Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Three


The day before their monthly barbecue, Dale had an idea.   At the last moment he invited Armela and Kristian to attend.    After Armela arrived, Dale introduced her to Alissa. 

“Armela, this is my wife Alissa, and Alissa this is Armela.  She’s a doctor at the hospital.  She works in the ER.”

Screenshot-2271Armela hadn’t realized that Dale’s wife was Alissa, from the television interview show “Alissa.”

“You probably hear this all the time, but you look thinner on television.   Your makeup artist must be a genius because all those wrinkles don’t show up on the television screen.” 

Screenshot-2272Dale started to say something, but Alissa spoke first.  “Armela, at your age and with your career as a physician, I would think that you would have learned how to show respect and decorum as an invited guest at a colleague’s home.  Especially when meeting a colleague’s wife for the first time.   Your rude and immature, catty comments aren’t subtle nor even particularly clever.  You’re welcome to remain as long as you can behave yourself.  My husband and I have children, and I don’t wish them to be influenced by your poor example.”

Armela paled and glared at Alissa.  Alissa just raised her eyebrows and went to talk with other guests.  Dale introduced Armela to Sharlee and then went to the grill.

Screenshot-2273When Kristian arrived, he made a beeline straight to Sharlee.   Sharlee was surprised to see him.   Noah was still inside the house.

“Kristian, what are you doing here?”

Screenshot-2274“Your Dad invited me.”

Screenshot-2281Armela joined Dale at the grill.  Dale looked around and saw Kristian.

“Oh, there’s Kristian!  Have you two met?”

Screenshot-2279“Yes, I know him.  Dale I was glad when you asked me to come.   Is there somewhere quieter where we can talk privately?”  She winked at him.

Screenshot-2282This was not going the way that Dale had intended.  How in the world could Armela believe he’d invited her to his home with his wife and children for something like that!   Maybe he wasn’t the only one lacking in common sense.

Screenshot-2283He saw Alissa looking at him and knew that she had picked up on Armela’s interest in him.  She’d probably even seen Armela’s wink.  From the expression on her face, he knew that Alissa was upset.  It wasn’t just Armela that made her upset either.

Kristian was sticking by Sharlee like glue.  Dale hadn’t had his talk about Sharlee with Kristian yet.  He knew that he’d messed up again big time!  He hadn’t thought this through completely.

Screenshot-2278Things got even worse when Noah came out of the house.  He immediately saw Kristian with Sharlee and an angry expression came across his face.  Noah just couldn’t stand that guy!  He’d only had three sessions with his therapist, and he still had a long way to go in learning to control his anger.  He crossed his arms to try to calm himself.

Screenshot-2275“Kristian, I already told you how I feel.”

Sharlee looked at Noah.  She knew he didn’t like seeing Kristian with her.  She didn’t feel up to coping with the situation.

Screenshot-2276“But your father….”

Screenshot-2277Sharlee interrupted him.

“I don’t feel well.  I’m going inside now.  Goodbye Kristian.”

Screenshot-2284She walked over to Noah.

“Noah I’m going upstairs.  Can you please go with me?”

Screenshot-2288Noah’s expression changed to concern.  Her face was pale, and her hands were shaking from the stress.  She looked like she was fighting tears.

Screenshot-2286“I just want to lie down.  Can we please go to our room?”

Screenshot-2290Noah picked her up to carry her inside.

Screenshot-2291Sharlee didn’t complain.   She really wasn’t feeling well now.

Screenshot-2292Kristian walked over to Dale.

“Dale, Sharlee said that she’s not feeling well.  Noah just took her inside.”

Screenshot-2293Dale saw the worry in Kristian’s eyes.  He had just taken the rest of the food off the grill.  Everything was ready now.

“I’m sure she’s okay.  Some days are better for her than others.  I’ll go check on her.  Why don’t you two get to know one another better.”

Armela and Kristian looked at one another.  They already knew each other as well as they wanted.

Screenshot-2294 “I’ll go with you Dale.”

Dale tried to keep his annoyance out of his voice, but didn’t quite succeed.

“No.   Stay out here with the rest of the guests.”

Screenshot-2297Alissa saw him head into the house and quickly caught up to him after he was inside.

“Dale what’s going on!  Why is Kristian here and just who is that damn woman!”

Screenshot-2298Dale sighed.  “Okay, I made a huge mistake!”

He saw a flash of anger in Alissa’s eyes and then a look of pain.  He suddenly realized what she was thinking.

“No, not that kind of mistake!  I mean yes, Armela is interested in me, but no way did I encourage her at all!  I was trying to fix Armela and Kristian up together.  It’s just turned into a complete disaster!  I don’t know…”

Screenshot-2299He broke off when he realized that Alissa was laughing.  She wrapped her arms around him.

Screenshot-2300“You’re an awful matchmaker!”

Screenshot-2301“Yeah, I’m never doing this again!  Sharlee went to her room.  I need to make sure that she’s okay.”

Screenshot-2319Noah tried to put Sharlee down on the bed, but she clung to him tightly.  So he sat on the bed and held her in his arms.

“I’m sorry.  I feel like such a whimp now.”

Noah smiled.  “You’re never a whimp, honey.  You don’t have to apologize.  Besides, you know I like holding you this way.”

Sharlee finally smiled too.  They both heard her stomach growl loudly.   She hadn’t eaten dinner yet.

Screenshot-2320“The baby’s hungry.  Do you feel well enough to go back to the barbecue?”

Screenshot-2321Sharlee immediately stiffened.  “Can’t we just stay up here?”

Dale and Alissa knocked at the door.

“Come in!”

Screenshot-2323“Sweetie are you okay?”

“Yes.  I guess I just didn’t feel like company tonight.”

“Sharlee, I’m sorry.  I just thought that… I didn’t mean…”

Screenshot-2329It suddenly dawned on Noah that Dale wanted Sharlee to be with Kristian and not him.  He wondered how he hadn’t realized it before.    He interrupted Dale.

“What?  You thought you’d try to get Sharlee and Kristian together?”

Screenshot-2330Sharlee looked at Dale in shock.  She felt very hurt and disappointed.

“Daddy is that true?”

Screenshot-2325“No, no!  I was trying to get Armela and Kristian together!”

Screenshot-2324“Your Dad had good intentions.  He just went about it in the wrong way.   It sort of backfired on him.”

Screenshot-2335“I certainly didn’t mean to upset you Sweetie or you either Noah.”

Screenshot-2327Sharlee looked at Noah and then at her Dad.

“I guess I understand Dad.”

They all heard Sharlee’s stomach growl.

Alissa said, “Honey, I’ll bring you up a plate of food.  What would you like?”

Screenshot-2326Sharlee didn’t want Noah and Kristian together.  She knew he wasn’t ready for that yet.

“Can you bring a plate for Noah too?”

Screenshot-2332“Sharlee, I can get us both a plate.”

Screenshot-2334Alissa could see that Sharlee wanted Noah to stay with her and guessed that it was because she didn’t want him and Kristian to get into another fight.

“Noah, it’s no problem at all.  You stay with Sharlee.  I’ll bring you both up some dinner.   Do you want chicken, hotdogs or burgers?”

Sharlee made them laugh when she said, “All of it!”

Alissa and Dale went back out to the barbecue.

Screenshot-2303“How is she?”

Screenshot-2304“She’s fine.  She just needs some rest.”

Screenshot-2302Relief washed across Kristian’s face.

“I think I’ll head on home now, Dale.  Please tell Sharlee to take care of herself.  Thanks for inviting me.”

Screenshot-2305Kristian left.  As Alissa prepared plates for Noah and Sharlee, she saw Armela slink her way over to Dale.

“Cara, please add some drinks and take this tray upstairs to Noah and Sharlee.”

Screenshot-2307Alissa was angry and trying to calm herself.  After she had herself under some control, she went over to Armela and Dale.  Dale was trying to explain once again to Armela that he just wasn’t interested in her.  Alissa interrupted  bluntly.  She wasn’t as calm as she’d hoped.  The nerve of that woman infuriated her.  Because her children were present, she kept her voice quiet so that their conversation would not be overheard.   She didn’t want to make a scene.  However, she wasn’t playing games with Armela.

Screenshot-2309“Armela, Dale is trying to tell you in a nice, kind, gentlemanly way that he does not want you, but that doesn’t seem to be penetrating your overly inflated ego.  I know that women like you think that all you have to do is bat your eyelashes, swing your hips and you can get any man that you want.  Not this time!  While you’re still on my good side, I’m going to give you a warning.  This man is my man, and you’d better stay away from him!  It’s time for you to take your skanky behind home or at least away from my home.”

Dale and Armela both looked at her in amazement.   Dale wrapped his arm around Alissa and Armela left the backyard without another word.  Armela got the message, and she was through with trying to hook up with Dale.  From now on it would be nothing but business between them.

Screenshot-2310Dale told Alissa,  “Wow!  Remind me not to get on your bad side!”

“Who said you’re not!”

“Well, let me see what I can do to get back on your good side.”

Screenshot-2313He kissed her and murmured, “Am I there yet?”

“Umm, you’re getting there!”

Screenshot-2315He deepened his kiss on her lips.   After a few moments, Alissa pulled back slightly and looked up at him.

“I can’t ever stay mad at you!”

Screenshot-2317Dale kissed her again.  Shawn was walking by them.

“Eww!  You guys are too old for that!”

Screenshot-2318Dale laughed at him and then continued kissing Alissa.

Screenshot-2355Faye stepped in front of Shawn.   “Shawn, you’ve been ignoring me for months.  I’ve tried to be patient and understanding, but it hurts!  I’m not Monet!  I’m nothing like her.  You’ve known me since we were kids, I shouldn’t have to prove myself to you.”

Screenshot-2356Shawn saw the tears and the pain in her eyes.   He hadn’t meant to hurt her, and she was right.  She was nothing like Monet.

“Faye, you’re right, and I’m sorry.  I just…. I’m sorry.”

Other people were around them.  “Let’s talk after school.   Why don’t you come home with me like you used to do, and we’ll hang out at the pool.”

Screenshot-2359Faye smiled.  “Okay.”

Screenshot-2360Alissa was happily surprised when Faye came out to the pool with Shawn.    His therapist had said not to pressure him in developing relationships with girls.  When he was ready he would do it.   Even though Shawn and Faye were just friends, it was still nice to see that they were together again.  His sisters were the only girls he’d spent much time with since Monet.

Screenshot-2361Cara came home and was just as pleased to see Faye there.   She joined them in the pool.   After a while, Shawn began to relax with Faye.   She was just the same as she used to be, and he was becoming more like his old self now.  

Screenshot-2352They were sitting at the table later doing their homework and Faye reached across the table and gently took his hand.   Shawn looked at her in surprise.  She smiled.

“I’m not going to bite you Shawn, and I’m not going to hurt you either.”

He didn’t pull his hand away, but he wasn’t comfortable either.

Screenshot-2353“It’s alright.  I guess I just wanted you to know how I feel about you.  We don’t have to rush things.”

Screenshot-2354Faye released his hand.  Shawn didn’t know what to say to her.  He didn’t really know how he felt.   They finished their homework and then Faye went home. 

Screenshot-2336Shawn went to talk with his mother.  She was in her bedroom reading.

Screenshot-2337“Come give your old Mom a hug!”

Screenshot-2338Shawn said “ugh!”, but he hugged her.  He was the one who really needed the hug and Alissa had sensed it.  He sat on the bed beside her.

Screenshot-2339Alissa ruffled his hair.   “It was nice to see you and Faye together again.   It’s been a long time.”

“Yeah, I guess.  She said that me ignoring her hurt and I know it wasn’t fair to her.”

“I’m sure she understood why you did that, Shawn.  She seemed happy today.  How do you feel about it?  Were you comfortable with her?”

Screenshot-2342“It was like old times until we were doing our homework.  Then she…”   He didn’t finish.

Screenshot-2340Alissa encouraged him.   “She…what?”

“She held my hand.”

Alissa was surprised.  They had only been friends as far as she knew.

“How did you feel about that?”

Screenshot-2343“I’m not sure.   Before I started going out with Monet, I asked Faye to go out on a date with me.   She didn’t think it was a good idea.  She said that if it didn’t work out between us, our friendship would be ruined too.   We still sort of drifted apart after that though.  It kind of felt weird when we were together.”


“Yeah, and now I thought that we were just gonna be friends again, but she wants more than that this time.”

Screenshot-2341“And you’re not sure if you want that?”

Screenshot-2344“No, I don’t know.”

Screenshot-2347Shawn pulled his knees up and rested his head on them.   “Mom, I’m scared.  Will I ever stop feeling scared?”

“Scared of what, Baby?”

“I’m scared that if I trust someone again, it’ll turn out like with Monet.  How can I be sure it won’t!”

Screenshot-2345“Honestly Shawn, you can’t be sure.”

Screenshot-2348Shawn was shocked by her answer.

Screenshot-2346“Loving someone is always taking a chance on getting your heart broken.   You do bounce back.  It takes time, but your heart heals.  Now with Monet that was an extreme situation.  She was mentally unbalanced.   I can tell you though that if you shut yourself off from love, from loving someone and letting them love you, you will miss out on some of the greatest, most special experiences in life.  True love brings with it more joys than sorrows.  To me it’s been worth taking the chance.   You’re young son, and the person you care for today, you might not care so much for them the next day, the next week or the next month.” 

Alissa paused gathering her thoughts.  

“I can’t tell you what to do, but  I do suggest that you take things slowly.  You don’t have to have a serious relationship now, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start back dating.  Maybe not even dating Faye if you don’t want to do that.  You might feel more comfortable with someone else.  Just think about it, and you’ll know when you’re ready.”

Screenshot-2349“Okay, thanks Mom.”   He had a lot to think about.

Screenshot-2350“Anytime.   I love you, Shawn.”

“I love you too.   Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Honey.”

Shawn went upstairs to his room.


A friend of mine always ends his chapters with a poll.  I decided to start using more of them as I’d first intended when I started the story.  I might not always follow the results, but I’d love to give you all more input into the story.  Please, if you have time,  take a few moments to vote for me.


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  1. First, on i think my last comment i messed up the typing, and it made it seem like my friend’s name was Jurnee. That is actually my name, and i’m sorry that I did that! My sentences kind of jumbled together. My friend’s name is actually Kaylee. I’m not trying to be full of myself by suggesting my own name, but I thought it fit with Sharlee, and a lot of people actually say it’s very beautiful.

    Where were Joy and Aidan during this chapter? I thought we would learn a little more about the flowers and Joy’s tiredness, but still a good chapter nonetheless! 🙂

    I feel like Kristian will do anything for Sharlee. I’m worried he might do something he will regret, and harm Sharlee and the baby. It gives me a bad feeling.

    Alissa has so much common sense! She is very wise beyond her years, and always known the right things to say! She also has a fiesty side we haven’t seen much of in these chapters!

    Shawn and Alissa have a very good bond if he went to her for relationship help. Even though their relationship isn’t the greatest, they’re so cute together and they would make a great couple. 🙂

    I hope Armela is gone for good! Too many women have tried to take Dale away from Alissa. That will never, Ever happen!

    I hope Sharlee feels better soon. I wonder what caused her sudden nausea?

    Great chapter!

    • Jurnee is a pretty name! I’m glad you suggested it. It will be one of the voting selections if things go well with Sharlee’s pregnancy. 🙂

      They were at the barbecue. I’m not sure but I think that they are in some of the pictures. Joy was in the pool with Shawn and Faye in one picture that I can remember. 🙂
      We’ll learn more about the flowers and Joy soon! I promise! 😉

      Hopefully, Kristian will back off after Dale talks with him. Sharlee doesn’t need that kind of pressure right now.

      Alissa has learned a lot over the years and wants to help her children avoid her mistakes. Yeah, she’s learned not to be as nice to these other women pursuing Dale. She’s ended up getting hurt too many times! Armela is gone for good. She got the message from Dale and Alissa. So she’s going to leave Dale alone now! 😀

      She and Dale do have good relationships with the children so far. Hopefully they will continue to be close to one another. Faye and Shawn are cute together. I put the poll up because I can’t decide about him and Faye. 😯

      Sharlee’s pregnancy isn’t a smooth one. She just didn’t feel up to coping with any conflict between Noah and Kristian right then. Kristian misunderstood Dale’s reason for inviting him to the barbecue. 😦

      Thanks, Jurnee! I’m really happy that you enjoyed it! 🙂

      • I’m glad you like the name Jurnee, Daisy! My parents didn’t want their child to have a common name, so they chose the name Jurnee. I can’t tell you how many times people mispell it though! LOL 🙂

        I tried to think of who would send the flowers, but my mind went blank! LOL i haven’t thought of anyone who has been inprevious chapters who would! Once we find out, I bet it’s gonna be so obvious! LOL

        Alissa is very smart, and I hope her wisdom will get through to Dale and their children.

        Alissa has been hurt too many times by other women who want Dale. He is very attractive, but don’t you think they would stop once they found out he had a wife like Alissa? Some people!

        I hope Sharlee’s pregnancy doesn’t give her too many problems. I would hate to see her lose the baby! I remember when Alissa lost her baby. I almost cried then! 😦

        I understand that Kristian misunderstood Dale’s invitation, but Sharlee already told her how she felt. She’s happily marriedto Noah and expecting his child!

        Thanks for replying, Daisy! 😀

  2. Wow! I was a bit suprised when Faye made the first move, I always thought it would of been Shawn.
    I Definately think that they should take it slow, but have there relationship soon not exactly straight away. They should also get married in later life. (I think shawn&faye should be like dale & alissa were at the start of the relationship.)
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    • Yes, she did it because she didn’t think that Shawn would again.
      So, you’d like for them to be together? I just couldn’t decide on my own and so I put the poll up so that you all could help me decide. 😀

      Isn’t Armela conceited and rude? Dale won’t have to worry about her anymore though. She’s not a psycho. She’s just very full of herself.

      Yeah, Kristian got the wrong idea from Dale’s invitation to the barbecue. Hopefully now that he’s seen Sharlee’s reaction, he’ll leave her alone. Dale still has to talk with him too. Noah really doesn’t like him at all!

      Shawn is funny and sweet! 😀

      Faye’s top came with an store set, but I’m not sure which one. The bags are accessories from Severinka. I don’t mind your questions! 😉

      That’s a sweet thing to say, but I just write for fun! It makes me really happy when other people enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy them. Thank you so much Niamh! 🙂

  3. Also if Sharlees baby is a Girl please could you put Asha or Aria on the poll, I think there both beautiful names, and they mean Asha:Hope and Aria:beautiful melody.
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    It was nice to see Noah try to keep a lid on his anger, but he really can’t get too pissed at Dale for wanting someone a little more mature for his daughter. I mean Noah has good intentions, but his immaturity and attitude nearly got Sharlee seriously hurt, and she had to drop out of school to work because he couldn’t keep a job. For me Noah still has some making up to do, and I just know that if Dale hadn’t said what he was trying to do, I think Noah would have stormed out of there, taking Sharlee with him. Not stopping to think about her condition and how the stress wouldn’t have been good for her. Yep he has a long way to go. Or maybe I’m just conditioned to seeing more of the negatives LOL

    Aww Shawn. I hope he can get to a good place. Not all women are crazy like Monet, but I can understand how being nearly killed can put you off the idea of dating. I looked at the poll but I’m not really sure how I feel about it. I think things could work out with Faye, but then I think back to when Shawn did ask her out. She was more worried about them not being friends. So my feelings right now is what changed?

    • Yeah, he should have told them, but he didn’t expect it to go the way that it did1 LOL

      You’re right about what Noah would have done if he hadn’t believed Dale. He still has a long way to go and a lot of maturing to do. He did get married before he was really ready for that responsibility. 😦 Hopefully, he’ll mature quickly now that he has a baby on the way and Sharlee needs him so much.

      Shawn is still struggling. Faye saw Shawn differently after he married Monet and almost died. Even their friendship almost ended. She may be wrong about how she thinks she feels about him now too. Depending on how the poll goes, I have some things in mind for them. Sometimes friendship can grow into a romance. Sometimes you can think it’s love and it’s not. Sometimes it remains just friendship. It can also be one-sided romantic feelings. So many options that I just couldn’t decide! LOL

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    They should remain friends now and after college meet again and marry.

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    • She is really evil and very self-centered! I don’t like people who have that kind of attitude either! 😡

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      Finally he’s controlling his temper! LOL

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    • LOL Yeah, Alissa’s through with being nice to these women who go after Dale! 😀

      Thomas or David? 😀

      Noah is really sweet to her. I like how you said diffused him! LOL
      Dale really is messing up a lot lately!

      Shawn is finding it hard to trust again after what he’s been through with Monet. Depending on the poll, I have some ideas for him. 😀

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    • Thanks Jade! 🙂

      Shawn and Jade do seem good together.

      We’ll learn more about the roses soon. 😀

      You’re right that Noah would blame himself if Sharlee lost the baby. Dale is still going to talk with Kristian. Hopefully their talk will go well! 🙂

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      Awww, thanks for your comment, Jade! I really appreciate it and thanks for reading my story! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much, Megan! I had a good time doing this chapter! 😀
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      The next two chapters are Noah and Sharlee’s trip to Isla Paradiso for the seminar. Alissa and Dale are going with them.
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      Thanks for reading my story, Megan! 🙂

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    • I still haven’t updated my other story, Mutation even though I promised I’d do it this week. LOL I just couldn’t get into the mood to do the pictures for it. So I have to do that, and then I’ll start the pictures for the next chapter of Alissa. Hopefully this weekend. Then I should be able to post a new Chapter of Alissa Monday.

      I really appreciate your very sweet compliment even though I don’t think that I deserve it! 🙂

      Thanks for reading my story, Angel! I might just go ahead and update Alissa again before Mutation since I know you’re waiting! 😀

  11. Hey, I’ve been reading Alissa for a while but never commented. I LOVE THIS STORY! You’re doing an amazing job!
    I don’t think Shawn and Faye should end up together. Both Alissa and Sharlee found their spouses before graduating high school so maybe Shawn could be different 🙂 I dunno, it’s up to you!
    I’m so glad Noah didn’t lose his temper around Kristian! Let’s hope he continues to get better on controlling his anger!

    • Thank you Lillie! 🙂 It makes me try even harder when I know others are enjoying the story as much as I am!

      Yeah, I thought about that too. That’s part of the reason why I decided to do the poll. 😀
      Most often people don’t marry their high school sweethearts.

      Noah really controlled himself this time. LOL He still has a long way to go, but at least he’s really trying now!

      Thanks for reading Lillie, and for your encouraging comment! 🙂

  12. Sorry I haven’t commented in awhile. I have been reading faithfully but don’t always have time to drop in. I have really enjoyed the past few chapters, and I am glad to see more of Dale and Alissa than we have been. It must be really hard for Sharlee and Noah to live with a whole family again when they’re used to living on their own, though. They had been able to set all their own rules and have their own food and their own systems, and now suddenly they find themselves having to accommodate six other people!

    I do have one question…why do you usually make bad things happen to people who hurt the main characters? I understand one point of view with it, that you want the story to go down a certain path and not be ruined by the havoc the bad characters wreak. You probably also don’t want it to look like bad triumphs over good or anything like that. But I am just wondering what would happen if, say, Dale was actually tempted and went through with cheating on Alissa, or Noah messed up again and Sharlee decided to take the baby away from him so he had to fight to get them back. Now, things like this might make the story and the characters never be the same again, so I understand not wanting to try them. But I just sometimes wonder, what if they did happen and how would your characters handle them?

    I love what you’re doing with Shawn and Faye. She rejected him the first time, so naturally she thinks he will accept when she holds his hand again. I did find it weird that she did that so soon after rekindling their friendship, though, and it made me question her motives. Does she feel like she owes him a relationship, does she have a crush on him because she saw how jealous she was of Monet, or is it something else? I voted that they should meet again and marry later because I think they are great together for the long haul, but Shawn is nowhere near ready to have a long-term serious relationship. He needs to learn more about dating as an institution before settling down with the woman he is going to marry, and he also is not finished with his recovery process. Going from one marriage to another is not the best idea, so even if he and Faye have to stop being friends for awhile, I think some fun dating of random girls is what’s best for him right now.

    I am very curious about the flowers and Joy. I tried to figure out who they could be from, and I couldn’t since Alex is dead. I wonder if anyone else remembers that she is actually his daughter. Since Joy was up and around during this whole chapter as if she’d never been sick, my theory of poisoned flowers flew out the window. I wonder who sent them and why, and if Joy will get sick again.

    I know Sharlee is okay with Noah now, but he still has to grow up a lot for me to forgive him. I am very glad to see him in therapy, and I can tell it’s already helping. I hope his job doesn’t end up hurting his relationship or his baby. Because of Sharlee’s upbringing with a celebrity mom and a doctor dad, though, I think she will probably take some kind of internal comfort in having him hold a big-name, high-profile job. I don’t know about the baby though. It probably won’t like having Sharlee up on her feet as much as the company wants!

    Anyway, I am looking forward to the next chapter as always! I love this story and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

    • Don’t feel bad about not commenting, Maddie. Of course I understand! 🙂

      Yes, it is hard for them to get adjusted to living with her family. Especially for Noah because he didn’t have a large family.

      I can see how you might wonder why I handle the characters the way that I do. The main reason is that for me this story is a release. Sometimes the plot follows my emotions. If I feel like sunshine and flowers, that’s the way it goes. If I dislike what I’ve made a character do in the story, I might make them suffer. That’s why before I use a
      Sim from someone else, I make sure that it’s okay with them for me to use them however I need for the story. I don’t think I’m a sadistic person, but writing this story is an escape for me. It’s not really meant to be a realistic story. As for what the characters do in the future? There are many things possible! I have a lot in mind for them. Some you’ll like, and some you probably won’t. I can say though that if Dale ever cheated on Alissa, that would be the end of him in the story! I know it’s preferential towards women, but I’d be more likely to have her cheat! 😉 Besides, I like Dale as a faithful, loving husband. At least I do right now, today! LOL As for Sharlee and Noah, who knows what the future holds. They will have their ups and downs. I hope that all made sense! 🙂

      There won’t be any more teen marriages. Shawn and Cara will wait till after college if they marry anyone at all! Depending on the poll results, I do have some ideas for Shawn. I have some ideas for Cara as well.

      In a few more chapters we’ll find out more about the flowers! 😀

      You’re right that Noah still has a long way to go. He’ll probably have some setbacks, but he is trying to do better. I hadn’t thought about how Noah’s becoming a celebrity might make Sharlee feel. This next chapter is the seminar and the trip to Isla Paradiso. 😀

      Thanks Maddie! I’m glad you still love reading it! I’m actually finishing Mutation tonight, and I hope to start pictures for Alissa tomorrow. 🙂

      Did you get my message on FB? I tried to send you another message, but it said your privacy settings won’t allow it. Is it alright for me to use Remi again?

      • I totally know what you mean about the story being a release. I feel the same way when I write, too, and that’s why it will not hurt my feelings in the least for you to not take any of my suggestions ever. It is your story, and even though others enjoy it, you have to write it the way you want.

        I just reactivated my FB so I could see your message! Thanks for alerting me to it :).

  13. If sharlees having a boy it would be nice to name it bronson or dale because they are sort of like her dad[s] names

    loved this chapter!

  14. Dale really should quit the matchmaking business it isn’t his strongest point. I forsee problems with that Armela will be trouble, just what the family needs more trouble. You are torturing these poor people just kidding. I love how your story is progressing, I always get antsy and excited when I see a new chapter.

    • Yeah, he’s terrible at it! LOL

      I don’t think it’ll spoil anything if I tell you, but now Armela won’t be a problem. She got the message that Dale isn’t interested in her. She does have a big ego, but she’s not a psychopath like some of the other women who were after Dale!

      I do torture them sometimes don’t I! LOL

      Thank you so much, Mick and thanks for reading! 🙂

    • I’ve been having problems with my game crashing, but I’m still trying to get the pictures done. 😦

      I hope it will be posted tonight. Definitely I hope by tomorrow. Sorry again for making you wait!

  15. 😦 For whatever reason, Alissa doesn’t show up on my blogger feed. So, I’m going to follow by email in a mo, but on the plus side, I have two chapters to read 🙂

    Poor Shawn. So confused! Hope he get’s past this awful bump in the road, and finds someone, whether it’s Faye or someone else.

    And poor Sharlee! She’s so weak, not good 😦

    • I don’t always get my notifications of stories I’m following either! It’s a pain! 😦

      Yeah, Shawn is still having a hard time. It will be a while before he is okay again.

      Sharlee was feeling very weak. She just didn’t feel up to handling any conflict right then.

      Thanks for reading, Gemly! 🙂

  16. I love Alissa:) I love the way she told Armela to basically do one!haha! Armela was rude!
    Poor Sharlee, I’m glad she stepped away from that situation and managed to get Noah away as well. She doesn’t need all this stress.
    It’s nice to see Shawn hanging out with Faye again. Alissa gave him some great advice. I hope he can feel comfortable with Faye, I’d love to see them together:)

    • Yeah, Alissa has really toughened up and let Armela know that she wasn’t playing any games with her! 😀

      No, you’re right. Sharlee didn’t need that stress and just didn’t feel like going through all of that again.

      Faye really missed Shawn. They’ll stay friends for now and meet again after they are older. That’s what won in the poll. I know what I want to happen between them, but I just have to write it! LOL

      Thank you so much for reading, Clairey! 🙂

  17. OMFG! Armella. I don’t know. She really has to be the most cattish character I’ve ever come across. I love the way Alissa put her in her place though, classy and respectful. Nicely done.

    I think Dale should stop inviting people over to their monthly barbeques, especially people who seem have a little more than the usual interest in him and his eldest daughter. That whole get together was a disaster waiting to happen.

    • Doesn’t she make your skin crawl! I detest women like her! Alissa did show a lot of restraint and do it in the best way.

      Those barbecues aren’t turning out that well! LOL You are so right, Val! 😀

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