Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Three- For Mature Readers

Advisory Notice

Screenshot-3140Noah carried Sharlee across the threshold of the Bridal Suite of their hotel.   When he’d picked up the key, the hotel clerk had told him that their bill had been taken care of for the next five nights.   Noah had intended to spend their wedding night there and then move to a less expensive room for the remainder of their honeymoon.   He’d wanted their wedding night to be special like Sharlee had always dreamed that hers would be.  There was a note from Matthew.

“Noah, you wouldn’t accept money as a wedding gift, and so I wanted to at least give you something other than a toaster.”

Noah had laughed at that part.  Matthew and Kay had purchased them complete place settings for twelve people as well as a nice cookware set.   He knew that Sharlee’s family had collaborated on what to get them after he said no money because Dale and Alissa had bought them several sets of bed linens and towels.  Their family and friends had purchased things that Noah could not refuse even after Noah had told them that he and Sharlee wanted to make it on their own.

“I have also set up a tab for you and Sharlee at the hotel for room service, the restaurant downstairs and at one of the nicest restaurants in town.   Please spend as much as you want.  If you need anything at all, please feel free to ask me.  You are both my family, and I want you to have a wonderful honeymoon and start to your marriage.”

Screenshot-3143Sharlee looked around the room.  

Screenshot-3144“Oh, this is so nice.”

“Yeah, I wanted our first night to be in a special place like you’ve always dreamed it would be.”   

Screenshot-3146Noah closed the door and hung the “Do Not Disturb” sign outside.  Then he turned off their cell phones.   He told her, “No interruptions.”

Screenshot-3150Then he picked Sharlee up and carried her over to the bed.   She took her gloves off and ran her fingers through his hair, giving it the tousled look that she loved. 

Screenshot-3147Sharlee was laughing until she looked into his eyes. 

Screenshot-3151She pulled his head down to hers and they shared a long passionate kiss. 

Screenshot-3153Noah reached behind her and started to unzip her gown.   She sat up.

Screenshot-3155She laughed again,  “Not yet!   I bought something special to wear tonight.   Let me go put it on.” 

Screenshot-3156Noah thought to himself,   “Put something on!   I want you to take everything off!”    He didn’t say it aloud though, wanting her to feel as comfortable as possible.   Besides, it wouldn’t be on for long.  She slid out from under him and rose from the bed.

Screenshot-3162He changed into his nightclothes quickly.  They were a gift from Ton.    Remembering the card,  Noah grinned.

The card had said:  “You gotta look pretty on your wedding night too.   Green to match her eyes.  You don’t wanna scare Sharlee away!”

Screenshot-3160As he waited, Noah realized that he was a little nervous.   He knew that Sharlee saving herself for marriage, giving herself to him that night was a big deal.  It was very rare and he felt honored to be her first.   He was also nervous because he’d never been with a virgin before.   He knew he’d have to be patient and take things slowly.   That wasn’t going to be easy for him because he’d wanted to sleep with her for so long!

Screenshot-3159Sharlee looked at herself in the bathroom mirror as she brushed her hair. 

Screenshot-3157She was very nervous.  Noah had been with other girls before her.  What if she couldn’t satisfy him? What if she wasn’t good enough?  She took deep breaths to calm herself.  She loved Noah and she knew that he loved her too.  Her mother had told her not to worry.   At first it might be uncomfortable, but to just relax and everything would be okay.    She headed back into the bedroom.

Screenshot-3163When Sharlee came back into the room, Noah’s mouth dropped open.   She’d always been sexy to him, but tonight she looked unbelievable!

Screenshot-3165“From your reaction, I can tell that you like it!”

Screenshot-3166She joined him on the bed.

Screenshot-3168 She looked at him with such love and trust in her eyes that Noah felt his heart catch.   “I love you Sharlee.”

Screenshot-3167She said in an emotion filled voice, “I love you too.”

Screenshot-3171Sharlee ran her hand slowly down  his chest, feeling each muscle of his six pack.  She had longed to do so since the first time she’d seen him with his shirt open and his chest exposed.

Noah caught her hand.   Just her light touch was driving him wild, almost making him forget his intention of taking things slow.  

Screenshot-3173He kissed her hand and started to kiss other places. 

Screenshot-3174He gently touched his lips to her chin.

Screenshot-3175Then to her neck.

Screenshot-3177Sharlee gave a soft moan as she wrapped her arms more tightly around him.

Screenshot-3178Noah slowly moved his kisses further down her shoulder to her breast. 

Screenshot-3179He could feel how fast she was breathing.  It wasn’t her nervousness causing the increase in her pulse.

Screenshot-3181It was time to unwrap his precious gift.   Sensing her nervousness rising again,  he took his time and untied the bow of her gown.    As soon as he saw her breast completely bare for the first time, he almost lost it. 

Screenshot-3182He had to force himself to relax and then took her gown off completely.  

Screenshot-3180Her body was absolutely the most beautiful, perfect thing he had ever seen.  He thought that nature had spent extra time on Sharlee.

Screenshot-3183Noah again started placing soft kisses on her bare skin, lightly tracing it with his fingers. 

Screenshot-3186Sharlee’s fear and nervousness evaporated.

Screenshot-3187Their kisses quickly became wilder, more passionate and filled with a hunger for more.  

Screenshot-3188They had been wanting so long to touch either that things were becoming quickly hotter between them.

Screenshot-3185Noah said breathlessly, “Sharlee we need to slow things down.”

Screenshot-3184“I want you Noah!”

Screenshot-3191 She helped him remove his clothing and looked at his endowment for the first time.   Her eyes grew large.  She didn’t see how all of that would fit inside of her.   

Screenshot-3192Noah saw her reaction and laughed.   “I’ve been told that I’m well endowed, but don’t worry.  It will fit.”

Screenshot-3199Even though he had reassured her, Noah was worried about hurting her.   He started back taking his time with her, kissing her, holding her hand.   After she relaxed, their passion flamed again.   They were almost wild with desire,  but Noah made sure that Sharlee was very, very ready before he entered into her.   He looked into her eyes and although he badly wanted her, he was hesitant because he didn’t want to hurt her.  

Screenshot-3202At first, Sharlee balled her hands into fists on the mattress as she felt the sharp pain when he slid inside her.   Noah started to pull back out.

Screenshot-3198“I don’t want to hurt you Sharlee!”

Screenshot-3203“It… It’s alright, Noah.  You have to.  I’m okay.”

Screenshot-3207 As he slid himself the rest of the way inside her, the pain began to subside.   Noah continued to look  into her eyes and it was wonderful.    It had never felt like this before for him.    Sharlee fit around him perfectly.  It was as though she were made just for him.  

Screenshot-3209They both were experiencing special emotions and physical sensations that were new to them.

Screenshot-3220After their first time, Noah held Sharlee in his arms.  Sharlee looked at him.  She felt so happy and finally content.  Her wedding night was unbelievably more than she had imagined it would be.   She felt deeply connected to Noah in a totally new way.   They belonged to each other completely now.  Noah was a mind blowing and extremely tender lover.  The night was perfect and one she would never forget!

Noah looked at Sharlee and felt an overwhelming feeling of love, joy and gratitude that she was his in every way for the rest of his life.  He had heard the term “making love” used for having sex ever since he’d first learned about sex, but tonight with Sharlee, he had learned that they were different.  He’d had sex before, feeling no emotional connection to the girl he was with.  It was strictly physical.   However, he loved Sharlee with all of his heart and he truly was “making love”, pouring out his deep feelings for her in a physical way when they had sex.   It was even more pleasurable for him knowing that he had given her pleasure and satisfied her too.

Screenshot-3221“Noah that was amazing!  Was I… was I as good as the others?”

Screenshot-3222“What!”  Her question surprised him.   “The other times don’t even compare to the way it is with you.   It’s like you were meant just for me, Sharlee.   I never want to be with anyone but you.”

Screenshot-3208Their appetite for each other seemed to be insatiable.  

Screenshot-3214Noah was pleasantly surprised to see Sharlee’s rapture during their love making.  

Screenshot-3210The second time they made love that night she had arched her back and tightened around him.  

Screenshot-3213It was a feeling of extreme ecstasy for them both. 

Screenshot-3212Throughout the night and on into the next morning her strong desire matched his own. 

Screenshot-3225They finally fell asleep exhausted, holding each other.

Screenshot-3227The following day, Sharlee’s family was flying back home.   It was almost afternoon when she awakened and saw the time.  She quickly showered and dressed so that she could say goodbye to her family before they left for the airport.   Noah was still sleeping.   She looked at him tenderly and then kissed him.   She left Noah a note on the nightstand.

Screenshot-3230Alissa looked at Sharlee in surprise.   “I wasn’t sure if you’d make it in time.”

Screenshot-3233“I couldn’t let you leave without saying goodbye.”  

Screenshot-3237She hugged Alissa and then her Dad.

Screenshot-3231Alissa looked at her and smiled.   “You’re positively glowing Sharlee.”

“I’m so happy, Mom.  Noah is wonderful.”  

Screenshot-3234Sharlee looked at Dale.   

Screenshot-3235“Daddy, thank you both for everything.”

Screenshot-3232“Sweetie, you don’t have to thank us.  You’re our daughter and we love you.   We just want you to be happy.”

Screenshot-3236“I am, unbelievably happy!”

Screenshot-3238Sharlee saw them off from the hotel and then she returned to her suite.   Noah was in the shower.   Sharlee heard him in there and smiled mischievously.   She stripped off her clothes and then crept quietly into the bathroom. 

Screenshot-3239She slowly moved closer.

Screenshot-3241Noah had known when she had returned to the suite and definitely when she entered the bathroom.   He’d been shocked when he hadn’t awakened when she left the bed.  He tried not to laugh at her efforts to be stealthy.  

Screenshot-3255She crept into the shower  behind him, and Noah startled her by whirling around and grabbing her.  

Screenshot-3247Looking at him as the water struck his bare skin took her breath away.  

Screenshot-3248Looking at her completely bare in the shower had the same effect on him.  

Screenshot-3251Suddenly they were no longer playful, but on fire with desire.  

Screenshot-3249Their kiss was long and steamy. 

Screenshot-3253They made love in the shower and Noah had the opportunity see one of the fringe benefits of being married to a gymnast.   Sharlee could bend in lots of different positions and Noah knew that their love making would never be dull.  He’d never want to be with anyone else.  Sharlee was his mate physically and emotionally.

Screenshot-3256Later they headed out of the shower to get dressed.   Sharlee slipped and fell on the floor.   Her face turned beet red.  She looked up at Noah who was staring at her with a surprised expression on his face.  

Screenshot-3258His graceful gymnast had fallen on her butt!  

Screenshot-3259Noah helped her up and then after making sure that she was alright, he couldn’t hold back his laughter.   

Screenshot-3261“You should have seen your expression when you landed!”

Screenshot-3262At first Sharlee didn’t laugh.  Screenshot-3264

When Noah kept laughing, she chased him around the suite for laughing at her. 

Screenshot-3265Then he grabbed her and tackled her down onto the bed and tickled her.   Sharlee laughed and wriggled around on the bed.

Screenshot-3266“Okay, I give in!   I’m starving.   Let’s go eat.”   

Noah let her go.   They got dressed and went to a restaurant in town. 

Screenshot-3270The evening was so pretty that they decided to eat outside.   They had a nice meal and then went for a walk through the city. 

Screenshot-3271It was warm and vibrantly beautiful.

Screenshot-3267The next day they stayed in their suite, mainly in bed making love and sometimes talking, sharing their most intimate thoughts and feelings. 

Screenshot-3274The third day of their honeymoon they decided to see some more of the city.  Sharlee looked around and Noah was gone!  Suddenly he surprised her when he swung around a pole beside her. 

Screenshot-3272She was breathless when he wrapped his arm around her waist. 

Screenshot-3276After he climbed down, he was hiding something behind his back.  He pulled out roses and gave them to her.

Screenshot-3278Sharlee kissed him softly.   “Thank you, Noah.  You’re so romantic.”

Screenshot-3297Then they went to a local beach,  just relaxing together and soaking up the sunshine.  

Screenshot-3280When Noah came back from the restroom, he stood watching Sharlee for a few moments. 

Screenshot-3294She was stretching and reveling in the feeling of the warm Italian sunlight as it hit her skin.  She stood up and stretched even more.  Others were watching her too.   Noah knew that Sharlee was oblivious to the attention that she was receiving. 

Screenshot-3284As Noah watched, two men approached her.   Sharlee greeted them and blushed as their conversation proceeded.    She was twirling her wedding ring, and she was uncomfortable. 

Screenshot-3285.1Noah walked over to them and Sharlee smiled happily as she introduced him.

“Oh, there you are!  This is my husband, Noah.   We’re here on our honeymoon.”  

Screenshot-3286.1They talked with the two men for a few minutes more and then the men left.

Screenshot-3287.1“Looks like I’d better not leave you alone for a minute here.”

Screenshot-3290Sharlee looked at the people around them.   “Italian women are so beautiful and chic.  It must be because I’m a new face.”

Screenshot-3288Noah shook his head.   “You really don’t know how beautiful you are do you?  Sharlee, sometimes in a room full of beautiful women, there will be one who stands out more than the others.  One who attracts the men in the room to her like moths to a flame.  Women who have that special something usually know their power over men and use it to get what they want.  Your mother has that indefinable something and you inherited it from her.  But what I admire about you both is that you’re two of the most modest people that I have ever met.  You don’t use your sensuality to influence people.”

Screenshot-3293Sharlee smiled.  “Thank you Noah.  That was one of the sweetest and strangest things anyone has ever said to me!  In case you haven’t noticed though, you attract a lot of attention yourself!”

Screenshot-3291“Yeah well,  I just ignore it.  Yours is the only attention I want.”

Screenshot-3292“I feel the same way.”

Screenshot-3299 They returned to their beach blanket and their attention was once again just on each other.  Sharlee was on top of Noah kissing him, and felt him grow hard pressing against her.

In between kisses, she suggested,  “Let’s go back to our room!”

Noah was thinking the same thing.

Their honeymoon week raced by, and  it was time to leave Monte Vista.  They had decided against traveling and were eager to start their new lives in Bridgeport together as a young married couple.

24 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Three- For Mature Readers

  1. Loved it!! Have been checking the blog everyday waiting for the next chapter..
    I had never seen a sims penis before lol , I laughed when I saw it for the first time xD but thats one well endowed man!!

    Loving your story, cant wait for them to oficially start their lives together!

    • Thanks Romina! I’m relieved.
      I didn’t want it to be offensive, but I thought that Noah and Sharlee should have a steamy honeymoon.
      Of course I had to make Noah well endowed! 😀

      So happy that you still love it! They start their lives together in the next chapter.
      Thanks for reading my story! 🙂

  2. Loved it!! Hot, hot, hot! They are just so sweet together:)
    I loved the wedding and the honeymoon, they are both great chapters. I know how hard you work to get your pictures perfect and they are amazing. You should be proud of yourself:)
    I’m glad their first time together was so passionate they are made for each other and I can’t wait to see how their life together works out. I hope there aren’t too many bad things for them, like with Alissa!
    Great chapter, looking forward to the next one 🙂

    • I was worried that it might be a little too hot! LOL They are definitely one of my favorite couples.

      Oh, that is so sweet of you to say! I did work hard on them, and I had a good time doing them, mostly good time when my game cooperated. 😀

      I think that they are made for each other too. They are really young though. So they will have some problems. Sorry! 😦

      Thanks for reading my story, Claire! 😀 I’ll probably start working on the sets for the next chapter later this week.

  3. wow little Sharlee is all grown up now. I’m glad they had a nice honeymoon and that Dale has come around. One question, um all that newlywed activity was done without precaution? Being a virgin, I doubt she was on anything, so…will there be babies soon?

    • I know. It makes me sort of sad!

      Yeah, Dale has sort of come around, for now. He knows there is no point in saying anything else now that they’re married.

      LOL, Jaz! You put it so delicately! “newlywed activity” 😀 It’ll be a long, long time before I do another chapter like this! 😉

      I had forgotten about that and meant for her to tell Noah that she was on the pill and they didn’t need anything else. A few weeks passed between their engagement and wedding. So I thought that would be long enough for her to have started taking the pill and it would be in her system. So, LOL No babies yet! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, Jaz! 🙂

  4. Finally caught up!

    Indeed, Noah is well endowed!

    So so happy, they waited for their first time, it makes it all the more meaningful. And I was pleased when I read your reply to Jazen that there won’t be any babies anytime soon. I think they need to enjoy their time together as newlyweds before bringing in babies.

    • LOL, Val! I had to make Noah well endowed! 😀

      It will be a while before they have babies.
      I had debated making them wait until they were older before they marry, but for some of the upcoming storyline, I needed it to happen now.
      You’re right that they need to enjoy being newlyweds now. No babies right away! :smile
      Since they are young and inexperienced in just about every way, it won’t be easy for them though. 😦

      Thanks for reading my story, Val! 🙂

  5. This was a great chapter I’m so happy they hard such a wonderful time together
    lol His graceful gymnast had fallen on her butt! that was to funny to me
    they look so good together I’m happy they chose to not travel
    great job on another wonderful chapter cant wait to see what happen next

    • Thanks Monae! smile:

      Yes, they will really have good memories of their honeymoon!
      Noah made it even better than Sharlee had hoped it would be.
      LOL I’m glad you thought that part was funny too! 😀

      Yeah, I decided against having them travel because I thought they would want to use their money for setting up their home together.

      I think they are an adorable couple!

      Thank you so much! Thanks for reading my story, Monae.
      I plan to start the sets for the next chapter later this week. 🙂

  6. Soooo…I’ve read all chapters now and what can I say…WOOOW, WOOOW, WOOOOW…beautiful sims, stunning screenshots, a great story…I looooove it…<3…photo stories like yours are rare…keep on with the good work…can't wait to read the next chapter…:D…Best wishes from Germany…

    • Beatrice, I’m always happy when others love Alissa like I do!
      I love disappearing into what I call Alissa land.
      I have a good time working on the story. 😀

      Thank you so much for the great compliment! 🙂

      I’m actually working on the next chapter right now. Although I’m behind schedule again. LOL
      I was hoping to have it finished by Tuesday, but it might not be finished till Wednesday.

      Thank you so much for reading my story, and thanks for commenting! I really appreciate it! 🙂

    • Yeah, I completely agree! 😀

      It was their wedding night, and they’d waited a long time to be together. 😉

      Umm, please don’t get upset, but are you old enough to read that chapter! 😯

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