Alissa: Chapter Seventy-Nine

During the night after they had returned from horseback riding, Alissa received a call from her sister Crystal asking her to pick her up at the airport.  Crystal had decided at the last moment to visit them in Mesa Valley for a few days during her break from college.  She was in her last year.

The next morning when she awakened, Sharlee relived her kisses with Noah.   She couldn’t stop smiling.   Alissa had told her about her first kiss with Dale and the way her toes had curled, and that no one’s kiss had ever effected her the way that Dale’s did.  She had known that he was the one for her.  Sharlee had thought her Mom was so corny.  How could a kiss make your toes curl?  

Now Sharlee knew for herself.  She had been kissed before but never with such tenderness and deep feeling as the kisses that she had shared with Noah.   Her body had never felt as awakened before either.    His kiss caused wonderful, exciting sensations throughout her body including making her toes curl.  She knew that she would never want to kiss anyone else but him again.

Sharlee felt like she was floating on a cloud as she went down to the kitchen.   Then she came back down to earth as she heard a familiar voice say, “So what’s up with you squirt?”

Sharlee bristled inside.  Crystal knew that Sharlee hated that nickname that Crystal had given her when she was younger.   Their relationship was better, but Crystal would never be one of Sharlee’s favorite people.

Crystal continued speaking.   “Your Mom had to go to the studio for a few hours and your Dad got called in to the hospital.   Shawn and Cara are gone to the amusement park with friends.   So you’re stuck with me for the morning!”

Sharlee hesitated before speaking.

“Come on, Sharlee.   I’m only going to be here for a couple of days and you have school tomorrow.  Let’s go shopping!”

Sharlee was supposed to meet Noah for lunch and they were going to spend the afternoon and evening together.  She agreed and got dressed.  Then she and Crystal left the house. 

They went to one of Crystal’s favorite stores.  It was called Zara’s.

“Sharlee you need to loosen up some.  You’ll never attract a guy if you dress like a prude.   I have to admit that you inherited my sister’s dynamite figure!  You should show it off!” 

Crystal picked through the racks selecting outfits for Sharlee.   The type of clothes she had worn at Sharlee’s age. 

Sharlee humored her by trying on a few.   Although embarrassed, Sharlee came out in another one of the outfits.   She showed Crystal the back and then the front.

“Crystal, I’m sorry but there are two problems with most of these outfits.”


“I am not comfortable in them, and there is no way that my Dad would ever let me wear them!  For that matter my Mom either!”

“Oh yeah.  I forgot about Dale!”  

They looked some more and found some things for both of them.   Sharlee had to admit that Crystal did help her find some cute outfits.  It had been a while since she’d had time to shop.  

Crystal wanted to stop at Starbucks for coffee and a sandwich.   So Sharlee called Noah and asked him to meet her there.   Crystal saw Noah when he came in the door.   “Yeow!  Now that’s a cute guy.   He’ll be super fine in a couple of years!  Check him out Sharlee.”

Sharlee turned to look and saw Noah heading for their table.  

He leaned over and kissed her cheek.  Then he sat down with them.  Crystal looked surprised.

“Crystal, this is my friend, Noah.   Noah, this is my aunt Crystal.   She’s my mother’s sister.”

“I’m very glad to meet you Noah.   So you two are “friends?”

Sharlee’s cheeks were pink.   “Yes, we’re friends.”

“So how long will you be visiting?”

Crystal answered.   “I can only stay a couple of days.   My break will be over and I’ve got to get back to Bridgeport.”

“What would you ladies like?  I’ll go put in our orders.”

Crystal and Sharlee told him what they wanted and then Noah went to the counter to order.

“Friends” huh!    I don’t look at my friends like that and they don’t look at me that way.   Friends with benefits maybe.   What’s he like in the sack, Sharlee?”

Sharlee looked at her in shock!   “I don’t know!”

“Well Sharlee, if you want him, you’d better let him sample the wares.”

“Noah knows how I feel about that.   I’m waiting until I get married.”

“Sharlee listen to me.  A guy like that isn’t going to wait.   He may tell you that he’ll wait, but one of two things will happen.   He’ll either get someone on the side who’ll put out or he’ll dump you!”

Sharlee didn’t respond.

Crystal looked at Noah again.   “If he were a few years older, I’d give you a run for your money.”

Sharlee looked at her distastefully. 

Noah came back to the table and immediately sensed the tension between them.   He could see from Sharlee’s expression that she was very upset.   Crystal’s phone rang.  It was Alissa asking Crystal to come to the station.   Matthew and Kay were there and Kay wanted to meet Crystal.

“Well I’ll leave you two alone.  Sharlee don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do, or better yet, do what I would do.  You know what I’m talking about.”

Noah stood up to shake her hand goodbye.   Crystal held onto his hand.  She winked at him.  “Noah, if you ever decide that you’d like an older woman, give me a call.  Even if Sharlee doesn’t know what to do with a guy like you, I can assure you that I do!”

Sharlee had a flashback to her childhood when she had seen her grandmother try to kiss her father.   Crystal was just like her grandmother!  

Crystal left the restaurant and Noah sat down at the table with Sharlee.

“Noah I’m sorry about that!”

“Sharlee, don’t worry about it!   It’s okay.”  

He looked at her face.   Different emotions were flitting across it.   Anger, embarrassment and at one point she looked close to tears.  

“I get the impression that you and your aunt don’t get along well.”

“No, not even when I was younger.” 

“Sharlee are you this upset because she hit on me or is it more than that?”

“It’s more than that.”  

Sharlee believed that to be close to someone, you had to share your honest feelings and thoughts.   She wanted to be close to Noah and so she knew that she had to talk with him.  

She lowered her voice and told him what Crystal had said.   “I mean I know that we’re not exclusive or anything, but I want to know how you really feel.”

Noah started fidgeting in his seat as though he were suddenly nervous. 

Sharlee felt a sinking feeling in her heart.   He wanted to stop seeing her!

“Sharlee, I wanted to talk with you today anyway.   I had planned to, but I didn’t expect your aunt to come to town.  Since she’s gone we can still talk.”  

He suddenly noticed that the ladies at another table were listening to their conversation.   There wasn’t any privacy here.

“Let’s go, Sharlee.”

Sharlee had given Crystal her car and so she rode with Noah on his motorcycle.   They went to the park.   Noah paced around and Sharlee silently watched him.  

Her anxiety was increasing.

Finally he said,  “I know I’m going to mess this up because I’m not good at talking about my feelings.  I mean I’m not good at expressing them.”

Noah couldn’t believe how nervous he felt.  He took a deep breath and pulled out a jewelry box.   “I went shopping this morning for a necklace for you, and I saw this.”   He opened the box and there was a lovely ring inside.   Sharlee’s eyes opened wide in amazement.   “The salesgirl said it’s called a promise ring.”

“It’s beautiful, Noah.”  

He slipped it on her finger. 

Noah cupped Sharlee’s face in his hands.  Sharlee, I want us to be exclusive.  I want to be your boyfriend and I want you to be my one and only girlfriend.” 

“This ring represents my promise to try to be the best boyfriend to you that I can be. I will never cheat on you in anyway, and I will never pressure you to do anything that you are not ready for.   I want you to have your dream wedding night.    I know that I won’t be perfect, but I love you Sharlee.”

 Sharlee wrapped her arms around his neck in happy relief.   “I thought that you were going to tell me that you didn’t want to see me anymore!”

Noah laughed.   “You may decide that you don’t want to see me, but I’ll never stop wanting to be with you!”

Sharlee pulled back a little and looked into his eyes.   “Noah, Oh I really love you too!”

Her big green eyes were filled with such love and trust as Noah looked into them.   He felt an almost unbearable wrench in his heart.  

He couldn’t resist kissing her for another moment.

They stretched down on the ground close together in Sharlee’s favorite spot beside the waterfall.  They lay for awhile silently just listening to the water splashing and the birds singing.

After a while Sharlee took Noah’s hand and he broke the silence.    “So, Sharlee what’s with your aunt?   I mean I’ve been hit on by older women before, but she’s your aunt for goodness sake.”

Sharlee told him what she could remember of what had happened in the past with her grandmother and Krystal.   “I do try for my mother’s sake, but I just don’t like her very much.  She always manages to rub me the wrong way.”

“Maybe she’s jealous of you, Sharlee.  That’s what it sounds like to me!”

“Jealous of me?  Why would she be?”

“You had two parents who loved you.  You’ve never had to worry about where your next meal is coming from or where you’re going to sleep that night.   On top of that you’re gorgeous, Sharlee.”

“I guess in most ways I’ve had it a lot better than she has.  My life hasn’t always been easy, but I have been mostly happy!  Maybe she is a little jealous of that.  As far as me being gorgeous, and I’m glad you think that I am.   But Krystal is gorgeous.   I’ve always wished that I had eyes like hers and her hair is so pretty too.   She’s nice and slim.   She can wear anything.   I  always have to worry about whether something will be tight on my… ”   She trailed off and her cheeks were pink again.

“Sharlee I’ve never seen anyone with eyes as big as yours and with that shade of green they’re stunning.   As for your figure, it goes without saying that you’re a ten!”

Sharlee changed the subject and Noah laughed at her.   Noah got a text message.  It was from Ton saying that he was headed to Noah’s house.

“I’m sorry Sharlee, but I’m going to have to cut our day short.   That was a friend of mine from Bridgeport, Ton.   He’s meeting me at my place.  I’d better head there and wait for him.”

“Okay, Noah.  Since we’re not going out tonight, I think I’ll cook some lasagna for my family.   I can make an extra pan of it for you and Ton and run it over.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“Of course I’d do that for you!”

Noah gave her a long kiss and then he took her home.

After Ton arrived, he crashed in bed for a couple of hours and then he and Noah talked.   Noah was fixing the kitchen faucet when Ton got up.

“So Noah.  You’ve gone legit.   Going back to school and working.  What’s going on?” 

As Ton was talking, he saw Sharlee headed for the door.   “Don’t tell me that a playboy like you is doing this for a girl!”

“Of course not!   Like I’ve always said, I ain’t never letting no skirt tie me down!   That wouldn’t be fair to all the other Breezys.  I gotta spread myself around!” 

That’s what Sharlee heard as she came through the doorway.

“Uh, Noah.   You got company!”

Noah looked toward the door and cursed.   He saw the hurt expression on Sharlee’s face.  

She put the lasagna pan on the counter and then took off the promise ring and threw it on the floor.

As she headed for the door, Noah found his voice again.   “Sharlee wait!  You have to let me explain.  Remember the promise we made!”

She stopped at the doorway.   He could tell that she was fighting back tears.  

“Ton can you give us a minute, please!”

Ton went outside to give them some privacy.

Noah gently turned Sharlee to face him.   “Sharlee you have to know that I didn’t mean those things that I said to Ton.   That was just bigshot talk.   I know it’s dumb, but guys do that!  I have a reputation with the guys for being a player.   I promise that I will never joke that way again.   I’m sorry if I hurt you.  I meant what I told you.   I only want to be with you!   I love you, Sharlee!”

He put the ring back on her finger and kissed her lovingly.  Then he properly and proudly introduced Sharlee as his girlfriend to Ton.   After Sharlee left, Noah and Ton talked.

“Ton, have you ever been in love?  I mean really in love?”

“Yeah once.”

“What happened?”

“I blew it!   I pulled one job too many and got put away for five years.  She had tried to get me to go legit and I kept promising that I would.   I never did.   While I was locked up I asked a buddy of mine to look after her.  He looked after her alright.   By the time I was out they were married with two children.”

“So she didn’t love you enough to wait for you?”

“It wasn’t that she didn’t love me.   I wasn’t smart like you Noah.  You have book smarts and you’re good with your hands.  I thought that the only way that I could take care of her was by pulling jobs.   She just didn’t want that life.  She didn’t believe that I would ever change.   She was right about me.  My buddy went legit and I didn’t.  I saw her a few years ago.   The old spark was still there between us, but I didn’t stick around because like I said.  She has two kids and I didn’t want to ruin that for her.”   He paused.  “Noah, you know how you can tell if its the real thing?”


“If you’re always thinking and doing things to make her happy and make her life better.   If you’re not just thinking about what you can get from her and the things that she does for you.”

“What if you know that you’re not good enough for her?   Isn’t it selfish to stay?”

Ton responded.  “Who determines who is good enough?   Someone else may be able to give her diamonds and a big house, but will he love and appreciate her the way that you do?   Will he cherish her?   And then too, you have to  remember that she could pick whoever she wants, and she chose you because she loves you.  Not someone else!  That girl is crazy about you!”

“Her Dad hates me!”

“Of course he does.  Not just because you’re a “bad boy”,  but because when you look at his daughter, you see her as a woman.  You don’t see a little girl.   No Dad wants to lose his little girl!   Just don’t let him drive you away, Noah.   Sharlee would be heartbroken!”

“Ton, thanks man!”

“Sure.  Now that’s enough of that mushy stuff.   What do you want me to say to your principal tomorrow?”


19 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Seventy-Nine

  1. Oooooh Crystal’s gonna cause some trouble! She’s so pretty though.
    I felt really nervous when Noah wanted to talk to Sharlee, the pictures of them at the waterfall lying on the ground were beautiful! Very twilight like:)hehe! I’m so happy that they have made such a huge promise to each other, I hope they can both keep it.
    I can’t believe Noah nearly ruined it all just to prove to Ton that he was still a player! I’m so glad that he decided to show him how he really felt about Sharlee, I hope this won’t be a regular thing with Noah.
    Great chapter:)

    • Crystal grew up to be really pretty, but I think that her eye color changed a little on this computer. This won’t be her last visit.
      At least she Alissa and Dale get along well. She does care about Sharlee but she’s just has different values and thinks about guys and relationships differently from the way that Sharlee and her family do. She doesn’t see anything wrong with her behavior.

      Thanks Claire, I like those pictures at the waterfall turned out. 🙂 The ones of Sharlee on her bed though, I’m going to redo. I picked the wrong pose for that one. I looked at it again today and she looks too sexy and not teenager daydreaming in that one! LOL

      I tried to make Noah like other teenage guys with Ton. LOL Hopefully, he’s learned his lesson, but like he told her, he won’t be perfect. 😉

      Thank you Claire, I’m so glad that you enjoyed this chapter too. I’ll try to update again next weekend. 🙂

  2. UGH, Crystal hasn’t learned anything. I swear she is so much like her mom it’s scary.

    Sharlee and Noah are just too cute. He’s trying to be a better person but he does stumble along the way. Sharlee is very patient and understanding like her mom and he will need that.

    That father-ish/son-ish talk he had with Ton was nice. He’s a good guy from helping Noah out like he is.

    • Isn’t she like her Mom? Alissa’s influence on her only went so far. She still thinks and acts mostly like her mother.

      I just love writing for Noah and Sharlee right now, but the next two chapters will be mainly Dale and Alissa.
      Noah is really trying hard, but it isn’t easy for him. You’re right, Sharlee will need to be very patient and understanding.

      That talk with Ton is what Noah needed and he’ll need to remember it in upcoming chapters.

      Thank so much for reading my story Jaz! 🙂

  3. Oh no, oh god, oh Jesus, Crystal is gonna do something. I FEEL IT IN MY VEINS AND MY MIGRAINES.

    Noah is too sweet. If only people like that in this world were easy to find in this world.
    Wow, I though Ton was gonna give some answer that was gonna be sooooooooooo inappropriate but turns out he has a lot of feelings!
    Thanks for an awesome/amazing chapter.

    • Crystal is behaving the way that her mother behaved. In some ways Alissa has had a good influence on her, but she hasn’t completely changed.
      That’s why she and Sharlee still don’t get along. Crystal does love her big sister Alissa although she doesn’t understand her.

      Wouldn’t it be great if all guys were as sweet as Noah? He is really trying. 😀

      Yeah, Ton is a good friend to Noah, and Noah really needed to hear the things that Ton told him.

      Oh, Thanks Anaiah! 🙂 It always makes me happy to know that you enjoyed reading it!
      I hope that you will enjoy the next two chapters. I’m a little nervous about them.

  4. Wow, I was really worried that Noah was going to say something about wanting to go farther with Sharlee and possible break up with her if she wouldn’t agreed to it. I’m glad that he is still being so perfect to her.

    I know that Crystal is going to try to put crazy thoughts into Sharlee’s head and maybe even manipulate Noah, but I think that she won’t get anywhere with it. At first I didn’t even remember her until you mentioned Alissa’s mom trying to kiss Dale and then it all came back to me! Oh how the story has grow so much over the months you have been writing it.

    I thought that Ton was going to mess things up, or try to convince Noah to loose Sharlee. I’m glad that he backed him up and didn’t give him any grief. That couple has a good thing going, and even though you try to throw us off every here and there, I know it will work out in the end. I can’t help but feel like something bad might happen and really put a dent on their relationship.

    • Sharlee was afraid of that too. Isn’t he just perfect? At least he’s trying to be.

      Yeah, Crystal’s mother had a big influence on her thinking and behavior.
      Alissa and Mikki were able to help her change somewhat, but not completely.

      I thought it’d be nice to have a few restful chapters, but the peaceful time ends in the next chapter.

      Thanks for sticking with the story, Kate. I hope that your move is going smoothly. 🙂

      I saw that you and Jaz started new legacies. I wish that I could stick with one. I started one a couple of months ago and it turned into a story that I know I”m never going to finish! LOL I’m going to check out yours and Jaz’s when I get a chance.

  5. Geez Crystal hasn’t changed a bit. I thought she might have changed her ways over time, but apparently not. :S I can’t see Alissa taking to kindly to her putting those sorts of ideas into Sharlee’s head. And Dale… If only he had seen the types of clothes Crystal was trying to convince Sharlee to buy. He’d have steam coming out of his ears. Lol.

    Is Crystal sticking around to cause more trouble? Or is she just passing through? If she’s not careful she might meet a fate much like her mother’s. ;P

    • No, Crystal hasn’t changed as much as Alissa and Dale had hoped. 😦 You are so right. If they knew what Crystal had done with Sharlee they would both be furious!

      Crystal will be back to visit again, but I can’t spoil it by telling you what’s going to happen! LOL

  6. Wow, I can’t believe I almost missed this update! I love the way things are going with Sharlee and Noah I thought he was going to propose…but a promise ring is just as good. Ugh I am not surprised by Alissa’s sister…she is like her mother I just hope she doesn’t try it again with Noah or with Dale…although it wouldn’t surprise me if she did. I can’t wait to see the new baby when it gets here although I keep watching for Alex to reappear. Great update as always 😀

    • Don’t feel bad about missing the update, I’m behind on my reading too. Hopefully things will be quiet this week and I can get caught up on mine too. I just needed the distraction of working on Alissa.

      I’m glad you like the way that their relationship is going. Yay! You know about promise rings too! 🙂
      So far Crystal is like her mother. Hopefully she won’t hurt Sharlee or Alissa like her mother did!

      Alex is in the next chapter. I don’t know if you will like him in this one though! Thanks for reading, Whitney! 🙂

  7. And in waltzes the whirlwind… Crystal is still a sad girl. I certainly hope she does not cause tons of Drama. Noah needs a hug, and reassurance that he can do whatever he sets his mind to do. It’s sad that he took to the streets and now only remembers that sort of life, but maybe it will get better. Ton had some good advice for him.

  8. hi there. havent been reading alissa for a while now because i have tons of boring assignmnts to do. lol, i was expecting tht crystal would change alot after the rehab and studies but turns out, she’s alot like her mother. poor sharlee. but it’s good now tht both of sharlee and noah had gone exclusive, they’ve been in love and waited for so long, maybe it’s time to be a bit honest with each other. so tht incidents like berry and noah wouldnt be happen again in the future. speaking of berry, euwww, he’s an annoying pr*ick (sorry, just couldnt find any more proper word lol). what a perv. i would be pissed off too if i was noah.
    great chapters 😉

    • I hope school is going well Deena! 🙂

      In some ways Crystal has changed, but you’re right. She is still a lot like her mother. 😦
      Noah and Sharlee are going to try to be more honest with each other and talk things out.

      Pr*ick made me laugh! Prick is a perfect word to describe him. He was so full of himself!

      Thanks Deena! I’m really glad that you’re still enjoying the story! 🙂

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