighting is the way that I know how to do that!”

“How’d you learn that Noah?”

Screenshot-1703“Learn it?”  Noah was puzzled by his question.

“Yes.  Who did you see fight for respect?”

Noah told him about the gangs and the people who he associated with in his early teens.  People like Ton and Mick among others.  Sarge got him to describe the day to day life that Noah led with them.   Then he asked Noah a big question that Noah wasn’t ready to discuss. 

Screenshot-1697“Why did you leave home Noah?”

“Why did I leave?”

Sarge could tell that Noah wasn’t ready to go deeper yet.  Noah still didn’t fully trust him enough to tell him his personal thoughts and feelings.  That would happen over time.

“When you’re ready to answer that question then answer it.  I’m not going to push you just yet.   You and your wife have been married almost three years now.  You married very young.   How did you two meet?”

Screenshot-1702That, Noah was comfortable discussing.  He told him about the night that he met Sharlee and killing Mick.   The trial and his relationship with her throughout that time.  He told him about Dale’s attitude, and Dale trying to put an end to their dating.  He also told him about how they’d decided not to wait, but to go ahead and get married.  Before Noah realized it, he was telling Sarge about losing his jobs and the night that had led up to his hitting Sharlee.

Screenshot-1705Sarge felt that Noah had revealed a lot of himself during the session and he didn’t want to press Noah anymore.  “Noah it seems to me that even though you haven’t said it directly deep down you feel that your way of handling these difficult situations might not be the best way.  You are open to change and that is where I am going to help you.  Of course any lasting change doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s going to take time, but you’ve taken the first necessary step of recognizing for yourself that you have a problem.  I think it best if just for the first month or so, we have two sessions a week.”

Screenshot-1704Noah raised his eyebrows.  “Month!  You mean it’s going to take longer than that?”

Screenshot-1706Sarge laughed and said.  “Yes, it’s going to take longer than that!  Before this is over we are going to know each other very well.   Is that such a bad thing?”

“I guess not.”

Screenshot-1708Sarge stood up and shook Noah’s hand.  “It’s been a real pleasure meeting you, Noah; and I’m really looking forward to our sessions.  Believe me, I’ve been where you are now; and if you are willing to put in the work, we can get you where you need to be!”

Screenshot-1710“Thank you Sarge.”

The receptionist set up an appointment schedule for Noah, and he left the clinic to head home. 

Screenshot-1730When Noah walked through the door at home, he heard Sharlee laughing.  He smiled until he saw who was with her. 

Screenshot-1728Alissa looked up and saw the expression on Noah’s face and the way that he was balling his fists trying to fight for control.

Screenshot-1733Noah started to turn away, but Sharlee looked around and saw him.   Her face lit up.  She started to head for him but caught herself.   “Noah, I’m glad you’re back!”   He walked over to the couch and kissed her.   Then he sat beside her on the sofa.  Kristian looked on, totally not getting why she was with Noah.

Screenshot-1743Dale came home with the rest of the family.   Shawn had had a game that night.  It hadn’t been long since he’d rejoined the team after his horrible experience with Monet.   Alissa had stayed home with Sharlee, but the rest of the family had wanted to be there to support him. 

Screenshot-1745Dale saw that Kristian was there visiting Sharlee and a huge smile spread over his face.  Alissa saw the smile and frowned.

“How’d the game go Shawn?”

Screenshot-1738“We lost, but it was still a great game.”  He went on to describe some of the gameplays with help from his siblings.  Of course, they emphasized Shawn’s part in the game.

Screenshot-1742“It would have been a lot worse without Shawn!”

Screenshot-1740“Yeah, you should have seen his three pointer!”

Screenshot-1750Noah wondered if Kristian had brought Sharlee downstairs and hated how the thought made him feel.   “How’d you get downstairs?”

Screenshot-1755“Oh, Daddy brought me down before he left for Shawn’s game.   He knew I was sick of staying up in the bedroom.”

Screenshot-1736Noah felt Kristian’s eyes on him and they started a stare down.     Sharlee was talking to Shawn and Aidan some more about the game and didn’t see it.

Screenshot-1746Alissa cleared her throat seeing the tension between them.

“Are you looking forward to starting your classes Noah?”

Screenshot-1749Noah broke his gaze on Kristian and looked at Alissa.

“Yes, I guess so, at least the automotive ones.”

Screenshot-1756Kristian stayed a little while longer and then he rose to leave.

“I’ll bring that book for you the next time I come Sharlee.”

Screenshot-1759“Okay.   Thanks Kristian.

Screenshot-1789That night in bed, Alissa knew that she had to talk with Dale about Kristian and Sharlee.

“Kristian has been coming over a lot more lately.”

Dale gave a pleased smile.  “He sure has.”

Alissa frowned at him.  “Don’t you realize what it is that you’re doing Dale?”

“What I’m doing?  What are you talking about?”

Screenshot-1791“You are trying to break up our daughter’s marriage.   I don’t think you’ve really thought of how this would be or if this is really what you want.  Say Sharlee by some minute chance does develop feelings for Kristian.  Suppose they begin having an affair and Noah finds out.   Noah doesn’t seem the type to forgive and forget something like that.   He and Sharlee would get a divorce and Noah would fight for custody of our grandchild.  He’s not the type to allow another man to be a father to his child.   He might win full custody.

Then here’s another possible scenario.  Sharlee falls for Kristian and divorces Noah.   Noah lives by a different code than we do.  He might kill Kristian and be sent to prison for life.    Then once again our grandchild has a broken home instead of having two happy parents who love him and each other.”

Dale continued to listen silently.

“Under both of those scenarios, Sharlee is miserable.  She loses her self-respect because she broke her marriage vows to Noah.   She realizes too late that she can’t be completely happy with anyone other than her soul-mate.   Most people don’t ever meet their soul-mates or may not even have one.   Of course they may still be happy, but that’s because they have never known the complete happiness  and fulfillment that comes from living your life with your soul-mate.  You have a deeper connection with them than you have with anyone else in the world.  It is very rare and special when you find that person.  Once you have, anyone else is just second best.  No one else can fill that space in your heart, in your soul.  I found that out the hard way.  You know that you are my soul-mate, and I am yours.  Noah and Sharlee are that for each other.  You’d better accept that fact Dale and let my Baby be happy!”

Dale still didn’t speak.  He was wondering how she seemed to always be right and he was so wrong!

“You may not have said it, but it’s clear to Kristian and to me that you would prefer he was the one with Sharlee.   You positively beam when you see them together.   I don’t think anyone else has noticed it, but it won’t be long before they do.   If Noah sees it, he will take Sharlee and leave again.  If Sharlee sees it, she will feel betrayed and deeply hurt.  This time they will cut you out of their lives completely, and I won’t blame them.”

Screenshot-1920“All I want is for Sharlee and our grandchild to be secure and happy!   I love Sharlee so much.   I don’t know how I keep making such a mess of things.”

Screenshot-1790“I know you love her Dale, but she’s made her decision about who she wants.  You haven’t got the right to ruin that for her no matter how wrong you think her decision is.   I’m not saying that I think Noah is perfect, but he loves her with all of his heart. He can’t undo the past.  He’s making so many changes and sacrifices to take care of her and his child.   What more can you expect?”

Screenshot-1792“I’ll have a talk with Kristian and tell him to back off.”

“Thank you, Honey, because if you don’t, I will.  Sharlee is lucky to have you as her Dad even though you sometimes behave like a knucklehead!”

Screenshot-1927Dale laughed and then kissed Alissa.

Screenshot-1936“Did you like your therapist?”

Screenshot-1937“Like him?   I don’t know yet.  He wasn’t what I expected.”

“Are you going back for more sessions?”

“Yeah, I’m going back.   Don’t worry, Babe.  I’m gonna give it a real chance.  He wants me to see him twice a week.”

Screenshot-1940Twice a week?”

Screenshot-1938Noah sighed and grimaced.  “Yeah, twice a week for the first month.  I thought I’d be done after a couple of sessions.  He says changing me is gonna take time.”

Screenshot-1939Sharlee laughed!  “Changing you will be a miracle!”

Noah laughed too, but Sharlee still felt worried that everything would be too much for Noah.  She was afraid that he’d feel overwhelmed and give up.

“Just don’t lose what makes you, you!”

Screenshot-1941“No, that won’t happen, but I’m glad to hear you say that.  So, Kristian was here again today.”

Screenshot-1943“Yes, my Dad told him that I was planning on taking some of my courses online until the baby is older.  Since he’s taken similar classes, he came over to help me figure out which ones would be best and which ones I would really do better by attending class later.  Noah, I’m not interested in Kristian.”

Screenshot-1942“I know that, but you know he is interested in you.”

Screenshot-1944“Maybe so, but it doesn’t change anything.   I don’t really know him that well, and besides, I love you.”

Screenshot-1945Sharlee smiled and then started planting kisses all over Noah’s face.

She moved her kisses to his lips.

Screenshot-1949He laughed and then said,   “We’ve still gotta wait another week before the doctor says it’s okay again.”

Sharlee pretended to be shocked.  “Wait a week for kisses!”

Screenshot-1950Noah grinned.  “We could never wait a week for that!”

Screenshot-1951He gave her a long sensuous kiss.

Screenshot-1779The next morning when Sharlee was alone in her bedroom, Alissa came and had a talk with her.

“How are you feeling?”

Screenshot-1778“I’m fine.   I don’t have much nausea anymore.  I’m so glad it’s gone.  I don’t have to take the pain pills anymore either.”

Alissa smiled.   “I’m glad, baby.  I want to talk with you about Kristian.”

“Kristian?   Why?”

Screenshot-1780“Kristian wants a romantic relationship with you Sharlee.   I’m not saying that he’s not a nice guy.  He may be fooling himself that he just wants to be your friend, but you and I know he wants more than that.”

“Mom, he’s always nice, and he’s not tried anything inappropriate.”

Alissa looked at her silently until Sharlee blushed.

“His visits have noticeably increased since you’ve been here.  You know how he looks at you.  Sharlee that boy is in love with you.”

Screenshot-1781“He can’t be.   He hardly knows me.”

“Sometimes, it doesn’t take long, and you know that’s true.”

“Yeah, I know that’s true, but even if he is in love with me, he knows that I’m married to Noah.”

Screenshot-1783“That doesn’t matter to some people, Baby.   They think that the person they love just has to love them too!  They believe that if they are persistent enough the person they want will realize that they should be with them.   A man in love or who thinks he’s in love with a woman may not always think logically and behave as they normally would.  Noah does not like Kristian.”

“I know he doesn’t.”

“He didn’t seem to mind David, but with Kristian it’s different.  Have you wondered why?”

Screenshot-1785“No, honestly, Mom.   I really didn’t think this was a big deal.”

Alissa told Sharlee about the feeling that she had when she saw Dale with the attractive redhead at the airport in France and how Alex made Dale feel.

“I didn’t know Daddy felt that way about uncle Alex, but I do remember that we didn’t see much of him in the few years before Daddy was missing.”

Screenshot-1782“If you had never met Noah, do you think that you would have a relationship with Kristian?”

“I don’t know Mom.  I did meet Noah and he’s the one that I want.”

“I asked your father not to let that woman into our lives because I didn’t want to have the uneasiness, the insecurity that she would give me if your Dad had a relationship with her.   It had nothing to do with my trust in your father.   Of course I trusted him.   I just didn’t want him to have a friendship with another woman who held such a great attraction for him.”

“So you’re saying that Kristian causes those types of feelings for Noah?”

“Yes.   He sees something between you and Kristian that you don’t see yourself.   Of course you love Noah and you would never act on any attraction for Kristian.   Just the fact that the mutual attraction is there makes Noah feel insecure.  Then too, you and Kristian have a lot in common.   Things in common that you don’t have with Noah, and also you have to admit that Kristian is really hot!”

Screenshot-1788Sharlee laughed.  “Yes he’s hot, but I’ve known a lot of hot guys.   I don’t understand why Kristian bothers Noah so much.   I’d never leave him for anyone else.”

“He knows that, just like I knew your Dad wouldn’t cheat on me.   Maybe I felt like she had something she could give your father that I couldn’t.   She was so cultured and chic and French.   I don’t know what it was.   Noah probably doesn’t know why Kristian makes him feel so insecure either.”

“Alright, Mom.   I don’t want to do anything that makes Noah worry about us.   I… I’ll tell Kristian to stop coming to see me.”

“I think that’s for the best, Honey.  You have a lot of other friends, both male and female.  Everyone can’t be your friend, and that’s okay.”

Screenshot-1765Sharlee asked Kristian to come by that afternoon.

“Kristian, I wanted to talk with you in person.   I think it’s best if you don’t come to visit me anymore.”

“Why?  What’s happened?”

“I’m in love with my husband and that’s not about to change.”

Screenshot-1762“Oh, I get it now.   Noah told you stop seeing me.  How can you stay with someone who tries to dictate who you can have as a friend and who you can’t!”

Screenshot-1764“I couldn’t and I’m not.   Noah would never tell me who can be my friend and who can’t.   I came to this decision myself.”

“Oh, but why Sharlee?  We really seem to click and I thought we were getting along great.”

“We were.  Maybe we would have become good friends, but it would never have become more than that Kristian.”

Screenshot-1761“You don’t know that Sharlee.   You can’t deny that you’re attracted to me.   There’s no way that I imagined that.  You’re afraid of letting yourself go.”

Screenshot-1767Sharlee looked at him in astonishment.

“Yes, you’re attractive, but I know a lot of hot guys.  I don’t mean to be rude, but you’re not as attractive as Noah.   Besides, that’s not all there is to a relationship.”

Screenshot-1770“That’s what makes it even more incomprehensible that you’re with him!  You are an exceptionally intelligent, classy woman married to a low class dullard!  He’s not good enough for you Sharlee, and I’m not the only one who sees that.”

Screenshot-1763He reached for her hand and Sharlee moved it away.  She was shocked and angry.

“What you just said makes me know even more definitely that I’ve made the right decision in ending our friendship.  It also shows how little you know me or Noah.   He is just as intelligent as you if not more so.   He’s just chosen to use his intelligence in a different way from you or me, but it benefits society too!  My husband doesn’t like you and that’s good enough for me.   We barely know each other Kristian.  So this shouldn’t be hard for you.”

Screenshot-1768Kristian felt defeated.  “You’d think that it would be easy wouldn’t you.   I wish that were true.  Alright, Sharlee.   I’ll respect your wishes.”

Screenshot-1774He stood up.  “If you ever change your mind or need my help, please call.”

Screenshot-1777“Goodbye, Kristian.”

Screenshot-1773When he looked at her, Sharlee saw a smoldering expression in his eyes.  There was no mistaking his deep longing and feelings for her.  Then a look of sadness crossed his face.

“Goodbye, sweet Sharlee.  Take care of yourself.”

Sharlee felt relieved after he left.  She was glad that her mother had helped her see what was happening before it became a real problem.


Sarge is by Chobits.

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  1. OMG, i have so many things to say about this chapter! I can’t believe that Kristian believes that Sharlee is in love with him! Noah is her husband after all, and more attractive too.

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    • Well, he really does think she’s attracted to him. Any more than that is just wishful thinking on his part. Like Sharlee said, they hardly know each other.

      Yeah, it’s a good thing that the kids have both of their parents. They help each other be more balanced. Dale was really messing up again with Sharlee!

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    • I don’t think it will spoil things too much to say that Kristian won’t be like Alex. The main reason is because Sharlee is not like Alissa. She’s not so wishy washy like Alissa was. When Sharlee says no, she means no! It was so sad about Alex! I still miss him even though he’d changed! That was so hard for me to do! 😥

      Thanks for reading, Birdkitty! 🙂

      • Oh good! I love that about Sharlee. 🙂 I LOVE Alex, I was so sad when he changed and just, ugh, I wish he would’ve just found someone else so that we could all still love him, but not everything can sugar and rainbows. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

      • 😀 Poor Alex!

        Hopefully, I’ll get those pictures started soon for the next chapter.
        I’m working on pictures for Mutation today! I’m behind schedule once again! LOL

      • I do, however, I think it is really good.
        Dale was being a bad dad, even though he didn’t realize it.
        But I can understand about wanted the perfect person for your adult child. However, we don’t get to pick.
        To bad, really, lol.

      • Thanks Jen!

        Dale was really getting out of his place. What he was doing was very wrong. It’s a good thing that Alissa helped him see how wrong it was before things went too far!

        You are so right! Parents do want the right person for their child, but sometimes even they can pick the wrong person! LOL

      • I agree.
        Of course, Dale should know that she’s totally in love with Noah. I mean after all, he hit her in the stomach and she was in the hospital, even if it was on accident, and still forgave him.
        So, I think she does totally love him.

      • This time I think he really sees that he was crossing the line. Alissa meant it when she told him that he’d better stop what he was doing and let Sharlee be happy. He also knows that Alissa was right about Sharlee not wanting to have anything else to do with him if she found out that he was trying to break up her marriage to Noah. So hopefully this will be the last time he interferes like this. Especially now that Noah is trying so hard to do better for Sharlee and their baby!

        And you are so right about Sharlee loving Noah. She didn’t have to forgive him for hurting her that way and for the way he’d been behaving. What happened really scared Noah and that’s why he’s trying so hard to do better. He really loves her too!

      • Yeah, I think if she found out what her dad was up to, she and Noah would never have anything to do with him again.
        And I think that would also break heartache between not just them, but between Dale and Alissa too.
        I really did like this chapter.

      • Thank you so much Jen! 🙂

        You are right again! It would have damaged Dale and Alissa’s relationship! Sharlee would never have been able to trust Dale again.

        I know I would have felt betrayed if my father had done anything like that! He wasn’t that pleased with my choice either, but he recognized that it was my choice. Over the years my hubby won him over though! 😀

  6. Sarge was nice – it’s good that he will probably understand Noah as he had a similar experience to do with violence (not that THAT’s great but y’know what I mean :P) It would be cool if he became a family friend as he seems like a genuine guy – also how old is he, like is he the same age as them or more like the same age as Dale and Alissa? Also where’s Crystal atm 😀

    I think that it was wise for Alissa to step in with the whole Kristian situation, but I can’t help but think that if anything else goes pear-shaped in Sharlee’s marriage, she might have Kristian in the back of her mind – terrible but it could happen… BUT I’M NOT SAYING YOU SHOULD MAKE THAT HAPPEN!!! (however he is hot – lol!)

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    • He does seem to be the type of person that Noah needs to help him. He’s a little bit older than Dale and Alissa. I thought that an older person might be best for Noah. 🙂

      I think Crystal is in the next chapter. She’s just coming for a short visit again. 😀

      Yeah, Alissa didn’t like the way things were going with Kristian. Not that she thought that Sharlee would do anything wrong, but she didn’t think that Dale was right to encourage Kristian in anyway to pursue Sharlee. I agree, Kristian is a cute guy! 🙂

      Noah, hasn’t made a definite decision about the dealership yet. He still has to see their offer and then he’ll decide. More on that soon. He’s not sure it’s a good idea yet either.

      Awww, you’re welcome Harry! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m about to work on the next chapter now. 😀

      I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend too! 🙂

    • He seems creepy? I guess he could seem that way, especially in those pictures. Noah definitely doesn’t like him! Sharlee doesn’t like his attitude about Noah and her marriage either! Hopefully he’ll leave her alone now. 😉

      Thanks for reading my story, Fran! 🙂

      • It will be posted by Tuesday. I still have more pictures to take today. I don’t think that they should take very long though. If I finish early, I’ll post the next chapter tomorrow evening. I’m not as far behind as I thought I was! 😀

    • A girl? That would be nice! I think I’ll do a poll to decide if it should be a boy or a girl or a surprise. 😀 That’s if she does have the baby.

      Thanks for reading Katie! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much Megan! I was worried that this one wasn’t very good. It didn’t turn out how I’d planned. 🙂

      Holidays are nice! I hope you have lots of fun with your family! 🙂

      Aww, thank you! That’s such a sweet thing to tell me. You guys make it easy to be nice! 😉

      You’re right, it would be horrible if Sharlee lost the baby. Hopefully everything will go smoothly for the rest of her pregnancy and the baby and she will be alright!

      Thanks for reading my story, Megan! You are really nice too! 🙂

      • They are really similar!!
        Its definitely good, all of them are good 🙂
        That’s ok!!
        In really hope they are ok, I think everyone would be really sad if something did happen and Noah would never forgive himself 😦

        Awh thank you and as always I’m enthralled!!!

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    Haha, all weirdness aside… Should I make a Sims 3 story? I’ve wanted to, and I got an idea, and I got the Sims to work again. /happiness

    • Yeah, Alissa had to learn things the hard way and she doesn’t want her children to have to do that!
      You read them really fast! 😯

      Thanks for reading, Gemma! 🙂

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    • I’m really happy that you’re that engrossed in the story! 😀 I enjoy writing it, and it’s even nicer to know that you’re enjoying reading it so much!

      You are very welcome, Jayne, and thank you for reading my story! 🙂

      Noah is a real sweetheart. 😀

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    • I guess he was a little bit similar to Alex. He wouldn’t have kept pursuing her though, if he didn’t feel that it was what Dale wanted him to do. 😦

      Thanks for reading, Angel! 🙂

  12. Its kinda like Dale and Alissa’s Alex (xD) was Alex and Noah and Sharlee’s Alex is Kristian! Remember that other chapter where Sharlee knocked him down? I quote, “You owe me for knocking me down.” and how Alex kept saying, “You owe me.” to Alissa?
    I think Kristian would have been very good friends if Alex didn’t die…..
    Match made in heaven XD

    • Kristian is a little like that. Accept that Sharlee doesn’t have the same feelings for him that Alissa used to have for Alex.

      Kristian and Alex might have been friends, but Alex is very protective of his family. He might not have like Kristian pursuing Sharlee. He probably would not see his own behavior with Alissa the same as Kristian’s behavior with Sharlee. They are very similar though in their arrogance, thinking that they should have any woman that they want!

  13. First, I applaud Noah for going to therapy. Not many men would. I know he doesn’t want to be there, and he really doesn’t seem to have much say in the matter, but the fact that he’s willing to try it out, says a lot about him wanting to learn to control his anger.

    Sarge doesn’t look like a typical therapist. He’s not a cliche. And for some odd reason I like that very much.

    I’m glad Alissa called Dale out about Kristian. Sharlee made a choice to be with Noah. I know Dale feel Noah isn’t good enough for his daughter, but Sharlee sees something in Noah that made her want to have a life with him, and her family (especially Dale) should respect that, no matter what.

    • You’re right, Val. Most wouldn’t. He doesn’t really see yet that going can help him, but he wants to make Sharlee happy. And you’re also right that he wants to learn to control his anger so that he won’t hurt people he loves again. Yeah, Noah would definitely not relate to a typical therapist. He wouldn’t take them seriously at all! 😀

      Dale was once again going too far. He needs to recognize that Sharlee has made her choice and it’s not his place to mess that up for her.

      Thanks for reading, Val! 🙂

  14. Good job Alissa for putting Dale in his place. He shouldn’t force a guy onto his happily married daughter. He’s basically saying that she should cheat on her husband. Sharlee wouldn’t stoop so low as to have an affair with another man. He needs to respect her decision. Him and Alissa never had a perfect marriage, nor have Sharlee and Noah, but they still worked hard to keep their relationships together, and pushed away all the negative words.

    I know I nag about Dale a lot, but I just do not like him at all. Ever since Sharlee and Noah dating and that little kiss Cara and her boyfriend had when they were kids, really changed my thoughts about Dale.

    • Yeah, it’s good that Dale and Alissa balance each other out. She can see how Dale is being unreasonable and stepping out of his place even though he can’t see it right now. Some parents have a difficult time letting go of their children and respecting boundaries. They have a hard time accepting that their children are adults and entitled to make their own decisions and mistakes.

      As far as Dale is concerned, I thought that maybe he’d feel guilty too for the time that he lost with Sharlee and his other children while he was gone. That is causing him to over react. Then too, he genuinely doesn’t like Noah and still believes that Noah isn’t right for Sharlee. Hopefully, he’ll back off and accept Sharlee’s decisions.

      Awww, I hate that you don’t like Dale anymore. 😥

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