Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Eighty

Sharlee awakened before Noah and checked the monitor on her side of the bed.  Noah had one built into his nightstand too.  They always raised the monitors to view during the night.  She and Noah really liked the security system that they had installed throughout their home. 

screenshot-1602She could see and hear both of her babies in their rooms. 

screenshot-1603They were still sleeping.

screenshot-1605Noah stirred.  He reached out and pulled Sharlee closer, cuddling her in his arms.  He kissed her softly.

screenshot-1604“Good morning, Babe.”

“Good morning, Handsome.”

“Last night was–”  Noah broke off when they heard Skylar on the monitor. 

screenshot-1609“Mommy!  Daddy!  I waked up!”

Noah turned and looked at the monitor.

screenshot-1608“I gettin up now!”

She no longer slept in a crib.  They had given her a toddler bed.  She loved being able to easily get in and out of her bed without any help.  They knew what she was going to do next. 

screenshot-1613They watched as she left her room and went into Logan’s nursery. 

screenshot-1614Logan was still sleeping.  They had had to teach Sky not to awaken Logan, but to let him wake up on his own.  After she saw that Logan was still asleep, Sky turned away from the crib.  Then she called loudly to her kitten.  “Zoey!”

screenshot-1615Logan jumped and then began crying!  Sharlee started to get up, but Noah stopped her. 

“I got it, Babe!” 

He rushed out of their bedroom. 

screenshot-1625Sharlee continued to watch as Skylar tried to sooth Logan.

“I sorry, Logan!  I not mean to wake you up!” 


screenshot-1631Logan stopped crying, and Sharlee heard him giggling at the faces Sky was making.  Noah entered the room and took Logan from the crib.

screenshot-1640“Daddy, I sorry!  I didn’t mean to wake Logan up.”

screenshot-1638“I know baby girl.  It’s alright.”

Sharlee smiled as she watched them together.  Logan was just 6 weeks old, but he and Skylar already had a bond and loved each other.

screenshot-1562That afternoon was Alissa’s time with her grand babies.  She, Aiden and Joy were waiting to see them when Sharlee rolled the stroller through the door.  They took them from the stroller.

screenshot-1563“Nana’s so glad to see you.  How is my Logan doing?”

screenshot-1566Aiden was looking at Skylar and saw an angry expression on her face.

screenshot-1568Skylar marched angrily over to Alissa!

screenshot-1573“Nana!  I already tell you Logan is not your Logan!  He’s my Logan!”

Aiden and Joy burst out laughing!

screenshot-1565“Skylar, you know that you should share.”

screenshot-1570“I be back!”

Skylar ran to the nursery.  She came back carrying one of her favorite bears that she always kept at her grandparent’s home.

screenshot-1582“Here Nana!  I share Blinky with you.  I not gonna share my Logan.”

screenshot-1574This time Sharlee didn’t know what to say.  Aiden was laughing so hard that his eyes were watering.

“Skylar, thank you for offering to share Blinky with me.  You know that I love you a lot don’t you?  How much?”

Skylar spread out her arms wide.  “Bigger than the whole world!”

screenshot-1575“That’s right!  Well I love Logan that much too.  Because I love him and I love you, I want to spend as much time with you as I can.  So your mommy and daddy share you both with me.”

screenshot-1588“Oh.  Okay Nana, but I still not like sharing my Logan.”

screenshot-1584“Well sometimes sharing isn’t easy, but we still share with the people we love.”

Alissa knelt down and kissed her on the forehead.

screenshot-1585“Skylar come on and let’s play with your blocks in the nursery.”

screenshot-1576“Since it’s warm today, Mom said that I can take you out to the pool later!”


screenshot-1587“May I have a kiss goodbye?”

screenshot-1591Sky kissed Sharlee.

“Bye Mommy.”

“Bye baby girl.  I love you!”

“Love you too, Mommy!”

Sharlee gave Logan a kiss goodbye and left the house.

screenshot-1599Later that afternoon, Noah answered his cellphone.  It was Alissa calling.”Noah have you heard from Sharlee?”

screenshot-1667“No.  I tried to reach her earlier, but I got her voicemail.  I’ve been swamped with reports today, and I had to work through lunch.  I’m heading home soon though.  Is something wrong?”

screenshot-1596“I’m probably over-reacting, and she’s probably fine.  It’s just that she’s three hours late picking up the children, and she hasn’t called since earlier in the day.  She usually calls several times to check on them and talk with them, but today, she’s only called once.”

screenshot-1671“Are the kids alright?  Do you want me to come and get them?”

screenshot-1594“They’re fine. Skylar’s out in the pool with Aiden, and Joy has Logan.  Logan was a little fussy, and I know it’s because he’s missing Sharlee.  Sharlee left enough bottles, but she said she’d be back in time to nurse him.  You know how important that is to her.”

Noah felt his stomach muscles tighten in anxiety.  This wasn’t at all like Sharlee.

screenshot-1600“Dale will be home early, and he wants to spend time with the kids.  So I asked Sharlee if you all would like to have dinner here.  She said she’d talk with you about it, and she was going to pick up some things from the farmer’s market for me and bring them back here to cook.  That was three hours ago.”

screenshot-1669“I’m sure she’s alright Mom.  I’ll go check the house.  When I find her, I’ll make sure she calls you.  Don’t worry.”

“Thanks Noah.  I’ll keep trying her phone.”

“Alright Mom.  I’m leaving now.  I’ll call you soon.”

Noah tried to reach Sharlee again, but he got her voicemail.  He pulled up the home security cameras with the ap on his phone.  Her car wasn’t there, and she wasn’t in the house.  Noah grabbed his keys and a shopping bag from his desk.  Then he quickly left the building.  He broke speed limits getting home, but that didn’t matter to him.

screenshot-1663Sharlee’s car was still not in the garage.  He went into the house and tried to reach her by phone again.  This time he heard her phone ringing inside the house. 

screenshot-1665He found it on the floor in the kitchen.  It was wedged with one of her lipsticks against the counter.  He guessed that she had dropped her purse and hadn’t noticed that those two items had fallen from it. 

screenshot-1662He’d stopped on his way to work that morning and had purchased a small surprise for her.  He left it on her dresser in their bedroom.

Then he left the house to continue searching for her.  Mom had said that Sharlee was going to the farmer’s market.  He drove there first.  He kept telling himself that “nothing was wrong.  Sharlee was fine!  She’d just lost her phone, and he’d see her soon.”

screenshot-1666After he arrived at the market, he spoke with several of the vendors.  They all knew Sharlee.  She shopped there weekly to buy fresh, natural foods and ingredients for her recipes.  They told him that she had been there a couple of hours ago, but they didn’t know where she was headed after that.

Noah thanked them and went back to his chopper.  Now his anxiety was over-whelming.  He forced himself to calm down and think clearly.  Should he call the police?  He knew that they would say it was too soon to file a missing person’s report.  He called around to their friends and other relatives.  No one had seen or heard from her.  Dale called him to find out if he had heard anything.  When Noah said no, Dale told him that he was leaving to search for Sharlee too.

Noah thought hard.  “Babe where are you!”  He wracked his mind trying to think of where to look next.  Mom had said that she was shopping for something to cook for the barbecue.  So after she left the market, she would probably have headed to her parent’s home to cook and to nurse Logan. 

screenshot-1656He decided to search the route between the market and her parent’s home.  It started to rain, but Noah didn’t stop his search.  He drove along slowly, looking anxiously for his wife.

screenshot-1655Finally he saw her!  She was off on the side of the road kicking the tire of her car.  The tire was flat.  Noah felt himself relax for the first time since he’d learned that she was missing.  If this anxiety was the way she’d felt during the days that he was missing, he didn’t know how she’d borne it!

screenshot-1657Sharlee turned and saw him pulling up beside her.  He could see the relief in her eyes.

“Darn tire went flat, and I lost my phone!   I was just about to give up and start walking.”

screenshot-1658Noah hugged her tightly.  Right now he was just relieved to have found her.  He handed her his cellphone.  “I’ll change your tire.  Call your Mom and Dad.  They’re worried about you.”

Sharlee could see how worried Noah had been.  She wished she had paid better attention when Noah had tried to teach her how to change a flat tire.  She’d thought that she could always call AAA automobile club to do it for her, but now she knew that it was best to learn how to do it for herself.  She’d have him show her again soon.  It didn’t take Noah long to change the tire and after it was changed, they drove to her parent’s home.

screenshot-1601After dinner, Noah and Dale laughed hard when Sharlee and Alissa told them about Skylar’s reaction when Alissa had called Logan “her Logan.”

screenshot-1672When they got home that night, Skylar had already fallen asleep in the car, and so Noah took her straight to bed.  Sharlee got Logan settled in the nursery for the night and then went into the master bedroom.  Noah came into the room.  Sharlee went over to her dresser and smiled in pleased surprise.  There was a lovely red rose and a card from Noah.  He had written:  “Last night was amazing!  I can’t believe how much I love you more and more each day, Babe.  I’m so happy and thankful to be your husband and lover.”

The night before had been their first night making love since before Logan’s birth and it had been extremely sensuous and passionate for them both. 

screenshot-1673Sharlee smiled with pleased surprise!

“Thank you, Honey!  I feel exactly the same way about you.”

screenshot-1674She walked over to him and kissed him deeply.  Noah was grateful to have his wife with him safe and sound after his anxiety earlier that afternoon.

screenshot-1642A few days later Noah and Sharlee were relaxing with the children in their bedroom.  Sharlee was nursing Logan and Noah was reading a story to Skylar.

screenshot-1643Noah paused in his reading when he realized that Sky’s attention was focused on Logan and Sharlee and no longer on the story.

screenshot-1644“I want some too Mommy.”

screenshot-1645“Wait just a minute, Sweetie.  Logan is almost finished.”

screenshot-1646Noah was surprised by Sharlee’s response.  Although Sky still occasionally drank a bottle when she asked for one, Sharlee had weaned her before Logan’s birth.

screenshot-1648Sharlee handed Logan to Noah so that Noah could burp him and she took Skylar into her arms.  She hugged Sky tightly.

“You just wanted to be close to Mommy.  You don’t have to nurse to be close to me.”

“Am I still a baby, Mommy?”

screenshot-1650“Yes, you are, but you’re a bigger baby now than you used to be.  You can eat lots of different things, but Mommy’s milk is the only thing that Logan can eat now.  Guess what!”


“Even when you’re as old and creaky as Daddy, you’ll still be my baby!”

screenshot-1651Sky giggled.  Then she looked over at Noah and Logan and the jealousy that Sharlee had expected struck.

“I ready to read now, Daddy.  You can give Mommy Logan.”

Sharlee held onto her and tickled her. 

screenshot-1652“What if I’m not ready to let my baby Skylar go yet!  Let’s play patty cake.”

screenshot-1653That was one of Skylar’s favorite games and so she happily started playing it with her mother.  Sharing attention with Logan was also something that they were going to have to steadily help her adjust to doing.

Noah went to work the following morning.  At lunchtime, he told his secretary that he would be gone for the rest of the day.   He went home for lunch with Sharlee and the children, and then went to Sarge’s office for his appointment.  Noah was dreading it.


There will be another update next week.  It takes up where this chapter left off.  It’s almost finished!  🙂

6 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Eighty

    • The storyline for this chapter took place just after Logan’s birth and before Sharlee became pregnant with Dylan. I had promised to show Logan with other members of Sharlee’s family after Logan’s birth, and that’s why I started this storyline right after his birth.

      I’m sorry if it was confusing, but their third child was at the end of Cara’s storyline which covered several years. I hope that made sense. 🙂

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