Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Twenty

Screenshot-2102Noah was sitting in the office of Terry Collins at the Harley Davidson headquarters for their region.  It was a two hour drive from Santa Fe.

“Mr. Hall, I saw on the form that you completed that you are twenty years old.  Is that correct?”

Screenshot-2107“Yes, Sir.”

Screenshot-2105“Hmm, that is much, much younger than our typical franchise owners.  However, you said that your father-in-law is going to back you financially?”

Screenshot-2112“Yes Sir.  He will be my partner initially.  Once the business is doing well, I intend to buy him out.”

Screenshot-2114Mr. Collins sat silently for a few moments studying Noah’s face, as though trying to reach a decision about him.  There was a knock at the door and another gentleman entered the room.

Screenshot-2116“I’m sorry to interrupt Terry, but I need your signature on this report before I can submit it.”

“That’s okay Gene.  Excuse me just a moment Mr.  Hall.  This won’t take long.”  He started to look over the papers.

Screenshot-2126Noah’s mind wandered to Sharlee, hoping that she was okay.   He’d hated to go out of town while she was still on bed rest, but he’d needed to attend this meeting.  He also knew that her family would take good care of her. 

Screenshot-2125Noah noticed that Gene was staring at him.  When Noah looked at him, Gene looked down at the desk.   After Mr. Collins finished signing the papers, Gene took them and left the room.

Screenshot-2129However, he left the door to the office open.   Several people stopped in the doorway and pointedly looked at Noah, both males and females.   Noah was beginning to feel very uncomfortable.   Then another person came to the door and asked to speak with Mr. Collins outside.   Mr. Collins excused himself and left the office.  He was gone for about fifteen minutes, and Noah wondered what was going on. 

Screenshot-2130He returned to the office along with Gene.

“I’m sorry about that Mr. Hall.   However, Gene has a proposition for you.”

“May I call you Noah?”

“Yes of course.”

“Do you know how long the Harley Davidson company has been in business?”

Noah had researched the company and was very prepared.  “The company was started in 1903.  So it’s been in operation for 110 years.”

Screenshot-2131“That’s exactly right.  We are mostly known for our motorcycles, but we are expanding to other things.  In order to do that, we need to increase our customer base, appeal to a wider audience.”  He sighed.

Noah was wondering what this had to do with him.

Gene continued speaking.   “Right now the average age of the Harley owner is in his fifties.  We have to draw in a younger customer base.   That’s where you come in.   We need a new face of Harley.  You have the look that we want.  We want someone who will appeal to younger men and women.”

Screenshot-2132Noah looked at him in shock.  He said indignantly.   “I’m not some pretty boy model afraid to get his hands dirty!”

Mr. Collins laughed.  That was the reaction that he’d expected from Noah.  He spoke up.

Screenshot-2133“That is what I thought you’d say, Noah.  When we say the new face of Harley, it will involve more than just pictures and commercials.   I’ve looked over the data that you’ve provided as well as ours here.  Santa Fe is an excellent location for another franchise.  The business will eventually be yours, but you will also have to agree to do commercials and pictures for us as our company spokesman.   The whole point will be that someone young and attractive is not only a Harley Davidson owner, but also running a successful Harley franchise.  So you will definitely have an opportunity to get your hands dirty working at the dealership.”

Noah’s mind was racing.  He hadn’t expected this.   He’d be able to have the business without taking Dale’s money.   The company itself would back him.  Of course he’d have to pay them franchise fees, but it’d be better than owing Dale.  However, he hated the modeling aspect of it.  Whether they called him a spokesman or not, it was really modeling.

“Of course, we don’t expect your answer right now.   We’ll prepare a written proposal for you to consider with your attorney.”

Screenshot-2136Gene added.  “Also think about the fringe benefits.  A single guy with your looks will have the women lining up, and we’ll get gorgeous models to pose with you.   Then all the guys will want to be just like you.   The bikes and clothing will sell like hotcakes!”

Screenshot-2140“Single guy!  I’m happily married and not looking for anyone else.”

Screenshot-2137Gene hadn’t realized that Noah was married.   His mind started considering the other possibilities.   Maybe they could sell the Harley lifestyle to couples and families as well.   He was sure that Noah’s wife had to be a knockout with the way that he spoke about his marriage.

“Do you have a picture of your wife?”

Noah hesitated.   “Yes.”

He pulled out his wallet and handed a picture to Gene.   Gene’s eyes opened wide.   Yeah, Noah’s wife was gorgeous and really sexy.  He showed the picture to Terry.   He had the same reaction.

“Wow, she’s a knockout Noah!”

Screenshot-2149Noah reached for the picture.   “Yeah, she is.”

Gene didn’t immediately give it to him.   “May I make a copy of it?”

Noah frowned.  “No, I’d like it back now.”

Gene handed it back to him, and Noah returned it to his wallet.

Screenshot-2144“We’d like to include her in the campaign.   As I said we want to widen our customer base.   I think that she too would help us to do that.   We’ll work out all of the details, but I can promise you that we would make sure that you are both well compensated for the spokesperson duties as well as the money that you would earn from a successful franchise.”

Screenshot-2147“My wife is pregnant, and she won’t be able to work during her pregnancy.”

Again Gene saw dollar signs.   “How far along is she?”

“She’s three months.”

Gene looked at Terry.   “We could follow her pregnancy in our commercials and ads!   The public would love that.  Harley! Not just for wild boys but for families!”

“No, Sharlee can’t be on her feet for long periods of time.”

Screenshot-2148“We can work within the restrictions of her pregnancy.   Please just think about it Noah.  Give us an opportunity to put together an offer that you can’t refuse.   Talk with, did you say Sharlee?”

“Yes, her name is Sharlee.”

Screenshot-2145Terry said, “Well why don’t you talk it over with her and with your father-in-law.   We have a seminar coming up in two weeks for those who are about to open new franchises.   It will be at a resort in Isla Paradiso.  We’d love for you to join us there as our guest.  It will last for three days and you’re welcome to remain the weekend at our expense.  The marketing department will have the offer ready to present to you then.”

Screenshot-2141Noah didn’t want to leave Sharlee for that long.  “Thank you, but I can’t leave my wife for that long.”

Screenshot-2146“Bring her with you.  She’ll be our guest too.  It will give us an opportunity to meet her.  Of course, we do have some entertainment scheduled that is geared more towards guys, but the morning of the first day, she is welcome to attend.  The other days we can arrange for her to do some sightseeing or shopping.  We’ll pay for all of your meals and your hotel suite.  We’ll also pay for your flights.”

Screenshot-2150Noah thought to himself, “Wow, they must really want me to do this!”

“Alright, thank you.  We’ll be there.”

Screenshot-2151Terry said enthusiastically, “Good!   I’ll have someone call you tomorrow morning to finalize the arrangements for the trip.”  He held out his hand.  “It’s been a pleasure Noah, and I hope that you’ll agree to do business with us.  It will be very lucrative for you and your family as well as for Harley Davidson.”

Noah shook his hand.   “Thank you for the offer.”

Then he left the office and headed home.

Screenshot-2152Sharlee was in their bedroom when Noah got home.   She was so tired of taking it easy.  She started to rush to Noah when he entered the room and then caught herself.  She waited for him to come over to her and hug and kiss her.

He’d decided to talk with Dale before he talked with Sharlee about the offer.  The less for her to worry about the better.

Screenshot-2154Noah gently rubbed her belly.   The bandages were gone now.

“How are you and our little one doing?”

Screenshot-2153“We’re fine.  How did things go today?”


He didn’t elaborate and Sharlee didn’t ask anymore questions. 

Screenshot-2198Joy and Shawn were home from school and raced into the room.

“Sharlee, I got an A on my science project!”

“Yeah, and the teacher said that he can enter it into the science fair.”

Screenshot-2197“Thanks for helping me with it, Sharlee!”

Screenshot-2201“I’m so proud of you, Aiden.  You did it yourself.  I just gave a few suggestions.”

Screenshot-2199“Babe, I need to talk with your Dad.  I’ll be back up later.”


Sharlee smiled as she listened to her little brother and sister chatter away.   She hadn’t realized how much she’d missed them.

Dale was in the livingroom reading and Alissa was cooking dinner when Noah went downstairs.  “Mr. Stallworth, may I speak with you privately?”

“Of course.  Let’s go into the office.”

Noah told him about his meeting and the offer that Harley Davidson had made.

Screenshot-2159“Well, I think you’re right not to jump at their offer.   I’d suggest that you don’t sign anything when you go that seminar.  Why don’t you let me and my business manager and lawyer look over the offer and any contracts.”

Dale frowned.   “So they want Sharlee too.   You’re going to have to make sure that special provisions are made in any contract for the considerations that she will need due to her pregnancy.   As a matter of fact I think that you should have an agent looking out for your interests in that part of the deal.   I’m sure Alissa’s agent would be happy to represent you and Sharlee as well.”

Screenshot-2161“Thank you Mr. Stallworth.  You don’t know how much I appreciate everything that you are doing for us.”

Screenshot-2158“Sharlee is my daughter, and you are my son-in-law.   We may not be each others favorite people, but we’re family.   Neither one of us would be comfortable with you calling me Dad, but how about if you call me Dale.”

Screenshot-2155Noah had started calling Alissa, Mom, but Dale was right that Noah would not feel comfortable calling him Dad.  However,  he could call him Dale.

“Alright,  that sounds good.”

Screenshot-2163Dinner was ready when they left the office, and so Noah took dinner upstairs for himself and for Sharlee.

She was quiet as they ate.   She finally pushed her tray aside.

Screenshot-2165Noah saw tears in her eyes and placed their trays on the floor.   He pulled her to him.

“What is it Honey?”

Screenshot-2169Sharlee was trying to hold the tears back, but then they began to flow.   Noah just let her cry until she finally stopped.

Screenshot-2170He gently took her chin in his fingers and looked at her face.   “What’s wrong, Babe?”

Sharlee looked at him and said,  “Nothing is wrong.  I just suddenly felt like crying, but I’m fine now.”   She was smiling as though nothing had happened.  Noah looked at her in amazement and realized that it must be a mood swing caused by her pregnancy.   He had read up on what to expect, but he still had a lot to learn.  

Screenshot-2175He pulled her closer and kissed her lips softly. 

Screenshot-2178Then he told her about Harley Davidson’s offer and the arrangements that he would insist be made for consideration of her condition.  He also told her about the advice that Dale had given him.

Screenshot-2177Sharlee knew Noah and that he wouldn’t like the spokesman part of the offer.  She herself wasn’t crazy about doing it either.   However,  having his own Harley Davidson dealership was a dream of Noah’s.   This was an awesome opportunity for him.   Especially as young as he was.  

“Noah, if you want to do it, then so do I.”

Screenshot-2185“Babe are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.  If the terms work out, and you decide that it’s right for us, yes I want to do it.”

Screenshot-2176Noah hugged her.   “Alright, we’ll go to the seminar and see what they’re offering.   Even if the deal doesn’t work out, it will be a nice trip for us.  We’ll have to talk with your doctor to find out what provisions we’ll need to tell them to include in the contract.  I’m not taking a chance on your health or the baby’s health.”

Even though it was a wonderful opportunity for him, Sharlee had misgivings. However, she didn’t say anything to Noah.  She wasn’t worried about herself, but she hoped that he would not be overwhelmed by all of the changes in their lives that were happening so quickly. 

Noah had already registered for all of the classes that he would have to take.  Even if Dale was no longer involved, he realized that he would still need more training to run a profitable business.  The next year was going to be very busy and challenging for him, but he’d do anything for his family.

Screenshot-2195After they finished eating, Noah took their trays down to the kitchen.  Shawn surprised Noah by taking the trays from him.  Ever since Noah had hurt Sharlee, Shawn had been upset with him.  Cara had said he’d better never hurt Sharlee again but that she forgave him.  Of course the younger kids didn’t know the details.  They only knew that Sharlee wasn’t well.


Screenshot-2196“Sure.  Noah, me and one of my buddies are taking Aiden and his friend Billy to the arcade on Saturday.  Would you like to go with us?”

Screenshot-2195Noah wanted to spend as much time with Sharlee as he could before he got really busy.   Also she was still on bedrest.  

“Thanks for asking me, but I think I’d better keep Sharlee company.”

Screenshot-2193Shawn laughed.  “I already told her I was gonna ask you and she said to tell you to go with us.  That you need some guy time.”

Screenshot-2189Noah smiled thinking of Sharlee’s ideas of guy time!   “Alright.  Does this mean we’re okay again?”

Screenshot-2194“Yeah, we’re okay.  I know you didn’t hurt my Sis on purpose.  Just don’t let it happen again!”

Screenshot-2202That Saturday, Noah did have a good time with his two brothers-in-law, and they were glad that he had gone with them.


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    • Sorry I was so late posting this week! 😦

      It did seem shady didn’t it? It definitely made Noah uncomfortable. That’s why he wouldn’t let Gene make a copy of the picture.
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      • Thanks Bethany! I know there a lot of people who don’t like Scifi, but I love it. I decided to try writing it. Although I’m not so sure I’ll do another Scifi story after this one! 😀

        I’m still testing the game and slowly adding in my Mods. So far they are checking-in but I still have several more mods to add and test. I’ve tried playing without the Mods again, but I think I’m too used to having them now! LOL I will definitely set up a save with a private island resort after I get my game straightened out. It sounds like so much fun! 🙂

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    • Thanks Jade!

      She really didn’t know why she was crying. LOL
      Yeah, Noah wants the deal, but only if it seems like it will work for him and Sharlee.
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    • Yes, it’s a lot going on at one time for Noah and Sharlee. Dale doesn’t want them to miss out on a good opportunity, but you’re right he doesn’t want to endanger Sharlee or the baby either. It’s a big decision for them to make.

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    • Thanks Mick!

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    That’s an amazing offer for Noah, and it would be an awesome life for their children to grow up with their father in the Harley Davidson business! And yet, Sharlee didn’t seem as enthusiastic as she should to perhaps make it a good idea… They’d be a model family which isn’t what either of them particularly want from the impression I got. It’s good though that Dale was willing to give up the reigns (as it were) to Noah and allow him to continue to succeed without his assistance.

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    • Harry, I was having a rubbishy day too. Problems with my other story, that made me not want to work on any stories, but you made me smile! 😀
      I’m actually writing more Alissa right now. 😀

      It does sound like a really great opportunity for Noah. Hopefully it will work out for him. You’re right about Sharlee’s lack of enthusiasm. She’s worried about Noah because she knows that he won’t like modeling clothes and doing commercials. She’s also worried that he will feel overwhelmed by having so much more responsibility all at once. She’s knows that right now there isn’t much that she can do to help make things easier for him.

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    • Bethany that is one of the best compliments I have ever received for my writing! I really appreciate your telling me that! I’ve always worried that my writing of my characters wasn’t deep enough. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed reading it so much! 🙂

      Noah hasn’t had very many good things happen to him. It’s to the point now that he has a hard time trusting anyone. 😦 Hopefully this will work out for him.

      I hate making you guys wait! LOL I’m working on my new story today, but I have done some more writing for Alissa. I hadn’t planned to work on the next chapter till next week, but if I finish with Mutation tomorrow, I’ll probably start working on the pictures for Alissa. 😀

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    • Hi Erin! I hadn’t planned to post a new chapter until the 29th. I needed to do some more writing and work on my other story.
      I’ve written more chapters now sooner than I’d planned, and so I’m actually on my computer now getting the savefile ready for pictures. 🙂
      The next chapter will be posted on Monday if not before. Sorry for making you wait! I had the storyline in my head but not written. So I had to take some time and write. 😀

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      • Awww, thanks Millie! No, my stories are just for fun. A publisher would probably laugh if I tried to get them published! It’s so sweet of you to say that though. 🙂

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    • Yeah, this seems like the kind of job that Noah would be really good at doing. 😀
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  12. I also forgot to tell you when I last left a comment that my internet went kaplooey and I didn’t have internet for a month and week.
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    • Hi Anaiah! 🙂

      I had internet problems over several weeks a couple of months ago. I know what a pain in the neck that is! 😡

      Awww, it looks like things are starting to look better for Noah and Sharlee! 😀

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    • Hello Ilaria!

      I thought I’d have the next chapter finished today, but family stuff kept me from working on it over the weekend. I’m back to working on the pictures now though, and hope it will be posted tonight. 🙂

      Thanks for reading, Ilaria! Sorry to keep you waiting! 🙂

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      • That’s adorable and hilarious :). I have a suggestion, though: make sure two of the kids from each gen are clones, so you can keep playing them and not have to have them die.

  14. Sorry for being so late to comment. I hope everything’s ok with you.
    I liked this chapter, it seems that everything is finally working out for Noah. I hope the Harley deal doesn’t cause problems though.
    I like that Shawn has forgiven Noah, he didn’t mean to do what he did and it’s nice that Shawn and even Dale are beginning to forgive.

    • That’s okay, Clairey! I’m just glad you’re okay! 🙂 I’m fine too!

      I’m glad you liked it. It was one of those that I wasn’t really sure about because I couldn’t seem to get it how I wanted.
      It does seem to be working out for Noah right now. Hopefully it will continue to go better for him.

      Yeah, Shawn knew that Noah didn’t hurt Sharlee on purpose. It just took him a little longer to forgive Noah.

      Thanks for reading, Clairey! 🙂

  15. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG ISLA PARADOSO or however you spell it X3 you got island paradise like I do? :0 way cool. I gotta keep my eyes out for mermaids or the kraken in the background XD!

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