Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Six

Screenshot-2728When Noah returned to the resort after the seminar, Sharlee and her parents were out at the pool.

Screenshot-2730“Honey, why don’t you change into your trunks and go for a swim?”

Screenshot-2731“Maybe later.”

Noah took off his shoes and then his shirt.   When he saw the expression in Sharlee’s eyes as she watched him, he smirked and gave an exaggerated stretch that flexed his muscles.  He always loved seeing the effect he had on her. 

Screenshot-2734Even though he knew that he was getting an appreciative reaction from other women around them, he ignored it.

Screenshot-2735He climbed onto the lounge chair with Sharlee and whispered in her ear about what they could do when they were alone.   Sharlee flushed and smiled.  “Okay, we’ll definitely do that later in our room!”

Screenshot-2738He held her as they watched others swimming and lounging around the pool. 

Screenshot-2740Dale and Alissa came out of the water and sat in loungers as well.

“Would anyone like something to drink?  I’m thirsty, and I know you need something to drink too Babe.”

Screenshot-2742They told Noah what they’d like, and he headed to the pool bar to order drinks for them all.  

Screenshot-2745Dale was talking to Alissa about the new model of treadmills that were in the resort gym and that they needed to upgrade their gym equipment at home.  Shawn had been asking for  a different weight bench. 

Screenshot-2744Sharlee was barely listening as she watched the people around them.  She saw a little toddler walking wobbly by the edge of the pool and no parent with her. 

Screenshot-2746Suddenly the baby fell into the pool!  

Screenshot-2747Sharlee didn’t even think.  She just reacted and quickly stood up! 

Screenshot-2750She jumped into the water swimming quickly to the baby.  She dove under and grabbed the toddler.

Screenshot-2754Alissa saw her and screamed.  Dale rushed to the side of the pool and pulled the baby from Sharlee’s arms as she held her up out of the water.  He immediately started CPR on the toddler. 

Screenshot-2757Noah had seen what was happening and swam quickly over to Sharlee.  He lifted her up over the side and then climbed out.  The baby’s mother rushed over in tears. 

Screenshot-2762Everyone’s attention was on the baby, except for Noah’s and Alissa’s.   They were looking at Sharlee.  She was holding her abdomen and blood was on her leg.  She had a terrified  expression on her face as she looked at Noah.   “Noah!”  Tears started sliding down her cheeks.

Screenshot-2760Alissa called out in a trembling voice!  “Dale, Sharlee’s in trouble!  You’ve gotta help her!”

Screenshot-2765Dale was still administering CPR on the baby.  He wanted to stop and check Sharlee, but he knew he couldn’t.  

Screenshot-2766Noah held onto Sharlee and tried to calm her.  “You’re going to be okay, Babe.  Our baby is fine!”    He felt like crying too.  He was so afraid for her and their baby!

Screenshot-2763The toddler coughed up water and started breathing. 

Screenshot-2768Dale rushed over to Sharlee!

“Are the pains steady or intermittent?”

Screenshot-2769As Dale was questioning Sharlee, paramedics arrived.  They rushed Sharlee and the toddler to the hospital.

Screenshot-2770By the time the doctor finished examining her, Sharlee’s pains had subsided.  The bleeding had stopped in the ambulance.  The doctor ran some tests and then did an ultrasound.  The baby’s heartbeat was nice and strong.  The baby wasn’t in any distress.

“Everything seems to be okay.   My guess is that your swimming strained areas in your uterus that are still trying to heal from your previous injury.  The pain and the bleeding were warnings from your body!   There are just some things, young lady that you cannot do until maybe even months after your baby is born.  Swimming is one of them!”

Screenshot-2773After he knew that she and the baby were okay, Noah felt like he had to leave the room.  He was very angry with Sharlee.  He knew that what she had done was heroic, but it had placed her life and their baby’s life in danger.  She had to start putting their baby first!  He didn’t want to say the wrong thing to her and knew he had to stay away from her until he cooled off.  Sharlee saw his expression and started to say something to him.  Noah couldn’t hold it in.  He exploded!

“You could have killed yourself and our baby!  How could you…”

Screenshot-2775The nurse cut him off.  Sharlee was almost in tears and her blood pressure and heart rate readings shot up.  “Mr. Hall, I think you’d better step out for a while.”    

 Noah quickly left the room.

Screenshot-2776As they waited for news on Sharlee’s condition, Alissa couldn’t sit still.  She paced around the waiting room.  Dale tried to hug her.   She pulled away from him and gave him a glare. 

Screenshot-2777He sighed.  He knew that she was upset because he hadn’t immediately gone to help Sharlee.  Explaining wouldn’t do any good, and so he didn’t even try.

Screenshot-2779Noah came out into the waiting area.  “The doctor said that Sharlee and the baby are fine.  She was just straining the areas that are still healing.  The bleeding and the pain have stopped.  You can see her now if you want.  I’ve gotta get some air.”

Before they could ask any more questions, Noah headed out of the hospital.   Alissa apologized to Dale. 

Screenshot-2781“I’m sorry.  I know that you had to help the little girl.  I was just so scared for Sharlee.”

Screenshot-2782Dale reached for her and this time she didn’t resist.  She returned his hug. 

“It’s okay!  I was scared too!” 

The whole time he’d been helping the toddler, part of his mind had been on his own daughter and grandbaby.

Screenshot-2784They went in to see Sharlee.  Sharlee was hoping Noah would be with them.

“Noah isn’t with you?”

Screenshot-2787“No, I’m sure he’ll be back soon though, Honey.”

Sharlee hoped so, but she wasn’t so sure.

Noah came back after about half an hour, but he was very quiet.  Sharlee was monitored for several more hours, and then she was released to go back to the resort.  The doctor told her to return if she experienced any pain or any bleeding.  Noah still hadn’t said much on the ride back.    

Screenshot-2789Sharlee changed into her pajamas and joined Noah on the bed.

“I’m sorry, Noah.  I didn’t think! I just reacted automatically when I saw that baby fall into the pool.  I know that I should have asked someone else to help her instead of doing it myself.”  She started fighting tears.  “I was scared too!  I was so afraid that I was going to lose our baby.  From that moment on, I promise you that I decided that I will think before I do anything.  I’m going to the extreme with taking things easy and not overexerting myself.  Our baby is going to be born healthy and strong.  I’m not going to lose him!”

Screenshot-2792Noah looked at her and then just hugged her close. 

“Please keep that promise!  I can’t lose the baby or you!”

Screenshot-2790“I will!  I’m not going to argue or complain anymore when you suggest that I don’t do something.  I want our baby just as much as you do!”

Alissa called to check on Sharlee, and they made plans for the next day. 

Screenshot-2794Noah awakened first and held Sharlee as she slept.  She woke up with a smile. 

Screenshot-2796“Good morning handsome!”

Screenshot-2797“How do you feel?  Any pain?”

“I feel just fine.  No pain at all.”

Screenshot-2798They both got up and showered.  Noah was surprised when Sharlee returned to bed.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes,  Mom and I just thought that it’d be best for me to play it safe and stay off of my feet today.”

Screenshot-2800Noah smiled.  She really had meant what she’d told him the night before.  He was happy that he wouldn’t have to worry about her as much.

“Thank you, Babe.  That really relieves my mind.  I was going to suggest it, but I was trying to work up to it!”

Screenshot-2805Sharlee laughed.  “Work up to it!  I meant what I told you.  I’m not going to argue or complain when you make suggestions.  I really thought about a lot of things last night.  This is your baby too, and you have a right to make suggestions for the baby’s benefit and for mine.”

Noah kissed her.  Then her cellphone rang.  It was Alissa.

Screenshot-2806“Yes, I feel fine this morning.  I haven’t told him yet. We can tell them together. “

Screenshot-2809“What’s up?”

Screenshot-2807“We go back home on Sunday.  Since I’m staying off of my feet today, and I can’t go boating even after that, Mom and I came up with a great idea.  She and Dad are on their way to our suite so that we can discuss it.”

Noah had the feeling he wouldn’t like this “great” idea.  Before long, Dale and Alissa came to the suite.

Screenshot-2838“So what’s this idea?”

Screenshot-2834“Dale, when we went boating, you found several spots that you said would be great for fishing, and that you wanted to come back.   Since I hate fishing and Noah hasn’t had a chance to go boating or exploring, we thought it’d be great if you two go out together today.  Sharlee needs to rest in bed, and I want to stay with her.  You two can water ski and fish.  It’ll do you good to hang out together.”

Screenshot-2837Noah and Dale looked at each other.

Screenshot-2835“Fishing and boating.  I’ve never done either.  I can’t say that I’m really crazy about doing it.  Don’t you want me to stay with you Sharlee?”

Screenshot-2836“You’ve never been fishing!”

“No.  I grew up in the city.”

Dale hadn’t thought about that or the fact that Noah hadn’t been very close to his stepfather. 

“You’re about to become a father.  Fishing is a great experience to share with your own children.  It’s relaxing and a good opportunity for talking with them.  So, I really think it’d be good if you let me teach you how to fish.  Santa Fe is full of good fishing spots.”

Screenshot-2833Alissa and Sharlee were looking at Noah with hopeful expressions.  How could he say no now!  He’d much rather spend the day with Sharlee, but clearly she wanted him to go with her Dad.

Screenshot-2832“Noah, you’ll get a chance to see more of the island.”

“Alright.  I’ll go.”

Noah and Dale left after breakfast.  

Screenshot-2823“I hope they don’t kill each other.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about that Sharlee.  Your Dad knows that Noah isn’t about to go away.  I think he’ll genuinely try to get along with him from now on.”

Screenshot-2831Sharlee hoped that was true because her mother was right.   She and Noah intended to be together for the rest of their lives.  He wasn’t going to leave her.  She smiled at that thought.

“Mom how much longer before I feel the baby move?”

Screenshot-2829“I didn’t feel you move until you were about 16 to 17 weeks.  It was more like little flutters inside.”  Alissa smiled remembering.  “It was the most amazing thing in the world.”

Screenshot-2826“I can’t wait.  I mean I know the baby is okay.  I saw the ultrasound and heard the heartbeat, but I want to really feel the baby too.”

Screenshot-2830“I understand, and I can’t wait till I get to feel your baby kick against my hand.  Shawn and Cara felt like they were doing somersaults in there!”

Sharlee laughed.  They talked some more about what Sharlee could expect and how hers and Noah’s lives would really change after the baby is born.

Screenshot-2839At first as he rode in the boat, Noah was fine.  Then as they went further and further from shore, he started to feel nauseous.  He didn’t want to say anything to Dale and suffered in silence.  Then he couldn’t hide it anymore. 

Screenshot-2840He emptied his stomach over the side of the boat.  He felt so embarrassed!  Of all the worst people he had to be sick in front of it was Dale!

Screenshot-2843Dale rifled through a duffel bag and found some Dramamine.  

Screenshot-2844“Here, drink this water and take a couple of these.  Alissa always packs some just in case its needed when we go on a trip.   It’ll get rid of the nausea.”

Screenshot-2847Dale was determined to enjoy the day.

Screenshot-2846Noah took the capsules and sipped water. 

Screenshot-2848He was relieved when they finally pulled into a bay and Dale stopped the boat.  They walked a short distance to the spot where Dale wanted to fish.  After a while, Noah’s stomach settled, and he felt okay again.  He wondered if this was what Sharlee had been experiencing for the past few months.  If so, he admired her even more for wanting to be pregnant and carry their child.

Dale pulled out the fishing equipment and handed Noah a pole.  Then he showed Noah how to bait his hook and then how to cast his line.   When they had both cast their lines, they stood silently on the edge of the lake.  Each of them not really knowing what to say to the other.

Screenshot-2849Dale wracked his brain trying to think of something to talk about.  They really didn’t have a lot in common.  Noah was into motorcycles and engines.  Dale couldn’t care less about those things.

Noah was having the same problem.  He really felt that there was no point in trying.  Dale would never think he was right for Sharlee, and he and Dale didn’t particularly like each other anyway.   However, he knew that she’d ask him how their day had gone, and so he’d better try to make a real effort to get along with Dale.

Screenshot-2854Dale finally thought up a topic.  “So do you think the Steelers will make it to the Superbowl this year?”

Screenshot-2850“I haven’t really been following the statistics, but they do seem to have a good roster.”

They talked for a good while about various sports.  Noah hadn’t been that into sports before, but Shawn had got him watching football and basketball games.  He’d also started going to Aiden’s soccer games when he could.  Then Dale thought of something else they could discuss.

Screenshot-2855“Are you ready for the late night feedings, lack of sleep and changing dirty diapers?”

Screenshot-2859“What!  You mean Sharlee isn’t gonna take care of all of that?”

Dale looked at him in surprise, and Noah laughed.

“I can’t say that those things are gonna be fun, but it’s a part of taking care of our baby.   I still have to learn how to do those things, and I can’t wait till the baby is here.”

Dale couldn’t think of anything else to talk about after that.

Then Noah told him, “Why don’t we just stop with the crap and quit pretending.”

Screenshot-2856“What are you talking about?”

Screenshot-2865“You don’t like me, and I’m not that crazy about you either.   We may never like each other.  The only thing we really have in common is that we both love Sharlee and the baby that’s on the way.”

“That’s true, but for Sharlee and Alissa’s sake, I’m going to try to get along with you.”

Screenshot-2866“I can agree to that if you agree to one more thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Quit trying to get Sharlee hooked up with other guys.  She’s my wife, and I’m not going to stand by and watch you try to break us up again.  I know that’s what you tried to do using Kristian.  If you set him after her again, I’m not going to be polite and gentlemanly.  I’ll break his damn neck!”

Screenshot-2867Dale didn’t respond right away.  Then he said firmly, “As long as you take proper care of her and treat her right, I will back off.”

They fished for a couple of hours, and then they headed back to the resort.  Alissa and Dale returned to their suite. 

Screenshot-2812After they left, Noah climbed onto the bed with Sharlee.

“So did you have  a good time?”

Screenshot-2813“Your Dad did teach me to fish.  I can teach our kids how to do it now.  He said that we should go camping with them when he takes the family again.”

Sharlee noticed that he hadn’t really answered her question.  She asked him, “Do you want to go?”

“I want to be able to make some good memories for our children, Sharlee; and I know that experiences like those are important.  I never did any of those things with my parents, and maybe that’s why I’m the way that I am.”

Screenshot-2815“I like the way you are, Noah; but you’re right.  I do have a lot of great memories of time spent with my family.  If you don’t enjoy fishing and camping, we can do other things with the children.  We can do some of the things that you enjoy.”

Screenshot-2818“You mean rebuilding an engine and watching a dirtbike race?”

Screenshot-2814Sharlee laughed.  Then she told him, “Umm, maybe not rebuilding the engine, at least not for me, but we could go to races sometimes.”

Screenshot-2822Noah smiled, and she kissed him. 

Screenshot-2819Then he said, “We can do that.  We can also go fishing, and I’m willing to try camping.  I think we could even go horseback riding.  Although I will definitely need more practice.   Santa Fe is sort of perfect for outdoor activities, and I know you enjoy doing those types of things.”

Sharlee smiled.  They talked about baby names and other subjects after that.



Cara was soaking in some sun. 

Screenshot-2877Robert was playing beachball with Shawn and Aiden. 

Screenshot-2869They had only been on the beach for a short while when Joy went over and climbed up into her grandmother’s lap.   Even though Valerie and Robert were no longer together, whenever the grandchildren came to town, she spent time with them also.

“Baby girl, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t feel so good.”

“You don’t?”

“No, I have a headache and my stomach feels yucky.”

Screenshot-2870Valerie kissed her forehead, and it did feel warm.

“Okay Honey.  I’ll take you home with me.”

Screenshot-2881She called Robert over.   “Joy isn’t feeling well.  I’m going to take her back to my place.”

Screenshot-2880“Should we take her to a doctor?”

“Let me take her temperature first and then we’ll see.”

Robert agreed and stayed at the beach with the other children.   Joy vomited just before she got in the car.   Valerie guessed that she had the flu. 

Screenshot-2883After they arrived at Valerie’s home, she took Joy’s temperature.  She did have a fever, but it wasn’t very high.   Valerie gave her some children’s aspirin and some juice.  Joy was glad to be in bed.  

Screenshot-2884Valerie called Dale to let him know that Joy was sick, but that he didn’t need to come for her.

He asked her, “If her fever goes up, please let me know.”

“Of course I will.”

Dale and Alissa discussed it and decided to fly to Florida rather than home to Santa Fe just in case Joy wasn’t well enough to fly back home.


The toddler drowning poses were made by my friend Zhippidy.  She’s one of the best pose creators!  I’ve wanted to use these ever since I first saw them!  Thanks Zhip!

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    • Thanks Jade! 🙂 It was fun to do!

      Yes, Sharlee really cares about people. I think that’s one of the things that drew Noah to her. He sensed her compassion and empathy. So, he should have known that this is why she went into the pool to save the toddler.

      Dale and Noah have sort of a truce for now. Hopefully it will last! 😉

      Do you think that Valerie and Robert should get back together? I haven’t decided yet.

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    • Isn’t he a hunk! 😀

      Yeah, she couldn’t take a chance on that baby drowning! Most people would have reacted the same way that she did.

      You’re right about how Dale felt. He had to take care of the baby first!

      Alissa and Noah both reacted badly! 😀 You are so right that Alissa would have done the exact same thing!

      It was a very awkward fishing trip! LOL “Kick his butt!” 😆 I think you’re right about that!

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    • She’d thought she would be okay, but this really scared her! She is going to try not to overexert herself from now on.

      You’re right, Clairey! I think anyone seeing that would have reacted in the same way that she did.

      Yeah it was awkward, wasn’t it! 😀 Maybe now they will be able to get along better. Maybe! LOL Because you’re right that they both care about Sharlee and want her pregnancy to go smoothly. Worrying about the two of them would be extra stress that she doesn’t need.

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    • Hi Marissa! 🙂

      Maybe one day they will get along better. Especially now that Noah and Sharlee are living with them! They will hopefully get to know each other!

      Thank you for saying that! 🙂 Right now though, I’m just having fun! 😀

      I love those sleepers, and I also found some dungarees the other day. There are also some poses that I can use with the baby! In the next chapter, I’ll put up a poll to choose the baby’s sex. 😀

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      I plan to start working on the next chapter of Alissa after that. So Alissa won’t be updated until later next week. Sorry for making you wait again. 😦

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    • Sexist? 😯 He wants her to go to college and get her degree like she wants to do. Then get a job if she wants to do that too. He was joking about her doing everything for the baby when he spoke with Dale. He wants to take care of his baby in every way. He already loves the baby and can’t wait till it’s born. It’s funny you said that because I can see him hogging the baby! LOL

      Sharlee forgives him because she knows his background. She probably would not have been as forgiving with anyone else. Also she sees how hard he is trying to change, and she realizes that it takes time. He’s still got a long way to go.

      You’re right that she could have exploded, but she realized that Noah has no one but her. He reacted out of fear that he would lose her and he probably still has a lot of guilt too. If she had reacted in anger at that time and blamed him for what he’d done to her, then he would always feel guilty. He wouldn’t believe that she had forgiven him for hurting her, and they might not be able to move on together.

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      They will all probably react in irritating and unexpected ways from time to time. Even though I’m the one who wrote it, sometimes the things Alissa and the others have done were definitely not what I would have done, but it keeps it interesting for me! I hope it is to you all too! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, Lotrgirl and for your feedback! 🙂

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    • Yeah, I think most of us would have just automatically tried to save that little girl!

      Maybe one day Noah and Dale will get along better. Now that they will be living together for a while, maybe they can start to see things that like in each other. Hopefully! LOL

      Thanks for reading my story, Gemly! 🙂

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      Thanks Popcorn! Your screenname is very different! 😆

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    • Thank you Katie!

      It does seem like Joy has the flu. Some or her symptoms are the same. We’ll find out what it is in the next chapter. I promise!

      No, she’s not that crazy about camping either, but she does it because Dale and the children like it. She likes spending time with her family. She does like horseback riding though. 😀 Maybe I made her not like fishing because I don’t! LOL I used to like spending the time with my Dad though, and he loved fishing. I was afraid of the worms, and I didn’t like the other bait either. So I’d sit with him, and my brothers while they fished. I still had a good time though! Good memories! 😀

      Back to Dale and Alissa! LOL They both enjoy spending time as a family and alone. 😀 I agree that they are a perfect match even though they’ve had their rough patches. 🙂

      I haven’t started working on the pictures for the next chapter yet. I’m still working on the next chapter of Mutation. I just need to go ahead and get those pictures finished! LOL Then I can start on Alissa. Alissa’s next chapter won’t be ready till later this week. 😦 You just gave me the push I needed to concentrate on Mutation and finish that update! There’s really no excuse for me to not have it done yet. It’s not very long! 😀

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      She does look like she could be related Faye! 😯

      Thank you! I still like doing this story! 😀

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    • Wow! Congratulations on your baby girl! That is so exciting! 🙂

      Thanks Simlover! I have a good time working on my stories. 😀

      I’m about to start working on the pictures for the next chapter right now. I hope to have it posted by Wednesday.

      Thank you so much for reading, Alissa! I’m really happy for you about your baby girl! It made me smile! 🙂

    • I’m definitely not an expert, but I say just make sure it’s fun. If you’re not in the mood to write or take pictures then wait till you are.
      Also interest from others in your stories may come and go. So you can’t let the number of readers determine whether or not you continue writing. Do it because you enjoy it! 😀

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    • Hi Dolphin! You can can talk with me whenever you want! 😯 LOL

      We’ll find out more about Joy in the next chapter. I promise! 🙂

      Thank you about the poses, but I don’t make most of the ones that I use. There are some awesome pose creators who share them. I love finding them and using them in my stories in different ways. 😀 I have made some that I’ve used in my stories, but I need a lot more practice at making them. 😀

      There is a poll about the baby at the end of the next chapter.

      I’m working on the next chapter right now. I hope it’ll be posted by Wednesday. 🙂

      Thanks for reading my story, Dolphin! 🙂

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    • Thanks, Lifesimmer. I don’t have an ending in mind for it, so it will still be a while before I end it. I have a lot more planned for the family. 😀

      I’ve only seen two Let’s Plays. I just recently found out about them. I just found one of yours and I’m watching it now! 😀

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    • Thanks Cupquake! 🙂

      Wow, I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters! Alissa’s decisions will probably make you want to choke her during some chapters! LOL 😀
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      Thanks for reading my story, and I hope you enjoy reading the rest of it! 🙂

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    I’m glad the boys were trying to get along.

    I hope Joy is alright! Poor baby.

    • Sometimes fear makes us react in ways that we might not otherwise. He was afraid again that he might lose Sharlee and their baby. 😦

      Some people aren’t good parents. Also toddlers move like lightning on their little legs! LOL

      Yeah, Dale knows that Noah isn’t going to leave Sharlee, and he’d better try to make an effort to get along with him.

      Thanks for reading, Remi! 🙂

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