Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Forty-One-Revised

Screenshot-1517After the helicopter landed at the hospital, the Hall’s were quickly taken inside to be examined and treated.   It was a small hospital and not accustomed to handling the massive flood of media that descended on them after word was out that the Halls had been found.   Security was struggling to keep the media contained to just the lobby and placed a call to the local police department for more assistance.

Noah requested that he and Sharlee share a room.   The doctor examined them and both Noah and Sharlee were extremely dehydrated.  Sharlee was especially drained and they were immediately given intravenous fluids.   Skylar was perfectly healthy.  Sharlee had taken good care of her.  The nurse had Sharlee express some milk for bottles and then another nurse picked Skylar up to take her to the nursery.  Sky started crying, kicking her little legs and calling for Noah and Sharlee.    “Da!”  What she called Sharlee wasn’t clear, but they knew she was trying to say “Mom.”

“Can you bring in a crib so that she can stay with us?”

Screenshot-1521“You won’t be able to care for her,  Mrs. Hall.  You’ll be asleep soon.  The doctor ordered a sedative for you and for Mr. Hall.  Your body needs rest in order to recover.”

“No, I don’t want a sedative.”

Screenshot-1524Noah knew how exhausted Sharlee was.  She needed to sleep.  She hadn’t slept in almost three days now.

“Babe, I got this.  I’ll take care of Sky.  You need to relax and go to sleep.”

Screenshot-1527“Noah, you’re just as tired as I am!”

Screenshot-1528There was a knock at the door and then Alissa and Dale entered the room.   They would have been there sooner but there were no flights available until after the storm had cleared.  Alissa and Sharlee looked at one another, and they both burst into happy tears.  Alissa rushed over to her and wrapped her arms around her.  Dale came over and wrapped his arms around them both.

Screenshot-1531Then he went over to Noah.  “They told us what you did.  Thank you for taking care of them, and…” Dale paused.  Then he said,  ” I’m glad that they had you with them.”

Screenshot-1532Noah realized that he was finally earning Dale’s respect.  He hadn’t realized that having Dale’s respect mattered to him, but he was glad that it had happened.   Not just for Noah’s sake, but because Noah  knew that Dale’s negative view of him hurt Sharlee even though she never said it.  He and Dale still weren’t friends, but at least they respected each other now.  

“Thank you, Dale.  That means a lot to me.  Though Sharlee did just as much if not more than I did.”

He told Dale about what Sharlee had done to that wolf.

Screenshot-1534Dale smiled.  “I know you’re minimizing your role, but I’m proud of my girl too!”

Screenshot-1537Alissa took Sky from the nurse and hugged her tightly.  “Is my baby okay?”

Screenshot-1538Sky smiled and kissed Alissa on the cheek.

“Noah, are you alright?”

He answered Alissa.  “I’m fine.”

Screenshot-1540One of the nurses told them that Noah and Sharlee needed to get some rest and that Dale and Alissa had to leave now.

Screenshot-1539“Does Skylar have to stay?   We can take her with us to the lodge.”

Sharlee was so relieved to hear her father say that.  She finally felt completely relaxed now that her parents were there to take care of Skylar, and Noah felt better too.  Dale had already spoken with the doctor about their physical condition.   He knew that Skylar was in good health. 

The nurse went to confer with the doctor.  Since Dale was a pediatrician himself,  the doctor agreed that Skylar could be released from the hospital into their care.  The nurse brought them Sky’s snowsuit and Sharlee’s milk so that they could make bottles for her.

After Sky was dressed, Alissa brought her over to Noah.   “Give Daddy a kiss goodbye.  You’ll see him later.  You’re going bye bye with Nana and Granddad!”

Sky kissed Noah on the cheek and then Alissa let her give Sharlee a kiss.   Sky was used to spending a few hours from time to time with her grandparents and so she wasn’t upset about leaving with them.   She was glad to see them!

Screenshot-1544“We’ll stop at a store and pick up some things for her.”

Alissa told them,  “I love you both, and I’ll call the nurse’s station later to check on you.  I know you’ll probably be sleeping.”

Dale knew they’d likely sleep through most of the next day as well, but he didn’t tell them that.

Screenshot-1545As soon as they left, the nurse gave Noah and Sharlee their sedatives.   They talked together for a little while about how helpless their experience had made them feel and how much they loved each other and Skylar.  Then before long, Sharlee fell asleep. 

Screenshot-1546Noah looked over at her as she slept, and he smiled.  She continued to surprise and amaze him.   He still didn’t know how it was possible, but he loved her more and more each day.  The thought of losing her or Sky made him feel a sharp pain in his chest.  He pushed the unbearable thought away and finally drifted off to sleep.

Dale and Alissa were taken out a back entrance of the hospital to avoid the press.  The police officers had them leave the hospital lobby, but they were still out at the front of the hospital demanding a statement on the Hall family’s condition.  Harley representatives and Noah and Sharlee’s agent conferred with Dale and Alissa.   They decided to have Gene go and speak with the press at the hospital for the family.

Screenshot-1583“The Halls and their family have asked me to speak in their behalf.  They are in doing well and recuperating.  They want to thank everyone who participated in the search for them and thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.   They ask that they be allowed some privacy so that they can have an opportunity to recover from their ordeal.  That’s all for today.   Thank you!”

Dale and Alissa found a store and picked up some things for Skylar.  They were glad to be able to stay in the same suite that they’d had before at the lodge.   Skylar did ask for Noah and Sharlee a few times, but Dale and Alissa distracted her with other things.  She was used to spending time with her grandparents and so she wasn’t very upset.  Her parents always came to pick her up.   Sometimes, it was even after she’d gone to sleep.  They made sure to give her cereal in her dinnertime bottle that evening, and she went to sleep even though she fought it.  Thankfully, she slept through the night.

Screenshot-1547During the night, the nurses came in to check on Noah and Sharlee,  taking their vitals.   Noah and Sharlee barely stirred; they were sleeping so deeply.  Early the next morning, a nurse removed the IVs because their fluid levels were back to normal.    Sharlee was the first to awaken.  She could see that it was daylight, but she was still very sleepy.  She looked over at Noah and he was fast asleep.   She got out of her bed and climbed into bed with Noah, snuggling up close to him.  He wrapped his arm around her, and they both went back to sleep.

Screenshot-1584Sky awakened with a smile, expecting to see one of her parents.   When she didn’t see them, she started to cry.  Alissa took her from the crib.

“You’re alright, Baby.   You’ll see Mommy and Daddy later.   Are you hungry?  Do you want Nana to give you a bottle?”

Dale heated up a bottle for her and Alissa fed her when it was ready.  Then she gave Skylar  a bath and dressed her.

Screenshot-1548The nurse came into the room to see if Noah and Sharlee were ready for breakfast.   She smiled when she saw them cuddled together and still sleeping; she left the room trying not to disturb them. 

Screenshot-1552This time, Noah awakened anyway.   He smothered Sharlee’s face with kisses.  After she was fully awake, he gave her a real kiss.   Then he intended to take a shower and see if he could get a razor.   He was dying to get rid of the beard. 

Screenshot-1562The door suddenly opened and a man came into the room!   He snapped a picture of them and lined up for another shot as Noah sprang out of the bed.

“Get the hell out of here!”

Screenshot-1564The man tried to snap another picture of Sharlee, and Noah punched him in his nose!  A nurse rushed into the room and shouted for the other nurse on duty to call security!

Screenshot-1565Security officers came into the room and one took the paparazzi into custody and the other took the camera.   He removed the card from the camera and handed the card to Noah.   Then  he carried the camera from the room while the other guard took the paparazzi out.  After that a guard was stationed outside of Noah and Sharlee’s hospital room.

Sharlee called Alissa to check on Skylar. 

“Skylar it’s Mommy on the phone.”  

Alissa put the phone up to Skylar’s ear and she smiled as both of her parents talked with her.

Screenshot-1568The doctor came in as they were finishing talking with Skylar.   She went over the results of their tests and told them that they could be released that evening.  It was good news to both Noah and Sharlee.  They wanted to get back to normal as soon as possible.

Screenshot-1570However, she had also reviewed the x-ray of Sharlee’s ankle.   She didn’t feel that surgery was indicated, but Sharlee would be on crutches for the next couple of weeks as the ankle healed.   She also advised Sharlee to see her own doctor so that her doctor could monitor her progress.    They were both instructed to drink plenty of fluids over the next few days and not to over-exert themselves.

Screenshot-1581Sharlee called Dale and Alissa to tell them the good news.

“That’s great sweetheart!  Your car was located, and your belongings have been sent here to the lodge.   Why don’t we all stay here tonight and then get a plane out tomorrow?”

Sharlee told Noah her Dad’s suggestion and he thought it was a good idea.   Later when Sky saw her parents she gave a huge smile and they took turns holding her and receiving her sweet kisses. 

Screenshot-1589They had room service bring dinner to the suite.  This time, Noah and Sharlee were able to do the food justice.  Noah was on his second serving.

“I think that was the best steak I’ve ever eaten!  No offense to you, Babe!”

Screenshot-1591Sharlee laughed and gave Noah a special smile.   They had been through a tough ordeal together and come out on the other side feeling even closer to one another. 

Screenshot-1599That night they kept Sky in bed with them until she fell asleep. 

Screenshot-1597“She really fought sleep again tonight.”    Noah gently put her in the crib. 

Screenshot-1602They went to sleep holding each other.  Sky awakened during the night as though to ensure that her parents were still there.

Screenshot-1603Noah went over to her and gently stroked her head.  He sang softly to her,  “Baby’s boat’s the silvery moon, sailing in the sky.   Sailing over the silvery sea, while the clouds float by.  Sail baby sail out upon that sea, only don’t forget to sail, back again to me!”

Screenshot-1604She fell asleep and Noah returned to bed.

Screenshot-1610They flew home the following day.  Sky did very well on the flight.  She slept a little but mostly just enjoyed playing in her parent’s laps.  All three of them were glad when they arrived home.  

Alissa told them that Noah’s mother had kept in contact with her during the time when Noah  and his family were missing.  She’d asked Alissa to notify her when they were found.   Noah wondered if his mother had done that because she thought it would be expected of her.   The fact that she hadn’t contacted him since their return made Noah believe that it hadn’t been because she suddenly cared about him.   He felt no need or desire to contact her.  He still had another week left on his spring break, but after that Sharlee needed help because she was still on crutches.   So her  family took turns helping out until Sharlee was back on both feet.

At first the press honored the family’s request for privacy, but things changed two weeks later.  Noah and especially Sharlee and Sky had become even more popular with the press, and their pictures were suddenly in great demand.  Of course, Sharlee and her family hadn’t realized what that meant for them.

Screenshot-1702Sharlee was shopping with her mother and sisters.  She was glad that she no longer had to use the crutches and could comfortably carry Skylar again.  They were in the infant’s department buying some new things for Sky and then they planned to buy some things for Joy and Cara.  All three girls had hit growth spurts and outgrown much of their old clothing.

Screenshot-1699They were having a good time until they were suddenly swarmed by paparazzi.  Sharlee held Sky close to her, and her mother moved between her and the cameras.  Cara pulled Joy to her side. 

Screenshot-1698Alissa was angry because Santa Fe had always been a place where she could enjoy raising her family.  It was one of the reasons why Matthew had urged her to move there and why he’d chosen to set up his production studio there.  It wasn’t like LA or even New York city where celebrities were fair game for the press or for the dreaded paparazzi.

“Look! This isn’t a press conference.  Leave us alone or I’m calling the police!”

Screenshot-1701They fired questions at Sharlee.  A sales associate called security and they led Sharlee and her family from the store and out to their car.   They quickly left the shopping center.  Thankfully their home addresses were not published, and so they went home without incident.

Screenshot-1614A few days after that, Sharlee left out of the grocery store and went to her car.  She’d loaded the groceries inside and had just buckled Skylar into her carseat, when the paparazzi were around her again.   She called the police and she was told that the paparazzi weren’t breaking any laws.  So there was nothing that the police could do.   Sharlee pushed her way into her car and again quickly left the shopping center. 

This time they followed her home.

Sharlee got out of the car and closed the door behind her.   They couldn’t get clear shots of Sky because of the window tinting, but they shot pictures of Sharlee.   She was furious!

Screenshot-1613“Get out of my driveway now!”

Screenshot-1618They ignored her and some even asked questions as though expecting her to answer.   Someone rode up to the house on a motorcycle.  At first, Sharlee thought it was Noah, but then she was shocked to see that it was Dean.   He immediately saw that Sharlee was upset  and that the reporters and photographers were ignoring her demands for them to leave.

Screenshot-1621“The lady said to leave, and I suggest you do it right now!”

Screenshot-1619They looked Dean over and dispersed, snapping pictures of both Sharlee and Dean as they left. 

Screenshot-1626After they were gone, Sharlee took Skylar from the car and hugged her.  Then she looked at Dean.  She appreciated his help in getting rid of the paparazzi, but she didn’t want him there at her home either!

“Thank you for making them leave, but why are you here?”

Screenshot-1624Dean looked at her expression.   He could see strong dislike in her eyes as she stared at him.  No, her feelings toward him had not softened at all.  For his answer, he pulled a photograph from his pocket, and showed it to her.  It was of a cute blond haired little boy about two years old.

“That’s my son.   While I was still in the pen,  a girl I dated informed me that I was his father!  A condition of my parole is that I pay child support and stay straight.   I’ve been out for over a month and I can’t find anything!  No one wants to hire an ex-con.  I heard about Noah opening up a dealership and I was hoping he could help me out.  I’m sorry for what I did before, Sharlee.   I’m not gonna lie and say that I’ve suddenly become super Dad.  Honestly, I don’t like brats, not even my own.  I’ll pay the child support but it’s best for him and me if I stay away.”

Screenshot-1625Sharlee tried to read him.   She didn’t trust him any more than she had before.   He still looked at her in the same predatory way that made her skin crawl.

Screenshot-1623“It’s cold out here.   Don’t you think that you should get the baby inside?   She’s a little cutie.  She looks like you.  I bet she’s gonna be super hot too when she grows up!”

Yes, it was cold, but Sharlee wasn’t about to be alone with him inside her house.   She made sure that the blanket was covering Skylar to keep her warm.

He continued speaking.  “I’ve seen you in those commercials and in magazines.  You still look even better in person.  Maybe a little bit heavier, but I think it suits you.  It’s in all the right places to emphasize your assets!”

Screenshot-1631A car pulled into the driveway.  It was Sharlee’s brothers and sisters!  She was so glad to see them.

Screenshot-1628“Hey Sis!   Mom and Dad are having a date night tonight, and so we came over.”

Cara took Sky, and the others carried the groceries into the house for Sharlee.   Sharlee walked inside the doorway and Dean followed behind her.   He started to close the door.

“No, you can leave it open.”

Screenshot-1633“Sharlee what are we gonna eat?”

Screenshot-1632“I was planning to broil some salmon steaks.”

Screenshot-1634Aidan frowned.  “Can’t we have pizza?”

Sharlee laughed at his expression.   “Alright,  Shawn can you order some pizzas?   The number is still on the fridge.”

Screenshot-1637Shawn looked at Dean curiously and wondered why Sharlee didn’t seem to be relaxed.

“Is everything okay?”

Screenshot-1635Sharlee looked at her younger brother.  His height had really shot up over the past year!  He was almost taller than she was now!

“Yes, I’m fine.   Noah will be home soon.   So you can go ahead and order the pizzas.”

Screenshot-1638As Aidan was taking off his jacket and shoes,  Sharlee’s cellphone rang, and Aidan grabbed it from her purse.   He was hoping it would be Noah and it was!

“Hey Noah!”

Noah laughed when he heard Aidan’s voice instead of Sharlee’s.

“We’re all at your house.  It’s Mom and Dad’s date night.   Shawn is going to order some pizzas.  Are you coming home soon?  There’s some guy here and you might not have any pizza left!”

Noah asked him who the guy was.

Screenshot-1644“I don’t know!  It’s some blond guy.   He’s standing at the door talking to Sharlee.   Sharlee’s not smiling though and I don’t think she likes him.”

Noah was finished with his final class and had been planning to go check out the building site for his dealership.   Work had begun, and he wanted to see the progress.  However, that could wait.

“Tell Sharlee I’ll be home in a few minutes, and tell Shawn to order plenty of pizza because I’m really hungry!”

Aidan told Sharlee that Noah was on his way home.

Screenshot-1646“What is your son’s name?”

“His name?   It’s Nicky.”

“Oh, is that short for Nicholas?”

Screenshot-1647“Yeah.  Could I have a beer?”

Screenshot-1648Joy came over and interrupted.  

Screenshot-1658“Sharlee, Skylar just said my name!   It wasn’t perfect, but she said it!  Now she’s trying to say Cara!”

Screenshot-1660As Joy headed back over to Skylar, Noah rode up.  When he saw that Dean was there,  he felt a cold fury fill his chest!  

Screenshot-1661He sat on his bike for a few more moments trying to use all of the calming techniques that Sarge had taught him over the past year, but it was very difficult.   He felt a strong impulse to put his fist through Dean’s face!   However, he knew that he couldn’t do that.   His daughter, wife and young in-laws were inside the house, and he couldn’t take a chance on them getting hurt during a fight or confrontation with Dean.   He’d succeeding in controlling himself with Kristian, and he’d try even harder to do it with Dean.

Screenshot-1665He forced himself to calm down and then went inside the house.   Sharlee smiled in relief when he came through the doorway.   She gave him a quick kiss and then she went into the kitchen to prepare a salad to go with the pizza. 

Screenshot-1666Noah didn’t want Dean to feel like he was a welcome guest.


Screenshot-1668Dean followed Noah out onto the porch.  Noah folded his arms and glared at Dean!

“I know this is a surprise, but you’re my last hope, Noah!”

He told Noah the same story that he’d told Sharlee.   Noah didn’t believe him.

Screenshot-1667“So whose child is that really?”

“What are you talking about!”

“Is it one of your older brother’s children?”

Dean didn’t answer.   He’d taken a shot and it hadn’t worked.  Noah didn’t believe him, and Dean didn’t think that Sharlee was completely convinced either.

“You thought correctly that there was no way in hell that either Sharlee nor I would want to help you, but you remembered how tenderhearted Sharlee is.   You knew that she would want to help a child, and so you concocted that jacked up “bull s@&t” story.  We both know that paying child support would not be a condition of your probation.   Child support is a separate action!”

Screenshot-1671“So, what?  You’re a “prick lawyer” now?”

Screenshot-1669Noah swallowed hard and fought for patience!   The old Noah would have slugged Dean long before now!   However, he knew that Dean must be trying to go straight or Dean wouldn’t still be looking for a job.  He sighed.   Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pen and a card.   He wrote a name and number on it.   Then he handed the card to Dean.  The pizza delivery came as Dean looked at the card.

“That’s the name of a guy I know in Bridgeport.   I worked for him at his club as a bouncer for a while.   His old club was closed down, but he’s opened another one.  He’s trying to be legit this time although the same can’t be said for all of his customers.   He always needs bouncers.   It’ll be a start for you and pay the bills while you build up work experience again.  Come inside and I’ll  write you a check, enough to tide you over until your pay starts.”

Screenshot-1670“Well, thanks, but I was hoping to work for you here at your dealership.  You know that I’m a whiz with a chopper!”

“My shop is still months away from being finished!   That job at the club is the best that I can do for you.”

Screenshot-1672Noah headed into the house and wrote out the check.   After it was written he returned to the great room, and he saw Dean before Dean was aware that Noah was there.  

Screenshot-1677Dean was staring at Sharlee, following her every move in the kitchen with his eyes, and he wasn’t even trying to hide it.  Dean clearly wanted Sharlee to know that he was watching her.   Noah knew for sure then that Dean hadn’t changed a bit! 

Screenshot-1674Sharlee was ignoring him.  Cara noticed how Dean was looking at Sharlee and rolled her eyes!  

Screenshot-1678 “Sharlee, who is that creep?”

Sharlee was glad to know that she wasn’t the only one who felt that way about Dean.  

“He used to be one of Noah’s friends, but not anymore.”

Sky called to Noah, and he went over and spoke with her.

“Hi, baby girl.   I’ll be back in just a few minutes.”

Noah asked Sharlee to put a few slices of pizza into a container for Dean.   Then he handed them to Dean.

He told Dean, “That’s to go!  I’ll walk outside with you.”

Screenshot-1682After they were out by Dean’s chopper, Noah continued their conversation.

Screenshot-1679“Dean this is it for us.   We’re not  “Bros.” anymore, and I’d better not see you anywhere around my family again.  My wife and baby are happy and I’m not going to let anything or anyone change that.   I’ve fought and worked hard for what I have, but I have had some breaks too.  So that’s why I’ve helped you as much as I’ve done but don’t come back here again.”

“Are you still sore over what happened in Bridgeport!   I would never do that again!”

Screenshot-1680“See that’s the problem.  I would never have thought that you would try anything with Sharlee the first time.  I made the mistake of trusting you before.   Sharlee is my wife, not some shorty ho!”

Screenshot-1686“So you think you’re better than me!   We’re just the same!”

Screenshot-1681“No, we aren’t the same now, and we never were even though I used to think so too.   I would never have gone after your “shorty” and most definitely not your wife!  I am never going to take a chance like that with Sharlee again.   You’re out of our lives.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because I’ve gone straight that I don’t have any more “juice”.   I was nice this time but next time I’ll really finish it.   I still have old “dogs” in Bridgeport.”

Screenshot-1683Dean saw a flinty, cold look in Noah’s eyes and knew that Noah was deadly serious.   He knew some of those old “dogs” of Noah’s.   Noah didn’t make empty threats.   However, Dean didn’t like being threatened.   Threats usually just made him even more determined to do whatever he wanted to do.   No one ruled him and especially not Noah!  

Sharlee sure was look’n hot, even hotter than he’d remembered!  There was just something different about her, something special.   She had a sensuous magnetism that just drew him to her.  He hadn’t forgotten how it had felt to have his body pressed up against hers.   He didn’t understand why she disliked him so intensely.  He was used to getting any woman any wanted.  He didn’t realize that maybe that was one of the reasons why Sharlee appealed to him so much.   She wasn’t easy to get like the other girls he’d known.

Screenshot-1684If not for his promise to his mother that he would be legit now that he was sprung from the pen,  he’d stay here in Santa Fe and show Sharlee what she was miss’n!   His mother’s tears during her last visit with him while he was serving time in the pen came back to him.   No, she was right when she’d told him that he was too old to keep making the same mistakes.   Juvie was bad enough, but the big pen was unbearable.   He never wanted to go back to prison again.  That didn’t keep him from fuming over Noah’s attitude though.   If he wanted to come back to Santa Fe, he would! 

Screenshot-1688He climbed on his chopper and took off.   Noah knew this might not be the last time he’d see Dean, but at least he’d given Dean a warning.    If Dean didn’t listen, then Dean would have to face the consequences.  

Screenshot-1690Noah went inside the house and rejoined the others.  

Screenshot-1689He held Sky as he ate a few slices of pizza.   The rest of the evening was fun.  Dale and Alissa came by after their movie ended and then they and the kids went home. 

Screenshot-1692Later Sky was asleep in the nursery,  and Noah and Sharlee were sitting together watching TV and talking. 

Screenshot-1694Sharlee glanced at the window and froze in mid sentence.  


Screenshot-1708She saw a man peering inside at them!  He was holding a camera.  She screamed and Noah looked over and saw the man too!  He jumped up and ran over to the sliding glass door. 

Screenshot-1710He chased after the man and the man ran quickly to a waiting car and took off down the street.

Screenshot-1712Noah called the police.   They sent out an officer to take a report.   Noah told him what had happened that night and to Sharlee the previous few days.

“I think that there has been a misunderstanding.   While it’s true that we can’t intervene on public property, if the press comes into your yard and don’t leave when requested, then they are breaking the law!”

Screenshot-1716“So you mean that they could stand out in the road or follow my wife around town, hounding her, without breaking any laws!”

Screenshot-1715“Yes sir, I’m sorry but that’s how it is.  However, if they come onto private property like the perpetrator tonight, then please call us and we can arrest them.

Noah had a bad feeling.   For the first time since they’d moved into this house, he worried about leaving Sharlee and Sky alone there.  

Screenshot-1717The last straw came for Alissa when Aidan and Joy rushed into the house upset, afraid, and Joy was crying.   They had been out riding their bikes home from their cousin Devon’s home just down the street.   Something they had done for years without incident, but today they were harassed by paparazzi!

Screenshot-1718Joy asked Alissa, “Mommy, why do they keep trying to take our pictures even after we tell them not to!”

Screenshot-1719Alissa didn’t know how to answer that question.

Alissa and Matthew had been careful to keep the children out of the spotlight.   While it was true that they were public figures, Alissa’s children were not and the press had always seemed to respect that fact.  Now that had changed and Alissa wasn’t going to standby and just let her children be endangered and hounded!   The paparazzi were now constantly roaming through the neighborhood, trying to get pictures.

Alissa and Matthew met with the homeowner’s association.  For years they had been discussing making their small community gated with a security guard monitoring the entrance.   They decided that now it was time to do so for the safety and privacy of all of the residents.  Alissa didn’t intend to just stop with that!  She wanted more done to protect her family and the families of other celebrities who might decide to make Santa Fe their home.

For Noah and Sharlee, things came to head when Sharlee was almost forced into a car accident while being chased by photographers.  Thankfully, she didn’t have Skylar in the car with her that time, but the experience had still shaken her badly.  Their neighbors were also complaining about the overwhelming presence of the press in the neighborhood.   Besides Alissa’s neighborhood, there was only one other gated community in Santa Fe and Noah knew that they could not yet afford a home there.  It was a very upscale neighborhood although not quite as expensive as the Stallworth’s.

Alissa and Matthew went to talk with their agent who also represented Noah and Sharlee.   He was appalled at what was going on.  He too had chosen Santa Fe because of the security and the privacy.   He’d suggested Santa Fe as a great location to live and work to Matthew and to Matthew’s partners.   The three of them came up with a plan.   In the short term though, something would need to be done to protect the Halls as well.   He called Terry to see what Harley wanted to do about the situation.

Screenshot-1705Noah was on the phone with Terry and Sharlee was sitting beside him.

“I didn’t know companies did that!”

“Yes, it’s done all the time especially for celebrities.”

They talked a few more minutes and Sharlee was dying to know what the call was about.   She could see that whatever Terry had told him had seemed to relieve Noah’s tension.

Screenshot-1706“Great news, Babe!  Harley is going to buy a house in Chupadero for us, and we can rent it from them for the same amount that we’re paying here.   That way we can still save to build a house like we planned, and we’ll be in an even nicer gated community!”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, Terry said it’s done all the time.   Usually they do it for executives and celebrities.   He’s going to call a realtor tomorrow to have her scout some choices for us and then we get to decide on which house.”

Sharlee was so happy and relieved too.   She had begun to feel like prey being hunted and was worried about the affect on Skylar.   At least they would be safe at home again.

Screenshot-1722Matthew, Alissa and their agent met with an attorney and they came up with a plan of action.   They had meetings with the mayor and city council.  Some new regulations and laws were proposed to the state of Santa Fe in order to safeguard the privacy of celebrities and their families .  Alissa was selected to speak before the state legislators to discuss the proposed changes.   She spoke eloquently and from her heart about the negative impact the behavior of the paparazzi had on her children and the rest of her family.  She spoke about the loss of revenue to the city of Santa Fe and to the state if a large employer like Matthew’s studio decided to relocate to another state.

Screenshot-1724She ended by asking,  “Aren’t my children entitled to the same security and carefree childhoods as are your own children and grandchildren?   They are not public figures or celebrities.   They are just my children, my babies.”   Her voice broke as she thanked them for the opportunity to speak with them.

The rules and ordinances were passed and enacted giving Santa Fe and the state of New Mexico the most stringent laws of any other state and city for the press and paparazzi.   California, New York and other states were considering enacting some of the same laws in their own cities where celebrities resided.

Alissa and her family were happy to be able to once again lead their normal day to day lives.   There were still a few more instances with the paparazzi, and Terry felt that it was best to follow through with the purchase of a more secure home for Noah and Sharlee.   So they selected a home and settled in comfortably.


All of the pictures are finished and added to this version!   🙂






41 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Forty-One-Revised

  1. Yay! I’m so glad they’re getting rid of those awful paparazzi! If I were them, I would not be able to stand the stripping of privacy that would come with being chased by people like that, plus the worry about what unflattering moments might be captured and what unkind things might be written about me in the tabloids.

    I applaud Noah for the restraint he showed with both Dean and the paparazzi. I bet it was tough for him not to haul off and slug them! He’s really matured a lot since he was that gang boy in the Bridgeport streets :). He’s a really good husband and father, and he’s striking a great balance between protecting Sharlee and Sky from outside threats and making sure he doesn’t end up in jail and leave them alone.

    Dean! OMG! Ewwwww, I can’t believe he used the word “hot” about SKY!!!!! I know he said it about when she was older, but to even think that way about a baby makes him seem like a pedophile. He’s so creepy. I’m glad Noah saw straight through him, because in their place I would’ve been too gullible to figure out he was lying. LOL. And it’s so icky that he’s even more determined to get Sharlee. I wonder if she’ll end up kidnapped or anything.

    Great update <3. I also especially love the hairstyles you put on Sharlee and Joy, and all Sharlee's outfits in this chapter :).

    • I really feel bad for celebrities in real life who would like to have a private life as well. I honestly believe that some reporters and paparazzi cross the line when it comes to getting pictures and doing stories on celebrities. Acting and modeling are jobs, careers and I don’t feel that means that a person who chooses that field is no longer entitled to have any privacy in any areas of their lives. Sorry for venting but I think that especially here in the US the press has gone overboard with celebrities and their families. I think that they have forgotten that celebrities are just people too! I would hate to live that way! 😦

      Noah is really maturing. Fatherhood has been good for him so far. 😀

      You think Dean is ewwie! LOL He is definitely slower at maturing than Noah. He honestly thought that he would get on Sharlee’s good side by saying that about Skylar! If Sharlee hadn’t had that bad experience with him in Bridgeport, she might have believed him. I will say though that Dean is really trying to do better in his life, but that won’t be the last time they see him.

      Thanks, Beachbear! ❤ I'm sorry I dragged out finishing this one for so long though. I need to do better!

      Thank you so much for reading my story! 🙂

  2. great chapter. I still think Dean is kind of a pervert and he should just back off because Noah will indeed with no hesitation kill him! I hope that he doesn’t show up again! also I finished that male sim for you and I just need to send it. Cant wait for the next chapter!

    • Thanks Aliru! 🙂

      Dean is being a jerk! It’s too bad for Noah that he’s turned out to be one. Noah had really liked him when he was a teen. 😦

      Thanks for making the sim for me, Ali! 🙂

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    • I’m glad you liked it Bryanna! I had a good time writing this one. 😀

      I’m working on the next chapter and so far it’s still on schedule to be posted next week. 🙂

      Yeah, Dean really is a creep right now. Hopefully, he’ll stay away from them. 😉

      Awww, thank you for reading my story! I’m just happy that you enjoy reading it so much! 🙂

  4. Kristen 2.0? LOL (On a more serious note eew…)
    Also are they moving to a new city? If they do you should add more family friends, I feel as if there is so much drama in the family, so close, not pervy family friends, would be a nice change. Also Faye and Shawn, they need to get together soon!

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    Bah Bai! Luv this story!

    • Not exactly like Kristian, but he has been a pain for Sharlee.

      No, they aren’t moving to a new city, just to a new house. I don’t want to have to worry about trying to make a house look the same as their old one on my new laptop.

      They do have good friends, but the storylines just haven’t included them much lately. Eventually we’ll see more of their close friends again. Ton will be in it soon and so will Noah and Sharlee’s friends from Bridgeport. Sharlee also has other friends from Santa Fe but they are away at college. Maybe we’ll see them again. Dale’s best friend is George, his sister Leslie’s husband. He lives there in Santa Fe too. We’ll see Alissa’s close friends Miki and Lala again soon also. She does have other friends in Santa Fe, but it’s been a long time since I included them in the story. Cara is close friends with her cousin Kaylee and Shawn is best friends with Faye. So, they do have good friends, but we don’t see much of them in the story. Sorry! I don’t have friends yet for Aidan and Joy though. Maybe soon I’ll do a storyline centering more on them. 🙂

      Sky will be a toddler soon! 😥

      Bye Carrie! Thanks! 🙂

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    • Hi Mickey! Yes, I’m still updating, just not as regularly as I used to do it. 😦

      Aww, thank you so much! ❤

      I feel the same about the paparazzi and members of the press who just go too far!

      Thank you for reading my story, Mickey! 🙂

  8. I want Skylar to be a toddler, maybe she’ll be the child prodigy of the family. lol.

    I want Cara and her brother to become adults so we see what careers they pursue,
    I have Cara’s future set out for her: she’ll graduate, go to film/ photography school…while at college she’ll get a part-time job at maybe a photo/camera shop. She’ll do really well at college and travel a lot in that time also where she discovers the wold, becomes multilingual and really cultured. I can imagine her as the most cultured one in the family. She’ll then earn a really cool job as a successful travel photographer for a really good magazine, she won’t settle down for a while, or get married but she might reunite with childhood sweetheart Jared (maybe?). She might open her own art gallery later, or open a business with her twin brother.

    Aiden will take a while I think to figure out what he wants, he might help out in Noah in the car dealership, then might go to college where he studies some general subjects, he might become a football coach or open up a business. For some reason i can imagine him as a model, even though it wouldn’t suit his personality cos his always posing!

    Joy will become a professional dancer maybe, she’ll go to a performing arts high school on scholarship where she studies dance, singing, acting and musical theatre. But i feel she has a alot of academic potential, she’ll study at a top-notch university on a dance scholarship and she’ll become a professional ballet dancer at famous theatres, she might get into choreographing and acting too. Later on she might become a dance teacher or go on broadway. Yay!

    • Skylar a prodigy? 😀

      You have a lot of great ideas, for their futures. I do have a lot in mind for them too. 😀
      Cara will be a photographer and go to college soon. She’s not sure yet what type of photography she wants to specialize. Shawn is going to become a veterinarian or something to do with animals. He’ll be going to college soon too. 😦

      Aidan, I’m not so sure yet, but I was thinking of something unconventional, like maybe a race car driver, but I haven’t decided for sure about him yet.

      Our little Joy will definitely be a professional dancer! 😀

      It’ll all happen way too soon! 😦

      Thanks, Kadia! 🙂

      • Travel photography could be Cara’s specialisation, cos she really liked France and taking pics. Aiden, i CAN imagine as a race car driver, i feel he also sort of looks up to Noah when he wanted to copy his hairstyle, and Noah is sort of a mechanic.

      • Maybe that could be it. 😀 She’s still trying to decide. She’ll do a few things in the story with her photography soon.

        You’re so right about Aidan and Noah! 😀

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    Will Sky become a toddler soon and Alissa and Dale elders and the other kids teens or adults?

    • Dale would have loved that! Aidan isn’t interested in the medical field though. Joy isn’t either. 😦

      Sharlee is still going to school. Right now she’s taking a class online, but when Skylar is a bit older, she’s going to return to school. Yes, biochemistry was what she was working toward.

      Yes, Sky will be a toddler soon. I had planned it for the next chapter, but it won’t be till I set it up on my new laptop. Alissa and Dale are still a long way from becoming elders. Alissa is about forty and Dale about forty-four or forty-five. I’m not exact with the characters ages in the story. I mainly think of it as age groups. Shawn and Cara will be aging up soon too and going to college. 😦

  10. YAY!!! there’s more! I thought you were quitting, but I’m glad you’re not because my life would be incomplete without this story! Thank you so much, Daisie, for being an amazing writer!

    • No, not quitting! LOL Just slower now. 😦

      That is such a sweet thing to say, Aubri! I’m still working on the next chapter, and thank you for the encouragement to keep writing! ❤

  11. Do you have Noah and Sharlee available for download? If not, could you at least tell me where you got their hair, I love it so much! But anyway, I love this story so much! And honestly, I’m anxious waiting for Skylar to grow up. I want to see if she will be caring like her mother, or kinda snobby. Great job!

    • No, they aren’t available for download. Maybe soon though, I’ll put them up on my site for awhile.

      Wow their hairstyles! I have so much of it! Here is a link to where I find it:

      Skylar will be aging up too soon for me. 😦 I can say that she’s going to be more like her Dad than her Mom, but a bit like her Mom. So she won’t be snobby! LOL 😀

      Thanks for reading my story! Your screenname is funny! 😀

  12. Will Sharlee be returning to school? I felt marrying so young sort of gave her a lot of responsibilities, a lot of teens her age wouldn’t think about like supporting yourself, living independently, paying the bills, working a lot, even quitting college and looking after a child. I’m not saying marrying Noah was a bad thing, but I still want her to go to college…do a lot of fun things young adults do. 🙂

    • Yes, she’s definitely going to finish her schooling. She’s just busy being a new Mom right now. Maybe because of how close she came to losing Skylar before she was born. Skylar is most important to her right now, and she is taking some of her classes online. She’s not a teen anymore though. Neither is Noah. They are about twenty-one or twenty-two now. Don’t worry their lives won’t be about just bills, work and school! 😉

    • Awww, Alissa! It’s still not finished. 😦 I just can’t seem to spend time working on my stories as much as I used to do, but I promise there will still be updates! 🙂

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    • They do have some good things in their lives, but drama will always be with them! 😉 They are drama magnets! 😀 The next chapter doesn’t have much drama in it though. It’s a family vacation. After Noah and Sharlee’s hard time in the last storyline, it’s time for a family vacation! 😀

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    I finally got caught up on this story… LOL 3 chapters.

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    • Yeah, they weren’t very glad to see Dean. It doesn’t seem like he’s changed. Noah had thought that he was a good friend until what happened with Sharlee. 😦

      Papparazzi can be so rude! 😡

      Thanks for reading, Jacqueline and thanks again for Dean! 🙂

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