Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Seven

Screenshot-3360As Dale sat in Joy’s pediatrician’s waiting room, he was becoming concerned.   Joy’s doctor was waiting for the results of additional tests that she’d run on Joy that morning.

“Can we go home soon, Daddy?”

Screenshot-3361“I hope so baby girl.”

Screenshot-3362Joy thought to herself that he’d said that the last time she’d asked him.  It seemed like they had been there for a long time now, and she wanted to leave.  Besides, she felt a little better today and didn’t understand why she couldn’t go to school.  She hated missing school!

Alissa looked at Dale. She was becoming increasingly apprehensive.  She’d had a meeting at work earlier that morning and then joined Dale and Joy at the doctor’s office.   They had planned for her to take Joy home and then Dale was going to work.  She’d been there with them waiting for over half an hour now.

Finally, Joy’s doctor, Carrie came out to get them herself.  Dale didn’t like the expression on the doctor’s face.

Screenshot-3356Noah and Sharlee signed the contracts.  After a bit more negotiating between their representatives and Harley, both parties were satisfied with the terms.  Noah and Sharlee were in their agent’s office going over final details. 

Screenshot-3357“There’s one more thing.  My clothes are starting to feel tight, and it won’t be long before I have to start wearing maternity clothing.  So if they want to get some pictures before I start showing, I think they’d better come this week.”

Their agent contacted Gene, and their first session for pictures and filming their first commercial was scheduled for later in the week.  Gene was glad that they were so eager to begin the campaign.  Sharlee didn’t feel exactly eager.   Noah wasn’t either.  He was actually dreading it.   Putting himself on display in this way was completely out of his comfort zone.

However, he was looking forward to earning money again so that they would not be as dependent on Dale.  Dale and Alissa had refused his offer of paying them any money.   They had actually been offended.  Even so there were things that Sharlee would be needing soon.  She’d need maternity clothing, and they’d need to start preparing for the baby.  He wanted to pay for those things.  He felt that it was his responsibility and not Dale and Alissa’s.  The sooner money started coming in the better.

Screenshot-3370Dale and Alissa rejoined Joy in the waiting room.   “Dale, I can’t!”  Alissa was fighting tears.   “You’ll have to take her home!”  Alissa rushed from the waiting room and out to her car.

Screenshot-3371“Daddy, what’s wrong with Mommy.” 

Screenshot-3372Dale was very upset himself, but he kept calm for Joy’s sake.  He was used to being the doctor telling the parents of an ill child the bad news, but he’d hoped fervently that he’d never be the parent receiving the bad news. 

“She’s okay.  We’ll see her at home later.”  He took Joy home.

Screenshot-3374Alissa stopped her car and pulled over.  She cried brokenheartedly for a few minutes.  Then she forced herself to stop crying.  She’d had to fight for what she wanted her entire life.  She wouldn’t stop fighting now.  Joy was going to be well again!  Alissa refused to give up, and she wouldn’t let Joy give up either.

She remembered what Noah had told her about believing that he wasn’t meant to be happy.  She believed that you had to make your own happiness.  She was happy with her husband, her children, her family and her career.  She’d worked hard  and experienced a lot of hard times to reach this point in her life. 

Screenshot-3377Now she was even about to become a grandmother!  She smiled just thinking about it.   She had a son-in-law who loved her daughter just as much as Dale loved her.  It was what she wanted for all of her children.   She was not about to let three words take all of that happiness away.  Three gut wrenching words.  “Joy has leukemia.”  Alissa refused to allow leukemia to be Joy’s death sentence.  She pulled back onto the road and headed home.

Screenshot-3378When Alissa arrived, Joy was playing a video game, and Dale was in his office.  He had his face resting in his hands when she entered.  She walked over and sat in his lap.  They hugged each other tightly for a few moments, drawing strength from one another.

Screenshot-3379“I’ve already contacted the best specialist in children’s leukemia in the country.  He’s assembling a treatment team for Joy.  The sooner her treatment begins the better her prognosis.  I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you, Alissa.  Her leukemia has developed quickly, and it isn’t an easily treated case.   Dr. Hodgekins is going to review her file with the other team members today and then develop a treatment protocol.  He said that he will call me back tomorrow morning.”

“Dale are you saying that there is no hope that she will recover?”

“Oh no, Honey!  That’s not what I’m saying at all!  Of course there is hope!  She’s getting the best doctors that I know to treat her.  I’m just saying that it won’t be easy for her or for us.”

“When do you want to tell her?”

“I think that we need to let it really sink in ourselves, and then tell her after we’ve spoken with her doctors to find out the treatment plan.”

Screenshot-3000While Sharlee was being dressed and made up, Noah’s first part of the advertising campaign began.   They were taking posed pictures for magazines, catalogs and billboards.   Noah felt very stiff and was clearly very uncomfortable.   The photographer was becoming frustrated.

Screenshot-2995“Come on Noah!  It’s not rocket science.  Just look at Fritz and do what he does!”

Screenshot-2992Noah was still not relaxed, and it was getting worse rather than better. 

Screenshot-2994What Fritz was doing looked idiotic to Noah.  Gene saw that Noah and the photographer Randy were rubbing each other the wrong way.  He made a mental note to assign a different photographer to work with Noah from now on, but they’d have to make it work for today.  He had a sudden idea that he thought might help!

Screenshot-3001Noah was feeling irritated with Randy and was about ready to deck him.  He was quickly realizing that he was not going to be able to do this job.  He wasn’t some damn model and that prick of a photographer could shove it!

Screenshot-3002Randy was telling Noah to do some other inane pose when Noah looked up and saw Sharlee standing with Gene.  She smiled at him encouragingly.  Noah’s eyes widened at her outfit!  She looked so hot!  She was thinking the same thing about him.  Her presence made him feel instantly more relaxed and resolved to make this work.  Randy saw the change in him and signaled Fritz to begin again. 

Screenshot-3004Gene saw Sharlee frown at what Fritz wanted Noah to do.  This wasn’t the right way to present Noah.

Gene shouted, “Okay, everybody take ten!”

Screenshot-3005Noah went over to Sharlee and wrapped his arms around her!  “Man, do you look hot!”

Screenshot-3006“So do you!   How is going?”

“It’s going.  Come and sit down.”   He led her over to a chair.

Gene had Noah’s chopper taken over to the staged area.   Then he spoke quietly with Randy and Fritz telling them how he wanted the rest of Noah’s shoot to proceed.  When they resumed the photo session, the atmosphere had changed.  Noah knew it was because of his sunshiny wife.  She made people smile.  This time Fritz was demonstrating poses that were more natural for Noah and the pictures and clothing changes went smoothly. 

Screenshot-3007Screenshot-3010Screenshot-3013Screenshot-3014Screenshot-3020Noah wanted to look especially good because Sharlee was watching him.

Screenshot-3022Screenshot-3025Screenshot-3027Screenshot-3030Screenshot-3033Screenshot-3035Then it was Sharlee’s turn.  Randy was more patient with her, and she found it much easier than Noah to do the poses.  They did a set with her standing and then a set with her sitting.  Sharlee was thankful that they gave her so many rest breaks that she didn’t even have to ask for one.

Screenshot-3036After that, they took pictures of Noah and Sharlee together.  Gene was happy that their strong chemistry was still intact and came across in the pictures.  He was quite pleased at the end of their session.

The following day they intended to shoot the first commercial.   It would include  a hint that Sharlee was pregnant.  He smiled in satisfaction.  Everything was right on schedule and going according to his plan.  He knew that Terry would be just as pleased.  He might even get a bonus after the campaign went public.  There was no question that it would be successful for Harley.

Screenshot-3063They started filming the commercial the first thing the following morning. 

Screenshot-3056Because of her pregnancy conditions, Sharlee couldn’t actually ride on a motorcycle, and so special effects were used to give the appearance that she was riding with Noah.  They remained in one spot whenever she joined him on the motorcycle.  Gene had a fake street set up just to use for the commercial.  They didn’t have to make many retakes for the filming which made the director very pleased.   When the Harley crew left town, they knew that Noah and Sharlee would be a big hit with the public.

(Link to more pictures of the campaign:  Noah and Sharlee’s Campaign Pictures. )

Screenshot-3381Dale and Alissa sat down with Joy outside on the patio.  Dale explained to her in an age appropriate way that she was seriously ill.  He emphasized to her that they were going to do everything that they could to make sure that she was well again.  He told her some of the side effects of her treatment and how long it might take for her to recover her health.

“I might lose my hair?”

Screenshot-3383“Yes, Honey, but if that happens, we can get you a wig to wear.”

“Oh no, I wouldn’t want a wig!  I think having no hair might be cool!”

Dale and Alissa looked at each other and smiled.  Their Joy was going to be okay.  She had a few more questions, but one was more important to her than the rest.

Screenshot-3380“Will I be able to dance again?”

Screenshot-3382“Yes, Baby.  After you are well again we will all want to see you dance!”

Screenshot-3384Alissa didn’t cry until Joy asked that question.  She got up and hugged her tightly.

Screenshot-3390They told Cara and Shawn together.  Cara couldn’t hold back her tears. 

Shawn said,  “She’s gonna beat it.  There’s no way my little Sis is gonna die.”

Screenshot-3385Aidan didn’t really understand when they told him. 

Screenshot-3386He just knew that Joy was sick and it would be a while before she could play as much as she used to do. 

Screenshot-3387Dale hugged him reassuringly.

Screenshot-3388Then they told Sharlee and Noah.  When Alissa saw the devastated expression in Sharlee’s eyes, she once again could not hold back her tears.   She and Dale had already met with the counselors for caregivers and been instructed to cry if they felt like it.  It was important not to hold those emotions inside.  Seeing them cry would show Joy that it was okay to cry if she wanted to cry. 

Alissa hugged Sharlee, and they cried together.  Afterwards the entire family was resolved that they would help Joy fight this disease and overcome it!  They tried to keep their routines as normal as possible.


I hope that the storyline of Joy having leukemia doesn’t offend anyone.  I’ve had a family member who had cancer and a friend who had leukemia.  So I know how heart wrenching and difficult this type of a disease is on a family and friends in real life.

However, I don’t intend for Joy’s treatment or the progression of her disease to follow a real life time table.  So things may happen sooner than they they really would and may vary from real life circumstances.  I just thought it would be good to let you know what to expect.  Thanks for sticking with the story!   🙂


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77 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Seven

  1. I was hope Joy will be okay!! II can’t wait for Sharlee to start showing. I was rereading some chapters and I realized in chapter 97 there was a guy watching Sharlee at the park after Noah left…And you never brought Him up again

  2. I just spent the last week reading your entire story from chapter 1!! I was absolutely obsessed with reading it! Now that I’m caught up I can’t wait for more.
    As for the chapter today, I almost cried! I hope Joy will be healthy again soon. It’s so hard when a child is ill like that.

    • Sarah, what a great compliment! I’m glad that you’re still enjoying it! 🙂

      It was sad for Joy and her family. Hopefully, she’ll get well again. 😦

      Thanks for reading my story, Sarah, and I hope you continue to enjoy reading it! 🙂

    • I’m glad you like it, Simlover! 🙂

      Hopefully Joy’s treatment plan will work! It will be a hard time for her and her family. 😦

      Thanks! I plan to start working on the new chapter this weekend. Hopefully it will be posted by Tuesday or Wednesday if not before!

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

    • I’m so sorry about your sister, Simlover. I’m sorry that you and your family had to go through all of that pain.
      I hope this storyline doesn’t bring up too many bad memories for you.

  3. Another great and dramatic chapter, love it!

    Oh no! Joy! Please live joy! When do we learn about the flowers? I know I ask every time…

    Yeah so I think Sharlee should have triplets! They should either be 2 boys and a girl or 3 boys! If not then I think Sharlee should have a boy, a tough boy like his daddy! Especially because Alissa’s first was a girl and there have already been 3 girls and 2 boys, but I am happy for a surprise! I can just Imagine lots of little Noah’s running around the place!

    Ooh and I have some baby names (sorry if I repeat any!) : Esme, Isla, Ella, Eve, Lily-May, Abina, Sasha or Layla and if its a boy Jack, Toby, George, Michael or Luke.

    Ooh and when’s the next Chapter!

    • Thank you Katie! 🙂

      We still have a few more chapters before we find out about the flowers. 😀
      I’m thinking of doing a couple of chapters about Crystal and her life next, and then get back to Alissa and the rest of the family.

      Wow, you guys really want Sharlee and Noah to have their hands full! LOL

      More great names! Thanks, Katie!

      I probably won’t start on the next chapter until tomorrow. It probably won’t be posted until next Tuesday or Wednesday.

      Thank you so much for reading my story, Katie! 🙂

    • I’m sorry, but the most I’d want them to have would be twins. 😯 For the purposes of the story, I’d really rather they start off with one child. Remember they can always have more children later! LOL 😀

  4. i suffered from cancer as well before my sister though i was still a teenager as well.some mean people may think im lying but im not just because my sister suffered from cancer doesnt mean i didnt anyway my dad died yesterday so im really upset,he didnt die from cancer though,lol,anyway thank you for reading this 11daises well you probably didnt believe me anyways i was 17¼ when i recovered from cancer now im in my twentys. Anyway some mean bastards probably dont care that my dad died so i dont care about you either sorry that was quite mean 11daise u probably dont care about my dad dying but i’ll always repect you!!! :·)

    and dad i hope you have a great time in heaven,you too sis,i miss you both ill be in heaven too shortly!!! :·)

    • Awww, Simlover! Of course I care! I am so very sorry that your Dad died!

      My Mom died seven years ago and it still hurts. Even if you know that the person you love is sick, it doesn’t make the loss any easier!

      I’m so sad that you’ve loss people so close to you. I really feel for you and your family.

    • for some reason i couldn’t reply to your last comment so i had to reply here.

      I try to always be kind especially to people i don’t know, but i wanted you to know that some people do care about what happened to your family 🙂

  5. Nooooo! Joy can’t have leukemia! 😦 i’m glad she’s sticking through it. She really stands up to her name. 🙂

    Wow! Those pictures with Noah were epic! Sharlee looked so pretty, but it just wasn’t her style! I’m glad the campaign is working for them!

    I really want Sharlee to start showing! I also hope she has twins. I love have twins have an emotional bond between each other, especially boy-girl twins. In one of my stories the main characters best friends are twins. A lot of my stories will have some sort of twins! 🙂

    This doesn’t have anything to do with the chapter, but where is Lala and Miki? We haven’t seen them since the wedding!

    Still an awesome chapter! I was wondering, how could Joy have gotten leukemia? She wasn’t exposed to radiation, or at least alot of it. I hope you can tell me! 🙂

    • Yes, she’s a very strong little girl, like her mother. 🙂

      Yeah, that was more Noah’s style than Sharlee’s, but she did it for their family. 😀

      She should be showing soon! 😉 I haven’t really done much with Cara and Shawn, but they are very close too. I think twins are very interesting! 😀

      The story is mainly about Alissa and her family, and they don’t live in the same cities as Lala and Miki live anymore. Still, I’m sure they will eventually appear again 😉

      They don’t really know how Joy contracted leukemia. Radiation is one of the things that increases the risks for contracting it, but there are some people who contract the disease that don’t have known risk factors. Joy is one of those poor people in that group. 😦

      Thanks for reading my story, Queen! 🙂

  6. Oh gosh! Can I re-vote?? I want twins instead 😛 Loved the chapter! I hope Joy will overcome her illness!! Sharlee and Noah make such a cute couple! Can’t wait for the next chapter!! 😀

  7. Aww poor Joy. It’s great the whole family is there to support her. It won’t be an easy fight. Is Joy the child she actually had with Alex? I can’t remember which kid is his.

    Sharlee look great during the shoot. I hope when the adds go public Noah can keep his temper in check because the number people that seem to fall all over her is about to grow.

    It will be interesting to see what Sharlee and Noah have. Mostly to see who he or she will look like. Alissa had some strong genes so I wonder if that will pass on to the grandkids as well.

    • You’re right, Jaz. It will be a hard fight for her. Yes, she’s Alex and Alissa’s little girl. 😦

      Hopefully that won’t be too much of a problem for them. Especially now that Sharlee’s preggars.

      Alissa is beautiful, but I don’t want another Alissa clone! I so hope that doesn’t happen! LOL

      Thanks for reading, Jaz! 🙂

  8. Hi Daisy! I’ve been reading your stories for a while but this is my first time commenting.

    First, I just want to say that you are an amazing writer and your sims are beautiful.

    Second, I’m starting to wonder if the flowers she got have anything to do with Joy’s illness. Even if they don’t, I think Alex sent the flowers. I remember a while back that he was on the phone with someone and he said something like he needed to disappear which makes me think that he faked his death and is coming back for Alissa and Joy or he’s going to hurt Alissa (and possibly Dale) and take Joy.

    And lastly, I can’t wait for Sharlee and Noah’s baby. I voted for a girl because I can imagine her looking mostly like Sharlee but with a little bit of Noah in her and it’s super adorable.

    • Hello Ebony! I really like your avatar! 😀

      Thank you so much for the compliment! 🙂

      I promise that we’ll find out who sent the flowers to Alissa and Joy soon. 😉
      Alex did change a lot, but it’d be extremely cruel for him to make his parents think he’s dead. His father even had to identify Alex’s body. 😦
      I wonder how Joy would feel knowing that Dale isn’t her biological father. That would probably be very hard for her to hear.

      I’m excited about their baby too! I’d love it if she did look like a mix of the best parts of her parents. 😀

      Thanks for reading my story Ebony and it was nice to meet you! 🙂

  9. Boy, a boy, a boy…. definitely a boy. ^_^

    That really stinks for Joy. She’s going to be a strong little girl though, I know it. What comes is what comes and all that they can do as a family is take good care of themselves and keep strong for Joy. … and take it day by day.

    Noah certainly did look very uncomfortable. I think the coach and picture taker were trying to make him look foolish. (a real photographer would not have done that)

    • I think a boy would be nice too! 😀

      It is really sad for Joy. She’s a sweet little girl and I felt bad writing this part of the story. 😦
      Hopefully they will all support each other.

      You’re right, Zhip! He was very uncomfortable. You could be right about that photographer and coach. They definitely weren’t bringing out the best in Noah!

      Thanks for reading my story, Zhip! 🙂

  10. Oh no!! I love Joy!!!! I hope she does get better
    Did they ever tell her she was Alex’s??

    Until I read some of the comments i couldn’t work out why you’d put other on the poll!! I thought you meant have a chicken or something but then I read someone’s comment and realised ‘oh yeah they can have twins, silly me’!!!!

    • She is an adorable child! Hopefully she will get better.

      No, they were going to wait until she is older and could understand it better.

      LOL Megan! “a chicken!”

      Thanks for reading my story, Megan! 🙂

  11. Hello once again 😉 I just did read all thoose comments and now i think… I want twins so badly tooo!!!!! It would be so cute if Noah and Sharlee could have boy twins! Just think about it! They will have more fun, right? Yeah and if Noah and Sharlee will work always, the boys could have fun!!

    Poor Joy ;[ I was hoping she just got some flu, nothing much.. But now.. Poor girl ;[ I hope she will get healed fastly! Somehow she reminds me of Tailajoy R.I.P v_v I hope Joy will fight and wont give up!

    Have fun by writing new chapters! Hope the next one comes soon ;D Bai bai,

    • Twins! Maybe that will win in the poll! 😀

      Yeah, the poor baby girl, Joy. It’s sad for her and her family. As a matter of fact, it was too sad for me too! I changed the next chapters and her illness is only going to cover three chapters now. 😦 So we’ll find out very soon if she gets well again.

      Thanks Jandelea! I hope to have the next chapter out by Wednesday if not sooner! 😀

  12. Boy, Girl, Surprise… or Other… HAha! What’s the other?! Not getting this mixed with Mutation, are you 😐

    Poor Joy! 😦 By the sounds of it she’ll pull through though, but it’s still awful! I’m sure you can do this storyline justice, and you’re right, statistically everyone knows someone who has been through cancer, so it is a very tricky subject to talk about. I look forward to Joy’s recovery and I’m sure all the family will be stronger and closer for it!

    I’m glad Harley are turning out to be as nice as they seemed at first. Hopefully it will stay that way and Noah and Sharlee do well from it 🙂

    • LOL Gemly! Surprise= Wait until after baby is born to learn the sex. That was my original plan until I decided to let everyone have a say.
      Other= Twins 😀

      Yeah, Poor Joy! Hopefully she and her family will make it through it! 😦

      So far, Harley is working out for them. Even though they don’t really like the spokesperson duties, soon they will start working on Noah’s dealership. 😀

      Thanks for reading, Gemly! 🙂

  13. Hi!! I know how it is to lose someone with a disease like leukemia I had a family friend die of it, hope Joy’s condition isn’t serious…. anyhoo I just want to say I have some more baby GIRL names; Lilac, Josaphine, Dianna, Ava, Jenivie (Gen-a-vy), Winter, Autumn, Whitney, Jessie or Jessica, Kira or Ciara (kier-a), Sienna. That’s all for now!! Please try to update soon!!

  14. Hi daisies! I’m so sorry for not reading and commenting for ages, life has got in the way! I hope you’re well and everything’s OK for you.
    Poor Joy! This is gonna be tough on her and the whole family 😦 I hope she can beat it, having the support of her wonderful family will surely make her stronger. I really feel for all of them and you wrote it so beautifully.
    Noah and Sharlee looked great in their photo shoot, I hope the upset with Joy doesn’t cause even more stress for the little one Sharlee is carrying.
    Great chapter and well written, I’ll catch up on the rest of your story as soon as I can 🙂

    • Hi Clairey! Don’t apologize! I know you must be very, busy planning one of the best days in the world! I still remember mine after almost sixteen years. April will be our sixteenth anniversary. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long! 😯 I’m okay, thanks. 🙂

      Yes, it is a hard time for them. Aww, thanks Clairey! I really did try hard with this chapter.

      It was so much fun doing that photoshoot! 😀

      Thank you so much, Clairey and take your time catching up! Take care of yourself and make sure that you keep the “fun and joy” in your wedding planning. Don’t let yourself get too stressed out! ♥♥♥

  15. pffffft that’s it? only TRIPLETS??? I hope its quintuplets! HOW DID JOY GET BLOOD CANCER? I’m just makin donations in real life to kids with leukemia!

  16. My heart just breaks for Joy and her family. It’s probably going to be the hardest thing they’ve ever faced as a family, but I think they’ll survive this, they always do, and they always stick together when it matters the most, and right now Joy needs all their love and support.

    Enjoyed the photo shoot with Sharlee and Noah.

    • It is a very hard time for them and it was hard for me to write this storyline. I hadn’t expected it to make me feel as down as it did, and so I cut this one shorter than I’d planned. They do stick together when they need each other and hopefully it will help Joy get through it.

      Thanks Val! I’m having a good time doing their photo shoots! 😀

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