Noah And Sharlee’s Harley Davidson Campaign

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Click on the last picture if you’d like to see a video version of the campaign.   It’s my first one and so it’s not the best quality!  😀

Most of the awesome motorcycle poses were made by IMHO! 

31 thoughts on “Noah And Sharlee’s Harley Davidson Campaign

  1. It says the video is private. Cool shoot! You have got talent! I am now also reading Mutation, and I must say that though I like Alyssa better the story is quite good.

  2. Wow! This must have taken ages! You have more patience than me, I could never go through all those wardrobe and set changes 😉 They look great, and I bet they’ll be selling a lot more bikes now 😀

    • For some reason your comments were in the spam folder. 😯

      Thank you so much Zhip! I’m so glad that you like them! That means a lot to me!

      I really like Noah and Sharlee too! They seem to have great chemistry. 😀

  3. srry I dont watch youtube very often. I have to be SURE theres no virus. I CANT RISK LOSING THIS HERE PC. Im a big MLP fan so I just use youtube for. Sorry i didn’t watch it :c but im sure its great c:

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