Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen

Screenshot-907Dean had been with them for over a month and to Sharlee he didn’t seem to be trying very hard to find a place of his own.   Whenever she came home after her classes were finished, he’d be there.  

One time she asked him,  “Shouldn’t you be out searching for a place?” 

Screenshot-908He’d just looked at her without replying.

Screenshot-905Thanks to Noah, she had her own transportation now.   He got a car for her from his employer.   It wasn’t new, but it was dependable.   She loved it because he’d given it to her.  Noah was working extra hours for a while because they were trying to save for a nicer place. 

For most days since Dean had been with them, she started lingering in town until close to the time for Noah to get off from work before she went home herself.   She used to hate leaving Noah and home to go to work at the restaurant in the evenings, but now that Dean was there, she was glad to get out of the house.

Screenshot-910He’d brush up against her and quickly apologize but his expression showed her that he’d done it intentionally.  She’d frown and move away. 

“Stop it!”  

Screenshot-911He’d look at her with a smirk on his face.   However, it didn’t stop him from doing it again.  Of course, he never did it when Noah was home. 

Screenshot-913The worst time was when he walked in on her when she had just gotten out from the shower.   She got out and grabbed a towel and he was standing there in the bathroom doorway.   

“I’m sorry.   I didn’t know you were in here Sharlee.”

Screenshot-917“Get out!”

Screenshot-916He raked her body with his eyes in his disgusting way and then left the bathroom.   She had assumed that he’d just entered the doorway, but she really didn’t know how long he’d been there watching her.  That had really shaken her, but she still didn’t say anything to Noah. 

After that she double checked to make sure that she had locked the bathroom door whenever she went inside.  She had started to tell Noah that Dean had to go, but she wasn’t sure that it really wasn’t an accident.   Also she knew what Noah’s reaction would be, and she didn’t want that to happen.

Screenshot-918Today she was tired and couldn’t wait until her physics class was over.  She knew that the reason she was tired was because she hadn’t slept well the night before.   She decided to go ahead home and take a nap before Noah got home.

When she drove up to the house, she was pleased to see that Dean wasn’t there.   She went straight to the bedroom.   She kicked off her shoes and undressed.   Then she climbed on the bed in relief.   In a short time, she was asleep.

Screenshot-920Sharlee stirred as she felt someone else on the bed.  Then when he wrapped his arms around her she smiled sleepily and started to drift back off.   Then she drowsily felt a hand fondling her breasts.   Something didn’t seem right. 


“Um hmm.” 

Screenshot-922He was kissing her neck.   The lips felt different and Sharlee knew it wasn’t Noah.


He said huskily,  his voice heavy with lust. “It’s alright.   He won’t know.  It’s another hour until he gets home.”

Sharlee felt his genitals hardened and pressed up against her.

He said.  “Let me in the kitty.”

Screenshot-923She rammed her elbow hard into his chest, taking his breath away, and then she jumped off the bed.   He was in his underwear.  She was furious!

Screenshot-926She grabbed the lamp off the nightstand and held it up threateningly.

“Get out of my house right now and don’t you ever come back!  How dare you even think for one moment that I could possibly want you or that I’d ever cheat on Noah!

Screenshot-934Dean laughed derisively.   “I could take that away from you easily.”

Screenshot-927.1I’ll bash your brains in if you try to touch me again.”

Screenshot-932He rose from the bed, but he didn’t leave.   “What will you say to Noah about why I’ve left?”

Sharlee didn’t answer right away.

“If you tell him what happened, our friendship will be over.   He doesn’t have a lot of friends.  Not only that, but you know Noah.   He won’t just forget about it.   He’ll come after me.   Of course, I’m not afraid of him, but I know you won’t want him hurt.”

Screenshot-928“Leave him a note saying that you thought it was time to move on.   That you’ve overstayed your welcome!  Which is very true!  You have.”

Screenshot-930Dean looked her up and down.   “It would have been sooo nice, but it’s your loss.”  

He left the room and went to get dressed.   Sharlee locked the bedroom door and didn’t come out until she heard his chopper drive off.   After he was gone, she locked the deadbolt on the front door and then jumped in the shower.

Screenshot-936Noah arrived home and was surprised that Sharlee had the deadbolt locked.  Since Dean had been staying with them, they didn’t lock it because Dean didn’t have a key for the deadbolt.   He unlocked it and the regular lock.   Then he went inside the house.   He heard Sharlee in the shower and went into the bedroom to wait for her to come out.   Sharlee came into the bedroom and screamed before she realized that it was Noah.

Screenshot-937Noah was shocked by her reaction.   “Sharlee what the Hell!”

Screenshot-938He pulled her to him and felt her trembling.   He knew that this was more than him just startling her.   She had been really frightened until she realized it was him sitting there. 

“Babe, what happened?   What’s wrong?”

Screenshot-939Sharlee got herself together.  “I’m okay.   You just scared me that’s all.”   She wasn’t meeting his eye.

Screenshot-941Noah knew her too well.   “Who hurt you?”

Screenshot-943“No one hurt me.”

Screenshot-944“I know something happened?”  Dean suddenly popped into his mind.   “Did Dean hurt you?”

Screenshot-945“No, he didn’t.  Noah what Dean did doesn’t matter.   I took care of it!  He’s gone.   He’s staying someplace else now.   He left you a note.”

Screenshot-946Noah left the bedroom and read the note.  

Screenshot-947He looked at Sharlee standing there looking so fragile and upset.   He was supposed to protect her!  She was supposed to be safe in their home.  Of course he’d noticed the way that Dean always looked at Sharlee, but Sharlee was a beautiful woman. 

It had never crossed his mind that Dean would try anything with Sharlee though because Dean was his friend.  Dean had betrayed his trust, and Noah’s blood was boiling.   He rushed out of the house ignoring Sharlee begging him not to go.

Screenshot-950Dean saw Noah approaching him across the bar.

Screenshot-948“Out back now!”

Dean rose nonchalantly from his stool and followed Noah outside.

Screenshot-955“I’m guessing she told you what happened?”

Screenshot-958“No, but you just did.”

Screenshot-956“She’s got a lot of fire.   I think she really would have hit me with that lamp if I tried to force her which of course, I would never do.  No weapons?”

Screenshot-957“No weapons.”

Screenshot-952They rushed towards each other, both their fists connecting with the targeted spot on the other!  Noah felt great satisfaction when his fist slammed into Dean’s cheek!

Screenshot-959Later that night Sharlee leaped up from the sofa when she heard Noah’s bike.   She threw the door open.   He came into the house looking awful.   He had a black eye and a cut lip.   His cheek was bruised and his knuckles were bloody and bruised also.

Sharlee gently took his hands in her own.   She had tears in her eyes.

“It’s not my blood, Sharlee.”

Screenshot-964She got a bowl of water and the first aid kit.   She gently bathed his wounds and put bandages on where needed.   Noah sat there barely flinching.  He’d been in worse shape many times before without having loving hands to tend to his wounds.  

Screenshot-960She rubbed her hand against his cheek.  

Screenshot-963Noah looked at her solemnly.   As she softly caressed his cheek Noah tried to explain why he had gone after Dean.  “Sharlee, you’re my woman.   Babe, I know you don’t understand, but a man can’t let another man get away with messing with his woman.”

Screenshot-965Sharlee put on the last bandage.   Then she sat in his lap and wrapped her arms around him.   He was right.   She didn’t understand.   Sometimes his temper made him lose control with other people, especially if they had mistreated her.  She was so afraid that one day, Noah would be seriously injured.

Screenshot-966A few weeks passed.   It was a Sunday and so both Noah and Sharlee were off from work when two police officers arrived at their home.   Noah invited them inside.   “What is this about officer?”

Screenshot-970“We’re looking for a man who we’ve been told is a friend of yours,  Dean Krueger.”

Screenshot-968“Former friend,  and I’m sorry I can’t help you.   We haven’t seen him for several weeks.   Why are you looking for him?”

Screenshot-967“We believe that he can assist us with information about a series of auto thefts here in Bridgeport over the past month.   It is tied in with an automobile chop shop ring.  His name has come up several times in our investigations.”

Noah thought to himself that Dean was back to the same old activities that had led to his serving time in Juvie with Noah.   Noah was even happier that Dean was out of his house.

He looked at Sharlee.  He was still upset that he’d exposed her to someone like Dean.   Other than Ton, he was through with his old buddies.   He couldn’t afford to take another chance with Sharlee’s safety by trusting that they had changed like he had.

Screenshot-971“Officer, my husband is right.   We haven’t heard from Dean in weeks.”

The officers left a card with a number for them to call if they heard from Dean.   As far as Noah was concerned, he and Dean were finished.

28 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen

  1. With friends like Dean, Noah don’t need any enemies. I’m glad that Dean is gone, and this did not drag out. Maybe you can work it into the story line where Sharlee learns martial arts, and that way she can go all Simfu on the next guy’s butt. lol Sharlee is indeed very beautiful, and this would give her an extra hands up on those jerks when her hubby is not around to protect her.

    • That is very true!

      Martial arts skills! LOL Hopefully she won’t be in this type of situation again, but I had thought having Noah teach her and Cara some self defense moves that he learned on the streets.

      I kind of thought that she did a good job of defending herself! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, LaBlue! 🙂

    • I love your name Ashton! I’m adding it to my list of character names. 😀

      Yes, it would have been awful if she were raped like Alissa! 😦

      Thanks for reading, Ashton! 🙂

      • Thank you! My dad gave it to me, it’s an old English name and it can be used for either gender. 🙂

        And of course, I absolutely love your story. I read through it and got caught up to the present over the past week or so. Your characters are very stable and stay true to their personality and it makes it enjoyable to read. Even through the nail biting tense parts!

      • Thanks Ashton! It always makes me feel good when others enjoy the story so much! 🙂
        I am really attached to these characters. This is the longest that I have continued a story. I hope you enjoy the rest of it!

  2. love it love it love it!!!!!!! But maybe sharlee shouldn’t be so nice and like what lablue said she should learn some martial arts. All I’m saying is that you should get sharlee pregnant though there coming up to there 2nd anniversary and they’ve known each other for a while also if something were to happen to either of them at least they had a child to either help or make the pain worse.

    • I’m so glad you loved this chapter too! 🙂

      Martial Arts would come in handy, but I don’t think I’ll have Sharlee in that type of situation again. Since you guys suggested self defense, I think that I will go ahead and have Noah teach Sharlee and Cara some moves. It is a good idea even if she doesn’t have to use it.

      A baby would be a bit of comfort if either of them dies. Eventually they’ll have a baby, but not quite yet! 😀

      Thanks for reading, Awesome! 🙂

  3. Well I’m glad the situation with Dean is all sorted now! For a moment, when Noah came in, I though he’d killed Dean! LOL! 😛

    It was good of Sharlee to not want to spoil Noah’s friendship, but maybe she was focusing on that too much rather than which friends were good for him to have and be around! I’m not sure I liked the way Noah tried to explain to Sharlee… It was sweet that he was protective of her, but the way he called her ‘his woman’ annoyed me, I’m not sure why :S

    Cool chapter 🙂

    • You thought he killed Dean! LOL

      You’re right, but she really didn’t realize how far Dean would go. Now she won’t make that mistake again.

      It annoyed you! LOL I would have an argument about that statement at another time! I’m not your woman! I don’t belong to anybody! LOL I know that guys sometimes think that way though, and I thought that Noah would try to explain how he felt. Especially guys who spent as much time as Noah did with gangs and their way of thinking.

      Thanks Harry! 🙂

  4. I am so glad you kicked Dean out. Like the others Sharlee should really learn martial arts or self defence. I really wish Sharlee had thrown the lamp at him because that would have been funny and it would’ve served him right.

    Was Dean in prison for stealing cars or something?
    Do you plan your chapters ahead?

    And also continue making these chappies because they are absolutely FAB!!!!!!!

    • Dean definitely couldn’t stay! Sharlee would have ended up knocking his brains out!
      I wish I had thought of having her throw the lamp at him. That would have been so funny! 😀
      Okay, you guys convinced me. Noah is gonna teach her some self defense moves. LOL

      Yeah, Dean was in there for stealing cars and for taking parts from them to resale them. Noah was stealing parts from cars the night that he first Sharlee, but he changed. Dean didn’t.

      I write the chapters ahead. I like to write out an entire storyline ahead, and I have eight chapters written and waiting for pictures right now. I have more in my head, and I need to get writing! Actually I’ve started getting a new story ready for pictures. It’s been almost a year since I posted a new one. Sorry for the ramble! 😀

      Thanks for reading, Kayleigh! 🙂

  5. I am relieved Dean left…I knew it was him that had crawled on the bed beside her the dirty perv…yeah that would have been funny to see Sharlee throw the lamp at him. I hope they get settled back down now and that we will see an update on the situation with Monique soon.

    • Yeah, he knew he’d better leave! His behavior was inexcusable! 😡
      I do wish I’d thought of having her throw that lamp at him. LOL

      The next chapter is a short one of Noah and Sharlee and then after that back to poor Shawn.
      I can’t say though that things have settled down for Noah and Sharlee in the next chapter either. 😦

  6. Loved it just like always! As soon as I saw Dean, I knew it wouldn’t end good. Im glad Sharlee stuck up for herself! I would have loved to see her throw that lamp at him. Im glad Noah took care of him. Great Chapter! Can’t wait for the next one!!

    • Hi Rhiannon! Thank you so much! 🙂

      Dean wasn’t the friend that Noah thought he was. Yeah, Sharlee wasn’t about to let him take advantage of her!
      You guys have such good ideas! I wish I’d thought to have her throw that lamp! LOL

      I really appreciate that! I was planning to start pictures for a new story (The Mutation) and keep this chapter for next week, but I just couldn’t get into taking those pictures. So I will probably start the pictures for Alissa tomorrow.

      Thanks for reading my story! 🙂

  7. I just spent the last 2 days reading from Chapter one all the way to this one!! This story has got me so hooked I can’t even play Sims the same anymore 😥

    • Hi Crystal!

      I’m sorry I’m so late responding, but my internet was down. 😦

      I’m really glad that you’re enjoying the story so much! That was a lot of reading! 🙂

      I know what you mean about how it changes your gameplay. LOL

      Thanks for reading my story, Crystal, and it’s very nice to meet you! 🙂

  8. hahahahahaha she was ready to hit him with the lamp. I think I would have anyway just for the hell of it and kicked him in the balls. That guy was a creep and I know she thought she was doing Noah a favor by not saying anything, but he could have forced himself on her and she would have been much worse off. Even more, Noah would have really felt like crap knowing he let the man in that hurt his wife in such a way.

    I’m glad he’s gone and from the sound of it, he will be arrested and back in jail soon.

    • Jaz, I am so sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. My cable modem went out Thursday afternoon, and I was expecting to have to wait till Tuesday before the cable company sent someone out to repair it. Shockingly, he came out on Sunday afternoon! I have internet again! LOL

      Kicking him in his balls would have been so perfect, especially with the attitude that he had! LOL I wish I had thought of that too!

      You’re right that she could have been much worse off. Noah would definitely wish that she had told him about Dean from the very beginning rather than it going the way that it did. He would have really felt like crap if Dean had forced himself on her. Noah would probably have ended up in jail again!

      Yeah, he’s gone and he really will be in jail again soon.

      Thanks for reading, Jaz! 🙂

  9. Dean’s disgusting! I wanted Sharlee to lamp him one!haha! poor girl having to put up with that nasty creature in her own home.
    I’m glad Noah sorted him out but I can’t help but think that won’t be the last they’ll see of him. I thought at first the police were there because Dean had told them about the fight he had with Noah. I hope Sharlee’s car isn’t a dodgy one.
    Great chapter:)

    • Clairey I’m sorry that I haven’t responded yet! I lost my internet. Seems like there is always something to put me behind again!

      Yes, Dean is really disgusting! I really wish that I had thought of making her hit him with that lamp! LOL
      I didn’t think that Dean would go to the police because of the reason for his fight with Noah. As well as his own problems with the law.

      Sharlee’s car is older, but Noah makes sure that it runs well for her. 😀

      Thank you so much, Clairey! I really appreciate that! 🙂

  10. Okay, I knew he’s a creep, but I didn’t think his creep factor meter would rise so quickly. The nerve of him, jumping in bed with Sharlee! She really should have hit him with that lamp. WTF! It’s a good thing they got rid of Dean when they did since he seems to be involved in illegal stuff. I hope the cops catch up with him soon and get him off the streets. He’s a menace to society!

    • Yeah, it didn’t take long.
      Wasn’t that big nerve! Thinking he’s so irresistible!
      I should have made her him. It was just what he needed!

      Thanks for reading Val! 🙂

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