Noah and Sharlee’s New Home

This was intended to be a poll, but my game made the decision.  It keeps crashing whenever I add Noah, Sharlee and their children to the modern home.  So they will have to live in the Mediterranean home unless someone can make a suggestion on how to fix the problem.  I’m very disappointed because I wanted you all to make the decision.  I spent hours working on the two houses, and I really like them both.  I decided to show you pictures of both houses anyway.

Here is the Modern Home:

w1024Inspiration Picture

screenshot-1645My Version:

screenshot-1640First Floor

screenshot-1638Second Floor


Mediterranean House:

66316we_1470863656Inspiration Picture

screenshot-1633My Version

screenshot-1644Floor Plan


If you really like the modern style house, Sandraelle who is part of the DNA request building team, was kind enough to make a no custom content version of the original house.  I couldn’t use it for the story because the different levels make picture taking very difficult.  Hers is just like the original house and gorgeous.   Here is a link:

8 thoughts on “Noah and Sharlee’s New Home

  1. for the game crashing… try a different lot, save the house and start a new game and add the house. You might have some bad CC in the house too. I spent hours on a house before and it turned out the windows I had was making my game crash.

  2. I love both houses!!! You are really talented daisie. I don’t have enough patience to create such beautiful houses like you do. I’m excited for the house to be put to use, it looks really good! Thanks for working so hard.

    • Awww, thanks Kelli! ❤ I tried really hard on them both. I tried Kris' suggestions for the modern house, and I still can't use it. It still crashes when I put the family there. I have to take out all of the custom content and start redecorating it. Kris is probably right that it's some bad custom content installed in it. That'll take a lot of time though. 😦 So, I'm using the Mediterranean house for them. I've already started more pictures. 🙂

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