The Reception

Screenshot-2949After the ceremony, Noah and Sharlee had hoped for a few minutes alone together to just look at each other and let it sink in that they were really married, but the photographer had led them away for private pictures while the guests were taken to the reception area.

Noah whispered,  “Can’t we just skip the reception and go back to the hotel?”

“No, Honey.  Even though I wish we could too!”

Screenshot-2911So they posed for pictures with the wedding party.  

Screenshot-2929They also took pictures with their families.   Noah posed for one with Aiden and Shawn.

Screenshot-2936Sharlee had fun posing with Cara and Joy. 

Screenshot-2926Plus they took many more pictures.  Some with just the two of them.  After the pictures they went to the reception area.

Screenshot-2950Noah’s parents came over to them in the receiving line.  Melina hugged Noah and Sharlee.

“The ceremony was beautiful.  Congratulations to both of you.”

Screenshot-2951“Now that I’m your Daddy, I can get a hug.”

Screenshot-2954Will pulled Sharlee into his arms and hugged her extremely tightly.  

Screenshot-2957Sharlee felt very uncomfortable and wanted to pull away.  However, she didn’t want to cause a scene.  As the hug dragged on, Noah frowned and Melina pursed her lips. 

Screenshot-2953Dale noticed as well.

Melina told Will, “We’re holding up the line.   Come on.”

Will released Sharlee and he and Melina moved aside.  He headed for the bar and Melina went to their table.

Screenshot-2972The Mayburn’s flight had been delayed because of weather, and so they had missed the wedding ceremony, but they were there for the reception.   Of course Faye wanted to let Shawn and Cara know that they’d made it.   So she headed to their table first before joining her parents in the line waiting to congratulate the newlyweds.

Screenshot-2960Isabel hugged Sharlee and said,  “He’s a hunk!  You’re so lucky!”

Screenshot-2962Sharlee had grinned.  “I know!  Isn’t he!”

Screenshot-2966Lauren hugged Sharlee.  “When you first introduced me to him, I thought he was cute, but I was surprised.   I didn’t think he was your kind of guy.”

Screenshot-2965“You never told me that before.”

Screenshot-2964“I know.  After I got to know him better though, I understood why you were with him.  He’s a great guy Sharlee and I hope you’ll both be very happy together.”

Screenshot-2967“Thanks, Lauren.”

Screenshot-2968Derek had congratulated them both.  

Screenshot-2969“Congratulations guys!”

Screenshot-2971“Thank you Derek.”

Screenshot-2975“Congratulations Noah!”

Screenshot-2974“Thanks Anna.   We’ll never forget what you and your father did for us.”

Screenshot-2973“That’s what friends are for.”

Screenshot-2976After the receiving line,  Noah and Sharlee had their first dance as husband and wife.  Noah held onto Sharlee tightly. 

Screenshot-2979He whispered,  “I just realized that I don’t have to worry about where I put my hands when we dance anymore!”

Screenshot-2981He slowly moved his hand down lower on her hip. 

Screenshot-2980Sharlee smiled as she looked into his eyes.

Screenshot-2984Noah lowered her in a dip. 

Screenshot-2989After the dance they sat at the head table.  The toasts began.  The teens and children had non alcoholic drinks and the adults had wine.

Ton gave a short toast.  

Screenshot-2990“Noah I remember when I first met you and got to know you.  You were just fifteen and already more mature than a lot of men twice your age.   You were as tough as nails and never backed down from anyone.   But you have a heart of gold.   Don’t worry, I’m not gonna get too mushy on ya, but I just want to say congratulations to you and Sharlee.  You deserve all the happiness in the world, bro!”

Screenshot-2992Cara spoke next.   “Sharlee, you don’t get to pick your family, but you do get to pick your friends.  You pick people who are kind, loving, loyal, sincere and fun.  Those are just a few of the qualities.  You have those qualities and more.  You are not just my sister, my family, you are my best friend and I love you.   Noah, I’m glad that you are my friend and now my brother.   You and Sharlee love each other so much.  How can you help but be happy!  I wish the best for you both, and I want nieces and nephews!”

Screenshot-2995There were other speeches and then Noah and Sharlee spoke.   Noah wrapped his arm around Sharlee.

Screenshot-2993“Sharlee and I want to thank everyone for being here and sharing the happiest day of our lives with us.  It means a lot and your presence has made it even more special for us!”

“Yes, and we love you all!”

Screenshot-3005Then everyone ate dinner.  After that was the father and daughter dance.   Bronson was shocked when Sharlee came over and asked him to dance with her.  

Screenshot-3011Alissa looked at Dale in surprise as Sharlee and Bronson danced.  Screenshot-3012“It was my suggestion.   I told Sharlee that we all know that I’m her Dad, but Bronson could have made it difficult over the years.   He didn’t do that because he loves Sharlee too.  I thought this would be a nice gesture and mean a lot to him.”

Screenshot-3010Alissa’s eyes were shining.  “You are so thoughtful Dale.  You remind everyday of why I love you!”

Dale smiled at her and they watched Sharlee and Bronson dance.

Screenshot-3008Bronson proudly danced with his beautiful daughter.

Screenshot-3015Noah danced with Melina for the mother and son dance.  He was so happy that nothing could wipe the smile from his face.  Even his mother smiled stiffly.

Screenshot-3017Then the guests danced. 

Screenshot-3024Finally Noah had a chance to pull Sharlee aside for a kiss.   Screenshot-3020He said softly against her lips.   “I love you, Mrs. Hall.”

Screenshot-3022“I love you too, my Noah.”

Screenshot-3025Joy came and found them and pulled Noah to the dance floor for a dance.   Although ballet was her first love, Joy enjoyed dancing of all types. 

Screenshot-3094She had talked Aiden, her cousin Devon and  Cindy Mayburn into doing a dance routine for Noah and Sharlee at the reception. 

Screenshot-3104Everyone loved it!

Screenshot-3028Shawn came over to Sharlee.  “Let’s dance Sis!”

Screenshot-3029Sharlee went out to the dance floor with him.   “I’m gonna miss you!”

Screenshot-3031“I’ll be back home to visit and you better come visit me too!”

Screenshot-3030“I will!”

Screenshot-3034After dancing with Sharlee, Shawn danced with Faye Mayburn.  They had been best friends since elementary school.

Screenshot-3033Dale took Sharlee out onto the dance floor next.   “Congratulations, Sweetie!”

Screenshot-3032“Thank you, Daddy.”

Screenshot-3106Alissa had hugged Sharlee.  “I’m happy for you Sharlee.”

“Thanks Mom.”

Screenshot-3036Sharlee had made Aiden dance with her.

Screenshot-3037Afterwards she kissed him to his great embarrassment.

Screenshot-3038.1Dale shook Noah’s hand.   “Congratulations.”

“Thank you.”

Screenshot-3039“You’d better take care of her and treat her right.”

Screenshot-3040Noah looked at Sharlee and said with strong feeling. 

Screenshot-3041“I always will.”

Screenshot-3045Krystal came over to Noah and shook her head.   “Yes I’m Sharlee’s aunt and I love her.  However, I have to say this.   What a waste!  A guy like you should spread himself around.”

Screenshot-3047Noah laughed!   “Nope!  There’s only one woman for me, and she’s finally mine!”

Screenshot-3110After that Sharlee tossed the bouquet when all of the single ladies were ready.

Screenshot-3111Everyone laughed when Crystal caught it.   Crystal was a sworn bachelorette.

Screenshot-3107A stool was placed out on the dance floor and Sharlee was seated on it.   She had pink cheeks as Noah knelt before her and removed her garter from beneath her gown.   Then he tossed it to the guys.  

Screenshot-3109Shawn caught it and immediately made a yucky face!   Everyone laughed again.

Screenshot-3042Dale danced with Alissa for a while.

Screenshot-3044Then with Cara.

Screenshot-3035Noah danced with Anna.

Screenshot-3048Then he had a dance with Cara.

Screenshot-3043Derek had a dance with Sharlee.

Screenshot-3052Sharlee came back to Noah after her dance and flung her arms around his neck.   He raised her into the air joyfully.

Screenshot-3054Will came over and asked Sharlee to dance.  From the unsteady way that he was standing, it was clear that he’d had too much to drink.

Sharlee started to go with him, but Noah stopped her.   “No Will.  You don’t seem to be feeling very well.”

Screenshot-3055Noah took Will’s glass of wine and called his mother over.   Will tried to stand straighter.   “Will doesn’t seem to be feeling well.  I think it’s time that he went back to the hotel.”

Screenshot-3056Melina looked at Will in disgust and displeasure.   “Yes, we’ll go back to the hotel now.”   She led him away and he didn’t protest.

Screenshot-3058Robert took Sharlee out on the floor for another dance.  After their dance, he hesitated when Valerie asked him for a dance.  

Screenshot-3061He went out onto the dance floor with her.   They danced for a few moments.

“Robert, would you take a walk with me?  I’d like to talk with you.”

He reluctantly agreed.

Screenshot-3062While they were dancing, Leslie went over to Dale.   “What do you think Mom’s coming here means?”

Dale answered, “Well, she has remained in contact with the children.”

Screenshot-3064“That’s true, but I see how she looks at Dad.   There is still feeling there.”

Screenshot-3063“Sis, don’t get your hopes up.”

Screenshot-3071“It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other.”

“Yes.  It has been.   What is this about Valerie!”

“You used to be so patient!  That’s one of the things that I’ve missed about you.”

Screenshot-3073“Missed about me!   Valerie you left me!”

Screenshot-3078Valerie closed her eyes in pain.

“Yes, it was the biggest mistake that I have ever made.”

Robert didn’t say anything.   He waited for her to continue.

“If it makes any difference, I never slept with Lars.   Yes, I did get closer to him than I should have, but I never even moved him with him.   After we split up, I got a place of my own.   I knew it was a mistake as soon as I left you.   I can’t justify my actions, Robert , but I can try to explain.”

Screenshot-3069She was silent, trying to gather her words to explain her feelings.    “When Dale first brought Alissa home to meet us, I thought that she was a lovely girl.  After we found out about her past, I had even more respect for her.  However, from the very beginning, I saw that Alex had feelings for her too.   Because of that, problems developed between Alex and Dale.   Whether right or wrong, I blamed Alissa for that.  You know how close Dale and Alex used to be.”

Still Robert didn’t speak.   Valerie continued.   “Alissa is young, beautiful, talented, loving, successful.  I began to resent her.”

Screenshot-3072“Why, Valerie?  You are all of those things too.”

Screenshot-3080“I can’t explain it exactly.   I felt so old.   The children were all grown with families of their own.  Except for my Alex, who wanted his brother’s wife.   I blamed Alissa for that as well and you know that Alex told me that they were having an affair for years before we thought that Dale had died.”

“You know that wasn’t true, Valerie.  Alex had become unbalanced.”

“I didn’t want to accept that my beautiful boy had changed so much.  That was too painful.  It was easier to blame Alissa.”

Screenshot-3089“So instead you inflicted pain on her and the rest of your family.”

Screenshot-3085“I am ashamed to admit it, but yes.   That is what I did.”

“And Lars?”

“I felt so frozen and numb after Alex’s death.  Lars!   Lars told me what I wanted to hear.   He made me feel beautiful and desirable.  He was new and exciting.   I felt alive again.  But then when I looked at Alissa, I felt like such a hypocrite.  Because of my own guilt, I was cruel to her.  I still can’t believe what I told you after we found out that she had been attacked and might die.”

Screenshot-3076“Valerie, Alex wasn’t the only one who changed.  You did too.  You betrayed the values that I had believed that be both held sacred.”

Screenshot-3086“You’re right, Robert.  I did that and more.   I can’t change the things that I’ve done, but I am so very sorry!   I just wanted you to know that.   When I look at Alissa, I still feel resentment.  I don’t know how to change that or if it will ever go away, but I felt that I owed it to my granddaughter to attend her wedding.   I also felt that I owed you an explanation for my behavior.”

Robert didn’t know what to say to her.

“Just one other thing.  You were not the problem.  It was all me and the way I viewed myself.   I have never stopped loving you, Robert.   I want you to know that as well.  I’m going to say my goodbyes to the beautiful bride and groom now.   Then I’m catching a flight back home.”

Screenshot-3093Valerie went and hugged both Noah and Sharlee.   She said goodbye to her children and other grandchildren.   Then she left the reception to fly back home.

Screenshot-3112Lala, Miki and Sammi noticed the tears in Alissa’s eyes.   Lala hugged her and said, “Those are happy tears.”

Screenshot-3113Alissa nodded her head yes. 

Screenshot-3114Miki hugged her too.

Screenshot-3115Noah claimed his bride for a slow dance.  

Screenshot-3116This time as they danced, he kissed her on the cheek.   Screenshot-3117He’d only intended to kiss her once, but as he looked into her eyes he couldn’t resist doing it again.  

Screenshot-3118While they kissed and danced, they almost forgot there were others there. 

Screenshot-3119Alissa  went over to them and took pity on Noah, realizing that he was dying to be alone with Sharlee.   “You two can leave now.   The limo is waiting for you.”

Screenshot-3120Sharlee hugged her mother.   “Thanks Mom.”

Screenshot-3122Noah scooped Sharlee up into his arms, and they told everyone goodbye and thanks again.

Then they headed to the limo and back to the hotel to begin their honeymoon.


Noah and Sharlee’s honeymoon will be in the next chapter.

35 thoughts on “The Reception

  1. Beautiful chapter! Even if Will hit the sauce a little too hard and tried to hit on Sharlee. I have regained a teeny tiny amount of respect for Valerie, but I still greatly dislike her. :/ I can’t wait to see how well their marriage works out!

    • Thanks Birdkitty! I wasn’t too sure that it was good.
      For some reason because I’d skipped it in my writing, I had a hard time with it!

      At least Valerie did come to the wedding and apologized for her behavior.

      Thanks for reading, Birdkitty! 🙂

  2. Aww! That was so cute, especially everyone dancing with each other :). I still don’t trust Valerie at all, and I doubt Robert will either. She seems like she might be sincere, but she still left him in the first place so idk :/.

    Also, great scenery and great pics. My favorite was this one:

    “Now that I’m your Daddy, I can get a hug.” LOL :).
    (I know the situation itself isn’t funny, but I love the way he said it.)

    • Valerie did betray everyone’s trust. They will have a hard time trusting her again, if ever.

      Thanks Maddie! 🙂 I love that picture too!

      Yeah, LOL. Will was funny, even though he was inappropriate! 😀

      Thank you for reading, Maddie! 🙂

  3. Yay, I knew this would be a good chapter. I am interested to see if Dale’s parents will continue to talk to each other and recommit to one another or if it was just a chance for his mother to lay her burden down. Will, what a creep to be inappropriate with his own daughter in law. I can’t wait to see the honeymoon. Cara and the rest are growing up so fast…cant wait to see their stories too. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Whitney! I was worried that this chapter was sort of blah.

      It will be interesting to see what happens with Valerie and Robert.
      I’ll be honest. I haven’t decided for sure yet! 😀

      Yeah Will is a real creep!

      I’m going to start working on the honeymoon chapter tomorrow. 🙂
      I have to make a set for it before I can start the pictures.

      The other kids will be featured more after a few more chapters.
      I feel like we don’t really know them yet. 😦
      I have to get Noah and Sharlee settled first. 🙂

      Thanks for reading my story Whitney! 🙂

  4. I loved this! 🙂 The pictures were great! I especially love the picture of Noah and Sharlee with Noah’s hands in the air as he kisses her:) I thought it was nice of Dale to have Sharlee dance with her Dad at the reception, he is slowly making amends:) I found the dance routine Joy did adorable!
    I don’t know what to make of Valerie, I hope Robert doesn’t forgive her to quickly as she said some terrible things. Will’s disgusting, poor Sharlee having to put up with that on her wedding day.
    Amazing chapter! Can’t wait to see the newly-weds honeymoon:)

    • Oh that’s so sweet Clairey! Thank you! 🙂

      I love that picture too! It looked like something that Noah would do! 😀

      Yeah, Dale is really trying hard not to let his own misgivings spoil the day for Sharlee.

      Valerie did do some awful things and you’re right. Robert shouldn’t forgive her or trust her again too quickly.

      Disgusting is the right word for Will. Hopefully Sharlee won’t have to worry about him anymore.

      Thanks for reading my story, Clairey! Honeymoon coming soon! 🙂

  5. Everything was done so beautifully I love the venue. the pictures are great I just started taking pose pictures its really fun to do lol.

    I’m happy Noah an Sharlee day went well even though there was a little incident with Will smh that man.

    The children dancing was too cute and I think Valerie apology is good cause it shows she made a breakthrough within herself it don’t make everything ok but I think it make the healing a little easier for her and everyone else too.

    Cant wait for the honeymoon I’m so happy for them.

    • Thank you Monae! I really appreciate that! Aren’t poses fun to use! 🙂

      Yeah, even Will couldn’t spoil Noah and Sharlee’s happy day.

      Joy loves dancing and so I thought she would want to do something special for her big sister. 😉

      Yeah, Valerie does realize now how wrong she has been but she still has a way to go.

      I’m working on the honeymoon chapter tomorrow.
      I’ve almost finished picking the poses, but I still have to build a couple of sets for the pictures.

      Thanks for reading Monae! 🙂

    • Thanks Lucky! I was hoping it would be romantic. 🙂

      I had somehow skipped the reception chapter and still wasn’t sure about how it turned out.

      I didn’t know you were reading Alissa! 🙂

  6. aww that was very sweet. Great job on the wedding. I hope Robert doesn’t take Valerie back. She did too much wrong and blamed Alissa for things not even her fault. Being with Alex after Dale’s death was probably a big mistake but I understood her feelings.

    anyway the honeymoon. that will be sweet I’m sure. Sharlee’s first time they will both be so nervous.

    • Thanks Jaz! I wasn’t too sure about this chapter.

      I’m sort of leaning in that direction with Robert and Valerie too.
      I don’t think I’d take her back if I was in his position.
      She has caused so much damage to him and the rest of the family.

      Yeah, I’m sort of kinda working on the sets for that chapter today! LOL
      Hopefully it will be ready by Monday if not before.

      Thanks for reading, Jaz! 🙂

  7. Ack. Will trying the moves on Sharlee… not cool. At least we know Noah will always protect her. In my opinion, Sharlee is so sweet and trusting that Noah would DEFINITELY have to step in.

    A question… now that Sharlee is all grown up and married, will you have a new blog for your story since this may not be about Alissa as much anymore?

    • Wasn’t that low of him! You might be right about Sharlee.
      She won’t want to make things worse between Will and his parents and so she might be too trusting.

      Well the next few chapters will be about Noah and Sharlee, but the plot will intertwine with the rest of her family.
      However, now that WordPress has started a media limit on Blogs, I am a little over halfway through the limit on this blog too!
      Eventually, I am going to have to start another blog for the story.
      I had planned on putting it on Blogger, but I found out that they have a media limit too.
      So, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I need to post the wedding album, but that will eat up my media allowance too on this blog.
      Any suggestions?

      Thanks for reading and for giving me feedback Narnia!

  8. I love your pictures!! and your storylines and well everything!!
    Im really glad I found your blog, I hope the story never ends haha, it inspired me to start taking pictures and making up storylines for my own sims!!

    Kisses from Uruguay! 🙂

    • I really appreciate that Romina! What a sweet thing to say! 🙂

      It still has a long way to go. I’m just a slow poke with doing the pictures! LOL

      Isn’t it fun to do Sims stories! It’s relaxing and a great escape.

      Thank you so much! Kisses to you too! I’d love to read your story! 🙂

  9. I just found this story a week ago, and I’ve been engrossed in every chapter. So happy to see things going well for the family in these later chapters. I’ve loved how un-sims like their lives are. You left out the birthday transformations, the trait descriptions, and almost all of the speech bubbles and plumbobs. Your writing is fantastic!

    • Thank you so much Bethany! It’s nice to meet you! I’m really glad that you’re enjoying Alissa! 🙂

      Yeah, those things do get in the way sometimes for stories, but I try to use cheats to get rid of them. LOL

      That is so nice of you to say! I wish it was true!

      Thanks for reading my story and for leaving a comment. I hope you continue to enjoy it! 🙂

  10. I’m sorry that I haven’t been commenting very much. I have been following your story through the pictures due to my lack of reading time. But I did read the wedding and reception. They were great and it’s so wonderful to finally see Sharlee and Noah together!

    Are you going to start a new story of their lives like you had talked about? Or do you think you will continue with Alissa’s story?

    • Hi Kate! Thanks! 😀
      For now I’m going to just keep it one story because the storylines for Noah and Sharlee will intertwine with Alissa and the rest of the family. Although the next few chapters are just about Noah and Sharlee.

      I’m glad you’re still interested in Alissa, but don’t feel bad about not commenting. You’ve got a special little person now. Besides you girls amaze me with how you find the time and energy for everything that you do! 🙂

  11. This is my most favourite sim story of all time. I just love how all these sims don’t act like sims but like humans. Can you please tell me what cheat you used to get rid of the thought bubbles and plumbobs?

    • Wow! What a great compliment! Thank you so much Sims101! 🙂
      It always makes me happy to know that others enjoy Alissa as much as I do.

      I use “hideheadlineeffects On” without the quotation marks.

      Thanks for reading and for feedback! I hope you continue to enjoy reading it! 🙂

  12. awwwwwhh 😀
    theyre all grown up now 😦 cara is really pretty and shawn is hot 😉
    Joy and Aiden are soo cute!! (i know, i say that a lot!)
    i loved it when the kids danced too! was one of the moves gangnam style??

    • It made me sad too! I had to do it for the storyline though. I think Cara looks like Alissa’s clone accept that she has black hair! 😯

      Yeah, I say that a lot too! LOL

      Yes, it was gangnam style. It was fun doing that chapter! 😀

      • I’ve read the chapters in the space of a few days (after school) so they’ve grown up very quickly through the story for me 😦
        This is one of my many favourite chapters 😀

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