Alissa: Chapter Seventy-Eight

Noah and Sharlee had not seen each other since they had returned from Greece.  They had spoken on the phone, but they were both very busy.   Although the time for his suspension from school had passed, Noah had yet to return to school.  Ton had agreed to come to Mesa Valley, but he hadn’t made it yet.  So Noah was working extra hours at the shop, trying to stay out of trouble.

It was almost time for the regional gymnastics championships and Sharlee had extra practice sessions.  She was also busy with the tutoring program.  

When she finally had a free Saturday, she invited Isabel over to swim.   Isabel asked if she could bring her boyfriend and his cousin.   Of course Sharlee said yes. 

As soon as she finished talking with Isabel, Noah called and said that  his boss had insisted that he take the weekend off.   He was way over on hours for the week.   He wanted to know if Sharlee would like to spend the day together.   She ended up inviting him over too.

Noah arrived at Sharlee’s just as Isabel and the others arrived.  

“Sharlee, this is my cousin Barry.  Barry, this is Isabel’s best friend, Sharlee.

Barry’s eyes widened as he looked at Sharlee.   “Wow!  You guys didn’t tell me she was gorgeous!”

Noah noticed where Barry was mainly looking.  He kept looking at Sharlee’s chest!  

Barry took Sharlee’s hand and kissed it.   “Um, thank you Barry.  It’s nice to meet you.  This is another friend of ours, Noah.”

Noah reluctantly shook hands with him.  He felt jealousy for the first time, and it was not a pleasant feeling.  

Connor started talking to Noah, but the whole time Noah’s eyes were on Sharlee and Barry.   He could see that Barry was turning on the charm.

“So Sharlee,  how do you like Mesa Valley?”

She answered, “I love it here.   It’s not too big and not too small.  There’s always a lot to do.”

“I bet that as “fine” as you are, you get asked out all the time?”

Sharlee blushed.   “Not all the time.”

“Well, do you have a boyfriend, Sharlee?”

Sharlee looked at Noah, and he didn’t say anything.   He was looking down although Sharlee knew that he and the others were listening to her conversation with Barry.

“No, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Well, that’s shocking!  The guys here must be blind!”

Isabel could see how uncomfortable the conversation was making Sharlee and she saw the tight expression on Noah’s face.   She pulled out her camera.

“Hey Barry, let me get a picture of you and Connor.”  

Connor moved over beside Barry.   “Sharlee come get in the picture with us!”

Barry pulled her into the picture and draped his arm around her shoulders as well as Connors.   

As Isabel snapped the picture, Barry stumbled and his hand drifted down onto Sharlee’s breast.  

Sharlee recoiled away from him.  She didn’t know what to think!

Barry apologized.  “I am so sorry!  I lost my balance!”

That was the last straw for Noah.  Barry had used one of the oldest moves in the “Player” handbook.   You put your arm around the girl and pretend to lose your balance.  Then you “cop a feel.”    If the girl seems upset then you know you need to apologize and take things slower.   If she likes it, you know you have an easy score! The beauty of it was that she couldn’t be sure if it was intentional or really an accident.

Noah moved in between him and Sharlee.   “Keep your filthy hands off of her!”

“What’s it to you!  I apologized to her!”

“You’re full of crap!   That’s the oldest play in the book!”

Barry gave Noah a smug look.   “I’m telling you for your own good,  mind your own business!”

“I’m making it my business!”

Sharlee started to intervene, but she was too late!  Barry swung at Noah and Noah pushed Barry into the pool.  

He started  after Barry, but Sharlee pulled him back.  Connor helped Barry out of  the pool.  

Then Connor stood in between Noah and Barry as they tried to get at one another again.

“Guys!  Cool it!”  He yelled at them!   “Isabel, I think we’d better leave now!”

“This ain’t over!”  Barry told Noah.

“You’re d!@$ right it isn’t!”  Noah responded.

Sharlee grabbed Noah’s arm to restrain him.   He looked at her and saw how upset she was.   He calmed himself.

“Sharlee I’ll call you!”   Isabel led the way into the house and she, Barry and Connor changed clothes.  

As they were leaving, Dale came from his office.   “You didn’t stay very long!”

“No, something came up and we’ve gotta go.  Thanks for having us Mr. Stallworth.”

After they left, Dale went and found Alissa.   “Hey why don’t we go horseback riding.   Sharlee’s friends are gone and it’s a great opportunity for us to go together.    I don’t want to wait too long before we get Cara back in the saddle,  and this will probably be your last chance to ride before you’re too far along.”

Cara had fallen from her horse the last time she had gone riding with the Mayburns.  She had refused to ride again unless it was on a horse with Dale.  Dale called the Mayburns and reserved some horses for them.

They didn’t know that Noah was there.  Alissa sent Cara outside to get Sharlee.

“Sharlee I’m sorry, but he just got under my skin!”

Sharlee wasn’t really still upset, but she thought that she needed to set Noah straight.   “Noah, I really didn’t need you to do that!   I know sometimes it might not seem like it, but I can fight my own battles!”

Noah just looked at her.    He knew that she really believed that and in some cases it was true.  However, he wasn’t so sure that she could really handle guys like Barry.

“Sharlee, Dad’s taking us horseback riding now!   Mom said come in and get changed.”

Sharlee realized that she had forgotten to tell them that Noah was coming over too that day.  “Cara,   I’ll go with you all next time.  Tell Mom that Noah is here.”

“No, please come too Sharlee.  I won’t be as scared if we all go!”

Sharlee looked at her little sister’s pleading face.   “Noah, would you like to go horseback riding.”

He looked at her like she had two heads.   “Horseback riding!”

“Yes.”   From his expression, Sharlee knew that he had never done it before.  “We learned how to ride when we lived in Riverview.   It’s very relaxing.  You can’t live here in Mesa Valley and never ride a horse!”

Cara added, “Please come too Noah!”

Noah looked from Sharlee to Cara.   He wondered how Dale and Alissa ever managed to say no to them!   Of course he agreed to go.  They went inside the house and changed.  Sharlee gave Noah a pair of Dale’s boots to wear. 

There was a small problem when they arrived at the Mayburn’s stable.

“I’m sorry Dale, but I don’t have an extra horse.  Today is a busy day!”

“That’s okay, Dad.   Noah can ride with me.  It’s better this way because he’s never ridden before.”

Sharlee gave Noah a few directions before they mounted the horse.  “Just let your body sway with the horse as we ride along.   You’ll get the rhythm.”

Dale helped Alissa up onto her horse.   Shawn scrambled up onto his and then Dale and Cara mounted their horse.  

Noah helped Sharlee up and then climbed up behind her.   He sat there behind her stiffly.   “Noah I don’t bite!”  She told him laughing.    “You’d better hold onto me or you’ll fall off the horse!”

Noah gladly wrapped his arms around her waist.    He could really get used to riding if it meant being so close to Sharlee!   He leaned his head against hers and smelled the lavender scent of her hair and the same scent was on her skin.   At least he thought it was lavender.

“What is that fragrance that you wear?”

“It’s lilac.”

“I really like it.  It’s fresh and feminine!”

“Thanks Noah.”

They were mostly quiet on the ride, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine and the scenery.   It was nice just to be together.  

At least until Shawn rode beside them.  

“So, do you like riding now Noah?”

“Yeah!  I think it’s great.   As long as I get to ride with your sister it is!”  He squeezed Sharlee tighter.

Shawn said,”Eww!”

After a while longer, Dale said they should stop for a little while and let the horses rest and drink some water.

Noah climbed down and then reached up and helped Sharlee down from the horse.  

He didn’t release her right away. 

They stood there beside the horse looking at one another.  

Longing reflected in their eyes.   

As he lowered her to the ground, Noah could feel the change in her breathing.  It was becoming more ragged.  He squeezed her a little tighter as slowly his head began to tilt down toward hers.  Her heart was thumping so loud that she was sure he could hear it and then his soft lips were on hers!  He gently touched her face.

Sharlee closed her eyes and instinct overcame her as she slowly kissed him back.  She breathed in his musky scent and it slowly filled her with an aching desire that accompanied his tender kiss.  A new pleasurable feeling flowed through her body, causing her toes to curl.

She wrapped her arms around his neck.  Her tongue slid teasingly across his bottom lip.  Noah didn’t expect that.  He’d never felt such an intense connection, such a magnetic attraction with anyone else. 

All too soon, they  became aware again of where they were, and the others with them.  They drew away from one another looking at each other in pleased surprise. 

As Noah pulled away, Sharlee felt dizzy and lightheaded. 

Noah said “Wow!”    He had kissed a lot of girls but it had never been like that with anyone else.   It wasn’t just the physical sensations.   He had never felt anything like it before in his heart.

As their kiss had begun, Dale started to head over and put an end to it, but Alissa had shaken her head no.    

She led Dale and the twins further away on the lake’s shore to give Sharlee and Noah more privacy.

“Dale, don’t you have something to say to Cara?”

Still upset, Dale pulled his eyes away from Sharlee and Noah.   He forced himself to smile.

“Sweetie, how do you feel about riding now?”

Cara looked at their horses as they drank.  They were beautiful creatures.  It really wasn’t Mable’s fault that she had fallen.

Cara smiled.  “I want to ride by myself again!”

She ran over to Shawn.  

Dale’s attention was again on Noah and Sharlee.   “I don’t like this Alissa!”

“Are you trying to say that she can’t kiss her boyfriend?”

Dale didn’t answer.

“I seem to remember many times when we were doing more than just kissing before we got married.  We were making out on your parents couch and your father walked in on us several times.”

“Well, we were adults then weren’t we and it didn’t go any further than that did it?”

“Yes, we were adults and no it didn’t go any further than that.   We wanted to wait until after we were married.   But Dale, are you saying that if we had both been teenagers and I was your girlfriend, you would not have kissed me?”

Dale finally smiled and looked at her lovingly.   “I would definitely have kissed you.  I know I’m being silly, but I just can’t seem to trust that boy. “

“Well for now, trust Sharlee.  You can see how happy he makes her!”

After a while,  Dale said that it was time to head back to the stables.

When they returned to the house, Sharlee invited Noah to stay for dinner, but he said he couldn’t stay. 

He said that he had some things to do.   The truth was that he didn’t want to push things with Dale.   He couldn’t believe that he had forgotten Dale was there as he kissed Sharlee.  It surprised him that Dale hadn’t slugged him, but he figured that Alissa had prevented it. 

Noah kissed Sharlee goodnight. 

It was just as wonderful for them both as the first time.

“Goodnight Sharlee.”


Noah watched until she made it into the house and then he headed home.


Something funny kept happening while I was doing the pool pictures.  Barry really did keep looking at Sharlee’s chest!  That’s why I put that part in the chapter!  This was Noah’s real expresson:LOL!

Also, I’m sorry about the nighttime stable shots, but I didn’t want to add the horses again for daytime shots.  Thanks for helping with the first kiss, Clairey!

30 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Seventy-Eight

  1. Great job! I don’t know why your page does this, but all of the chapters are on the bar above(if you look at the other blog) and it takes up a lot of space. It’s a little distracting

    • Thanks Piccprincess!

      I know that the way the chapters display looks a little messy, and I started to change it. Then I discovered that it makes it easier to navigate to the next chapters with them displayed on top that way. Don’t you think it’s easier than locating a tab or is it too distracting?

      Thanks for reading my story, Princess! 🙂

      • It looks fine for the first few chapters, but after you start getting rows and rows, it becomes distracting 😦

        I’ve seen a lot of people do a chapter page, or something like it. That way the posts get the needed attention, but then if you want to go back, you click the chapters page 🙂

      • Princess, Yes, I did Deceived too. Most of my stories are only around twenty chapters because I sort of lose interest in doing them! LOL
        I have made Alissa sort of a challenge to see how long I can keep it going. I had started to end it after twenty chapters, but a couple of people asked me to continue it. I’ve been working on it for a year now, and I’ve still been able to think up new storylines for it. I really like these characters, and I’m still enjoying writing the story.

        I’ll probably start posting a new story in a few weeks. I’ve already got several chapters written. They’ve been written for a couple of months now. I have to take care of some real life things before I can start back working on another story that takes more concentration than Alissa does. Deceived was that kind of story and so is the new one. Alissa is sort of an escape for me. Sorry for the ramble! 🙂

  2. I was waiting patiently for the next chapter and got a little antsy. Glad you are back with another great chapter! I am liking this teen romance. Can’t wait to see what happens when Noah gets back to school. I am sure that Barry will appear again to cause more trouble and when will Noah offically ask Sharlee to be his girlfriend?

    I know it is a lot, but thanks again for the great update!

    • I am really glad that you liked this chapter, Monique. I was afraid that I had made it too mushy! 🙂

      I plan to start working on the pictures for the next chapter tomorrow. Do you really want me to tell you if Noah asks Sharlee to be his girlfriend? 😆
      I will say that the next chapter is about Sharlee too. 😉 Then that chapter after that is back to Alissa and Dale.

      Thanks for continuing to read the story, Monique, and for giving me feedback! 🙂 I really appreciate it!

  3. This was a beautiful update and I am secretly happy Noah pushed Barry into the pool. I’ve noticed to that the sims do their own thing sometimes. I am glad Cara got over her fear of horse riding and wants to ride again. I hope Noah and Sharlee end up married someday. I can’t wait to see the new baby when Alissa has it. Still wondering about Alex though and what he really thinks and if he will leave Dale and Alissa alone or not. This has been an amazing story and I can’t wait to read more! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Whitney! 🙂 I’m really glad that you enjoyed it!

      Barry did deserve that push into the pool! Noah would have gladly done more than that to him! LOL

      Alex reappears in Chapter Eighty. After that Alissa’s pregnancy will start to show.

      Thank you so much Whitney! I really appreciate that and all the support that you’ve given me with my stories! 🙂

  4. Noah is a little jealous and very protective. He can’t keep getting into fights around her or it may back fire on him. 😦 They had their first kiss. It was sweet and I just love Dale. He makes me laugh. He won’t be able to trust any boy that comes around.

    • That is so true, Jaz! Sharlee doesn’t like his temper, and it will cause trouble between them later in the story. 😦
      I’m glad you thought that their kiss was sweet. That’s what I was trying for. I was hoping it would not be too mushy!

      Isn’t Dale funny! I am so enjoying writing his attitude.

      Thanks for reading my story, Jaz! You are always so encouraging! 🙂

  5. LOVED THIS CHAPTER. They finally kissed! I was waiting for that lol! Barry is an idiot! I would have already punched him in the face if I was Sharlee! Oh poor Dale, he just really loves Sharlee!

    • I’m so happy that you loved it! I wanted their first kiss to be special like their first date was.

      Barry was an idiot! I would pushed him in the pool myself! 😆

      Yes, Dale really loves Sharlee. She will always be his baby girl!

      Thanks for reading my story, Anaiah! Your comments always make me feel so good! I hope that you will enjoy the next chapter too! 🙂

  6. Awww that was sooo romantic!! I didn’t even notice that the shots of the stable were at night. I was more into the story and seeing Noah and Sharlee together. I’m glad that he sticks up for her, even if she doesn’t want him to. I don’t understand why Dale still doesn’t trust him. He is such a good kid.

    It looked like the whole family had fun riding horses, is Cara going to grow up to be an equine enthusiast?

    • I know you’re like DJ, not that crazy about this kind of mushy romance! LOL I’m glad you liked it though! 🙂

      I’m glad that the nighttime shots didn’t spoil it. I just didn’t want to redo that scene again.

      I’m probably exaggerating Dale’s protectiveness, but it’s so funny to me! I loved his expression. The weird part is that he really did keep looking at them, but he didn’t have that mad expression. It seemed like he was keeping his eye on them. LOL Noah is a good kid, but some Dad’s never think that any guy is good enough for their daughter unless it’s a guy they pick themselves. LOL

      I am so glad that we have the horses now. I had thought that I would make Cara grow up to be a photographer and Shawn a Vet, but now I’m not sure. I also need a career for Crystal, but I don’t know what she should do either.

      Thanks so much for reading my story, Kate. You know how much I appreciate your feedback! 🙂

  7. What a great update!!!! I LOVED their first kiss!!!! The screenshots were so romantic and they look so in love. They are going to have ADORABLE babies someday!!! I sometimes forget that Bronson is Sharlee’s bio father and not Dale with the way he gets so protective over her.

    I’m so happy you are continuing this story. I always get so sad when wonderful stories come to an end. I always say, why can’t the main characters be happy? Why do writers always think they will lose their audience if the story isn’t 99% drama. You know your audience because we love this happy story. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    • Thanks Marissa! I thought it was time for them to finally have their kiss. I wasn’t sure if I used too many pictures for it. I am so happy that you loved it! 🙂

      Yes Dale is very protective of his girls. He loves Sharlee just as much as if she really were his and not Bronson’s.

      I”m still enjoying writing Alissa. I plan to continue it through the children’s adulthood too.
      You’re like me. You like happy stories too! Although I do love mysteries and some horror stories, Alissa isn’t like that. There will be some drama coming soon in Alissa though. Alex returns in Chapter Eighty and I’ve written through chapter eighty-five.

      Thanks for reading, Marissa and for always giving me such encouraging comments! 🙂

  8. Great chapter hun!
    I love the poses in this chapter especially the one of Barry being pushed into the pool!haha! Very dramatic:)
    Noah and Sharlee are great together, Dale makes me laugh! He’s definately the over protective Dad!
    Can’t wait for the next chapter:)

    • Thank you Claire and thanks again for helping with the kiss! 🙂

      Dale is making me laugh too. Maybe he will eventually accept Noah, but maybe not! 😉

      The updates are easier to do on this computer. Finding uninterrupted time is the main holdback, but I’m hoping things will get back to more normal soon.
      I am working on the pictures for the next chapter now. If I hadn’t had interruptions, it would be finished today, but now maybe not till tomorrow!

      Thanks for reading, Clairey and for all of your help! 🙂

  9. I’ll should probably start with, I’m so SO sorry I haven’t commented in forever.I got really behind on your updates due to a really stressful couple of months (June in particular). :S But I’m still around. (I’ll always be still around somewhere) 😛 I’ve been on the forums a bit, so I should make sure I pop in to your thread more often! 🙂

    Annnnnyways, This chapter was so cute! Their first kiss was so adorable I felt all tingly and mushy! 😀 Dale’s face was hilarious. lol.
    But Noah really needs to get his temper in check. It seems all sweet and knight-in-shining-armour when your a teenager but… Yeah… I was in a relationship with a guy like that for a little while a few years ago. I thought it was the sweetest thing how protective he was of me at first, but boy it got old real quick. There’s only so much independence you can retain with a guy who feels like he needs to “protect” you all the time. And Sharlee doesn’t particularly stirke me as the kind of girl who needs “saving”. Oh wow, um, end mini rant. haha. Oops. 😉

    • That’s okay Caz. I haven’t been able to be on my computer as much lately either. 🙂

      I was hoping their first kiss would be sweet. Writing Dale’s reactions to their relationship is fun! 😀
      Noah’s temper will cause problems in their relationship later in the story. I couldn’t make him too perfect! 😆
      Sharlee has a lot of spunk. She doesn’t need protecting the way that he thinks that she does. Rant as much as you want to! LOL
      Remember that I ramble! 😀

      Thanks for reading, Caz and welcome back! 🙂

  10. Lots happening. I am happy that Sharlee’s friends didn’t say anything about Noah, but I am worried that this Barry (Ugh! I hate guys named Barry! A Barry in my school used to hit me on the head every day – grrrr I couldn’t stand him!)… ahem…. that this Barry will be a complete jerk and cause lots of issues. Alissa is right to reprimand Dale. Dale is really being very inappropriate and needs to look at himself for stereotyping Noah.

    • You don’t like the name Barry? LOL I don’t know what made me think of that name for him! I see why you hate that name though! 😀

      Isn’t Barry a jerk! I always hated smarmy guys like him!

      Your comment gave me a good idea for something with Dale! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, Zhip! 🙂

  11. where did you find the gymnastics club and equipment at. Also I love your story so much. if you can give me the link for it so that I can put it in my game for my teen that I have. That would be great. You are awesome a writing these stories. I wish I could write like that.

    • Kylisha, I’m sorry that I’m so late replying. I thought I’d already done it. I think the gymnastics equipment came from the Sims Resource. I don’t have it installed on this computer though.

      Thank you so much for the nice compliment! 🙂

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