Alissa: Chapter One Hundred

Screenshot-2344Sharlee had sent him a gift, but she wasn’t able to be there for Noah’s eighteenth birthday.   His mother was working that day, but that evening she’d brought him home a cake.  Melina and Will both gave him presents.  

Screenshot-2359 Mr. Thorne had taken him out to lunch and also given him a gift.  

Screenshot-2361“Noah you have done outstanding with your probation.   You haven’t had one violation.  The hearing is set for next week.   There won’t be any problems with having you released from probation and having your juvenile record expunged.”

Screenshot-2362After his final court hearing, Noah breathed a deep sigh of relief.  He felt as though a great burden had been removed from his shoulders.  He had a clean slate, a new beginning.   Mr. Thorne shook Noah’s hand.  

Screenshot-2364It has been a pleasure representing you, Noah.   You make sure that you stay straight.”

Screenshot-2365“Thank you Mr. Thorne.   I don’t know how to tell you how much I appreciate all that you’ve done for me.   You don’t have to worry.  I have the best reason in the world now to stay out of trouble.”

“Yeah, and the next time you talk with her, tell her I said hello.”

Noah laughed and said he would.

Screenshot-2352After they left the courthouse, Noah and his mother returned home.    He looked at his diploma.  He had opted out of the graduation ceremony.   He just wanted the diploma.   Sharlee would be graduating soon as well.   Her eighteenth birthday was a few days after  her graduation ceremony.

Screenshot-2348Melina walked into Noah’s room and looked at the diploma.   “You should really be proud of yourself, Noah.   You’ve worked very hard.”

Noah took the diploma and packed it with the few other things that he wanted to take with him.   

“Yeah.  Mother thank you for letting me stay here during my probation.”

Screenshot-2349“You don’t have to thank me, Noah.   You’re my son.   So you’re going to stay with Ton?”

Screenshot-2350“Yeah, I’m going to crash on his couch until next week when I go to Santa Fe for Sharlee’s graduation ceremony.”

“So you two still intend to continue seeing each other?  You know she’s going away to college.   I still say you should go to college too!”

Screenshot-2351“Yes, we’re going to continue seeing each other, and I know she’s going to college.  College is not for me mother.   I have my own plans.   Once again thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”

He didn’t even bother hugging her.   He headed for the door.

“Noah drop me a line every once in a while to let me know how you’re doing.”

Noah said that he would but wondered if she’d asked because she really wanted to know, or was it because she felt like it was the proper thing to do.

Screenshot-2354Ton was glad to see Noah.   “Noah,  it’s great to see you.   You’re welcome to stay as long as you want.”  

Screenshot-2355Ton’s latest girlfriend came out of the kitchen and Ton introduced them.  

Screenshot-2356After she returned to the kitchen, Noah looked at Ton questioningly.  

Screenshot-2358Ton struck a model’s pose.   “What can I say, the ladies like me!”

Noah laughed.

The next week, Noah arrived in Santa Fe the day before Sharlee’s graduation.   He had driven there on his motorcycle.   He called Sharlee as soon as he checked into his motel to let her know that he had arrived. 

Screenshot-2378“I’ll be there soon, Noah, unless you’re too tired and you want to rest.”

Screenshot-2377“I’m tired, but never too tired to see you.”

Screenshot-2376He met her in the parking lot.   They talked for a while and then went out to dinner.

Screenshot-2379Alissa and Dale watched Sharlee accepting her diploma and were bursting with pride.  

Screenshot-2381Her entire family was in attendance.  

Screenshot-2384Shawn with his little shadow Aiden, sat with Noah.  

Screenshot-2388After the ceremony, Sharlee met them in the lobby.   Dale and Alissa both hugged her, trying not to cry at how quickly she had grown up.  

“We’re so proud of you, Sharlee.  We couldn’t have asked for a better daughter.”

Screenshot-2389Noah thought of the contrast between Sharlee’s parents and his own.   Rather than telling him that she was proud of him, his mother had said that he should be proud of himself.   Will had just shaken his hand and told him goodbye.   Noah would definitely not miss either one of them.

Screenshot-2390Noah hugged Sharlee tightly.  “Congratulations, Sharlee!”

Screenshot-2401A few days later, Sharlee had her eighteenth birthday.   Her parents threw a birthday party for her.   Sharlee had requested a pool party and her family and friends were really enjoying it.  

Screenshot-2391Noah took Sharlee aside in a free moment.  He held her hand between both of his and kissed it.

Screenshot-2393“You are so beautiful Sharlee.”

Screenshot-2395“So are you!”

Noah frowned and Sharlee started laughing.   “You’re hot, Noah!   You look different now that everything is over.   So much more relaxed than I’ve ever seen you.”

Screenshot-2399She kissed him, and then they rejoined the others..

Screenshot-2407The next day Noah came over to the house again.   He was joining them for breakfast.  Sharlee kissed him after he came through the door. 

Screenshot-2402Dale grimaced when he saw it.   Noah greeted Dale and Alissa.

Screenshot-2408Alissa hugged him.  “I’m glad you could join us.   I’ve been meaning to tell you how happy I am for you now that you’ve completed your probation and graduated from high school.”

“Thank you Mrs. Stallworth.”

Alissa went into the kitchen to help Sharlee.

Noah went over to Dale. 

Screenshot-2412“So Noah, what are your plans now that you’ve graduated?   What college are you attending?”

“I’m not going to college.”

“Oh, what technical school are you attending?”

Screenshot-2413“I don’t plan on doing that either.”

Screenshot-2414Dale frowned and asked in a sharp voice, “What are you planning to do?”

Screenshot-2410Noah didn’t like his tone, and he responded.   “I plan to travel and see the world.”

Screenshot-2416Dale said angrily in a raised voice, “It’s just like I’ve always thought!  You’re nothing but a bum!   You aren’t going to amount to anything!   Well I promise you,  you won’t be dragging my daughter down with you!”

Screenshot-2417Alissa and Sharlee rushed over to them.   Noah was fighting for control.  He had balled up his fists and was holding them tightly to his side.  Dale saw his fists.

Screenshot-2418He almost poked Noah in the chest.   “You want to hit me, don’t you boy?  You’re nothing but a thug!”

Screenshot-2420Alissa had reached her limit with Dale’s attitude.   He had crossed the line.   She told him firmly,  “Dale stop it!”

Screenshot-2422Sharlee said, “Daddy, Please!”

Screenshot-2423Noah knew that if he stayed a moment longer he would lose control.   He told Sharlee, “Sharlee I’ve put up with a lot from him over the years!  I can’t do it anymore!”

Screenshot-2425He rushed out the front door and Sharlee headed after him.   

“Sharlee come back here!”

Sharlee looked at Dale.  

Screenshot-2426“That boy is no longer welcome in my house.   You are not to see him again.”

Screenshot-2428“You can’t stop me from seeing him!”

Screenshot-2429“As long as you are my responsibility Sharlee, you will do as I say!   You and Noah are through.   That goes for when you’re at college too!”

Alissa closed her eyes sadly.  She knew what would happen next.

Sharlee didn’t say another word.   She went upstairs to her room.

Screenshot-2430“Dale how could you do that!   I haven’t wanted to say this to you before because I knew how it would hurt you.   However, this time you leave me no choice.   Every time you have run Noah down and said hurtful things to him and about him, you have behaved just like your mother.   That is the same way that she treated me.   You have no idea of how much damage you have done today, but you are about to find out.”

Screenshot-2432Alissa headed upstairs to Sharlee’s room and saw what she had known would be the result of Dale’s actions.   Sharlee was packing a suitcase.

“Sharlee please don’t do this.   You know your father loves you and only wants what is best for you.”

Screenshot-2435“Yes, I know that Mom, but he doesn’t have the right to run Noah down and hurt him.   He doesn’t have the right to keep us apart.   Noah has endured so much over the years and made so many sacrifices because he loves me.   This time it’s my turn.   It’s time.   I have to leave.  I can’t keep letting him be hurt.”

“What about college?”

Screenshot-2436“I’ll go later.   A lot of people don’t go as soon as they graduate.  I’m going to travel with him.  I have some savings, and I’ll be okay.  After that, we’ll figure it out together.”

Screenshot-2438Sharlee took the keys to her car out of her purse and put them on the dresser.   She started to leave her cellphone too.   Alissa stopped her.

“No baby.  You keep that and if you need me or your Dad, you call.”   Alissa was fighting tears and so was Sharlee.

Screenshot-2444When Sharlee and Alissa came downstairs, Dale was sitting on the bed in their bedroom feeling dejected and ashamed.  When he heard the front door open and close,  he understood what Alissa meant.   Alissa came over to him and hugged him tightly.   “She knows that you love her.  She loves you too, but Noah comes first for her now.   He loves her and he’ll keep her safe.   You know he will.”

Screenshot-2442Dale finally answered.   “Yeah I know he will.   I am so sorry and ashamed Alissa.   Do you think she’ll come back?”

“Not for a while.  She may be gone for good.”

Screenshot-2468The taxi dropped her off at Noah’s motel.   Sharlee rushed up to his motel room and knocked at the door.   Noah was packing and assumed it was a maid.   He opened the door and his eyes widened in surprise when he saw that it was Sharlee carrying a suitcase.   He moved aside and let her enter.

Screenshot-2470“Sharlee what are you doing?”

Screenshot-2473“I’m going with you.” 

She put her suitcase down.

“What?  How?   Your father is okay with that?”

“I’m eighteen now.   It doesn’t matter whether he is or not.”

Noah knew that meant that Dale wasn’t okay with it.

“What about college?”

Screenshot-2476Sharlee didn’t answer right away.   She was getting the feeling that he didn’t want her to go with him.

“I can go later, Noah.  Besides, I still don’t even have a major.   This will give me more time to make up my mind.”

Screenshot-2478She put her arms around his neck.   “Throughout our relationship you have made so many sacrifices for me.  I never had to ask.  You just did it because you love me.   I love you and I’m tired of people trying to keep us apart.  I want to be with you now.”

Screenshot-2479“You want to be with me?”

Screenshot-2480“Yes.  I want to travel with you.  Don’t you want me to go with you?  If it’s the money that you’re worried about, I have some savings.”

Noah didn’t answer.   Sharlee took his silence the wrong way.   She stepped away from him. 

Screenshot-2482“I guess I shouldn’t have come.   You obviously don’t want me to go with you.  I understand Noah.   You want to enjoy your freedom.   I should not have assumed that you would want me to go with you.”

She picked up her suitcase, and Noah took it away from her.    He put it back down on the floor.

Screenshot-2485“Of course I want you with me, Sharlee.  That’s not what I was thinking about.”  

Noah made up his mind and smiled at her happily.   Then he went over to his backpack and took something from it that she couldn’t see.  He slipped it into his pocket.

Screenshot-2486He took her hand to lead her from the room.   “Let’s go to your park and talk.”

Screenshot-2446Noah suddenly seemed nervous.   He led her to the lake and helped her down into a rowboat.   After they were inside, he rowed it out further into the water.  Sharlee was staring at him as he looked around them, trying to get his nerve up for what he was about to say.

Noah told her.  “This is where we had our first date.”

Screenshot-2449Sharlee smiled softly, remembering.   “I will never forget it.  It was so romantic, Noah.”

Screenshot-2456She noticed that Noah was looking at her strangely and taking deep breaths.  Then he knelt down on one knee in the boat in front of Sharlee.   He took a small jewelry box from out of his pocket.   He looked up into her surprised eyes.

Screenshot-2452“One of the first things that I did when I got my job after being released from Juvie was to lay away this ring and start making payments on it.   I wanted you to have something nice.  The clerk thought it was odd that someone my age was already thinking of marriage, but I told her that it was what I wanted to do.

I had intended to wait until the time felt right.   I thought it would be another two years before I proposed, but when you showed up at my room today.  Ready to leave your home and your family behind to be with me, I knew that this was the right time.”

Screenshot-2453He paused and took a few deep breaths.   Sharlee was still looking at him in disbelief.

Screenshot-2451“For a long time, I have wanted to say how much you mean to me and how having you in my life has been the one constant source of happiness and peace for me.   You mean the world to me, and I would never ever hurt you for anything.    I want you to be happy and the only  reason behind this proposal is the odd chance that you might be happy with me.   I know I don’t have much to offer you but I can only promise that I will take care of you and protect and love you all the rest of my days.”

Noah paused again and then continued.  He had known for a long time what he wanted to say to her when this moment came.

“You have made me a more calm and better person.   You have made me believe in myself when no one else would.   You have shown faith in me even when I myself didn’t.   I can’t imagine my life without you because you have become such an important part of my life.   Every word I’m speaking comes straight from the bottom of my heart.   You will always remain my most cherished and best friend.  I promise that I will always love you.   I know that everyone will say that we’re too young, but we know for us that isn’t true.  Please Sharlee, say you’ll be my wife!”

Screenshot-2457Sharlee said firmly, without any doubts,  “Yes, yes, yes!  I love you with all of my heart, Noah.   I’d be honored to be your wife.”

Screenshot-2460Noah slid the promise ring from her finger and replaced it with the engagement ring.   Then he sat on the bench and pulled Sharlee onto his lap. He kissed her lovingly as the boat gently rocked beneath them.  This kiss was special too, and one they’d always remember.  It was their first kiss as an engaged couple.

Screenshot-2462After a while, Sharlee stuck out her hand and admired her ring.   “I love it Noah!  It’s just perfect.”

“You’re perfect Sharlee.”

“No, I’m not, but I’m glad you love me anyway.  When did you want to be married?”

Screenshot-2464“I don’t know.  I need to find a job and get us a place.  I actually did have a plan before.  I intended to travel for about a month.  Then when I got back to Bridgeport I planned to work two jobs and find a super cheap place to live so that I could save my money while you were in school.

Then by about your third year of college, I thought I’d have enough saved for a downpayment to get a loan from the bank to open my own repair shop.   Something small at first that I could slowly add to as the business grows.   I’d ask you to marry me and get a nicer place for us to live.  Then by the time you graduated, we could get married.  I’d be able to take good care of you.  Of course, we wouldn’t be as well off as your family, but we’d have what we needed.  I knew you’d want to get a job in your field.  Whatever that turned out to be.”

Screenshot-2463Sharlee looked at him incredulously.  “Why didn’t you tell my father that?”

“Do you think it would have really mattered to him if I had told him?  Your father will never think that I’m good enough for you, Sharlee.   That’s just the plain truth.”

Sharlee knew that Noah was right.  “Noah, four years is a long time.   I don’t want to wait to be with you anymore.   Aren’t you tired of living so far apart?   Living in separate cities?”

“Of course I am.”

Screenshot-2465Sharlee didn’t believe that her parents would approve of her marrying Noah at eighteen even though her Mom had only been nineteen when she married her Dad.    That didn’t change her mind though.  She had always dreamed of having her father give her away and having a big wedding with all of her family and friends there.

Then she looked at Noah and realized that the type of wedding she had wasn’t important to her anymore.   Noah was the most important part of the wedding.  How she married him didn’t matter.

“Where were you planning to go first Noah?”

“When we went to Greece for your parents renewal ceremony, it was a very nice country.  I had a great time there, but this time I thought I’d go to Italy.   I planned to hike around the countryside.  Camp out sometimes or stay at a youth hostel to stretch my money.”

“Let’s go there together.  Let’s get married in Italy.”

Noah frowned.   “What about your family?  I know you want that long white gown and veil.  If anyone deserves that white gown it’s you!”

Screenshot-2466“I’ll have the most important person in my life right there with me.   Besides, I can still have the white gown and veil.   It will still be a romantic wedding with just you and me and the officiant.”

Noah hugged her close and asked her, “Are you sure?   You won’t regret not having the big wedding with your family and friends there too?”

“No, and besides, years from now we can renew our vows like my parents did if we want to.”

Noah smiled.   “Alright, but will you do one thing for me?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Call your Mom and tell her about our engagement and our wedding plans.”

Screenshot-2467“Okay, but first…”

Sharlee kissed him.


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34 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred

  1. Guess Dale is in big trouble. Too bad his bull-headed attitude and assumption about Noah caused a rift in the family…. With Sharlee leaving so soon and without hearing the apology to Noah, I fear the rift will widen. 😦 But she deserves some respect for her wise and good behaviour and Noah some credibility for all he has done, and Dale just squashed it 😦 bad bad bad daddy. I hope it works out.

    • Yeah, being father of someone Sharlee’s age is new to him, and he doesn’t know his limits yet. He’s learned the hard way. He just can’t seem to accept Noah.

      You’re right, Zhip. He should realize that he’s raised Sharlee to have a good head on her shoulders, and Noah has proven that he has the best of intentions toward Sharlee. Bad, bad Daddy feels really bad now. He should have listened to Alissa before he went too far. 😦

      Thanks for reading, Zhip! 🙂

  2. Oh my god! Oh my god! OH MY GOD!!!!! I’m so happy for Noah and Sharlee!!!! I had a feeling something like this was gonna happen:) Aww it was so beautiful, made me all emotional:)
    I can’t remember what else I was going to say now!haha!…
    Ok, I remembered! Dale was so horrible in this chapter, I can’t believe the way he spoke to both Noah and Sharlee. They’re both 18 he can’t forbid them from seeing each other, what an idiot! I really felt for Alissa having to see her daughter leave like that:(
    The kids have all grown up beautifully:)

    Congratulations on your 100th chapter, I love this story and I walways look forward to reading the next chapter:) This one was so great:)

    • Thanks Clairey. You’re a romantic like me! 😀

      Dale was horrible, and he’s sorry. Hopefully Sharlee and Noah will eventually forgive him. He needs to realize that Sharlee isn’t a little girl anymore. That was really sad for Alissa. 😦
      I’ll post pictures of the kids in the next chapter.

      Thanks for reading Clairey and I’m really happy that you enjoyed this chapter! It was fun to do! 🙂

  3. 100 chapters that is amazing 🙂 I loved the romance in this chapter and can’t wait to see Noah and Sharlee’s wedding. I am very disappointed with Dales interaction with Noah and Sharlee…and poor Alissa having to see her leave that way. Hopefully the young couple will be able to forgive Dale and re unite sometime. All the kids are getting cuter as they grow up and I can’t wait to read more about them later on.

    • I can’t believe that I still love this story long enough to do 100 chapters, but I still enjoy the characters. 🙂

      Thanks Whitney! I as hoping it would be romantic. 😀

      Yeah, Dale overreacted the way that some fathers do. He really should have paid attention to Alissa’s warnings before this! 😦

      Hopefully they will forgive Dale, eventually.

      I have lots planned for the other kids too. So we’ll get to know them better.

      Thanks for reading Whitney! You were one of the very first readers who encouraged me to continue Alissa. 🙂

  4. Oh Dale, that was the worst thing, and the worst time you could have said that to your daughter and Noah. Hopefully he can make amends with those two, before it is too late.

    • Pinky you are right. Dale’s timing was awful! Noah and Sharlee were very happy and at a transitional time in their lives. If not for Dale, they would probably not have even considered marrying now. Hopefully, he can repair the damage.

      Thanks for reading, Pinky! 🙂

  5. OMG this was a great chapter I really don’t know what to say but great job 100 chapters *claps*
    every one has grown up beautifully.
    and I’m so happy for Sharlee an Noah I hope everything works out Sharlee loves her parents so I think it will. Dale has seen the wrong he done so he know what he need to do to make is right.
    cant wait for the big wedding day omg she will look so pretty I cant wait for little ones from them too.
    And again great job

    • Thank you so much Monae! I really appreciate that! 🙂

      I’ll post more pictures of the children in the next chapter so that you can see them even better.

      You’re right. Sharlee does love her parents. So hopefully it will work out between them.

      I hope she looks pretty. I’ve already started looking at gowns for her to wear. After the poll is finished, I can pick one and start working on the wedding site. 😀

      Thanks again for reading! I really appreciate your feedback! 🙂

  6. lknsfsfljk Oh my goodness, Sharlee. She’s so lucky to have Noah, he’s such a sweetheart. I wish Dale would’ve seen how many hoops and obstacles Noah went through to become a good enough guy for Sharlee. 😦 I hope things get better soon; no matter what age you are, you’ll always need your daddy…

    • Isn’t Noah great!

      Poor Dale just wanted something different for Sharlee. He just won’t recognize how great Noah is. 😦

      You are so right, Birdkitty. We always need our Daddy!

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  7. Hi Daisy! I just found your story last week and I’ve been reading it every day until I finished all the chapters, so I haven’t gotten to comment until I caught up with you. I love your story and I love your characters, especially Sharlee. She’s so smart and pretty, and she and Noah are perfect together! I’m so glad to see them engaged, even though I have a feeling Dale will try to stop it when he finds out.

    Dale has always been so sweet that for him to lose it like that, there’s probably something more going on than just no one being good enough for his little girl. I hope this doesn’t get between him and Alissa, and that he is as remorseful as he’s saying he is.

    I’ve noticed that you mention people’s sims that you use in your story, and if you ever want to use any of mine, please let me know! I’m a writer and a simmer too, even though I don’t do much of them together. Even though I’ve never uploaded a sim, I love to make them and I would package one for you if you wanted it.

    Also, I’m so excited to have found a story that is still in the works, so I can look forward to new updates! Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Maddie! I’m glad you found Alissa and love it too! 🙂

      I really like Sharlee’s character too, and I love Sharlee and Noah together!
      Dale won’t be at all pleased about their engagement, but hopefully he has learned his lesson about interfering in Noah and Sharlee’s relationship.
      Alissa tried to warn him before he went too far.

      He had his own dreams and hopes for Sharlee and his other children, and Noah just doesn’t fit into it for him.
      The principal’s warning to him about Noah has made him see Noah in a bad way.
      Hopefully, his attitude will change, and we’ll get our sweet Dale back again.
      I can’t promise that it will be soon though! LOL

      Making Sims is my least favorite part of Simming and doing stories. 😦
      I’d love to see your sims!
      I hope I don’t make you sorry you offered! LOL 😀

      I’m actually way ahead on my writing for Alissa.
      I’ve got fifteen more chapters already written.
      I just need to do the pictures for them.
      After the poll, I can finish the wedding chapter.

      Thanks so much for reading Alissa, Maddie and for commenting! 🙂

    • Hello Moloi! 🙂
      Thanks for reading Alissa!

      I love them together too!

      Hopefully Dale will accept Noah.
      Noah has really shown how much he loves Sharlee.
      Maybe Sharlee’s leaving and engagement will make Dale change his attitude!

      The poll ends tomorrow and I’m actually working on some lots right now that I need for the next chapter.
      After that I’ll start the pictures. I’m really enjoying working on this part of the story! 😀

      Thanks again for reading and for commenting! 🙂

  8. WOW, Finally caught up!! Been reading your whole story for the past few days, I cant believe I am caught up already!!
    Cant wait for the update, I love Noah! Cant wait to see their babies!!

    • It’s nice to meet you Romina! 🙂 You read fast!

      I love Noah too.

      I’m feeling much better, and I have the house to myself today.
      So, I’m working on the pictures for the next chapter.
      I had hoped to have it finished today, but I’m behind. 😯
      I hope I can post it tomorrow.

      Thanks for reading Alissa, Romina and thanks for your feedback. 🙂

  9. Wow. Dale. I have no words for him right now. SMH! I can’t believe he was so cruel to Noah. And I’m glad Alissa made him see what a jerk he was.

    So, so happy for Noah and Sharlee. But marriage? Isn’t that a little too soon. They are only eighteen. It’s not child’s play.

    Regardless, it’s their decision, hopefully it works out for the best for them.

    • I know! Wasn’t that totally unlike him! Being the father of teenagers and now a young adult is new for him.
      Yeah, it was past time for Alissa to tell him off!

      Yeah, they are really young and it won’t be easy!
      They sort of felt pushed into it.

      Thanks for reading my story, Val. 🙂

    • I’m sorry, Megan! I think I do have a picture that I took of him. I’ll try and find it for you.

      The ages are sort of indefinite because the sims game doesn’t age them slowly. They jump from one age to the next. There isn’t any in between. So I usually try not to name a definite age for them. 😦

  10. Sharlee turned into a very beautiful lady.

    Dale is just awful. Just because Noah didn’t want to go to college or anything and travel the world, doesn’t make him a bum. I don’t blame Noah for wanting to punch him. And saying that she can’t see Noah anymore? Sharlee is now a grown woman, she can choose who she wants to be with. At ANY age she should be with the one she loves. If Dale can’t see how much they love each other, then he shouldn’t be in their life. He doesn’t seem to want Sharlee to be happy in my eyes. If Noah changed how he was by quit smoking, stop drinking, try to stop fighting, and ended his bad boy ways just for her, then he is the definition of a real man in my eyes. A man who would do anything for the woman he loves, is a man worthy.

    And Sharlee, even for being away from Noah for so long she still stayed devoted to their relationship and never cheated. True love conquers all.

    I’m so happy for Noah and Sharlee! They deserve each other. I found myself squealing like a little girl! LOL.

    • Dale is being very protective of Sharlee. It’s because he loves her and wants her to have a happy and completely fulfilling life. He doesn’t see that happening for her with Noah. You have to admit that in Dale’s eyes, Noah doesn’t have the most stable background or personality. He truly believes that Sharlee will end up hurting if she sticks with Noah. Dale wants a better future for her than he believes that she would have with Noah.

      Sometimes parents, especially fathers can be very overprotective of their children. It seems even more noticeable with their daughters. Dale still sees Sharlee as his little girl and not as a young woman. He still hasn’t accepted the fact that she’s an adult now and he no longer has the right to make decisions for her. Hopefully he’ll see it soon!

      I don’t blame you for being upset with Dale. He’s being very overprotective and overstepping his boundaries as a parent. Sharlee is upset with him too! 😉

  11. Sqeeee! This chapter stills makes me feel all warm and gooey inside! I’d love for a relationship that romantic!

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