Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Nine

Screenshot-528Dale proudly walked his beautiful daughter down the aisle. 

Screenshot-530Even though he’d thought that it would be easier than Sharlee’s wedding because he liked Jared and hadn’t approved of Noah, he was still very emotional. 

Screenshot-531Skylar and Madison were flower girls, and Casey was the ringbearer. 

Screenshot-524Jared waited anxiously at the alter for his bride to appear. 

Screenshot-525When he saw her, she took his breath away.


Dale had tears in his eyes as he placed Cara’s hand into Jared’s.  Then he went to join Alissa and sat down beside her and Logan.

Screenshot-551Most of their family and friends were in attendance.  Seated on Jared’s family’s side of the aisle were both of his parents in the front row and his sister Diana’s son, Timothy Jr.  On the second row, his brother Logan’s wife, Lilly, Jared’s aunt Susie and his grandparents Mary Lu and Buck were seated. 

Screenshot-549On the third row were Cara’s cousin Devon, her cousin Kaylee, her aunt Leslie and uncle George.  

Screenshot-532Shawn’s wife Fae was also seated on the third row holding their sleeping son, Shane.

Screenshot-544On the other side of the aisle, Alissa and Dale were seated with little Logan between them.  He’d insisted on sitting in a chair like a big boy. 

Screenshot-554On the row behind them, Cara’s grandparents Robert and Valerie and her great grandparents Rémi and Charlotte were seated.  On the third row, Cara’s grandparents Matthew and Kaye, her aunt Crystal and Crystal’s boyfriend Angelo were seated. 

Screenshot-534Noah was also seated there holding his and Sharlee’s youngest son, Dylan. 

Screenshot-533Dylan was enthralled with everything going on around him.

Screenshot-556On the back row, Cara’s uncle Alex and Miki and Jamil who were like an aunt and uncle to all of the Stallworth children were seated. 

Screenshot-558Cara’s friend Niki also slid into a seat in the back row just as the wedding began.


Cara and Jared joyfully exchanged their vows. 

Screenshot-562The officiant pronounced them as husband and wife.

Screenshot-568Then the officiant told Jared that he could kiss his bride. 

Screenshot-569Screenshot-570They shared a kiss, and then Sharlee returned Cara’s bouquet. 

Screenshot-565Jared looked at Cara mischievously and dipped Cara and gave her a long passionate kiss. 

Screenshot-572Then as husband and wife, they stood facing their families and friends with happy smiles.

Cara quickly changed into another gown so that she could dance comfortably. 

Screenshot-496Then their wedding reception began.

Screenshot-409Screenshot-425Screenshot-426Cara sat in Jarad’s lap.  They looked at each other not quite yet believing that they were finally married. 

Screenshot-478Screenshot-479Screenshot-433Screenshot-480Screenshot-488Screenshot-435Screenshot-436Screenshot-485Screenshot-483The wedding party sat at the head table with the bride and groom.  Sharlee was the matron of honor, and Jared’s brother, Logan, was the best man.  The bridesmaids were Joy and Jared’s sisters, Diana, Theresa and Lea.  The groomsmen were Shawn, Aiden, Diana’s husband Timothy and Jared’s good friend Taylor Lautner who starred in many popular movies. 

Screenshot-491Screenshot-490Screenshot-456Screenshot-489Screenshot-506Seated at a table together were Cara’s aunt, uncle and cousins the Deans.  Her uncle Alex sat with them and so did her friend Niki. 

Screenshot-455Screenshot-500Screenshot-503Screenshot-442Screenshot-492 Screenshot-493At another table, Jared’s parents were sitting with his grandparent’s Buck and Mary Lu, his aunt Susie, his nephew Timothy Jr. and his sister-in-law Lilly. 

Screenshot-422Jared’s son Casey had fallen asleep.

Screenshot-450Screenshot-449Screenshot-446Screenshot-472Screenshot-452Screenshot-454Cara’s parents were seated together along with her great grandparents Rémi and Charlotte, her grandparents Valerie and Robert and her grandparents Matthew and Kaye.  Alissa was holding Noah’s and Sharlee’s son Dylan.  Valerie was holding Shawn’s son Shane.

Screenshot-459Screenshot-460 Screenshot-461Screenshot-468 Screenshot-469Screenshot-467Screenshot-509Screenshot-512Screenshot-464 Screenshot-465Noah sat at a table with Skylar, Logan, Crystal, Angelo, Miki, Jamil, Fae and Madison.

Screenshot-515Jared and Cara went out onto the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife. 

Screenshot-513Each looked into the eyes of the other and felt as if they were completely alone. 

Screenshot-518Cara knew that she was with the one man in all the world with whom she could be completely herself.  He loved her for who she is and she loved him with all of her heart.  

Screenshot-520As they twirled around on the dance floor together, Jared felt content and happy that he had found his other half, and he was determined to do whatever it took to keep her and Casey happy. 

There were many pictures taken at the wedding and reception.  Everyone had a memorable and enjoyable time.  All were happy to have been a part of Cara’s and Jared’s special day.

Screenshot-657They had their honeymoon in a beachside villa.  Cara learned that Donatello had been right about something else.  There truly was a huge difference between sleeping with someone and making love.  She made love with her new husband and enjoyed every second of it.  After that, she never wasted another thought on Donatello.


Cara and Jared will have a special wedding album.  I’ll post the link later this week.  I hope you enjoyed reading Cara’s storyline.  ❤

26 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Nine

  1. Hahahaha Timothy Jr. looks like a devil child in the wedding photos! xD Loved this chapter and this storyline, so happy that Cara’s found her happy ending at last!

    • You made me laugh, Fibijean! I had to look at him again! He does have a very calculating expression. 😀 I looked at Sharlee’s little boy Logan again too. He has a mischievous expression too!

      Most of them do have serious expressions, but I was so afraid my game would crash before I got the pictures. I didn’t take the time to try to change their expressions. It didn’t crash for a change, but I was still nervous. 😯

      I’m glad you loved it! I had thought that we had had a poll for Cara and Jared when I wrote this chapter, but I think I got it confused with Shawn. I never did one for Cara. I’m really glad that you like this ending for her too! ❤

  2. This was a sweet chapter Daisie ❤
    I'm so happy Cara has found someone to make her happy, and I'm especially glad that it's Jared!
    Thank you for naming Sharlee and Noah's third son Dylan! It means a lot to me because my brother's name is Dylan 🙂
    I can't wait to continue the next chapter with the Hall family.

    • Thanks Kelli! ❤

      I thought Cara should be happy too. 🙂

      You are very welcome! I appreciate you suggesting that name.

      I decided to wait on posting Cara's wedding album to give a few more people a chance to read the chapter first. A wedding album is a bit of a spoiler! LOL

      I'm working on the next chapter right now. Thanks for reading, Kelli! ❤

  3. I have spent my day reading many many chapters and it is always such a joy to read them! I am amazed at how long this story has gone but so happy it is 🙂 Keep up the good work and I’ll keep reading. Sorry I have been MIA real life has taken over and I don’t even play sims anymore.

    • I’ve taken most of the hardest pictures and I’m still working on decorating the two house choices for Noah and Sharlee. Then I can put up the poll. We had bad weather the past few days and had to leave home, but we got back home last night. I’m still tired though! So tomorrow I’m working more on the next chapter. I’m really enjoying working on this storyline so far. 🙂 Thanks for sticking with the story, Kater! ❤

  4. Wow this is so crazy! Where did all these kids come from?!? And yas I’m so happy Cara got out of that abusive relationship. But I’m a day one fan, and I’m gon be real sad to see this story end. I hope you’ll do a little spin-off with Skylar, Aiden or Joy. Also, are your sims available for download? And are you ever going to make Sims 4 versions of them? That’d be lit💓

    • LOL, Unicorn! 😆 Most of the kids are Alissa and Dale’s grandchildren. Some of them are Serina and Trigger Broke’s grandchildren. I have a horrible time judging aging and time periods. So I know some ages are probably off. 😳

      Cara really did need to get out of that terrible relationship with Donatello!

      It’s so nice to meet you and know that you enjoy reading the story so much! Even though I do plan to end the story over the next couple of months, I’ll probably do some extra chapters after a while. 🙂

      After the story ends, I’ll put the family up for download. I haven’t been able to connect with the Sims 4, so I won’t be making Sims 4 versions of them. 😦 Maybe one day I’ll like Sims 4, but I haven’t played it in months.

      Thanks for reading, Alissa, Unicorn Gladiator! ❤

    • Hi (not) Simon! ❤ I should have the two house choices up for the poll in the next couple of days, and then I can take the pictures that I need in Noah and Sharlee's new house this week. Their new house is needed for the next chapter. I used the Mediterranean home for Logan's birth, but I'm almost finished with the Modern home choice now. I really want you all to decide which one should be their permanent home. The poll will be up for just a short while, and I should have the next chapter posted next week. Sorry to keep you all waiting so long again!

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